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Publisher: Street & Smith (New York) -- United States of America
Category: Format : Paperback ("Thickbook")

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1898-1903
Approximate Number of Issues: 44
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1. The Yankee Lieutenant
3. A Courier to Gomez
5. A Secret Service Detail
7. On the Firing Line
9. For Spanish Gold
14. The Hero of the Brigade
15. The Charge of the Blockhouse
16. Fighting Against Odds
17. The Soldier Monk
18. Ben Hamed; or, The Children of Fate: A Story of the Eastern World
19. The Golden Eagle; or, The Privateer of 1776: A Tale of the Revolution
20. The Swordsman of Warsaw; or, Ralpho of the Iron Arm
21. The King's Talisman; or, The Lion of Mount Hor
22. The Wreck of the South Pole
23. Cell no. 13
24. The Council of Ten
25. A Queer Race: The Story of a Strange People
26. Ivan, the Serf. A Tale of Russia, Turkey and Circassia
27. She: A History of Adventure
28. The Great Amherst Mystery
29. A Strange Secret: A Story of the American Revolution
30. Scarabaeus. The Story of an African Beetle.
31. His Fatal Success
32. Roanoke of Roanoke Hall
33. King Solomon's Mines
34. Madame Midas. A Story of Australian Life.
35. The Younger Brothers
36. Rube Burrow's League
37. The Dalton Boys
41. A Creature of the Night

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