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Series - Eagle Library

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Alternate Titles: Eagle Series
New Eagle Series
Publisher: Street & Smith (New York (N.Y.)) -- United States
Category: Format : Reprint Library
Issues: 1385
Dates: March 1, 1897 to December, 1932
Schedule: 1-931 Weekly, 932-1385 Bi-Weekly
Size: 7 1/8 x 5"
Pages: 250 to 300
Illustrations: Colored pictorial cover (Usually a portrait of a young lady)
Notes / Commentary:

Series title changed to Eagle Series with No. 154. Name changed again to new Eagle Series with No. 553. There was a skip of two months some time in 1903. Dates in 1903 before Aug. 31 are approximate. Most dates need to be considered approximate, but based on best evidence should be correct within two or three weeks.

Some early numbers were replaced with another title. These include 70, 79, 84, 95, 102, 109, 119, 130, 159, 227, and 235.

Nos. 344, 345 and 346 were expanded from the original Nos. 345 and 346, which were derived from a New York Ledger serial. The original No. 344, Leah's Mistake, was discarded. This happened during the early 1920s.

Information on No. 1326 is not currently available; if you can provide further details, please contact us using the link in the footer.

Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: In Progress, Complete Listing Available


1. Queen Bess; or, A Struggle for a Name
2. Ruby's Reward
3. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
4. For a Woman's Honor
5. The Senator's Favorite
6. The Midnight Marriage
7. Two Keys
8. Beautiful but Poor
9. The Virginia Heiress
10. Little Sunshine; or, The Working Girl's Oath
11. The Gypsy's Daughter
12. Edrie's Legacy; or, From the Street to the Stage
13. The Little Widow; or, The Fortune Hunter's Doom
14. Violet Lisle
15. Doctor Jack
16. The Fatal Card
17. Leslie's Loyalty (His Love So True)
18. Dr. Jack's Wife
19. Mr. Lake of Chicago
20. The Senator's Bride
21. A Heart's Idol
22. Elaine
23. Miss Pauline of New York
24. A Wasted love
25. A Little Southern Beauty; or, Tortured Hearts
26. Captain Tom
27. Estelle's Millionaire Lover; or, The Prettiest Typewriter in New York
28. Miss Caprice
29. Theodora
30. Baron Sam
31. A Siren's Love
32. The Blockade Runner
33. Mrs. Bob
34. Pretty Geraldine
35. The Great Mogul
36. Fedora
37. The Heart of Virginia
38. The Nabob of Singapore
39. The Colonel's Wife
40. Monsieur Bob
41. Her heart's desire (An Innocent Girl)
42. Another Woman's Husband
43. Little Coquette Bonnie; or, Crossed in Love
44. That Dowdy
45. A Yale Man
46. Off with the Old Love
47. The Colonel by Brevet
48. Another Man's Wife
49. None But the Brave
50. Her Ransom (Paid For)
51. The Price He Paid
52. Woman Against Woman
53. The Old Homestead. From the Celebrated Play
54. Cleopatra
55. Thrice Wedded, But Only Once a Wife
56. The Dispatch Bearer
57. Rosamond; or, Sundered Hearts
58. Major Matterson of Kentucky
59. Gladys Greye
60. The County Fair
61. La Tosca
62. Stella Sterling
63. Lawyer Bell from Boston
64. Dora Tenney, the Pretty Telegraph Operator; or, She Fell in Love with a Soldier
65. Won by the Sword
66. Witch Hazel; or, The Secret of the Locket
67. Gismonda
68. The Little Cuban Rebel
69. His Perfect Trust
70. In Love's Crucible
70. Sydney (A Wilful Young Woman)
71. The Spider's Web
72. Willful Winnie; or, A School-Girl's Secret
73. The Marquis
74. The Cotton King
75. Under Fire
76. Mavourneen. From the Celebrated Play.
77. Tina, the Little Lace Maker of Brussels
78. The Yankee Champion; or, The Cave Prisoner
79. Marjorie Dean
79. Out of the Past (Marjorie)
80. The Fair Maid of Fez
81. Wedded for an Hour
82. Captain Impudence. A Romance of the Mexican War. From the Highly Successful Play by Edwin Milton Royle.
83. The Locksmith of Lyons; or, The Weavers' War
84. Between Two Hearts
84. Imogene (Dumaresq's Temptation)
85. Lorrie; or, Hollow Gold
86. The Widowed Bride; or, The Mystery of Glenhampton
87. Shenandoah
88. Virgie's Inheritance
89. A Gentleman from Gascony
90. For Fair Virginia
91. Sweet Violet; or, The Fairest of the Fair
92. Humanity
93. A Queen of Treachery
94. Darkest Russia
95. 'Twixt Love and Hate
95. A Willful maid (Philippa)
96. The Little Minister
97. The War Reporter
98. Claire (The Mistress of Court Regna)
99. Audrey's Recompense
100. Alice Blake; or, The Ferry-House Meeting
101. A Goddess of Africa
102. Fair But Faithless
102. Sweet Cymbeline (Bellmaire)
103. The Span of Life
104. A Proud Dishonor
105. When London Sleeps
106. Lillian, My Lillian; or, The Queen of the Comic Opera
107. Carla; or, Married at Sight
108. A Son of Mars
109. A Heart's Bitterness
109. Signa's Sweetheart (Lord Delamere's Bride)
110. Whose Wife Was She?
111. Faithful Shirley; or, A Royal Queen of Hearts
112. The Cattle King
113. A Crushed Lily
114. Half a Truth
115. A Fair Revolutionist
116. The Daughter of the Regiment
117. She Loved Him
118. Saved from the Sea
119. 'Twixt Smile and Tear
119. An Ideal Love
120. The White Squadron
121. Cecile's Marriage; or, The Heiress of Earnscliff
122. Grazia's Mistake
123. Northern Lights
124. Prettiest of All
125. Devil's Island
126. The Girl from Hong-Kong
127. Nobody's Daughter
128. The Scent of Roses
129. In Sight of St. Paul's
130. A Bitter Bondage
130. A Passion Flower (Madge)
131. Nerine's Second Choice
132. Whose Was the Crime?
133. Max
134. Squire John
135. Cast Up by the Tide
136. The Unseen bridegroom
137. A Wedded Widow
138. A Fatal Wooing
139. Little Lady Charles
140. That Girl of Johnson's
141. Lady evelyn; or, The Lord of Royal Rest
142. Her Rescue from the Turks
143. A Charity Girl
144. Dorothy's Jewels
145. Country Lanes and City Pavements
146. Magdalen's vow
147. Under Egyptian Skies
148. Will She Win?
149. The Man She Loved
150. Sunset Pass
151. The Heiress of Glen Gower
152. A Mute Confessor
153. Her Son's Wife
154. Husband and Foe
155. Nameless Nell
156. A Soldier Lover
157. Who wins? or, The Secret of Monkswood Waste
158. Stella the Star
159. A Fair Maid of Marblehead
159. Out of Eden
160. His Way and Her Will
161. Miss Fairfax of Virginia
162. The Man of the Name of John
163. A Splendid Egoist
164. Couldn't Say No
165. The Road of the Rough
166. The Masked Bridal
167. The Manhattaners
168. Thrice Lost, Thrice Won
169. The Trials of an Actress
170. A Little Radical
171. That Dakota Girl
172. A King and a Coward
173. A Bar Sinister
174. His Guardian Angel; or, Wild Margaret
175. For Honor's Sake
176. Jack Gordon, Knight Errant
177. A True Aristocrat
178. A Slave of Circumstances
179. One Man's Evil
180. A Lazy Man's Work
181. The Baronet's bride
182. A Legal Wreck
183. Quo Vadis
184. Sunlight and Gloom
185. The Adventures of Miss Volney
186. Beneath a Spell
187. The Black Spell
188. Dorothy Arnold's Escape
189. Berris
190. A Captain of the Kaiser. A Military Romance of the Franco-Prussian War
191. A Harvest of Thorns
192. An Old Man's Darling and Jacquelina (An Old Man's Darling and 1 more item)
193. A Vagabond's Honor
194. A Sinless Crime
195. Her Faithful Knight
196. A Sailor's Sweetheart; or, Fighting for Love and Country. A Stirring Romance of the Spanish American War
197. A Woman Scorned
198. Guy Kenmore's Wife, and The Rose and the Lily (Irene Brooke; or, Her Mother's Secret and 1 more item)
199. Geoffrey's Victory
200. In God's Country
201. Blind Elsie's Crime
202. Marjorie
203. Only one love
204. With Heart So True
205. If Love Be Love
206. A Daughter of Maryland
207. Little Golden's Daughter; or, The Dream of a Life Time
208. A Chase for a Bride
209. She Loved Him but Left Him
210. Wild Oats
211. As We Forgive
212. Doubly Wronged; and, The Child Wife (Doubly Wronged and 1 more item)
213. The Heiress of Egremont
214. Olga's Crime
215. Only a Girl's Love
216. The Lost Bride
217. His Noble Wife
218. A Life for a Love
219. Lost, A Pearle
220. A Fatal Past
221. The Honorable Jane
222. The Lily of Mordaunt
223. Leola Dale's fortune
224. A Sister's Sacrifice
225. A Miserable Woman
226. The Roll of Honor
227. For Love and Honor
227. The Joy of Loving
228. His Brother's Widow
229. For the Sake of the Family
230. A Woman's Atonement, and A Mother's Mistake
231. The Earl's Heir (Lady Norah)
232. A Debt of Honor
233. Nora, the Irish Charity Scholar; or, The Missing Heir of Callonby
234. His Mother's Sin
235. Gratia's Trials; or Making Her Own Way
235. Love at Saratoga
236. Her Humble Lover
237. Woman or Witch?
238. The Other Woman
239. Don C├Žsar De Bazan; or, Maritana, the Gipsy Girl of Madrid
240. Saved by the Sword
241. Her Love and Trust
242. A Wounded Heart
243. His Double Self
244. A Hoiden's Conquest
245. A Modern Marriage
246. True to Herself
247. Within Love's Portals
248. Jeanne, Countess Du Barry
249. What Love Will Do
250. A Woman's Soul
251. When Love is True
252. A Handsome Sinner
253. A Fashionable Marriage
254. Little Miss Millions
255. The Little Marplot
256. Thy Name is Woman
257. A Martyred Love
258. An Amazing Marriage
259. By a Golden Cord
260. At a Girl's Mercy
261. A Siren's Heart
262. A Woman's Faith
263. An American Nabob. A Remarkable Story of Love, Gold and Adventure
264. For Gold or Soul?
265. First Love is Best
266. The Wellfleet Mystery
267. Jeanne; or, Barriers Between
268. Olivia; or, It Was for Her Sake
269. Brunette or Blonde
270. Had She Foreseen!
271. With Love's Laurel Crowned
272. So Fair, So False
273. At Sword's Point
274. A Romantic Girl
275. Love's Cruel Whim
276. So Nearly Lost (The Springtime of Love)
277. Brownie's Triumph
278. Laura Brayton; or, A Struggle to Rise
279. Nina's Peril
280. Love's Dilemma; or, Kate Meddon's Lover
281. For Love Alone
282. The Forsaken Bride
283. My Lady Pride (Floris)
284. Dr. Jack's Widow
285. Born to Betray
286. A Debt of Vengeance
287. The Lady of Darracourt
288. Sibyl's Influence
289. Married in Mask
290. A Change of Heart
291. A Mysterious Wedding Ring
292. For Her Only (Diana)
293. For Love of Anne Lambart
294. A Warrior Bold
295. A Terrible Secret; and Countess Isabel (A Terrible Secret and 1 more item)
296. The Heir of Vering
297. That Girl from Texas
298. Should She Have Left Him?
299. Little Miss Whirlwind
300. The Spider and the Fly; or, An Undesired Love
301. The False and the True
302. When Man's Love Fades; or, On the Quicksands
303. The Queen of the Isle
304. Staunch as a Woman. A Maiden's Sacrifice
305. Led by Love
306. Love's Golden Rule
307. The Winning of Isolde
308. Lady Ryhop's Lover
309. The Heiress of Castle Cliffe
310. A Late Repentance
311. Wedded by Fate
312. Woven on Fate's Loom; and, The Snowdrift
313. A Kinsman's Sin
314. A Maid's Fatal Love
315. The Dark secret
316. Edith Lyle's secret
317. Ione
318. Staunch of Heart (Adrien Le Roy)
319. Millbank; or, Roger Irving's Ward
320. Mynheer Joe
321. Neva's three lovers
322. Mildred; or, The Child of Adoption
323. The Little Countess
324. A Love Match
325. The Leighton Homestead
326. Parted by Fate
327. Was She Wife or Widow?
328. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (Valeria)
329. My Hildegarde. A Strange Story of Adventure in the Land of Revolution
330. Aikenside
331. Christine
332. Darkness and Daylight; or, The Sacrifice. A Tale of Collingwood.
333. Stella's fortune (The Sculptor's Wooing)
334. Miss McDonald
335. We Parted at the Altar
336. Rose Mather
337. Dear Elsie
338. A Daughter of Russia
339. His Heart's Queen
340. Eagle Series, no. 340 (Bad Hugh; or, The Diamond in the Rough)
341. Eagle Series, no. 341 (Bad Hugh; or, The Diamond in the Rough)
342. Her Little Highness
343. Little Sunshine
344. Leah's Mistake
344. Tresillian Court
345. The Scorned Wife
345. Tresillian Court
346. Guy Tresillian's Fate
347. The Eyes of Love
348. My Florida Sweetheart
349. Marian Grey; or, The Heiress of Redstone Hall
350. A Wronged Wife
351. The Churchyard Betrothal
352. Eagle Series, no. 352 (Family Pride; or, Purified by Suffering)
353. Eagle Series, no. 353 (Family Pride; or, Purified by Suffering)
354. A Love Comedy
355. Wife and Woman
356. Little Kit
357. Montezuma's Mines
358. Beryl's Husband
359. The Spectre's Secret
360. An Only Daughter
361. The Ashes of Love; or, Fickle Fortune
362. Stella Rosevelt
363. The Opposite House
364. A Fool's Paradise
365. Under a Cloud
366. Comrades In Exile
367. Hearts and Coronets
368. The Pride of Her Life
369. At a Great Cost
370. Edith Trevor's Secret
371. Cecil Rosse
372. A Girl in a Thousand
373. A Thorn Among Roses
374. A True Daughter of Hartenstein
375. Transgressing the Law
376. The Red Slipper
377. Forever True
378. John Winthrop's Defeat
379. Blinded by Love
380. Her Double Life
381. The Sunshine of Love
382. Mona
383. A Lover From Across the Sea
384. Yet She Loved Him
385. A Woman Against Her
386. Teddy's Enchantress
387. A Heroine's Plot
388. Two Wives
389. Sundered Hearts
390. A Mutual Vow; or, The Meredith Marriage
391. Marguerite's Heritage
392. A Resurrected Love
393. On the Wings of Fate
394. A Drama of a Life
395. Wooing a Widow
396. Back to Old Kentucky
397. A Gilded Promise
398. Cupid's Disguise; or, The Mask of Beauty
399. Betsey's Transformation
400. For Another's Wrong
401. The Woman Who Came Between Them
402. A Silent Heroine
403. The Rival Suitors
404. The Captive Bride; or, The Black Tiger
405. The Haunted Husband
406. Felipe's Pretty Sister
407. Esther, the Fright; or, The Romance of a Pair of Rubies
408. On a False Charge
409. A Girl's Kingdom
410. Miss Mischief
411. Fettered and Freed; or, The Mystery of the Hotel Brichet
412. The Love That Lives
413. Were They Married?
414. A Girl's First Love; or, Spanish Treasure
415. Trixy
416. Down in Dixie
417. Brave Barbara
418. An Insignificant Woman
419. The Other Woman
420. A Sweet Little Lady
421. Her Sweet Reward: What Happened in the House by the River
422. Lady Kildare
423. A Woman's Way
424. A Splendid Man
425. A College Widow
426. The Bride of the Tomb; and Queenie's Terrible Secret (The Bride of the Tomb; or, Lancelot Darling's Betrothed and 1 more item)
427. The Wizard of the Moors
428. A Tramp's Daughter
429. A Fair Fraud
430. The Honor of a Heart
431. Her Husband and Her Love
432. Breta's Double
433. Winifred's Sacrifice
434. The Guardian's Trust
435. Under Oath--An Adirondack Story
436. The Rival Toreadors
437. The Breach of Custom
438. So Like a Man
439. Little Nan
440. Edna's Secret Marriage
441. A Princess of the Stage
442. Love Before Duty; or, Jill, a London Flower Girl
443. In Spite of Proof
444. Love's Trials
445. An Angel of Evil
446. Bound with Love's Fetters
447. A Favorite of Fortune
448. When Love Dawns
449. The Bailiff's Scheme
450. Rosamond's Love
451. Helen's Victory
452. The Last of the Van Slacks
453. A Poor Girl's Passion
454. Love's Probation
455. Love's Greatest Gift
456. A Vixen's Treachery; or, Beatrix Rohan
457. Adrift in the World
458. When Love Meets Love
459. A Golden Mask
460. Dr. Jack's Talisman
461. Above All Things
462. A Stormy Wedding
463. A Wife's Triumph
464. The Old Life's Shadows
465. Outside Her Eden
466. Love, the Victor; or, Reunited
467. Zina's Awakening
468. The Wooing of a Fairy
469. A Soldier and a Gentleman; or, Dolly's Love Story.
470. A Strange Wedding
471. A Shadowed Happiness; or, From Gloom to Sunshine.
472. Dr. Jack and Company
473. A Sacrifice to Love; or, The Curse of Ill-Gotten Gold.
474. The Belle of the Season
475. Love Before Pride
476. Earl Wayne's Nobility
477. The Siberian Exiles
478. For Love of Sigrid
479. Mysterious Mr. Sabin
480. A Perfect Fool
481. Wedded, Yet No Wife
482. A Little Worldling
483. Miss Marston's Heart
484. The Whistle of Fate; or, Love, the Victor
485. The End Crowns All; or, True as Steel
486. Divided Lives
487. A Wonderful Woman
488. The French Witch; or, Two Ways of Wooing.
489. Lucy Harding. A Story of the Nihilists.
490. The Price of Jealousy
491. My Lady of Dreadwood
492. A Speedy Wooing
493. The Girl He Loved
494. Voyages of Fortune
495. Norine's revenge
496. The Missing Heiress; or, The Face of Rosenfel
497. A Chase for Love; or, In the China Sea.
498. Andrew Leicester's Love
499. My Lady Cinderella
500. Love and Spite
501. Her Husband's Secret
502. Fair Maid Marian
503. The Lady in Black
504. Evelyn, the Actress
505. Selina's Love Story; or, The Winning of a Heart
506. A Secret Foe
507. A Mad Betrothal
508. The King of Honey Island
509. A Penniless Princess
510. Dr. Jack's Paradise Mine
511. The Golden Key
512. A Heritage of Love
513. A Sensational Case
514. The Temptations of Mary Barr
515. Tiny Luttrell
516. Florabel's Lover
517. They Looked and Loved
518. The Secret of a Letter
519. The Magic Cameo
520. The Heatherford Fortune
521. The Witch from India
522. A Spurned Proposal
523. A Banker of Bankersville
524. A Sacrifice of Pride
525. Sweet Kitty Clover
526. Love and Hate
527. For Love and Glory
528. Adela's Ordeal
529. Hearts Aflame
530. The Wiles of a Siren
531. Better Than Life
532. True to His Bride
533. A Forgotten Love
534. Lotta, The Cloak Model
535. The Trifler
536. Companions in Arms
537. A Life's Mistake
538. A Fighting Chance
539. A Heart's Triumph
540. A Daughter of Darkness
541. Her Evil Genius
542. Once in a Life
543. The Veiled Bride; or, The Beautiful, Mysterious Young Girl.
544. In Love's Name
545. Well Worth Winning
546. The Career of Mrs. Osborne
547. The Pearl and the Ruby
548. 'Twas Love's Fault
549. Tempted By Love
550. Saved From Herself
551. Pity--Not Love
552. At the Court of the Maharaja; or, Mystery Upon Mystery
553. Queen Kate
554. Step by Step
555. Put to the Test
556. With Love's Aid
557. In Cupid's Chains
558. A Plunge into the Unknown
559. The Love That Was Cursed
560. The Thorns of Regret
561. The Outcast of the Family
562. A Forced Promise
563. The Old Homestead. From the Celebrated Play
564. Love's First Kiss
565. Just a Girl
566. In Love's Springtime
567. Trixie's Honor; or, Was She to Blame?
568. Hearts and Dollars
569. By Devious Ways
570. Her Heart's Unbidden Guest
571. Two Wild Girls
572. Amid Scarlet Roses
573. Heart for Heart
574. The Fugitive Bride
575. A Blue Grass Heroine
576. The Yellow Face
577. The Story of a Passion
578. A Lovely Imposter
579. The Curse of Beauty; or, The Cloakmaker's Model
580. The Great Awakening; or, Her Other Self
581. A Modern Juliet
582. Virgie Talcott's Mission
583. His Greatest Sacrifice; or, Manch
584. Mabel's Fate
585. The Ape and the Diamond
586. Nell of Shorne Mills; or, One Heart's Burden
587. Katharine's Two Suitors
588. The Crime of Love
589. His Father's Crime; or, An Undeserved Penalty
590. What Was She to Him?
591. A Heritage of Hate
592. Ida Chaloner's Heart
593. Love Will Find a Way
594. A Case of Identity; or, The Call of the Heart
595. The Shadow of Her Life
596. Slighted Love
597. Her Fatal Gift
598. His Wife's Friend
599. At Love's Cost
600. St. Elmo
601. The Fate of the Plotter; or, Love's Final Triumph
602. Married in Error
603. Love and Jealousy
604. Only a Working Girl
605. Love, the Tyrant
606. Mabel's Sacrifice
607. Sybilla, the Siren
608. Love is Love Forevermore
609. John Elliott's Flirtation
610. With All Her Heart
611. Is Love Worth While?
612. Her Husband's Other Wife
613. Philip Bennion's Death
614. Little Phillis' Lover
615. Maida
616. Strangers to the Grave
617. As a Man Lives; or, A Fearsome Destiny
618. The Tide of Fate
619. The Cardinal Moth
620. Marcus Drayton
621. Lynette's Wedding
622. His Madcap Sweetheart
623. Love at the Loom; or, Her Gallant Sweetheart
624. A Bachelor Girl
625. Kyra's Fate
626. The Joss
627. My Little Love
628. A Daughter of the Marionis
629. The Lady of Beaufort Park
630. The Verdict of the Heart
631. A Love Concealed
632. Cruelly Divided
633. The Strange Disappearance of Lady Delia; or, Sin and Its Reward
634. Love's Golden Spell
635. A Coronet of Shame
636. Sinned Against
637. If It Were True
638. A Golden Barrier
639. A Hateful Bondage
640. A Girl of Spirit
641. Master of Men; or, Enoch Strine's Struggle
642. A Fair Enchantress
643. The Power of Love
644. No Time for Penitence
645. A Jest of Fate
646. Her Sister's Secret
647. Bitterly Atoned
648. Gertrude Elliott's Crucible
649. The Corner House
650. Diana's Destiny
651. Love's Clouded Dawn
652. Little Vixen
653. Her Heart's Challenge
654. Vivian's Love Story
655. Linked by Fate
656. Hearts of Stone
657. In the Service of Love; or, The Man They Could Not Stop
658. Love's Devious Course
659. Told in the Twilight
660. The Mills of the Gods
661. The Man of the Hour
662. A Little Barbarian
663. Creatures of Destiny
664. A Southern Princess
665. Where Love Dwelt
666. A Fateful Promise
667. The Goddess--A Demon; or, The Bride of Mystery
668. From Tears to Smiles
669. Tempted by Gold
670. Better Than Riches; or, Adrift on Life's Sea
671. When Love is Young; or, The Crooked Way
672. Craven Fortune
673. Her Life's Burden
674. The Heart of Hetta
675. The Breath of Slander
676. My Lady Beth
677. The Wooing of Esther Gray; or, A Queer Adventure
678. The Shadow Between Them; or, A Blighted Name
679. Gold in the Gutter
680. Master of Her Fate
681. In Full Cry
682. My Pretty Maid; or, Liane Lester
683. An Unhappy Bargain
684. True Love Endures
685. India's Punishment
686. The Castle of Shadows
687. My Own Sweetheart; or, Love's Triumph
688. Only a Kiss
689. Lola Dunbar's Crime
690. Ruth, the Outcast
691. Her Dearest Love
692. The Man of Millions
693. For Another's Fault
694. The Belle of Saratoga
695. The Mystery of the Unicorn
696. The Bride's Opals
697. One of Life's Roses
698. The Battle of Hearts
699. Sworn to Silence; or, Aline Rodney's Secret
700. In Wolf's Clothing
701. A Lost Sweetheart
702. The Stronger Passion
703. Mr. Marx's Secret
704. Had She Loved Him Less
705. The Adventures of Princess Sylvia
706. In Love's Paradise
707. At Another's Bidding
708. Sold for Gold; or, Her Great Reward
709. Lady Gay's Pride; or, The Miser's Treasure
710. Ridgeway of Montana; or, A Story of the Western Plains
711. Taken by Storm
712. Love and a Lie
713. Barriers of Stone
714. Ethel's Secret
715. Amber, the Adopted
716. No Man's Wife
717. Wild and Willful
718. When We Two Parted
719. Love's Earnest Prayer
720. The Price of a Kiss
721. A Girl from the South
722. A Freak of Fate
723. A Golden Sorrow
724. Norma's Black Fortune
725. The Thoroughbred
726. Diana's Peril
727. His Willing Slave
728. Her Share of Sorrow
729. Loved at Last
730. John Hungerford's Redemption
731. His Two Loves
732. Eric Braddon's Love
733. Garrison's Finish; or, The Horse with a Soul
734. Sylvia, The Forsaken
735. Married for Money
736. Married in Haste
737. At Her Father's Bidding
738. The Power of Gold
739. The Strength of Love; or, Love is Lord of All
740. A Soul Laid Bare; or, Blackbeard's Reincarnation
741. The Fatal Ruby
742. A Strange Wooing; or, Her Father's Secret
743. A Lost Love
744. A Useless Sacrifice
745. A Will of Her Own
746. The Girl Named Hazel
747. For a Flirt's Love
748. The World's Great Snare
749. The Heart of a Maid
750. Driven From Home
751. The Gypsy's Warning
752. Without Name or Wealth
753. Loyal Unto Death
754. His Lost Heritage
755. Her Priceless Love; or, Bonny Belle
756. Leola's Heart
757. Daredevil Betty
758. The Woman in It
759. They Met By Chance
760. Love Conquers Pride; or, Where Peace Dwelt
761. A Reckless Promise
762. The Rose of Yesterday
763. The Other Girl's Lover
764. Unbounded Faith, His
765. When Love Speaks
766. The Man She Hated; or, Won by Strategy
767. No One to Help Her
768. Claire's Love-Life
769. Love's Harvest
770. A Queen of Song
771. Nan Haggard's Confession; or, Won by Faith
772. A Married Flirt
773. The Thorns of Love
774. Love in a Snare
775. My Love Kitty
776. That Strange Girl
777. Nellie
778. Miss Estcourt; or Olive
779. A Virginia Goddess
780. The Love He Sought
781. Falsely Accused
782. His First Sweetheart
783. All For Love; or, Her Heart's Sacrifice
784. When Love Can Cost
785. Lady Gay's Martyrdom
786. His Good Angel
787. A Bartered Soul
788. In Love's Shadows
789. A Love Worth Winning
790. The Fatal Kiss
791. A Lover Scorned
792. After Many Days
793. An Innocent Outlaw; or, Rounded Up by Fate
794. The Arm of the Law
795. The Reluctant Queen; or, Tommy Williams' Novel Plot
796. The Cost of Pride
797. What Love Made Her
798. Brave Heart
799. Between Good and Evil
800. Caught in Love's Net
801. Love is a Mystery
802. The Glitter of Jewels; or, A Fortune in Peril
803. The Game of Life
804. A Dreadful Legacy
805. Rogers of Butte; or, A Desert Mystery
806. The Haunting Past
807. The Love That Would Not Die
808. The Serpent and the Dove
809. Through the Shadows
810. Her Kingdom
811. When Dark Clouds Gather
812. Her Fateful Choice
813. Sorely Tried; or, Under Troubled Skies
814. Far Above Price
815. Bitter Sweet
816. A Clouded Life
817. When Fate Decrees
818. The Girl Who Was True
819. Where Love is Sent
820. The Pride of My Heart
821. The Girl in Red
822. Why Did She Shun Him?
823. Between Love and Coincidence
824. Spectres of the Past
825. The Hearts of the Mighty
826. The Irony of Love
827. At Arms With Fate
828. Love's Young Dream
829. Her Golden Secret
830. The Stolen Bride; or, Her Own Love
831. Love's Rugged Pathway; or, Won By Patience
832. A Love Rejected--A Love Won
833. Her Life's Dark Cloud
834. A Hero For Love's Sake
835. When the Heart Hungers
836. Love Given in Vain
837. The Web of Life
838. Love Surely Triumphs
839. The Lovely Constance
840. On a Sea of Sorrow
841. Her Hated Husband
842. When Hearts Beat True
843. Wo2. A Story of Romantic Adventure
844. Too Quickly Judged
845. For Her Husband's Love
846. The Fatal Rose
847. The Love That Prevailed
848. Just An Angel
849. Stranger Than Fate
850. A Life's Love
851. From Dreams to Waking
852. A Barrier Between Them
853. His Love For Her
854. A Changeling's Love
855. Could He Have Known
856. Loved in Vain
857. The Fault of One
858. Her Life's Desire
859. A Wife Yet No Wife
860. Her Twentieth Guest
861. The Love Knot
862. Tricked Into Marriage
863. The Spell She Wove
864. The Mistress of the Farm
865. Chained to a Villain
866. No Mother to Guide Her
867. His Heritage; or, The Looting of Eurania
868. All Lost But Love; or, Life's Most Treasured Jewel
869. With Heart Bowed Down
870. Her Slave Forever
871. To Love and Not Be Loved
872. My Pretty Jane
873. She Scoffed At Love
874. Woman Without a Heart
875. Shall We Forgive Her?
876. A Sad Coquette
877. The Curse of Wealth
878. Long Since Forgiven
879. Life's Richest Jewel; or, A Girl in a Million
880. Leila Vane's Burden
881. Face to Face with Love
882. Margery, the Pearl
883. Love's Keen Eyes
884. Misjudged
885. What True Love Is; or, Her Life's Darkest Hour
886. A Well Kept Secret
887. The Survivor; or, A Queen of a Woman
888. Light of His Heart
889. Bound By Gratitude
890. Against Love's Rules
891. Alone With Her Sorrow
892. When the Heart is Bitter
893. Only Love's Fancy
894. The Wife He Chose
895. Little Lady Charles
896. A Terrible Secret
897. When To-morrow Came
898. Wedded for Wealth
899. Laurel, the Faithful
900. A Question of Honor
901. The Seed of Hate
902. A Queen of Hearts
903. Married Too Early
904. A Mad Marriage
905. A Woman Without Mercy
906. The Cost of a Promise
907. Hope's Winding Path
908. The Wine of Love
909. Just for a Title
910. The Blunder of an Innocent
911. A Little Impostor
912. One Night's Mystery
913. The Cost of a Lie
914. Love's Fetters; or, Worse Than Death
915. The Good and the Bad
916. The Fortunes of Love
917. Forever and a Day
918. All in Vain
919. When the Heart Sings
920. Silent and True; or, A Little Queen
921. A Treasure Lost; or, What Envy Will Do
922. When Man Proposes
923. All For a Fair Lady
924. Beyond His Reach
925. Forrest House. A Singular Love Story
926. He Loved Her Once; or, When Hearts Conspire
927. After She Promised
928. She Could Not Forsake Him
929. Like a Leaf in the Wind
930. Kate Danton; or, Captain Danton's Daughters
931. Proud as a Queen
932. With Beauty Beaming
933. The Masqueraders
934. Pretty Madcap Lucy
935. Queenie Hetherton
936. Mightier Than Pride
937. If She Had Dared
938. Love's Cruelest Blow
939. Just a Loving Look
940. The Heir of Charlton
941. While Love Stood Waiting
942. The Face of His Dreams
943. Let Us Kiss and Part
944. She Could Not Tell
945. Gretchen
946. Beauty That Faded; or, Alone in the World
947. The Ring on Her Hand
948. Plighted Hearts and Broken Vows
949. Forever Lost
950. Carried by Storm
951. Love's Dazzling Glitter
952. Her Future Husband
953. Bewitched
954. Marguerite; or, A Queer Bargain
955. When Love Spurs Onward
956. Love's Bitter Harvest
957. In a Vixen's Trap
958. When Love is Given
959. For Jack's Sake
960. Lost for a Woman
961. His to Love or Hate
962. As Light As Air
963. Love's New, Sweet Song
964. Paul Ralston's First Love
965. Where Love's Shadows Lie Deep
966. For Love of the Other Girl
967. The Love That Was Her Blessing
968. The Tracy Diamonds
969. She Loved Another
970. Love's Entanglements
971. Somebody Loves Me
972. The Cromptons
973. Her Husband Was a Scamp
974. Fairest of the Fair
975. The Merivale Banks; or, The Way of the World.
976. A Woman Bewitched
977. Love's Treasure
978. The One Girl in the World
979. His Priceless Jewel: A Sequel to "The One Girl in the World"
980. Loved in Error
981. Dare and Do
982. The Millionaire's Daughter and Other Stories
983. Doctor Hathern's Daughters; or, A Selfish Woman
984. The Colonel's Bride
985. The Woman Pays
986. The Kingdom of a Heart
987. The Vanished Heir
988. Her Ladyship's Diamonds, and Other Stories
989. Heart to Heart; or, A Race for Love
990. For the Man She Adored; or, Where Her Heart Called
991. They Laugh That Win
992. The Young Wife's Secret; or, The Heirs of Wycombe Hall
993. Love Without End
994. What She Lived For
995. Blessed With Love
996. A Faithful Traitor
997. Only a Country Girl
998. Sharing Her Crime
999. The Heiress of Sunset Hall
1000. Driven Apart
1001. The Unhappy Widow
1002. Winifred's Ambition
1003. Mrs. Lorrimer's Folly
1004. Maude Percy's Secret
1005. The Adopted Daughter
1006. Strathmore's Sin
1007. Madcap Merribel
1008. Her Own True Love
1009. Just Gentle Jane
1010. The Sisters of Torwood
1011. Forsaken
1012. Homeless Helen
1013. Her Motor Hero
1014. Bonnie Bluebell
1015. A Changed Heart
1016. Enchanted
1017. Love, the Tempter
1018. Two Wild Girls
1019. Trixie's Honor; or, Was She to Blame?
1020. Slighted Love
1021. Amid Scarlet Roses
1022. Put to the Test
1023. Love and Jealousy
1024. A Hateful Bondage
1025. A Wife's Tragedy
1026. Brought to Reckoning
1027. A Madcap Sweetheart
1028. An Unhappy Bargain
1029. Only a Working Girl
1030. The Unbidden Guest
1031. The Man and His Millions
1032. Mabel's Sacrifice
1033. Was He Worth It?
1034. Her Two Suitors
1035. Edith Percival
1036. Caught in the Snare
1037. A Love Concealed
1038. The Price of Happiness
1039. The Lucky Man
1040. A Forced Promise
1041. The Crime of Love
1042. The Bride's Opals
1043. The Love That Was Cursed
1044. The Thorns of Regret
1045. Love Will Find a Way
1046. Bitterly Atoned
1047. Told in the Twilight
1048. A Little Barbarian
1049. Love's Golden Spell
1050. Married in Error
1051. If It Were True
1052. Vivian's Love Story
1053. From Tears to Smiles
1054. When Love Dawns
1055. Love's Earnest Prayer
1056. The Strength of Love; or, Love is Lord of All
1057. A Lost Love
1058. The Stronger Passion
1059. What Love Can Cost
1060. At Another's Bidding
1061. Above All Things
1062. The Curse of Beauty; or, The Cloakmaker's Model
1063. Her Sister's Secret
1064. Married in Haste
1065. Fair Maid Marian
1066. No Man's Wife
1067. A Sacrifice to Love; or, The Curse of Ill-Gotten Gold.
1068. Her Fatal Gift
1069. Her Life's Burden
1070. Evelyn, the Actress
1071. Married for Money
1072. A Lost Sweetheart
1073. A Golden Sorrow
1074. Her Heart's Challenge
1075. His Willing Slave
1076. A Freak of Fate
1077. Her Punishment
1078. The Shadow Between Them; or, A Blighted Name
1079. No Time for Penitence
1080. Norma's Black Fortune
1081. A Willful Girl
1082. Love's First Kiss
1083. Lola Dunbar's Crime
1084. Ethel's Secret
1085. Lynette's Wedding
1086. A Fair Enchantress
1087. The Tide of Fate
1088. Her Husband's Other Wife
1089. Hearts of Stone
1090. In Love's Springtime
1091. Love at the Loom; or, Her Gallant Sweetheart
1092. What Was She to Him?
1093. For Another's Fault
1094. Hearts and Dollars
1095. A Wife's Triumph
1096. A Bachelor Girl
1097. Love and Spite
1098. Leola's Heart
1099. The Power of Love
1100. An Angel of Evil
1101. True to His Bride
1102. The Lady of Beaufort Park
1103. A Daughter of Darkness
1104. My Pretty Maid; or, Liane Lester
1105. Master of Her Fate
1106. A Shadowed Happiness; or, From Gloom to Sunshine.
1107. John Elliott's Flirtation
1108. A Forgotten Love
1109. Sylvia, The Forsaken
1110. Her Dearest Love
1111. Love's Greatest Gift
1112. Mischievous Maid Faynie
1113. In Love's Name
1114. Love's Clouded Dawn
1115. A Blue Grass Heroine
1116. Only a Kiss
1117. Virgie Talcott's Mission
1118. Her Evil Genius
1119. In Love's Paradise
1120. Sold for Gold; or, Her Great Reward
1121. Andrew Leicester's Love
1122. Taken by Storm
1123. The Mills of the Gods
1124. The Breath of Slander
1125. Loyal Unto Death
1126. A Spurned Proposal
1127. Daredevil Betty
1128. Her Life's Dark Cloud
1129. True Love Endures
1130. The Battle of Hearts
1131. Better Than Riches; or, Adrift on Life's Sea
1132. Tempted By Love
1133. Between Good and Evil
1134. A Southern Princess
1135. The Thorns of Love
1136. A Married Flirt
1137. Her Priceless Love; or, Bonny Belle
1138. My Own Sweetheart; or, Love's Triumph
1139. Love's Harvest
1140. His Two Loves
1141. The Love He Sought
1142. A Fateful Promise
1143. Love Surely Triumphs
1144. The Haunting Past
1145. Sorely Tried; or, Under Troubled Skies
1146. Falsely Accused
1147. Love Given in Vain
1148. No One to Help Her
1149. Her Golden Secret
1150. Saved From Herself
1151. The Gypsy's Warning
1152. Caught in Love's Net
1153. The Pride of My Heart
1154. A Vagabond Heiress
1155. That Terrible Tomboy
1156. The Man She Hated; or, Won by Strategy
1157. Her Fateful Choice
1158. A Hero For Love's Sake
1159. A Penniless Princess
1160. Love's Rugged Pathway; or, Won By Patience
1161. Had She Loved Him Less
1162. The Serpent and the Dove
1163. What Love Made Her
1164. Love Conquers Pride; or, Where Peace Dwelt
1165. Unbounded Faith, His
1166. A Heart's Triumph
1167. Stranger Than Fate
1168. A Virginia Goddess
1169. Love's Young Dream
1170. When Fate Decrees
1171. For a Flirt's Love
1172. All For Love; or, Her Heart's Sacrifice
1173. Could He Have Known
1174. The Girl He Loved
1175. They Met By Chance
1176. The Lovely Constance
1177. The Love That Prevailed
1178. Trixie's Honor; or, Was She to Blame?
1179. Driven From Home
1180. The Arm of the Law
1181. A Will of Her Own
1182. Pity--Not Love
1183. Brave Barbara
1184. Lady Gay's Martyrdom
1185. Barriers of Stone
1186. A Useless Sacrifice
1187. When We Two Parted
1188. Far Above Price
1189. In Love's Shadows
1190. The Veiled Bride; or, The Beautiful, Mysterious Young Girl.
1191. The Love Knot
1192. She Scoffed At Love
1193. Life's Richest Jewel; or, A Girl in a Million
1194. A Barrier Between Them
1195. Too Quickly Judged
1196. Lotta, The Cloak Model
1197. Loved at Last
1198. They Looked and Loved
1199. The Wiles of a Siren
1200. Tricked Into Marriage
1201. Her Twentieth Guest
1202. From Dreams to Waking
1203. Sweet Kitty Clover
1204. Selina's Love Story; or, The Winning of a Heart
1205. The Cost of Pride
1206. Love is a Mystery
1207. When Love Speaks
1208. A Siren's Heart
1209. Her Share of Sorrow
1210. The Other Girl's Lover
1211. The Fatal Kiss
1212. A Reckless Promise
1213. Without Name or Wealth
1214. At Her Father's Bidding
1215. The Heart of Hetta
1216. A Dreadful Legacy
1217. For Jack's Sake
1218. One Man's Evil
1219. Through the Shadows
1220. The Stolen Bride; or, Her Own Love
1221. When the Heart Hungers
1222. The Love That Would Not Die
1223. A King and a Coward
1224. A Queen of Song
1225. Shall We Forgive Her?
1226. Face to Face with Love
1227. Long Since Forgiven
1228. As Light As Air
1229. When Man Proposes
1230. Wedded for Wealth
1231. Only Love's Fancy
1232. Alone With Her Sorrow
1233. Her Life's Desire
1234. For Her Husband's Love
1235. Bound By Gratitude
1236. A Splendid Man
1237. The Vanished Heir
1238. Somebody Loves Me
1239. A Question of Honor
1240. No Mother to Guide Her
1241. The Seed of Hate
1242. A Wife Yet No Wife
1243. One of Life's Roses
1244. With Beauty Beaming
1245. She Could Not Forsake Him
1246. After She Promised
1247. Bewitched
1248. His Love For Her
1249. Between Love and Coincidence
1250. The Web of Life
1251. Love's Bitter Harvest
1252. Just for a Title
1253. A Little Impostor
1254. The Wife He Chose
1255. The Wine of Love
1256. The Fatal Rose
1257. Her Slave Forever
1258. Chained to a Villain
1259. When Dark Clouds Gather
1260. Love's Keen Eyes
1261. The Hearts of the Mighty
1262. A Clouded Life
1263. A Love Worth Winning
1264. Her Hated Husband
1265. Just An Angel
1266. To Love and Not Be Loved
1267. Where Love is Sent
1268. A Sad Coquette
1269. The Spell She Wove
1270. Spectres of the Past
1271. Nan Haggard's Confession; or, Won by Faith
1272. With Heart Bowed Down
1273. When Hearts Beat True
1274. A Changeling's Love
1275. His Good Angel
1276. A Bartered Soul
1277. The Girl in Red
1278. The Curse of Wealth
1279. All Lost But Love; or, Life's Most Treasured Jewel
1280. Loved in Vain
1281. Misjudged
1282. Laurel, the Faithful
1283. All in Vain
1284. Her Husband's Secret
1285. What True Love Is; or, Her Life's Darkest Hour
1286. The Cost of a Promise
1287. Against Love's Rules
1288. Hope's Winding Path
1289. The Power of Gold
1290. A Well Kept Secret
1291. Love's Fetters; or, Worse Than Death
1292. Fairest of the Fair
1293. Loved in Error
1294. Mrs. Lorrimer's Folly
1295. A Queen of Hearts
1296. Like a Leaf in the Wind
1297. Let Us Kiss and Part
1298. All For a Fair Lady
1299. If She Had Dared
1300. When the Heart Sings
1301. The Good and the Bad
1302. Margery, the Pearl
1303. Pretty Madcap Lucy
1304. When the Heart is Bitter
1305. The Fortunes of Love
1306. Just a Loving Look
1307. Love's Cruelest Blow
1308. The Face of His Dreams
1309. She Could Not Tell
1310. Plighted Hearts and Broken Vows
1311. Forever Lost
1312. Her Future Husband
1313. In a Vixen's Trap
1314. When Love is Given
1315. Love's New, Sweet Song
1316. For Love of the Other Girl
1317. The Love That Was Her Blessing
1318. Love's Entanglements
1319. A Woman Bewitched
1320. Love's Treasure
1321. For the Man She Adored; or, Where Her Heart Called
1322. Love Without End
1323. The Young Wife's Secret; or, The Heirs of Wycombe Hall
1324. Dare and Do
1325. Heart to Heart; or, A Race for Love
1327. What She Lived For
1328. The Kingdom of a Heart
1329. Blessed With Love
1330. Strathmore's Sin
1331. Driven Apart
1332. They Laugh That Win
1333. Winifred's Ambition
1334. Love and Jealousy
1335. Slighted Love
1336. Madcap Merribel
1337. Love, the Tempter
1338. Amid Scarlet Roses
1339. Her Golden Secret
1340. Two Wild Girls
1341. Forsaken
1342. The Veiled Bride; or, The Beautiful, Mysterious Young Girl.
1343. Bonnie Bluebell
1344. Her Own True Love
1345. A Barrier Between Them
1346. Put to the Test
1347. The Thorns of Regret
1348. Just Gentle Jane
1349. Nellie
1350. The Price of a Kiss
1351. Amber, the Adopted
1352. A Hateful Bondage
1353. Married in Error
1354. That Strange Girl
1355. From Tears to Smiles
1356. Her Motor Hero
1357. Homeless Helen
1358. A Faithful Traitor
1359. Miss Estcourt; or Olive
1360. That Dowdy
1361. The Senator's Favorite
1362. Nerine's Second Choice
1363. Lady Norah; or, The Earl's Heir
1364. The Little Widow; or, The Fortune Hunter's Doom
1365. Edrie's Legacy; or, From the Street to the Stage
1366. Wedded for an Hour
1367. Lorrie; or, Hollow Gold
1368. A Little Southern Beauty; or, Tortured Hearts
1369. The Love of Violet Lee
1370. Whose Was the Crime?
1371. A Fatal Wooing
1372. Two Keys
1373. A Martyred Love
1374. Love's Golden Rule
1375. A Sweet Little Lady
1376. Virgie's Inheritance
1377. A Girl's Kingdom
1378. The Heiress of Castle Cliffe
1379. Nora, the Irish Charity Scholar; or, The Missing Heir of Callonby
1380. Olivia; or, It Was for Her Sake
1381. A Hoiden's Conquest
1382. A Woman Against Her
1383. The Queen of the Isle
1384. So Nearly Lost (The Springtime of Love)
1385. Brownie's Triumph

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