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Series - Do and Dare Weekly

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Publisher: Street & Smith (New York (N.Y.): 238 William St.) -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (Color Cover)
Issues: 65
Dates: Feb. 17, 1900 to May 11, 1901
Schedule: Weekly
Price: 5ยข
Size: 10 x 6 7/8"
Pages: 32
Motto: A Favorite Weekly of Young America
Illustrations: Colored pictorial cover
Publisher's Blurb: From back cover of first issue: "Many readers of our ever-popular libraries are so enthusiastic as to wish us to publish the Tip Top twice a week--or every day in the week, so as to give them more of their favorite reading. It will be readily understood that this would be inadvisable for many reasons. Mr. Burt Standish writes the Merriwell stories carefully and well, as you all know. He does not feel that he can afford to jeopardize the quality in the slightest degree by increasing the quantity. We will not permit any other publisher to supply the wants of our readers, as we are the originators of this class of refined, entertaining and instructive literature, which has attained world-wide popularity. It affords us pleasure to say to our friends that we shall soon issue other new libraries, which will be far superior to anything of similar character issued by other publishers, and certainly to be favorites with the readers of the Tip Top Weekly. The first of these new libraries will be known as the DO AND DARE WEEKLY. It will contain 32 pages, with illustrated cover, conforming in size and appearance to the Tip Top. No. 1 will be on sale February 13, 1900, and will be found at all newsdealers. The price will be 5 cents per copy. The Do and Dare Weekly will tell of the exploits and adventures of one PHIL RUSHINGTON, a lively, hustling, bright and brave American boy--a first-class all-round athelete, and a thorough gentleman in all phases of his eventful career. The author of these stories is Mr. Stanley Norris, an able writer, and one thoroughly in sympathy with the wants of our boys and girls in the line of reading. His work is bound to please. The first number is entitled--Phil Rushington; or, The Sophs of Springvale Academy, a rattling, strong story. Read about the eighteen pretty rebels from the neighboring Normal School for girls, who set up a camp on an island and defy the faculty. Read how Phil runs the gauntlet, and turns the tables on his would-be hazes. Read of Phil's 'terrible right.' In fact, read the first number and you will like it. There is no doubt about it. Our other proposed new libraries will be announced and issued as soon as 'Do and Dare' is well introduced."
Major Author(s): The Phil Rushington stories are written by various Street & Smith staff writers under the pseudonym Stanley Norris.
Notes / Commentary:

The cover of No. 65 contains an announcement of the final issue instead of the usual illustration.

No. 65 has the following announcement on the cover: "A Decided Move in the Host of 'Do and Dare'. This is the final issue of DO AND DARE, as hereafter this publication will be combined with our enlarged weekly publication COMRADES".

Page 17 contained a moer detailed announcement: "While 'DO AND DARE' is a successful publication the progress of our weekly 'COMRADES' has been much more rapid than that of DO AND DARE, and it is, we believe, capable of running up to a much larger circulation than DO AND DARE could ever reasonably hope to reach, since these publications were somewhat of the same order the rivals of each other. If COMRADES were not the most successful of course we would have combined it with DO AND DARE. Our readers have decided this for themselves in favor of COMRADES. The consolidation of the two publications will at once give COMRADES a largely increased circulation and make it a leader in its class, especially since it will be considerably enlarged in size. Our readers will, therefore, hereafter find the stories of their favorite author Captain Henry Dale, U. S. A., published in COMRADES another of our popular Weeklies, with which it will now be combined. In union there is strength. DO AND DARE and COMRADES make a great combination, as all readers will be prompt to recognize. With two such noted authors as Captain Dale and Robert Steel engaged to contribute to one publication, the result is bound to be more than satisfactory. As a favor to ourselves and a compliment to the editors of COMRADES, we are going to ask you, every reader of DO AND DARE mind yourself if it will not fill, and more than fill, DO AND DARE's place with you. We certainly hope and believe so."

Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. Phil Rushington; or, The Sophs of Springvale Academy
2. Phil Rushington's Sealed Orders; or, A Mad Chase on French River
3. Phil Rushington's Hustle; or, A Fortune Made in a Day
4. Phil Rushington's Pledge; or, The Disappearance of Dora Warren
5. Phil Rushington's Pranks; or, The Last Sessions at Springvale
6. Phil Rushington's Danger; or, A Brave Fight for Friends
7. Phil Rushington's Friends; or, Springvale Boys in a Lumber Camp
8. Phil Rushington's New Role; or, The Play's the Thing
9. Phil Rushington's Soubrette; or, The Rochdale Success
10. Phil Rushington's Set-Back; or, Fast Friends and Fickle Fortune
11. Phil Rushington's Great Show; or, Another Whirl on Fortune's Wheel
12. Phil Rushington's Star Rider; or, Rivals of the Ring
13. Phil Rushington's Home Trip; or, Two Kinds of a Circus
14. Phil Rushington's Loss; or, A Lion Hunt in the City
15. Phil Rushington's Rivals; or, Three Shows in One Town
16. Phil Rushington's Clown; or, The Secret of the Star Rider
17. Phil Rushington's Temptation; or, An Act Not Down on the Bills
18. Phil Rushington's Race; or, The Pursuit of the Rival Circus
19. Phil Rushington's Prize; or, The Show for Tent Number Two
20. Phil Rushington's Search; or, The Unknown Rider of the Ring
21. Phil Rushington's Enemies; or, Saving His Reputation
22. Phil Rushington's Smash-up; or, A New Recruit for the Sawdust Ring
23. Phil Rushington's Trust; or, The Child Trapeze Wonder
24. Phil Rushington's Tackle; or, Cleaning Out the Swindlers
25. Phil Rushington's Specialty; or "Bear and Forbear" in the Main Tent
26. Phil Rushington's Stampede; or, A Serious Hitch in the Parade
27. Phil Rushington's Dash; or, The Last Act in the Hippodrome
28. Phil Rushington's Hoodoo; or, Something Wrong with the Show
29. Phil Rushington's Girl Wonder; or, The Ropewalker's Peril
30. Phil Rushington's Dramatic Role; or, The Risk of an Understudy
31. Phil Rushington's Protegee; or, The Trials of a Footlight Favorite
32. Phil Rushington's Cue; or A New Hit in an Old Play
33. Phil Rushington's Make-Up; or, A Specialty Off the Stage
34. Phil Rushington's Leading Lady; or, Diamond Cut Diamond
35. Phil Rushington's Encore; or, Trouble at a One-Night-Stand
36. Phil Rushington's Curtain-Raiser; or, Taking the House by Storm
37. Phil Rushington's Bravery; or, Burned Out at Newcastle
38. Phil Rushington's Ruse; or, Trapping an Embezzler
39. Phil Rushington's "Supe"; or, The Last of the Barn-stormers
40. Phil Rushington's Double Part; or, Breaking in the New Rube
41. Phil Rushington's Box-Party; or, True to His Trust
42. Phil Rushington's Sketch; or, Author as Well as Actor
43. Phil Rushington's Big Success; or, Top Liners at the Continuous
44. Phil Rushington's Comedy Four; or, On the Stage and Off
45. Phil Rushington's Hard Luck; or, New Friends and Old Enemies
46. Phil Rushington's Evil Genius; or, Facing the Music
47. Phil Rushington's False Friend; or, The Cloud with the Silver Lining
48. Messenger Frank; or, A Matter of Ten Thousand Dollars
49. Ted Sharp's Big Case; or, The King of the Counterfeiters
50. Lad Electric; or, The Most Wonderful Boy in the World
51. The Boy Expert; or, Locating the Trouble at the Stamp Mill
52. Phil Stirling; or, The Secret of the Mountain Cave
53. Kit Cummings, the Young Gold Hunter; or, Nugget Nell's Stolen Treasure
54. Smart Aleck; or, The Fault of a Crank's Legacy
55. Trooper Sherman's Orders; or, Under the Stars and Stripes in China
56. Ned Maynard's Scoop; or, Beating the New York Reporters
57. Messenger Frank's Secret Telegraph; or, The Disappearance of Madeline Moore
58. Phil Stirling's Loyalty; or, Fighting with the Boys of '61
59. Kit Cummings' Lucky Find; or, The Open Secret of Lake Tagish
60. Trooper Sherman on a dangerous detail, or, A spy in the camp of the Tai-Pings
61. Ted Sharp's Bunco Game; or, A Prisoner in a Den of Crooks
62. Bob Day, Broker; or, Winning His Way in Wall Street.
63. The Three-Spot of Diamonds; or, Kit Cummings' Prize Mystery
64. The Young Politician; or, Standing By His Colors
65. Phil Stirling's Secret Commission; or, In the Hands of Traitors.

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