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Series - Aldine Series

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Publisher: Aldine Book Publishing Co. (Boston: 299 Washington St.) -- United States of America
Category: Format : Reprint Library

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1886-1888
Approximate Number of Issues: 59
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1. Crown from the Spear
2. The Marquise de Brinvilliers
3. File No. 113
4. Within an Inch of His Life
5. The Slaves of Paris
6. The Mystery of Orcival
7. The Clique of Gold
8. Other People's Money
9. The Widow Lerouge
10. Downward Path, The
11. The Count's Secret
12. Monsieur Lecoq
13. Stretton
14. Broken Chains
15. Good Luck
16. Woven of Many Threads
17. Yellow Flag, The
18. Nobody's Fortune
19. A Rose in June
20. Open Sesame
21. Counterparts
22. Above Suspicion
23. Jocelyn's Mistake
24. Choisy
25. Miss Rovel
26. Only Three Weeks
27. A Family Tree
28. Ina
29. With Harp and Crown
30. Something to Do
31. Maud and Nina
32. Zelda's Fortune
33. Wicked Woods of Tobereevil, The
34. Foe in the Household, The
35. Playing for High Stakes
36. My Bonnie Lass
37. Almost a Heroine
38. One and Twenty
39. Wildflower
40. Grandmother's Money
41. Sweet Nineteen; or, Woodleigh
42. Under the Spell. A Novel.
43. The House of Elmore. A Family History.
44. Anne Judge, Spinster
45. Ruth Garnet; or, Loves of the Earl of Rochester
46. The Heirs of Derwentwater
47. Old Noll; or, The Days of the Ironsides
48. Heads and Hearts
49. The Secretary; or, Circumstantial Evidence
50. Shira. A Novel.
51. Omi, A Novel
52. First Love is Best
53. Up from the Cape
54. Woman's Ransom
56. Slaves of the Ring
57. Too Much Alone
58. Rumour, by the author of "Charles Auchester"
59. Tangled Skein, A

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