The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - DeWitt's Ten Cent Romances

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Publisher: Robert M. DeWitt (New York (N.Y.): 33 Rose Street) -- United States
Category: Format : Small Booklet
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: In Progress, Partial Listing Available

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1867-1873
Approximate Number of Issues: 118.


1. The Demon of the Desert. A Thrilling Romance of Wild and Savage Warfare
2. Prairie Pete; or, The Trapper's Avenger. A Romance of Forest and Prairie
3. Wild Bill, the Indian Slayer. A Story of Forest and Prairie Life.
4. The Death Trail; or, The Feathered Arrow
5. Gray-Eyed Luke; or, The Pirates of the Prairie. A Romance of Western Mexico
6. Six-Shooter Jim; or, The Bandit of the Woods
7. The Wrecker's Victim; or, The Demons of the Coast. A Tale of Sea and Shore
8. The Storm Child; or, The Secret Cavern
9. Captain Bob, the Mountain Devil
10. Wild Bill's First Trail. As He Told It
11. Sam Sutton, the Scalp-Taker. A Stirring Romance of the Wild West
12. The Crawling Snake; or, Hardy the Scout
13. Big Lige; or, Red Cloud of the Shoshones. Thrilling Tale of Scouts and Indians
14. Zoph Slaughter; or, The Head Hunters of Sunken Lake. A Romance of the Unknown Diggings
15. Leatherskin; or, The Prairie Guide
16. Blackbeard; or, The Bloodhound of the Bermudas. A Tale of the Ocean's Exciting Incidents
17. Adelaide, the Avenger; or, The Fearful Avenger
18. Old Pike, the Indian Trader. A Thrilling Tale of Indian War and Love
19. Tiger-Head; or, The Spectre of the Swamp. A Weird Romance of the Western Woodlands
20. Jack Long; or, The Shot in the Eye. A Tale of Cruel Wrong and Wild Revenge
21. Old Eph, the Man-Grizzly; or, The Veteran of the Scalping-Route
22. Wicked Will; or, The Trapper's Last Shot. A Romance of "The Great Prairie Wilderness."
23. Big Buffalo; or, Steel Hatchet's Revenge. A Wild Tale of the Prairie Rovers
24. Murty, the Rover; or, The Irish Buccaneer. Full of Wild and Thrilling Romance
25. The Icy Deep; or, True Unto Death. A Story of Wild Adventures and Fearful Perils
26. Mark Manly; or, The Skipper's Lad. A Romance of the Revolution
27. Forrestal; or, The Light of the Reef
28. Neal Nelson, or, The Siege of Boston. A Stirring Tale of Strange Adventures
29. The Silver Bottle; or, Adventures of Little Marlboro
30. The Eagle Crest; or, The Duke's Heir
31. Black Ralph; or, The Helmsman of Horlgate
32. White Wing; or, The Pirate of the Rigolets
33. Wildbird; or, The Three Chances
34. The Island of Gold; or, The Cruise of the "Black Dog"
35. Rodney Ray; or, The Queen of the Island of Gold
36. Red Wing; or, Belmont, the Buccaneer of the Bay
37. The Avenging Brother; or, The Two Maidens
38. Moloch, the Money-Lender; or, The Beautiful Jewess
39. Ramero; or, The Prince and the Prisoner
40. The Fair Joceline; or, The Jailer's Daughter
41. The Ice King; or, The Fate of the Lost Steamer. A Story of the Frozen North
42. War Eagle; or, Ossiniwa, the Indian Brave
43. The Pirate Queen; or, The Rover's Treasure. A Tale of the Trackless Sea
44. The Rattlesnake; or, The Buccaneer's Dream
45. Indian Jake; or, The Prairie Hunter
46. The Mountain Trapper; or, The Ranger and the Bear
47. The Maid of Old Kaintuck; or, The Plague of the Scotia
48. Reckless Rob; or, The Fiery Stampede
49. Hildebrand, the Outlaw; or, The Terror of Missouri
50. The Outlaw's Bride
51. The Onondaga Giant. A Story of a Lost Race
52. The Ringdove; or, The Privateer and the Cutter
53. The Texan Ranger; or, The Maid of Matamoros
54. The Mexican Bravo; or, The Fair Maiden's Rescue
55. The Outlaw's Sister
56. Put Martin; or, The Texan Horse Thief
57. Sol Anderson; or, The Robber's Gold
58. 'Bel of Prairie Eden. A Mexican Romance
59. Charles Blackford; or, The Adventures of a Student
60. Jeanette Wetmore; or, The Burglar and the Counselor
61. Ada, the Betrayed; or, The Child of Mystery
62. The Pearl Necklace; or, The Midnight Watch
63. Secrets of the Old Smithy
64. Mad Maud; or, The Masked Ball
65. The Ocean Scout; or, The Shadow of Crime
66. The Privateer's Peril; or, The Yankee Skipper
67. The Steel Belt; or, The Three Masted Schooner
68. Ellen Hart; or, The Forger's Daughter
69. The Chief of the Cowboys; or, The Beauty of the Neutral Ground
70. Arthur Denwood; or, The Maiden of the Inn
71. Yankee Jim, the Horse Runner
72. California Karl, the Wild Puma Slayer. A Tale of the Land of Gold
73. Seth, the Skirmisher, or, The Bravoes of Borderland
74. Pawnee Pete; or, The Mountain Wolf
75. The Red Arrow; or, Winwood the Fugitive
76. The Ocean Bloodhound; or, The Convict Brother
77. The Sailor Crusoe; or, The Mysterious Cavern
78. The Demon Hunter; or, The Squaw's Revenge
79. The Indian Huntress; or, The Blazinf Forest
80. The Armorer of Paris; or, The Scaffold of Mountfaucon
81. Spiky Jones; or, The Silent Avenger
82. The Feathered Snake; or, The Hut in the Woods. A Tale of the Days of Simon Girty
83. Rolf, the Raven; or, The Combat for a Wife. A Tale of American Adventure in Three Climes
84. The Sea-Gull; or, The Pirate's League
85. The Spanish Pirate; or, The Terror of the Ocean
86. The Rose of Wisconsin; or, The Trapper's Bride
87. Nick's Mate; or, On and Off Soundings
88. The Partisan's Oath; or, Th Trooper's Revenge

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