The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Eden Series

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Publisher: Street & Smith (New York (N.Y.): 238 William St.) -- United States
Category: Format : Reprint Library
Issues: 173
Dates: Jan. 5, 1901 to June, 1906 (Dates are approximate. Examined Nos. 66, 85, 125 and 150)
Schedule: Weekly, bi-weekly and later issued monthly
Price: 10ยข
Size: 7 1/8 x 5"
Pages: 300 to 350
Illustrations: Pictorial colored cover of standard design. Nos. 47 and 55 have a pastoral scene, winding brook with grassy banks with forest background, greenish tint. No. 66, light green with small pictorial rectangle picturing a beach scene, red lettering. Nos. 85 and 125 light green with darker green border. Woman in red gown looking over flowered wall, red lettering.
Publisher's Blurb: "The books contained in this line are of such a character as to command instant attention from the reading public. It is, normally, a series comprising works of love fiction, by the most famous and popular authors the world has ever known. Among these are the stories by Mrs. E. D. E. N. Southworth, who was one of the most prolific and entertaining writers America has ever produced. This series now contains more of her works than any line published, and will eventually contain all the stories both copyrighted and not, ever, written by her. Among the other authors represented are: Mrs. Mary J. Holmes, Louisa Parr, The Duchess, Miss M. E. Braddon, and scores of others whose well-known and interesting stories are most delightful to those who love good reading."
Notes / Commentary:

Dates have been worked out by reference to those actually examined and to ads. Exact date of changes in schedule is not known. As with the Arrow Library there may have been pauses in the issuance of the series. Again these pauses are not known for certain and it remains for the examination of more issues to determine exact dating.

The Southworth stories were reissued without change in numbering as the Southworth Library.

Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. Retribution
2. Ishmael; or, In the Depths
3. Self-Raised; or, From the Depths
4. India; or, The Pearl of Pearl River
5. The Missing Bride
6. The Curse of Clifton
7. Vivia; or, The secret of power
8. The Lost heiress
9. The Discarded Daughter
10. The Mother-in-law; or, Married in Haste
11. The Deserted wife
12. The Wife's Victory
13. The Three Sisters
14. The Christmas Quest
15. The Haunted Homestead
16. The Fortune seeker
17. The Family doom
18. The Maiden widow
19. The Gipsy's Daughter
20. The Bride's dowry
21. The Widow's Son
22. The Bride of Llewellyn
23. The Bridal Eve
24. The Two Sisters
25. Eudora; or, The False Princess
26. Love's Labor Won
27. Fair Play
28. How He Won Her
29. The three beauties
30. The Broken Engagement
31. The Doom of Deville
32. The Changed Brides
33. The bride's fate, or, Winning her way : a sequel to "The changed brides"
34. The Lady of the Isle
35. The Lost Heir of Linlithgow
36. A Noble Lord
37. A Beautiful Fiend
38. Victor's Triumph
39. Cruel as the Grave
40. Tried for her life, or, The Hallow Eve mystery : a sequel to "Cruel as the grave"
41. Unknown
42. The Mystery of Raven Rocks
43. Only a Clod
44. An Ishmaelite
45. Put to the Test
46. The Mohawks
47. Sir Jasper's Tenant
48. Mount Royal
49. Taken at the Flood
50. Charlotte's Inheritance
51. Just as I Am
52. The Hidden Hand; or, Capitola the Mad-cap
53. Capitola's Daughter
54. The Doctor's Wife
55. Birds of Prey
56. The Golden Calf
57. Joshua Haggard's Daughter
58. Barbara
59. Rupert Goodwin
60. John Marchmont's Legacy
61. The Cloven Foot
62. Nora's Love Test
63. Lady Branksmere
64. With Cupid's Eyes
65. Nancy
66. Robert Ord's Atonement
67. The Fair Headed Alda
68. Mrs. Geoffrey
69. Dove in the Eagle's Nest
70. Hostages of Fortune
71. Two Girls of Faversham
72. The Arundel Moth
73. Wooed and Married
74. Chantry House
75. Written in Fire
76. Strangers and Pilgrims
77. Old Myddleton's Money
78. Under the Lillies and Roses
79. Portia
80. My Young Alcides
81. The Artist's Love
82. Dorothy's Venture
83. Fenton's Quest
84. Geraldine Hawthorne
85. Joan Wentworth
86. My Own Child
87. Doris
88. Asphodel
89. A Deathbed Marriage
90. Called to Account
91. The Heart of Jane Warner
92. Joan
93. Barbara's History
94. Lady Valworth's diamonds
95. A Modern Telemachus
96. Peerless and Prayer
97. For Her Dear Sake
98. Vixen
99. A Mental struggle
100. A Star and a Heart
101. Miss Carew
102. The Squire's Legacy
103. A Willful Young Woman
104. The Lady's Mile
105. Only a Coral Girl
106. My Sister, the Actress
107. The Sun Maid
108. The Price of Happiness
109. The New Duchess
110. Ethelyn's mistake
111. With All Her Heart
112. A Loveless Marriage
113. Belinda's Love Match
114. The Fatal Three
115. A Wicked Girl
116. Love's Young Dream
117. The Secret of a Birth
118. To the Bitter End
119. A Loyal Heart
120. A Harvest of Wild Oats
121. In Maremma
122. The Sacred Nugget
123. The Story of a Sin
124. An Orphan's Heart
125. A Bitter Joy; or, Eugene
126. Love's Farewell
127. The Mistletoe Bough
128. The Prettiest Woman in Warsaw
129. Mollie Darling
130. Built Upon Love
131. A Dreadful Temptation; or, A Young Wife's Ambition
132. In Luck's Way
133. Nearest and Dearest
134. Little Nea's Engagement
135. The Octoroon; or, The Lily of Louisiana
136. Only a Girl's Heart
137. Gertrude's Sacrifice
138. The Rejected Bride
139. A Husband's Devotion
140. Gertrude Haddon
141. Reunited
142. Em
143. Em's Husband
144. The Unloved Wife
145. Lilith
146. The Bride's Ordeal
147. Her Love or Her Life?
148. The Lost Lady of Lone
149. The Struggle of a Soul
150. The Trail of the Serpent
151. A Tortured Heart
152. The Test of Love
153. Gloria
154. David Lindsay
155. Why Did He Wed Her?
156. For Whose Sake?
157. A Skeleton in the Closet
158. Brandon Coyle's Wife
159. A Deed Without a Name
160. Dorothy Harcourt's Secret
161. To His Fate
162. For woman's love
163. An Unrequited love
164. The Widows of Widowville
165. When Love Commands
166. Fulfilling Her Destiny
167. A Leap in the Dark
168. The Mysterious Marriage
169. Her Mother's Secret
170. Love's Bitterest Cup
171. When shadows die : ("Her mother's secret"), third series
172. Sweet Love's Atonement
173. Zenobia's Suitors

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