The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Diamond Dick, Jr.

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Alternate Title: Diamond Dick, Jr., the Boys Best Weekly
Publisher: Street & Smith (New York (N.Y.): 29 Rose St.) -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (Color Cover)
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: In Progress, Complete Listing Available

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1896-1911
Approximate Number of Issues: 762.


8. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s Daring Drift; or, Under Water Through Devil's Gulch
9. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s diamond clew; or, The duke of Pokeropolis
10. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s ride for life; or, The hoboes of Hunnewell
12. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s mining venture; or, The mystery of shaft no. 3
21. Diamond Dick, Jr. at the O. K. Trestle; or, Handsome Harry's Tramp Pard
25. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s Desperate Stand; or, Taking Big Chances to Save a Kid
53. Off for Alaska; or, Diamond Dick, Jr.'s Trail to Circle City
59. Diamond Dick, Jr. at Deep Gulch; or, Handsome Harry and his thirty-eight pops
63. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s Fellow Passenger; or, A mail robber tackles the wrong man
66. Diamond Dick, Jr., at the old ranch; or, Queer customers for boarders
68. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s three bagger; or, Out on one strike
69. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s stiff check; or, An attempt to arrest the wrong man
70. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s torpedo; or, A train that could not be flagged
73. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s worst enemy; or, The short stop to a ride in the flume
74. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s newspaper; or, A threat that failed to work
75. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s twisted tackle; or, The mascot's peculiar pickle
76. Diamond Dick, Jr. rights a wrong; or, The trace of the turtle nugget
79. Diamond Dick, Jr. and the hoboes; or, Handsome Harry in a new role
80. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s Texas trump; or, The hornets of Hopscotch
81. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s walk-over; or, A dead easy game at Dough Spoon
83. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s warning; or, A chip-in at the last lap
84. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s substitute; or, A blockade that was raised
85. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s tricky telegrams; or, The new schoolmarm at Sugar Notch
86. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s dangerous bet; or, One way to save a friend
87. Diamond Dick, Jr., as station agent; or, Fun and fight at Flush City
97. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s wide awake whistle; or, Down brakes on a new track
104. Dashing Diamond Dick; or, The Tigers of Tombstone
107. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s Pat Pointer; or, An Attempt at a Game of Bluff
109. Diamond Dick's Death-Trail; or, Cyclone Sam of "Shi-an"
121. Diamond Dick's Double; or, The Crystal Chip of Gunnison
126. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s cool comforter; or, An icy path at Freeze-Out Creek
128. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s, Flashing Fire; or, A Wing Shot and all Hands Up
130. Diamond Dick's Drag-Net; or, The Killers of Kootenai
144. Diamond Dick's Dead Heat; or, The Pirates of Pend d'Oreille
145. Diamond Dick's deuce-ace; or, The freebooters of Flathead Lake
149. Diamond Dick's divvy; or, The rival outlaw chiefs
153. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s, tough customers; or, Six feet of rope at Doolittle's
159. Diamond Dick's Jr.'s, Jay Joker; or, a Hornet From Hackensack
167. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s Free-for-All; or, A Little Game of One-Call-Two
169. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s Walk-Away; or, The Touch of a Master Hand
183. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s prize tangle; or, A queer play at cross purposes
191. Diamond Dick's sliding scale; or, A hot strike at Gadfly
200. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s deep-laid plot; or, The hypnotist of the Hari-Kari
204. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s desperate drop; or, Run down on the Limited
213. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s Durango Dozen; or, The Vampires of Vallecita
217. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s drag-out; or, The big bluff at Boomerang
218. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s deadlock; or, The hazy knight from Jupiter
220. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s bogus dollar; or, The Brothers of the Bowie
223. Diamond Dick, Jr. on Deck; or, The Treasure of the Montezumas
232. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s written receipt; or, The mystery of Casa Grande
243. Diamond Dick's maverick; or, The secret of Old Copper-Top
247. Diamond Dick's man-hunt; or, The terror of the Yellowstone
249. Diamond Dick's Old Salt; or, The Man with the Green Eye
252. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s danger signal; or, Rough work at Rawlins
253. Diamond Dick's dark case; or, The spell of the "Loco-Loco"
265. Diamond Dick's rival and the bogus troopers; or, The plot against the governor
274. Diamond Dick and the Hannibal County desperadoes; or, Against judge and jury
275. Diamond Dick's Moonlight Attack; or, The Freight Thieves of the T. N. & P. Railroad
279. Diamond Dick's Quick Action; or, The Fastest Fight on Record
284. Diamond Dick's Cannon-Ball Special; or, Handsome Harry's Finest
285. Diamond Dick's Flying Switch; or, Trapping the Tough Nut Terrors
288. Diamond Dick at Full-Hand Ferry; or, Rough Work on Rapid River
289. Diamond Dick and the Black Dwarf; or, Hot Work for Uncle Sam
290. Diamond Dick and the Timber Thieves; or, A Close Call in Custer's Canyon
291. Diamond Dick's Mid-Air Fight; or, At Odds with the Circus Crooks
292. Diamond Dick in the Oil Fields; or, A Lively "Go" at the Big "Gusher"
294. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s, Marked Bullet; or, The Wreck of the Fast Mail
295. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s, Mind Reader; or, Fighting an All-Star Combination
296. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s, Run of Luck; or, The Twist-Up at Terrible
297. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s, Black Box; or, The Secret of Half a Million
299. Diamond Dick, Jr's, Big Wager; or, The Tiger of the Mesa
300. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s Daring Drift; or, Under Water Through Devil's Gulch
301. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s diamond clew; or, The duke of Pokeropolis
302. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s ride for life; or, The hoboes of Hunnewell
303. Diamond Dick, Jr.'s mining venture; or, The mystery of shaft no. 3
310. Diamond Dick, Jr. at the O. K. Trestle; or, Handsome Harry's Tramp Pard
348. Diamond Dick's stand-off; or, The shotgun messenger's last trip
359. Diamond Dick's Boy Pards; or, The Boarding House Puzzle
360. Diamond Dick and the safe-crackers; or, Two-spot's level best
364. Diamond Dick's Web-Foot Pard; or, Queer Work on the Hurricane Deck
409. Diamond Dick, Jr., and the Haunted House; or, The Ghosts of Quivaro
431. Handsome Harry on the wolf's trail; or, The train robbers' ambush
450. Diamond Dick's fight for honor; or, The wizard gambler
497. Diamond Dick's Vampire Trail; or, the Mad Horseman of Thunder Mountain
499. Diamond Dick's lost trail; or, A queer hunt in Oregon
558. Diamond Dick's Dynamite Victory; or, The Anarchist Plot at Pocomo
582. Diamond Dick, Jr., no. 582 (Diamond Dick's desert pard; or, Jack Sinn's last shot and 1 more item)
598. Diamond Dick's Vengeance; or, The Defeat of the Destroying Angel
600. Diamond Dick's slashing blow; or, A close call in the big ditch

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