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Series - Comrades

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Publisher: Street & Smith (New York (N.Y.): 238 William St.) -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (Color Cover)
Issues: 72
Dates: March 31, 1900 to Aug. 10, 1901
Schedule: Weekly
Price: 5ยข
Size: 1-58, 10 x 7"; 59-72, 11 x 8 1/2"
Pages: 32
Publisher's Blurb:

From the back page of No. 1 dated March 31, 1900: "This new weekly library will be introduced to the public on Wednesday, March 29th, 1900. It is bound to be like all of Street & Smith's lines, sure winner from the start. Tom Wright, the hero of Comrades, is a bright boy who has decided to devote his life to the service of 'King Steam' in one of the great railroads of our land. Rest assured he will reach fame and fortune on the lightning express. The life of an ambitious railroad man is full of exciting incident, and Tom has his full share of adventures. Through all of these he will be found Wright by name, right in word, right in deed, and always right. The many adventures of Tom and his friends will be followed with the deepest interest by all who are fortunate enough to read this new series of splendid stories. Tom will be surrounded by several 'comrades', who will join hands with him and stand by him in his various enterprises. Mr. Robert Steel is an author of wide experience in the field covered by these stories, and we are certain his work will please all who admire our well-known 'Tip Top Weekly' and 'Do and Dare Weekly', to which 'Comrades' will be a companion. Street & Smith know just what the boys and girls of America like best, and as announced in a previous card, propose to render if possible for every boy and girl in the land to find just what they want, and as great a variety as they desire in the publications issued by them. They cover all fields, and fill all demands. All their lines are leaders. Remember No. 1 Comrades will be on sale March 25th. Read it! Price 5c 32 pages--illuminated cover--uniform in size and style with Tip Top and Do and Dare."

A later blurb states: "Of the many weeklies which we have recently introduced to the public, Comrades has proved itself one of the most popular. Tom Wright, the hero, is a splended character and a strong favorite with all who say of him that he is Wright by name and right by nature, right in deed and always right. The many thrilling and exciting adventures of Tom and his friends will be followed with deepest interest by all who read COMRADES."

From the back cover of late numbers when baseball stories were featured: "Play Ball! Tom Wright at the bat. We have arranged to publish a series of SPECIAL BASEBALL STORIES by Robert Steel. Tom Wright, the boy's favorite, will appear in his new and greatest role, with one of the strongest teams ever brought upon the diamond. Tom and his team will play hard, fast and clean ball, and we can promise COMRADES readers a treat, as nothing better in the way of base-ball stories has ever been written. You cannot afford to miss reading these stories. The first of the series will begin in COMRADES No. 67."

Major Author(s): Various S&S staff writers including Weldon J. Cobb, Frederick R. Burton and John H. Whitson, under the pseudonym Robert Steel.
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. Tom Wright on Trial; or, A Clear Track to Success
2. Tom Wright, Station Agent; or, "Saving the Superintendent"
3. Tom Wright at the Throttle; or, The Belle of the Midnight Special
4. Tom Wright, the Railroad Favorite; or, The Raid on the Through Express
5. Tom Wright, Car Finder; or, The Search for 1313
6. Tom Wright's Fast Run; or, The Million Dollar Train
7. Tom Wright's Choice; or, The Engineer's Strange Warning
8. Tom Wright on the Flyer; or, The Missing Express Package
9. Tom Wright's Resolve; or, A Railroad Chum's Noble Sacrifice
10. Tom Wright on Duty; or, A Battle against Railroad Crooks
11. Tom Wright's Substitute; or, The Dumb Flagman of Dead Man's Curve
12. Tom Wright in Demand; or, A Mile a Minute in a Private Car
13. Tom Wright's Right-of-Way; or, Stealing a March on the...
14. Tom Wright Misjudged; or, Called Down by the Company
15. Tom Wright Switched Off; or, A New Start on a New Railroad
16. Tom Wright's Triumph; or, Railroad Comrades to the Rescue
17. Tom Wright's Honor; or, The Girl Who Saved the Gold Train
18. Tom Wright's Queer Freight; or, An Unwelcome Passenger
19. Tom Wright's Long Run; or, A Chase Through Fourteen States
20. Tom Wright's Enemies; or, Squaring a New Superintendent
21. Tom Wright's Rivals; or, The Mascot of the Roundhouse
22. Tom Wright's Prize; or, Unclaimed Package No. 7,800
23. Tom Wright's Comrades; or, The Girl Fireman on Engine 66
24. Tom Wright on Time; or, A Record-Breaking Run
25. Tom Wright's Promotion; or, A Strong Bid for Railroad Honors
26. Tom Wright's Sacrifice; or, The Counterfeit Special
27. Tom Wright's Danger Signal; or, The Lost Locomotive
28. Tom Wright's Special Orders; or, Through Fire and Flood with the Relief Train
29. Tom Wright's Million Dollar Charge; or, Chasing Down a Railroad Crook
30. Tom Wright's Courage; or, Sticking to His Post of Duty
31. Tom Wright's Decision; or, Fighting it Out for a Friend
32. Tom Wright's Big Chance; or, A Railroad King for a Friend
33. Tom Wright's Tramp Engine; or, A New Hand at the Throttle
34. Tom Wright's Peril; or, The Lightning Express Afloat
35. Tom Wright's Mystery; or, A Ten-Strike for a Railroad Comrade
36. Tom Wright, Dispatcher; or, A Double-Quick Call for the Air Brakes
37. Tom Wright on the Fast Freight; or, A Fight to the Front
38. Tom Wright's Challenge; or, A Railroad President for a Rival
39. Tom Wright's Pull; or, A Well Earned Reward
40. Tom Wright, Division Superintendent; or, Trouble in the Express Car
41. Tom Wright to the Rescue; or, The Excursion Train in Danger
42. Tom Wright on the Pay Car; or, The Accident at Big Indian Viaduct
43. Tom Wright's Slow Train; or, The Man with the Electric Saw
44. Tom Wright on the Sleeper; or, Taking Business from the Ticket Scalpers
45. Tom Wright's Lightning Dash; or, A Railroad on Skates
46. Tom Wright's Sealed Orders; or, The Road to Fortune
47. Tom Wright's Great Find; or, The Secrets of Rainbow Mountain
48. Tom Wright's Opponent; or, A Foeman Worthy of His Steel
49. Tom Wright on His Mettle; or, The Race for a Terminal
50. Tom Wright's Ally; or, The Boy with the Glass Eye
51. Tom Wright's Discovery; or, The Silver Prison of the Pueblos
52. Tom Wright's Treasure Cave; or, The Adobe of Mystery
53. Tom Wright's Phantom Chase; or, A Message Out of the Air
54. Tom Wright at Bartlett's Ranch; or, Bucking the Cowboys of the Great Lone Land
55. Tom Wright's Boy Friend; or, Bobbie Skylark's Big Battle
56. Tom Wright's Mascot; or, The Old Clown's Secret
57. Tom Wright's Contest; or, Doomed to Death
58. Tom Wright in Old Santa Fe; or, The Search for the Girdle of Gold
59. Tom Wright's Luck; or, Finding a Fortune
60. Tom Wright's Aerial Drift; or, A Sky Voyage into Unknown Lands
61. Phil Stirling's Ride for Life; or, The Charge of the Fire Zouaves
62. Tom Wright's Boy Comrades; or, The Young Crusoes of Death Valley
63. Tom Wright's Surprise; or, Bluford Jaynes' Queer Capture
64. Tom Wright's Pluck; or, Under the Leadership of Bobbie Skylark
65. On Guard; or, Phil Stirling's Peril
66. Tom Wright's Daring; or, Old Mansur's Unexpected Passenger
67. Tom Wright's Base-ball Team; The Wonderful Slide for Home Plate
68. Tom Wright at the Bat; or, The Man with the Explosive Base-ball
69. Tom Wright's Substitute; or, The Colorado Colts Played to a Finish
70. Tom Wright's Battery; or, The Western Left-Handed Wonder
71. Tom Wright's Passed Ball; or, Unmasking His Deadly Enemy
72. Tom Wright's Safe Hit; or, What Happened in the Seventh Inning

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