The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Farm and Fireside Library

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Publishers: Crowell & Kirkpatrick (Springfield (Ohio)) -- United States
Farm and Fireside Co. (Springfield (Ohio)) -- United States
Mast, Crowell & Kirkpatrick (Springfield (Ohio)) -- United States
Category: Format : Reprint Library
Issues: 199 (Highest number seen)
Dates: April, 1881-June, 1901
Schedule: Monthly
Price: 25ยข, $3.00 a year
Size: 7 5/8 x 5 7/8"
Pages: 200-250
Illustrations: One color pictorial cover
Publisher's Blurb: None
Notes / Commentary:

LeBlanc examined only one issue, no. 182 (Samantha Among the Brethren). There were no advertisements of other issues. He estimated a beginning date of 1885 by working back from the dated issue.

It appears that the series actually began earlier, published by The Farm and Fireside Co. Based on the location of both this company and the later publishers in Springfield, OH, it seems likely that these publications are all part of a single continuous series.

Some titles were reprinted multiple times in the series with different numbers; some numbers were reused with different titles. It is possible that some of these changes corresponded with the publisher changing from "Mast, Crowell & Kirkpatrick" to simply "Crowell & Kirkpatrick."

Nos. 2, 5, 10-11, 15-16, 20, 39, 65, 112, 116, 124, 132, 161, 168 and 178 were added based on the digitized copies in the Internet Archive. No. 177 was added based on the digitized copy in Google Books. Nos. 22, 26-28, 37, 43, 50-51, 54, 59, 93, 101, 103, 105, 107, 111, 117, 123, 134-135, 147, 156, 160, 166, 169, 175-176, 180, 188, 191, 197 and 199 were added based on WorldCat records. Nos. 171 and 193 were added based on the digitized copies in HathiTrust. Nos. 1, 3-4, 6-9, 12-14 and 17-19 were added based on advertising in nos. 15 and 16. Nos. 29, 181, the replacement 182 (Gems from the Poets) and 196 were added based on bookseller listings. No. 125 was added based on an image provided by Cary Sternick.

Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
2. The Pilgrim's Progress
3. New Farm and Fireside Cook Book
4. Farm and Fireside Library, vol. I, no. 4 (Saved at Last from Among the Mormons and 1 more item)
5. Travels of Lemuel Gulliver, Into Several Remote Regions of the World
6. Bread-and-Cheese and Kisses
7. The Arabian Nights' Entertainments
8. Aesop's Fables
9. John Ploughman's Pictures; or, More of His Plain Talk for Plain People
10. Noble and Heroic Deeds of Men and Women
11. The Secrets of Progressive Agriculture
12. The Swiss Family Robinson
13. Household Picture Book
14. Cast Up By the Sea
15. Life and Times of James Abram Garfield. Twentieth President of the United States
16. The Complete Poultry Book: A Manual for the American Poultry Yard
17. Health, wealth, and wisdom. In door and out. A book of amusements for the play ground and the parlor
18. Genteel Manners
19. The Family Doctor Book
20. The Handy Horse Book: A Manual for Every American Horse-Owner
22. The Little Brown Girl. A Story of School-Day Life
26. In Bottle Alley. A Story of Real Life in New York City
27. Farm and Fireside Library, no. 27 (The roaring lions, or, The famous Club of Ashbury and 1 more item)
28. Short stories for short people
29. Dr. Case's New Recipe Book, Containing Nearly 2000 Valuable Recipes
37. The Housekeepers' New Cook Book. Embracing nearly one thousand recipes and practical suggestions to all young housekeepers in regard to cooking and the utensils used
39. Adventures of Dick Onslow in the Far West
43. The Model History of United States. For Popular Use
50. Cast Up By the Sea
51. The Model Dictionary. A Pronouncing Lexicon of the English language ... To which is added an appendix of useful and valuable information ...
54. The model history of the civil war
59. Book of Good Behavior: Good Manners; A Manuel of True Politeness
65. A Bartered Birthright
93. Portfolio of One Hundred Superb Photographs: Embracing Views of Famous Castles, Historic Ruins, Great Cathedrals, Monuments, Towers, Arches, the World's Most Noted Pieces of Sculpture, Beautiful Landscapes and Mountain Scenery, Located in all parts of the World
101. On Her Wedding Morn
103. Bread-and-Cheese and Kisses
105. Gems of the World's Fair. Over Two Hundred Photographic Views
106. Talmage on Palestine
107. The Photographic Panorama of the World's Fair: Being a Magnificent Collection of Photographic Views of the World's Columbian Exposition and the Midway Plaisance, Forming a Pictorial History of the Greatest Achievement of the Age ... with Historical Descriptions
111. The New Universal Cook Book. Embracing more than one thousand recipes, and practical suggestions to housekeepers
112. Spectacular Romances
116. Anecdotes of the Rebellion
117. The Popular History of the Civil War in America: A Complete Narrative of Events, Military, Naval, Political and Congressional, that Occurred During the War for the Union, with Full Information as to the Causes Which Brought on the Rebellion
123. Beauties and Wonders of Land and Sea. A Book on Natural History
124. International Song Service. With Bright Gems from Fifty Authors
125. Samantha at Saratoga
132. Life of Abraham Lincoln. Being a biography of his life from his birth to his assassination; also a record of his ancestors, and a collection of anecdotes attributed to Lincoln
134. New illustrated edition of Robinson Crusoe
135. The Life of George Washington: Four Volumes Condensed in One
147. The arts of beauty, or, Studies in graces, health and good looks
156. Samantha at Saratoga; or, "Racing after fashion"
160. The new people's atlas of the world
161. The handy war book containing authentic information and statistics on subjects relating to the war ... also a brief history of Cuba, Porto Rico, the Philippines and other islands. With accurate war maps and photographic pictures of U.S. war vessels
166. The new peerless atlas of the world
168. Picturesque Cuba, Porto Rico, Hawaii and the Philippines; a photographic panorama of our new possessions ... Also life in the American Army and Navy, with portraits of the chief actors in the Spanish-American War
169. The new home atlas of the world, illustrated.
171. Talmage on Palestine
175. Career and Triumphs of Admiral Dewey. Being a Complete Biography of the Hero of Manila
176. Helena
177. The New American Cook Book
178. Life of Abraham Lincoln. Being a biography of his life from his birth to his assassination; also a record of his ancestors, and a collection of anecdotes attributed to Lincoln
180. Gleason's Horse Book. The only authorized work by America's king of horse tamers, comprising history, breeding, training, breaking, buying, feeding, grooming, shoeing, doctoring, telling age and general care of the horse
181. The Peerless Atlas of the World
182. Samantha Among the Brethren; or, The Upholdin' of the Meetin' House
182 (replacement title). Gems from the Poets
188. Pax vobiscum or "peace be with you"
191. History and Description of the Picturesque Philippines. With entertaining accounts of the people and their modes of living, customs, industries, climate and present conditions
193. Great Pictures by Great Painters. More than two hundred photographic reproductions of choice paintings, together with descriptions of the paintings and biographical notes of the artists represented
196. The New American Cook Book
197. Herbert's illustrated history of the Civil War in America
199. Pictorial natural history

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