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Series - Beadle's Half-Dime Library

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Alternate Titles: Beadle's half dime library
Half Dime Library
Publishers: Beadle and Adams (1872-1898) (New York (N.Y.): No. 98 William Street) -- United States
Beadle and Adams (1872-1898) (New York (N.Y.): No. 92 William Street) -- United States
M.J. Ivers & Co. (New York (N.Y.): 379 Pearl St.) -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (B&W)
Issues: 1168
Dates: Oct. 15, 1877 to Dec. 1905
Schedule: semi-weekly (nos. 1-22), weekly (nos. 23-1074), monthly (nos. 1075-1168)
Columns: 3
Size: 9" x 12"
Pages: 16
Illustrations: Black and white pictorial cover. Some early numbers feature multiple illustrations.
Major Author(s): Edward L. Wheeler, Prentiss Ingraham, J. C. Cowdrick, T. C. Harbaugh, Oll Coomes, Charles Morris, Jo Piece, Joseph E. Badger, William G. Patten
Physical Description: Quartos (9" x 12") of approximately 16 pages, featuring a black woodcut on the first page.
Notes / Commentary: Appeared just five months after Beadle's Dime Library, likely on October 15, 1877. With its lower price point of 5¢, Beadle's Half-Dime Library was intended to appeal more to children than adults. Johannsen (1950:256) claims that this is also why the type is so small: "Beadle evidently figured that a boy's eyesight was good, and that he would prefer having a lot of reading matter for a nickel than to have less in more readable type." It also ran as long as that earlier series, making it the second longest-running series published by Beadle.

Each number contains a complete story, although several also include short stories or parts of serialized stories. Frontier and Western stories predominate, although those about detectives and criminals are much more common towards the end of the series. Major recurring characters include Deadwood Dick, Broadway Billy, Buffalo Bill, and New York Nat.
Primary Data Source: Johannsen
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. Deadwood Dick, the Prince of the Road; or, The Black Rider of the Black Hills
2. Yellowstone Jack; or, The Trappers of the Enchanted Ground
3. Kansas King; or, The Red Right Hand
4. The Wild-Horse Hunters
5. Beadle's Half-Dime Library vol. I, no. 5 (Vagabond Joe, the Young Wandering Jew; or, Plotting for a Legacy and 1 more item)
6. Bill Biddon, Trapper; or, Life in the North-west
7. The Flying Yankee; or, The Ocean Outcast
8. Seth Jones; or, The Captives of the Frontier
9. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
10. Nat Todd; or, The Fate of the Sioux Captive
11. The Two Detectives; or, The Fortunes of a Bowery Girl
12. Gulliver's Travels
13. The Dumb Spy
14. Aladdin; or, The Wonderful Lamp
15. The Sea-Cat; or, The Witch of Darien, A Story of the Spanish Main
16. Beadle's Half-Dime Library vol. I, no. 16 (Life and Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe and 2 more items)
17. Ralph Roy, the Boy Buccaneer; or, The Fugitive Yacht. A Romance of Sea and Shore
18. Beadle's Half-Dime Library vol. I, no. 18 (The History of Sinbad the Sailor and 1 more item)
19. The Phantom Spy; or, The Pilot of the Prairie
20. The Double Daggers; or, Deadwood Dick's Defiance. A Tale of the Regulators and Road-Agents of the Black Hills
21. The Frontier Angel. A Romance of Kentucky Rangers' Life
22. Beadle's Half-Dime Library vol. I, no. 22 (The Sea Serpent; or, The Boy Robinson Crusoe and 1 more item)
23. Nick o' the Night; or, The Boy Spy of '76
24. Diamond Dirk; or, The Mystery of the Yellowstone
25. The Boy Captain; or, The Pirate's Daughter
26. Cloven Hoof, the Buffalo Demon; or, The Border Vultures. A Tale of the Southwest
27. Antelope Abe, the Boy Guide
28. Buffalo Ben, the Prince of the Pistol; or, Deadwood Dick in Disguise
29. The Dumb Page; or, The Doge's Daughter
30. Beadle's Half-Dime Library vol. II, no. 30 (Roaring Ralph Rockwood, the Reckless Ranger and 1 more item)
31. Keen-Knife, Prince of the Prairies
32. Bob Woolf, the Border Ruffian; or, The Girl Dead-Shot
33. The Ocean Bloodhound; or, The Red Pirates of the Caribbees
34. Oregon Sol; or, Nick Whiffles's Boy Spy
35. Wild Ivan, the Boy Claude Duval; or, The Brotherhood of Death
36. The Boy Clown; or, The Queen of the Arena. A Romance of Real Life in a Traveling Circus
37. The Hidden Lodge; or, The Little Hunter of the Adirondacks
38. Ned Wylde, the Boy Scout
39. Death-Face, the Detective; or, Life and Love in New York
40. Roving Ben. A Story of a Young American who Wanted to See the World
41. Lasso Jack, the Young Mustanger
42. The Phantom Miner; or, Deadwood Dick's Bonanza. A Tale of the Great Silver-Land of Idaho
43. Dick Darling, the Pony Express Rider
44. Rattling Rube; or, The Night Hawks of Kentucky
45. Old Avalanche, the Great Annihilator; or, Wild Edna, the Girl Brigand
46. Glass-Eye, the Great Shot of the West
47. Nightingale Nat; or, The Forest Captains
48. Black John, the Road-Agent; or, The Prairie Sink. A Tale of Early Kansas Life
49. Omaha Oll, the Masked Terror; or, Deadwood Dick In Danger
50. Burt Bunker, the Trapper. A Tale of the North-west Hunting-Grounds
51. The Boy Rifles; or, The Underground Camp. A Romance of the Red River of the North
52. The White Buffalo. A Tale of Strange Adventure in the Northwest
53. Jim Bludsoe, Jr., the Boy Phenix; or, Through to Death. A Story of City and Far Western Life
54. Ned Hazel, the Boy Trapper; or, The Phantom Princess
55. Deadly-Eye, The Unknown Scout; or, The Branded Brotherhood
56. Nick Whiffles's Pet; or, In the Valley of Death
57. Deadwood Dick's Eagles; or, The Pards of Flood Bar
58. The Border King; or, The Secret Foe
59. Old Hickory; or, Pandy Ellis's scalp
60. The White Indian; or, The Scouts of the Yellowstone
61. Buckhorn Bill; or, The Red Rifle Team. A Tale of the Dakota Moonshiners
62. The Shadow Ship; or, The Rival Lieutenants. A Tale of the Second War with Great Britain
63. The Red Brotherhood; or, The Twelve Avengers
64. Dandy Jack; or, The Outlaw of the Oregon Trail
65. Hurricane Bill; or, Mustang Sam and his "Pard." A Romance of the "Evil Land."
66. Single Hand; or, A Life for a Life
67. Beadle's Half-Dime Library vol. III, no. 67 (Patent-Leather Joe; or, Old Rattlesnake, the Charmer. A Rocky Mountain Romance and 1 more item)
68. The Border Robin Hood; or, The Prairie Rover
69. Gold Rifle, the Sharpshooter; or, The Boy Detective of the Black Ranch
70. Old Zip's Cabin; or, A Greenhorn in the Woods
71. Delaware Dick, the Young Ranger Spy; or, Brother Against Brother
72. Mad Tom Western, the Texan Ranger; or, The Queen of the Prairie
73. Deadwood Dick on Deck; or, Calamity Jane, the Heroine of Whoop-Up. A Story of Dakota
74. Hawkeye Harry, The Young Trapper Ranger
75. The Boy Duelist; or, The Cruise of the Sea Wolf
76. Abe Colt, the Crow-Killer; or, The Great Fighting Man of the West
77. Corduroy Charlie, the Boy Bravo; or, Deadwood Dick's Last Act
78. Blue Dick; or, The Yellow Chief's Vengeance. A Romance of the Rocky Mountains
79. Sol Ginger, the Giant Trapper; or, The Flower of the Blackfeet
80. Rosebud Rob; or, Nugget Ned, the Knight of the Gulch
81. Lightning Jo, the Terror of the Prairie. A Tale of the Present Day
82. Kit Harefoot, the Wood-Hawk; or, Old Powder-Face and his Demons
83. The Rollo, the Boy Ranger; or, The Heiress of the Golden Horn
84. Idyl, the Girl Miner; or, Rosebud Rob on Hand
85. Buck Buckram; or, Bess, the Female Trapper. A Tale of the Far Southwest
86. Dandy Rock, the Man from Texas. A Wild Romance of the Land of Gold
87. The Land Pirates; or, The League of Devil's Island. A Tale of the Mississippi
88. Photograph Phil, the Boy Sleuth; or, Rosebud Rob's Reappearance
89. Island Jim; or, The Pet of the Family. A Strange Story of a Haunted Boy and a Phantom Father
90. The Dread Rider; or, The Texan Duelist
91. The Captain of the Club; or, The Young Rival Athletes. A Romance of Truth and Treachery
92. Canada Chet, the Counterfeiter Chief; or, Old Anaconda in Sitting Bull's Camp. A Tale of Two Boys' Adventures
93. The Boy Miners; or, The Enchanted Island. A Tale of the Yellowstone Country
94. Midnight Jack, the Road-Agent; or, Gopher Gid, the Boy Trapper of the Cheyenne. A Story of the Sioux Country
95. The Rival Rovers; or, The Freebooters of the Mississippi
96. Watch-Eye, the Shadow; or, Arabs and Angels in a Great City
97. Outlaw Brothers; or, The Captive of the Harpes. A Tale of Early Kentucky
98. Robin Hood, The Outlawed Earl; or, The Merry Men of the Greenwood, A Tale of the Days of the Lion Heart
99. The Tiger of Taos; or, Wild Kate, Dandy Rock's Angel
100. Deadwood Dick in Leadville; or, A Strange Strode for Liberty. A Wild, Exciting Story of the Leadville Region — of Regulators and Adjusters: of Road-Agents and Bandits — of the Latest Events in the Strange Career of Deadwood Dick, the Prince of the Road
101. Jack Harkaway in New York, or, The Adventures of the Travelers' Club
102. Dick Dead-Eye, the Boy Smuggler; or, The Cruise of the Vixen
103. The Lion of the Sea; or, The Vailed Lady of San Tropez. A Weird, Wild Tale of the Olden Times, when the Algerine Pirates Swept the Southern Sea and Boldly Defied all the Nations of the Earth
104. Deadwood Dick's Device; or, The Sign of the Double Cross. A Wild, Strange Tale of the Leadville Mines--of Men of Steel--of Toughs and Tigers--of Road-Agents, Regulators, Avengers, Adventurers--and of the Thrilling Life in the New Eldorado
105. Old Rube, the Hunter; or, The Crow Captive. A Tale of the Great Plains
106. Old Frosty, the Guide; or, Niokana, the White Queen of the Blackfeet. A Tale of the Far Northwest
107. One-Eyed Sim; or, The Abandoned Forest Home. A Story of the Pawnee War
108. Daring Davy, the Young Bear Killer; or, The Trail of the Border Wolf
109. Deadwood Dick as Detective. A Story of the Great Carbonate Region
110. The Black Steed of the Prairies. A Thrilling Story of Texan Adventure
111. The Old Frosty, the Guide; or, Niokana, the White Queen of the Blackfeet. A Tale of the Far Northwest
112. The Mad Hunter; or, The Cave of Death
113. Jack Hoyle, the Young Speculator; or, The Road to Fortune
114. The Black Schooner; or, Jib Junk, the Old Tar
115. The Mad Miner; or, Dandy Rock's Doom. A Thrilling Story of the War for the Valley of Gold
116. The Hussar Captain; or, The Hermit of Hell-Gate
117. Gilt-Edge Dick, the Sport-Detective; or, The Road-Agent's Daughter
118. Will Somers, the Boy Detective
119. Mustang Sam, the King of the Plains. A Romance of Apache Life
120. The Branded Hand; or, The Man of Mystery
121. Cinnamon Chip, the Girl Sport; or, The Golden Idol of Mt. Rosa
122. Phil Hardy, The Boss Boy; or, The Mystery of the Strongbow
123. Kiowa Charley, the White Mustanger; or, Rocky Mountain Kit's Last Scalp Hunt
124. Tippy, the Texan; or, The Young Champion. A Story of the Siege of Monterey
125. Bonanza Bill, Miner; or, Madam Mystery, the Female Forger. A Tale of the City of San Francisco
126. Picayune Pete; or, Nicodemus, the Dog Detective
127. Wild-Fire, the Boss of the Road; or, The Wolves of Satan's Gap. A Romance of the Silver Regions
128. The Young Privateer; or, The Pirates' Stronghold
129. Deadwood Dick's Double; or, The Ghost of Gorgon's Gulch. A Tale of Wild-Cat City
130. Detective Dick; or, The Hero in Rags
131. The Golden Hand; or, Dandy Rock to the Rescue
132. The Hunted Hunter; or, The Strange Horseman of the Prairie. A Romance of the Southwest Border
133. Boss Bob, the King of Bootblacks; or, The Pawnbroker's Plot. A Story of Philadelphia
134. Sure Shot Seth, The Boy Rifleman; or, The Young Patriots of the North
135. Captain Paul, the Kentucky Moonshiner; or, The Boy Spy of the Mountains
136. Night-Hawk Kit; or, The Daughter of the Ranch
137. The Helpless Hand. A Tale of Backwoods Retribution
138. Blond Bill; or, Deadwood Dick's Home Base. A Romance of the "Silent Tongues."
139. Judge Lynch, Jr.; or, The Boy Vigilante
140. Blue-Blazes; or, The Break o' Day Boys of Rocky Bar
141. Solid Sam, the Boy Road-Agent; or, The Branded Brows. A Tale of Wild Wyoming
142. Handsome Harry, the Bootblack Detective
143. Scar-Face Saul, the Silent Hunter; or, The Mystery of Fort Rane. A Story of the Border
144. Dainty Lance, the Boy Sport; or, The Bank-Breakers' Decoy Duck
145. Captain Ferret, the New York Detective; or, Boss Bob's Boss Job
146. Silver Star, The Boy Knight, A Prairie Romance
147. Will Wildfire, the Thoroughbred; or, The Winning Hand
148. Sharp Sam; or, The Adventures of a Friendless Boy, A Story of the Great City
149. A Game of Gold; or, Deadwood Dick's Big Strike
150. Lance and Lasso; or, The Children of the Chaco. A Tale of Four Boys' Summer Vacation on the Pampas of Buenos Ayres
151. Panther Paul, the Prairie Pirate; or, Dainty Lance to the Rescue
152. Black Bess, Will Wildfire's Racer; or, Winning Against Odds
153. Eagle Kit, the Boy Demon; or, The Outlaws of the Gold Hills
154. The Sword Hunters; or, The Land of the Elephant Riders
155. Gold Trigger, the Sport; or, The Girl Avengers
156. Deadwood Dick of Deadwood; or, The Picked Party. A Romance of Skeleton Bend
157. Mike Merry, the Harbor Police Boy; or, The Night-Hawks of Philadelphia
158. Fancy Frank, of Colorado; or, The Trapper's Trust, A Frontier Story of To-Day
159. Lost Captain; or, Skipper Jabez Coffin's Cruise to the Open Polar Sea
160. The Black Giant; or, Dainty Lance in Jeopardy
161. New York Nell, the Boy-Girl Detective; or, Old Blakesly's Money
162. Will Wildfire in the Woods; or, Camp Life in the Alleghanies
163. Little Texas, The Young Mustanger, A Tale of the Texan Prairies
164. Dandy Rock's Pledge; or, Hunted to Death
165. Billy Baggage, The Railroad Boy; or, Run To Earth
166. Hickory Harry; or, The Trapper-Brigade's Spy. A Tale of the Far North-west
167. Asa Scott, The Steamboat Boy; or, The Land Pirates of the Mississippi, A Romance of a Rich Boy and a Poor Boy
168. Deadly Dash; or, Fighting Fire with Fire
169. Tornado Tom; or, Injun Jack from Red Core. A Story of the Unexplored Wilds of Idaho
170. "A Trump Card"; or, Will Wildfire Wins and Loses
171. Ebony Dan; or, The Rival Leagues of Silver Circle. A Romance of Wild Life in the Mines
172. Thunderbolt Tom; or, The Wolf-Herder of the Rockies
173. Dandy Rock's Rival; or, The Hunted Maid of Taos
174. Bob Rockett, the Boy Dodger; or, Mysteries of New York
175. Captain Arizona, the King Pin of Road-Agents; or, Patent-Leather Joe's Big Game. A Romance of Wild Mountain Life
176. The Boy Runaway; or, The Buccaneers of the Bay. A Romance of New York and its Waters in the War of 1812
177. Nobby Nick of Nevada; or, The Scamps of the Sierras
178. Old Solitary, The Hermit Trapper; or, The Dragon of Silver Lake
179. Bob Rockett, the Bank Runner; or, The Road to Ruin. A Tale of Life in New York
180. The Sea Trailer; or, A Vow Well Kept. A Sea and Shore Yarn of Love and Revenge
181. Wild Frank, the Buckskin Bravo; or, Lady Lily's Love
182. Beadle's Half-Dime Library vol. VII, no. 182 (Little Hurricane, the Boy Captain; or, The Oath of the Young Avengers and 3 more items)
183. The Hidden Hand; or, Will Wildfire's Revenge
184. The Boy Trailers; or, Dainty Lance on the War-Path
185. Evil Eye, King of Cattle Thieves; or, The Vultures of the Rio Grande
186. Cool Desmond; or, The Gambler's Big Game, A Romance of the Regions of the Lawless
187. Fred Halyard, The Life Boat Boy; or, The Smugglers of the Inlet, A Story of the Lower Beach
188. Ned Temple, the Border Boy; or, The Mad Hunter of Powder River. A Romance of Montana
189. Bob Rockett, the Cracksman; or, Driven to the Wall
190. Dandy Darke; or, The Tigers of High Pine. A Story of a Camp of Refuge
191. Buffalo Billy, the Boy Bullwhacker; or, The Doomed Thirteen. A Strange Story of the Silver Trail
192. Captain Kit, the Will-o'-the-Wisp; or, The Mystery of Montana Point. A Story of Long Island Sound and Shore in the War of 1812
193. Captain Mask, the Lady Road-Agent; or, Patent-Leather Joe's Defeat. A Tale of Rough Men and Rough Times
194. Buffalo Bill's Bet; or, The Gambler Guide. A Romance of Western Trails
195. Deadwood Dick's Dream; or, The Rivals of the Road. A Mining Tale of "Tombstone."
196. Shadowed; or, Bob Rockett's Fight for Life
197. Little Grit, the Wild Rider; or, Bessie, the Stock Tender's Daughter. A Romance of Pony Express Days
198. Arkansaw, the Man with the Knife; or, The Queen of Fate's Revenge. A Wild Tale of the Silver Lands
199. Featherweight, the Boy Champion of the Muskingum; or, On His Muscle, Wits and Honor
200. The Boy Bedouins; or, The Brothers of the Plumed Lance. A Tale of the Great Syrian Desert
201. The Black Hills Jezebel; or, Deadwood Dick's Ward
202. Prospect Pete of the Boy Brigade; or, The Young Outlaw Hunters. A Story of the Lost Lode
203. The Boy Pards; or, Dainty Lance Unmasks
204. Gold Plume, the Boy Bandit; or, The Kid Glove Sport
205. Deadwood Dick's Doom; or, Calamity Jane's Last Adventure. A Tale of Death Notch
206. Dark Paul, the Tiger King; or, Caught in his Own Trap
207. Navajo Nick, the Boy Gold Hunter; or, The Three Pards of the Basaltic Buttes. A Tale of Arizona
208. The Boy Hercules; or, The Prairie Tramps. A Dakota Romance
209. Fritz, the Bound Boy Detective; or, Dot Leetle Game Mit Rebecca
210. Faro Frank of High Pine; or, Dandy Darke's Go-Down Pards
211. Crooked Cale, the Caliban of Celestial City. A Tale of the California Placers
212. Dashing Dave, the Dandy Detective; or, The League of the Secret Brotherhood
213. Fritz to the Front; or, The Ventriloquist Scamp-Hunter. A Romance of Rogues
214. Wolfgang, The Robber of the Rhine; or, The Young Knight of the Crossicorde
215. Captain Bullet, the Raider King; or, Little Topknot's Crusade. A Tale of the Wild Southwest
216. Bison Bill, the Prince of the Reins; or, The Red Riders of the Overland
217. Captain Crack-Shot, the Girl Brigand; or, Gipsy Jack from Jimtown. A Story of Durango
218. Tiger Tom, the Texan Terror. A Romance of the Southern Pampas
219. Despard, the Duelist; or, The Mountain Vampires
220. Tom Tanner, Scalawag and Scapegrace; or, The Black Sheep of the Flock
221. Sugar-Coated Sam; or, The Black Gowns of Grim Gulch. A Deadwood Dick Episode.
222. Grit, the Bravo Sport; or, The Woman Trailer. A Romance of the Wild West
223. Ozark Alf, King of the Mountain; or, Featherweight Among the Outlaws
224. Dashing Dick; or, Trapper Tom's Castle. A Clear Lake Mystery
225. Sam Charcoal, the Premium Darky; or, How the Boy Got Even
226. Snoozer, the Boy Sharp; or, The Arab Detective
227. Dusky Darrell, Trapper; or, The Green Ranger of the Yellowstone
228. Little Wildfire, the Young Prairie Nomad; or, The Idyl of Echo Canyon
229. Crimson Kate, the Girl Trailer; or, The Cowboy's Triumph
230. The Yankee Rajah; or, The Fate of the Black Shereef. A Tale of the Malay Seas
231. Plucky Phil of the Mountain Trail; or, Rosa, the Red Jezebel. A Tale of Siouxdom
232. Gold-Dust Dick. A Romance of Roughs and Toughs
233. Joe Buck of Angels and his Boy Pard, Paul Powderhorn; or, The Three Wild Men of Eagle Bar. A Romantic Story of the Lurid Life of Colorado
234. Beadle's Half-Dime Library vol. IX, no. 234 (Old Rocky's "Boyees;" or, Benito, the Young Horse-Breaker. A Romance of Adventure in the "Lone Star State." and 1 more item)
235. Shadow Sam, the Messenger Boy; or, Turning the Tables
236. Apollo Bill, the Trail Tornado; or, Rowdy Kate from Right-Bower. A Story of the Mines
237. Lone Star, the Cowboy Captain; or, The Mysterious Ranchero. A Romance of Wild Life in Texas
238. The Parson Detective; or, Little Shocky, the Ranger of Raven-Roost
239. The Gold-Seeker Guide; or, The Lost Mountain, A Tale of Sonora
240. Cyclone Kit, the Young Gladiator; or, The Locked Valley. A Strange Mountain Tale, of a Stranger Place and People
241. Bill Bravo and his Bear Pards; or, The Roughs of the Rockies
242. The Two "Bloods;" or, Shenandoah Bill and his Gang. A Mountain Romance
243. The Disguised Guide; or, Wild Raven, the Ranger of the North
244. Sierra Sam, the Frontier Ferret; or, A Sister's Devotion
245. Merle, the Middy; or, The Heir of an Ocean Freelance
246. Giant George, the Ang'l of the Range. A Tale of Sardine-Box City, Arizona
247. Old Grizzly and his Pets; or, The Wild Huntress of the Hills
248. Sierra Sam's Secret; or, The Bloody Footprints. A Tale of Fairy Flats
249. Milo Romer, The Animal King; or, The Round the World Wanderer, A Romance of Every Clime
250. The Midshipman Mutineer; or, Brandt, the Buccaneer. A Stirring Tale of the Sea
251. Lighthouse Lige; or, Osceola, the Firebrand of the Everglades. A Tale of the Haunted Lake
252. Dick Dashaway; or, A Dakota Boy in Chicago
253. Sierra Sam's Pard; or, The Angel of Big Vista. A Mountain Tale
254. The Half-Blood; or, The Panther of the Plains
255. Captain Apollo, the King-Pin of Bowie; or, Flash o' Lightning's Feud. A Romance of the Shasta Country
256. Young Kentuck; or, The Red Lasso
257. The Lost Hunters; or, The Underground Camp
258. Sierra Sam's Seven; or, The Stolen Bride
259. The Golden Harpoon; or, Lost Among the Floes. A Story of the Whaling Grounds
260. Dare-Devil Dan, the Young Prairie Ranger; or, Old Rosebud's Boy Brigade. A Romance of the Upper Cheyenne
261. Fergus Fearnought, the New York Boy. A Story of the Byways and Thoroughfares by Daylight and Gaslight
262. The Young Sleuths; or, Rollicking Mice's Hot Trail
263. Deadwood Dick's Divide; or, The Spirit of Swamp Lake
264. The Floating Feather; or, Merle Monte's Treasure Island
265. The Tiger Tamer; or, The League of the Jungle, A Tale of India
266. Killb'ar, the Guide; or, Davy Crockett's Crooked Trail
267. The Buckskin Detective; or, Claude Crecy, King of American Road-Agents
268. Deadwood Dick's Death Trail; or, From Ocean to Ocean
269. The Gold Ship; or, Merle, the Condemned. A Tale of Land and Blue Water
270. Blizzard Ben, the Arizona Cyclone; or, The Riot at Keno Camp
271. The Huge Hunter; or, The Steam Man of the Prairies
272. Minksin Mike, the Boy Sharpshooter; or, Columbia Jim on the War-Path
273. Jumbo Joe, the Boy Patrol; or, The Rival Heirs
274. Jolly Jim, the Detective Apprentice; or, Harry Keen's Big "Lay"
275. Arizona Jack; or, Giant George's Tenderfoot Pard
276. Merle Monte's Cruise; or, The Chase of "The Gold Ship." A Tale of Southern Waters
277. Denver Doll, the Detective Queen; or, Yankee Eisler's Big Surround
278. The Three Trappers; or, The Mountain Monster
279. Old Winch, the Rifle King; or, The Buckskin Desperadoes. A Romance of California
280. Merle Monte's Fate; or, Pearl, the Pirate's Pride
281. Denver Doll's Victory; or, Skull and Cross-Bones
282. The Typo Detective; or, Weasel, the Boy Tramp
283. Indian Jo, the Guide; or, The White Spirit of the Hills
284. The Sea Marauder; or, Merle Monte s Pledge. A Romance of the South and Southern Waters Half a Century Ago
285. Denver Doll's Decoy; or, Little Bill's Bonanza
286. Josh, the Boy Tenderfoot; or, The Wild Men of Buzzard Bar. A Story of Colorado
287. Billy Blue-Eyes, the Boy Rover of the Rio Grande; or, Terror Tom's Thorny Trail. A Tale of the Texas Border
288. The Scalp King; or, The Human Thunderbolt. A Tale of Border Vengeance
289. Jolly Jim's Job; or, The Young Detective's Triumph
290. Little Foxfire, the Boy Spy; or, Old Caleb Arbuckle, Mountain Detective
291. Turk, the Boy Ferret
292. Sancho Pedro, the Boy Bandit; or, The Fighting Pards of Sierra Flat
293. Red Claw, the One-Eyed Trapper; or, The Maid of the Cliff
294. Dynamite Dan; or, The Bowie Blade of Cochetopa
295. Fearless Phil, or, The King of Quartzville
296. Denver Doll's Drift; or, The Road Queen's Big Campaign
297. The Tarantula of Taos; or, Giant George's Revenge. A Tale of Sardine-Box City, Arizona
298. The Water Hound; or, The Young Thoroughbred. A Tale of Vengeance
299. A No. 1, the Dashing Toll-Taker; or, The Schoolmarm o' Sassafras
300. The Sky Demon; or, Rainbolt, the Ranger
301. Leadville Nick, the Boy Sport; or, The Mad Miner's Vengeance
302. The Mountain Detective; or, The Bully of Trigger Bar
303. 'Liza Jane, the Girl Miner; or, The Iron-Nerved Sport
304. The Dead Shot Dandy; or, Benito, the Boy Bugler. The Romance of a Boy Waif on the Texas Prairies
305. Dashaway of Dakota; or, A Western Lad in the Quaker City
306. Neck-Tie Ned, the Lariat Thrower; or, The Dug-Out Pards. A Romance of the Alkali Country
307. The Strange Pard; or, Little Ben's Death Hunt
308. Keno Kit, the Boy Bugler's Pard; or, Dead Shot Dandy's Double. A Story of Wild Life upon the Texas Border
309. Deadwood Dick's Big Deal; or, The Gold Brick of Oregon
310. The Barranca Wolf; or, The Beautiful Decoy. A Romance of the Texas Border
311. The Roving Sport; or, The Pride of Chuckaluck Camp
312. Redtop Rube, the Vigilante Prince; or, The Black Regulators of Arizona
313. Cimarron Jack, the King-Pin of Rifle-Shots; or, The Phantom Tracker. A Tale of the Land of Silence
314. The Mysterious Marauder; or, The Boy Bugler's Long Trail
315. Ned, the Cabin Boy; or, The Witch of the Haunted Fort. A Salt Water Romance
316. Old Eclipse, Trump Card of Arizona; or, Little Snap Shot's Horse Hunt
317. Peacock Pete, the Lively Lad from Leadville. A Romance of the Mining Camp of Five Mile Crossing
318. Ker-Whoop, Ker-Whoo! or, The Tarantula of Taos on the War-Path. A Tale of Vengeful Apache Hags, and of the "Citz" of Sardine-Box City, Arizona
319. The Black Rider; or, The Horse-Thieves' League. A Tale of Rough Life on the Border
320. The Sea Sorceress; or, Lieutenant Ned, the Boy Shipper
321. Deadwood Dick's Dozen; or, The Fakir of Phantom Flats
322. Nemo, the Detective; or, Kit Kenyon's Vendetta
323. Arkansas Jack of the Man-Hunters; or, The Scourge of the Mines
324. Ralph Ready, the Hotel Boy Detective; or, Tracking the Foxes to Earth
325. Hickey & Company, the Sleuths of Philadelphia; or, Satan's Social. A Thrilling Real Life Romance of the Centennial City
326. The Ten Pards; or, The Terror of Take-Notice. A Tale of Northwest Colorado
327. Creeping Cat, the Caddo; or, The Red and White Pards. A Romance of the Rio Llano
328. The Sky Detectives; or, A Boy's Fight for Life and Honor
329. Red-Skin Tom; or, The Demon's Trail
330. Little Quick-Shot, the Scarlet Scout; or, The Dead Face of Daggersville
331. Black Nick, the Demon Rider; or, The Mountain Queen's Warning. A Story of the Great Campaign
332. Frio Fred; or, The Tonkyway's Trust. A Tale of the Lone Star State
333. Brimstone Bob and his Lightning Horse Quartette; or, Major Bragg's Ride to Tombstone
334. Kangaroo Kit; or, The Mysterious Miner. A Tale of Ghoul Gulch
335. Old Double Fist; or, The Strange Guide
336. Big Benson, the Brazos Bombshell; or, The Queen of the Lasso
337. Ben Bird, the Cave King; or, Big Pete's Big Scoop
338. A Tough Boy; or, The Dwarfs Revenge. A Story of a Wonderful Cave
339. Kangeroo Kit's Racket; or, The Pride of Played-Out
340. Clip, the Contortionist; or, The Vigilantes of Montana
341. Tony Thorne, the Vagabond Detective; or, Running Down A Rogue
342. The Mountain Devil; or, Yellow Jack, the Outlaw Captain
343. Manhattan Mike, the Bowery Blood; or, "Wording Up" a Difficult Case
344. The Fighting Trio; or, Rattlesnake, The Tonkaway. A Tale of Texas
345. Pitiless Mat, the White Slayer; or, Red Thunderbolt's Secret
346. Rapier Raphael; or, The Swordsmen of Zacatecas
347. Deadwood Dick's Ducats; or, Rainy Days in the Diggings
348. Fireheels; or, Old Skinflint, the Death-Shadow
349. Wild Wolf, the Waco; or, Big-Foot Wallace to the Front. A True Tale of Texas
350. Red Ralph, the River Rover; or, The Brother's Revenge
351. Deadwood Dick Sentenced; or, The Terrible Vendetta. A Nevada Tale
352. Tombstone Tom, the Arizona Boy of "Sand;" or, The Hyena from Hard Luck
353. The Reporter-Detective; or, Fred Flyer's Blizzard
354. Big Horn Ike, the Hill Tramp; or, The Odd Pards
355. The King of the Woods; or, Daniel Boone's Last Trail
356. Cool Sam and Pard; or, the Terrible Six from Texas
357. The Ranch Raiders; or, The Siege of Fort Purgatory
358. First-Class Fred, the Gent from Gopher; or, The Deadly Drop of Brimstone Bar
359. Durango Dave, the Young Champion Wrestler; or, The Colorado Song Queen
360. Silver-Mask, the Man of Mystery; or, The Cross of the Golden Keys. A Romance of New Mexico
361. The Phantom Light-House; or, "Black Rock," the Smuggler Spy
362. Deadwood Dick's Claim; or, The Fairy Face of Faro Flats
363. Little Tornado; or, The Outcasts of the Glen. A Story of the Prairie
364. Snap-Shot, the Boy Ranger; or, The Snake and the Dove
365. Baltimore Ben, the Bootblack Detective; or, The Fortunes of an Orphan Girl
366. Velvet Foot, the Indian Detective; or, The Taos Tiger
367. Wide-Awake Joe; or, A Boy of the Times
368. Yreka Jim, the Gold-Gatherer; or, The Lottery of Life. A Tale of Tarpot
369. Shasta, the Gold King; or, For Seven Years Dead. A Romance of Hardpan
370. Breaker Ben, the Reef-Runner; or, The Telltale Hand
371. The Kingbolt Cris, the Young Hard-Shell Detective; or, The Solid Man from Slow-Coach
372. Yreka Jim's Prize; or, The Wolves of Wake-Up
373. Little Jingo; or, The Queer Pard. A Story of the Mines.
374. Gold Dust Tom; or, Ambergris Ben's Double Match
375. Chiota, the Creek; or, The Three Thunderbolts. A Tale of the Bandera Hills
376. California Joe's First Trail. A Story of the Destroying Angels
377. Bonodel, the Boy Rover; or, The Flagless Schooner
378. Nabob Ned; or, The Secret of Slab City
379. Larry, the Leveler; or, The Bloods of the Boulevard
380. Avalanche Alf, the Foot-Hills Guide; or, The Snow-Prisoners of California
381. Bandera Bill; or, Frio Frank to the Front
382. Cool Kit, the King of Kids
383. The Indian Pilot; or, The Search for the Pirate Island
384. Whip-King Joe, The Boy Ranchero
385. Yreka Jim's Joiner; or, The Rivals of Red Nose
386. Captain Cutlass, the Ocean Spider; or, The Buccaneer's Girl Foe. A Tale of Tropic Seas and Shores
387. War Path Will, the Traitor Guide; or, The Boy Phantom
388. Little Oh-My
389. Bicycle Ben, or, The Lion of Lightning Lode
390. Jaguar Joe; or, The Rivals of Barrel Gulch
391. Kid-Glove Kit; or, Dainty Danford's Vow
392. Romeo and the Reds, or, The beleaguered ranch
393. The Boy Lieutenant; or, The Red Clasped Hands
394. Yreka Jim of Yuba Dam
395. California Joe's War Trail; or, The Minnesota Massacre
396. Rough Rob of Dynamite; or, The Twin Champions of Blue Blazes
397. Bob o' the Bowery; or, The Prince of Mulberry Street
398. Kid-Glove Kit and Pard; or, The Gold King of Weird Canyon
399. Black Buckskin; or, The Masked Men of Death Canyon
400. Wrinkles, the Night-Watch Detective
401. Little Shoo-Fly; or, A Race for a Ranch. A Tale of Grazing Life
402. Isodor, the Young Conspirator; or, The Fatal League. A Tale of the "Lopez Revolution" of 1849 in "The Ever Faithful Isle."
403. Firefly Jack, the River-Rat Detective; or, A Queer Case
404. Little Lariat; or, Pecan Pete's Big Rampage
405. Deadwood Dick in Dead City
406. The Mad Man-Hunter; or, Mystery of Golden Gulch
407. The Boy Insurgent; or, The Cuban Vendetta. A Romance of Cuba and its Waters at the Time of the Unfortunate "Lopez Expedition"
408. Little Leather-Breeches, or, Old Jumbo's curse
409. Hercules, the Dumb Destroyer; or, Dick, the Boy Ranger. A Romance of the Niobrara
410. Deadwood Dick's Diamonds; or, The Mystery of Joan Porter. A Story of the Latest Detective Triumph of Deadwood Dick and Calamity Jane
411. The Silken Lasso; or, The Rose of Ranch Robin
412. The Wild Yachtsman; or, The Cruise of the War-Cloud. A Romance of the Cuban Revolution
413. Billy Bombshell, the Cliff Climber; or, A Hero in Spite of Fate. A Story of California
414. The Daisy from Denver; or, The Renegade Red
415. The Vagabond Detective; or, Bowery Bob's Boom
416. High Hat Harry, the Base-Ball Detective; or, The Sunken Treasure
417. Web-Foot Mose, the Tramp Detective; or, The Boy Bear-Slayer of the Sierras
418. Felix Fox, the Boy Spotter; or, The Gold Gang of New York
419. The Knife King; or, The Doomed Six of Sylvania
420. The Detective's Apprentice; or, A Boy Without A Name
421. Deadwood Dick in New York; or "A Cute Case." A Romance of To-day
422. Baby Sam, the Boy Giant of the Yellowstone; or, Spokane Joe's Trust
423. The Lost Finger; or, The Entrapped Cashier
424. Cibuta John, the Prickly Pear from Cactus Plains; or, Red-Hot Times at Ante-Bar
425. Texas Trump, the Border Rattler; or, Big Stages and a Bold Game
426. Sam Slabsldes, the Beggar-Boy Detective; or, The Blind Man's Vengeance
427. The Three Trailers; or, Old Rocky on the Rampage. A Tale of the Rio Concho
428. Fred Flyer, the Bounding Boy of the "Star"; or, The Reporter Detective
429. Duncan Dare, the Boy Refugee; or, A Young Sailor's Fight for Fortune. A Romance of Sea and Shore
430. Deadwood Dick's Dust; or, The Chained Hand. A Strange Story of the Mines
431. Little Ah Sin; or, The Curse of Blood. A Tale of Ranch Life
432. Invincible Logan, the Pinkerton Ferret; or, Three Against One
433. A Cabin Boy's Luck; or, Captain Carl, the Corsair
434. Jim Beak and Pal, Private Detectives; or, Playing Three Hands
435. Little Lightfoot, the Pilot of the Woods; or, The Crooked Trail. A Story of the Northwest Woods
436. Phil Flash, the New York Fox; or, The Mystery of Room 21
437. The Sea Raider; or, The Hawk of the Hook
438. Santa Fe Sal, the Slasher; or, A Son's Vengeance
439. Sandy Sam, the Street Scout; or, A Neat Piece of Work
440. Little Fox-Foot, the Gold Bowie Kid; or, Old Wildfire's Treasure
441. The Ocean Firefly; or, A Middy's Vengeance
442. Bluff Bill; or, The Lynx of the Leona
443. Deadwood Dick, Jr.; or, The Sign of the Crimson Crescent
444. Little Buckskin, The Young Prairie Centaur; or, Old Kit Bandy, the Border Sleuth
445. The City Vampires; or, Red Rolfe's Pigeon
446. Haphazard Harry; or, The Scapegrace of the Sea
447. New York Nat; or, The Knife Detective. A Tale of Trices and Traps in Gotham
448. Nickel Plate Ned; or, Deadwood Dick Jr's Defiance
449. Kit Fox, the Border Boy Detective; or, The Brand-Burner's Daughter
450. Wizard Will, the Wonder Worker; or, The Boy Ferret of New York. A Romance of Mysteries in Metropolitan Life
451. Colorado Kate; or, The Mayor of Canyon City. A Tale of the Mines
452. Hotspur Bob, the Street Boy Detective; or, Foul Play and Fair
453. Sunflower Sam of Shasta; or, Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s Full Hand. A Tale of You Bet
454. Wizard Will's Street Scouts; or, The Boy Detectives' League. A Romance of Metropolitan Mystery
455. Little Lone Star; or, The Belle of the Cibolo
456. Billy Brick, the Jolly Vagabond; or, A Hard Nut to Crack
457. Wingedfoot Fred; or, Old Polar Sol from the Northwest
458. New England Nick; or, The Fortunes of a Foundling
459. Flush Fan, the Ferret; or, Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s Big Round-Up
460. The Lawyer's Shadow; or, Level-Headed Luke's Legacy
461. One Against Fifty; or, The Last Man of Keno Bar. A Tale of Crystal City
462. The Born Guide; or, The Sailor Boy Wanderer
463. Tamarac Tom, the Big Trapper Boy;or, The Old Walruses o' the Woods
464. Nimble Nick, the Circus Prince
465. Philo Fly of Phoenix; or, Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s Racket at Claim No. 10
466. Wide Awake Jerry, Detective; or, Entombed Alive
467. Disco Dan, the Daisy Dude; or, The Twins of Poor-Man's Find
468. Neptune Ned, the Boy Coaster; or, Pirate in Spite of Himself
469. The Rival Giants of Nowhar; or, The Brothers' League
470. The Boy Shadow; or, Felix Fox's Hunt for the Nabob. A Tale of New York and its Man-Traps
471. Bozeman Bill of Big Brace; or, Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s Corral
472. Jaunty Joe, the Young Horse King; or, Black Jack's Big Boom
473. Old Tom Rattler, the Red River Epidemic; or, Laramie Joe's Forest Pards
474. Flora, the Flower Girl; or, Wizard Will's Vagabond Pard. A Romance of Detective Work in New York
475. The Black Ship
476. Humboldt Harry, the Hurricane; or, Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s Dog Detective
477. The Excelsior Sport; or, The Washington Spotter
478. Tangemund, the Desert Detective; or, Apache Jack's White Trail. A Tale of the Land of Silence
479. Detective Dodge; or, The Mystery of Frank Hearty
480. Three Jolly Pards; or, The Pets of Paddy's Flats. A Story of Mining Camp Life
481. Moll Mystery; or, Deadwood Dick Jr., in Deadwood
482. Stonewall Bob, the Boy Trojan; or, The Search for the Hidden Cache
483. The Ferrets Afloat; or, Wizard Will's Last Case. A Romance of Boy Detective Life
484. Comanche Dick and His Three Invincibles; or, Yankee Eph's Prairie Cruiser. A Romance of Old Texan Days
485. "Git Thar" Owney, the Unknown; or, The Boy Oarsman-Detective's Double Pull
486. Sealskin Sam, the Sparkler; or, The Tribunal of Ten. A Tale of the Mines
487. Nevada Ned, the Revolver Ranger; or, The Young King of the Gold Mines. A Romance of a Border Boy's Life
488. Wild Dick Racket; or, How He Fought For Honor
489. The Diamond Sport; or, The Double Face of Bed-Rock
490. Broadway Billy, the Bootblack Bravo; or, Brought to Bay by a Bold Boy
491. Prince Pistol; or, Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s Compact. A Story of a Deadly Reprisal
492. Git Thar Owney's Pledge; or, The Owls' Nest Ugly Brood
493. Taos Ted, the Arizona Sport;or, Boston Bob's Checkmate
494. Surly Sim, the Young Ferryman Detective; or, The Black Bluffs Mystery
495. Arizona Joe, the Boy Pard of Texas Jack. A Story of the Strange Life of Captain Joe Bruce, a Young Scout, Indian Fighter, Miner and Ranger, and a Protege of J. B. Omohundro, the Famous Texas Jack
496. Monte Cristo Jr.; or, Deadwood Dick Jr's Inheritance
497. Buck Taylor, King of the Cowboys; or, The Raiders and the Rangers. A Story of the Wild and Thrilling Life of William L. Taylor
498. Cactus Burr, the Man from Hard Luck; or, Captain Noname's Mission
499. Single Sight, the One-Eyed Sport; or, The Girl Protégée of Red Flash. A Story of the Old Fatality Mine
500. Deadwood Dick's Diggings; or, Doctor Death-Grip's Swoon
501. Boots, the Boy Fireman; or, Too Sharp for the Sharper
502. Branded Ben, the Night Ferret; or, The Octopus League of New York
503. The Royal Middy; or, The Shark and the Sea-Cat
504. Five Points Phil, the Pavement Prince; or, Caught in the Spider's Web
505. Powell's Pard; or, The One-Armed Giant. A Story Founded on Incidents in the Romantic Life of Dr. Frank Powell (White Beaver), White Medicine Chief of the Winnebagos
506. Redlight Ralph, the Prince of the Road; or, A Wild Night's Wild Work
507. The Hunted Midshipman; or, The Young Sea Ranger
508. Deadwood Dick's Deliverance; or, Fatal Footsteps
509. Jack Jaggars, the Butcher Boy Detective; or, How Five Points Phil Caught On to a Blind Trail
510. Cool Colorado, the Half-Breed Detective. The Story of a Man-Hunt from the Rockies to the Atlantic
511. The Outlaw Middy; or, The Young Patriot Sea-Ranger. A Romance of the First American Navy
512. Dodger Dick, the Wharf-Spy Detective; or, Jack o' Diamonds and his Game
513. The Demon Doctor; or, Deadhold, the "Kid" Detective. A Story of the Worked-Out Mine
514. Broadway Billy's Boodle; or, Cleaning Up a Strange Case
515. Deadwood Dick's Protégée; or, Baby Bess, the Girl Gold Miner. A Tale of Pistol Pocket
516. Tartar Tim; or, Five Points Phil's Menagerie
517. Jim Gladden's Deputy; or, The Jolly Pards' All-for-Love Campaign. A Romance of the Golden State
518. Cool Colorado in New York; or, The Cowboy's Fight for a Million. A Romance of City and Wild West
519. Captain Mystery; or, Five in One. A Romance of Bowlder Bar
520. Buckskin Bill, the Comanche Shadow; or, A Crimson Trail. A Romance of a Border Boy's Life
521. Dodger Dick's Best Dodge; or, The Gold Gang of Gotham
522. Deadwood Dick's Three; or, The "Bellerin' Bull" of Bismark
523. The Dandy Sport; or, The King Pin Conspirator, A Tale of the Rowdy West
524. The Engineer Detective; or, Redlight Ralph's Resolve
525. Brothers in Buckskin; or, Tangled Trails in Texas. A Romance in the Lives of George and Will Powell, Known on the Plains as "Night Hawk" and "Bronco Bill."
526. North River Nat, the Pier Detective; or, Five Points Phil's Big Skirmish
527. The Jolly Pards to the Rescue; or, The Jack of Hearts. A Tale of Hide and Seek in the Mountain
528. Fox and Falcon, the Bowery Shadows; or, Trapping for Human Game
529. Deadwood Dick's Danger Ducks; or, The Owls of Oregon
530. The Buckskin Bowers; or, The Cowboy Pirates of the Rio Grande. A Story of Texan Adventure and Romance
531. Daisy Dare, the Sport from Denver; or, The Toll-Takers of Colorado
532. The Cowboy Duffe; or, Lasso Louis's Strange Mission
533. Wrestling Rex, the Pride of the Sixth Ward; or, Five Points Phil and the Birds of Prey
534. Deadwood Dick's Death Hunt; or, The Way of the Transgressor
535. The Buckskin Rovers; or, The Prairie Fugitive. A Texan Romance
536. Broadway Billy's "Difficulty;" or, Old Rodman's Millions
537. Old Buckeye, the Sierra Shadow; or, Against Desperate Odds. A Tale of Idaho
538. Dodger Dick, the Dock Ferret; or, The Trail of a Missing Hand. A Story of New York Villainy
539. Deadwood Dick, Jr., in Texas; or, The Ghouls of Galveston
540. Captain Ku Klux, Marauder of the Rio; or, The Buckskin Pards' Strange Quest
541. Jeff Flicker, the Stable Boy Detective; or, The Lively Racket in Jericho
542. The Canyon Pards; or, Cimarron Jack's Last Hunt. A Romance of the Great Plateau
543. Dodger Dick's Double; or, The Rival Boy Detectives
544. Deadwood Dick, Jr., the Wild West Vidocq; or, Leonora, the Locator, A Tale of Sockdolager City
545. Lieutenant Leo, the Son of Lafitte; or, The Buccaneers of Barrataria. A Romance of Piracy with Fact for a Foundation
546. Captain Cactus, the Chaparral Cock; or, Josh Peppermint's Ten Strike
547. Sandy Andy; or, A Good Man Down. A Story of Mining and Undermining in the Black Hills
548. Mart, the Night Express Detective; or, The Mystery of Springside
549. Capt. Crimson Cowl, the Road Raider; or, Deadwood Dick on his Mettle
550. Lafitte's Legacy; or, The Avenging Son. A Romance of the Gulf
551. Nick Nettle, the Boy Shadow; or, The Old Well Mystery
552. Ariel, the Athlete; or, The Ring Detective's Transformation. A Tale of Wild Life under the Canvas in the Far West
553. Dodger Dick's Desperate Case; or, Sharper than the Sharps
554. Deadwood Dick, Jr., in Gotham; or, Unraveling a Twisted Skein
555. The Creole Corsair; or, The Golden Wings of the Gulf. A Romance of Buccaneering after the War of 1812
556. Lariat Lil; or, The Cast for a Life. A Story of Love and Jealousy
557. Broadway Billy's Death Racket; or, The Street Arab's Wake
558. The Sure Shot Pards; or, The Marked Thirteen
559. Harlem Jack, the Office Boy Detective; or, The Cousin's Crime
560. Pawnee Bill, the Prairie Shadower; or, The Gold Queen's Secret. A Romantic Story of Real Border Life
561. Deadwood Dick in Boston; or, The Cool Case
562. Blundering Basil, the Hermit Boy Trapper; or, The Bad Man from Wapsipinnicon
563. Dodger Dick, the Boy Vidocq; or, The Gang of Three
564. Powder Phil, the Boy Miner; or, The Man without a Past
565. Kent Kingdon, the Card King; or, The Owls of the Overland. A Tale of Border Mystery
566. The Secret Service Boy Detective; or, Tony Blink's First Scoop
567. Deadwood Dick, Jr., in Philadelphia; or, The Wild West Detective among the Crooks
568. The Dandy of Dodge; or, Rustling for Millions
569. Brooklyn Ben, the On-His-Own-Hook Detective; or, Ned Chester's Very Bad Case. A Tale of Two Cities
570. Camille, the Card Queen; or, The Skeleton Trail. A Story of a Detective Nemesis
571. Air-Line Luke, the Engineer Detective; or, The Double Case
572. Deadwood Dick, Jr., in Chicago; or, The Anarchist's Daughter
573. The Two Shadows; or, Dodger Dick's Stop Game. A Story of the Poisoned Needle
574. Old Weasel-Top, the Man with the Dogs; or, Sandy Andy's Life Run
575. The Surgeon-Scout Detective; or, Running Down the King. A Romance of Border Trails
576. The Silver Sport; or, Josh Peppermint's Jubilee
577. Pavement Pete, the Secret Sifter; or, Mrs. Jingle's Suspicious Lodger
578. Deadwood Dick, Jr. Afloat; or, The Prisoner of the Weird Isles. A Story of the Lost Group
579. The Chimney Spy; or, Broadway Billy's Surprise-Party
580. The Outcast Cadet; or, The False Detective. A Romance of a Secret-Service Trail on Sea and Land
581. Double-Curve Dan, the Pitcher Detective; or, Against Heavy Odds
582. Dodger Dick's Drop; or, The Man from Jersey
583. Saffron Sol, the Man with a Shadow; or, The Tigers of No Man's Land
584. Deadwood Dick, Jr., in Denver; or, Cool Kate, the Queen of Crooks
585. Will Waters, The Boy Ferret; or, Marked with a Triangle
586. The Buckskin Avenger; or, Pawnee Bill's Pledge
587. Old Bombshell, the Ranger Detective; or, The Bad Man of White Hoss
588. Jack o' Lantern, the Under-Sea Prospector; or, The Friend Indeed. A Romance of the Pirate's Legacy
589. Tom Cat and Pard; or, The Dead-Set at Silver City
590. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Decree; or, The Prince of Purgatory Pass. A Story of the Rise and Fall of Jackpot City
591. Delmonte, the Young Sea-Rover; or, The Avenging Sailor. A Story of the Gulf
592. The Boy Pinkerton; or, How Tom Hildreth Run the Rascals Down
593. Keen Clem, the Ranch Imp; or, Jim Reardon's Big Trouble
594. Little Lon, the Street Singer Detective; or, Kit Christopher's Missing Links
595. Deadwood Dick, Jr., in Beelzebub's Basin; or, The Old Man of Mount Mab. A Romance of the Wind River Range
596. Jimmy, the Kid; or, A Lamb Among Wolves
597. The Young Texan Detective; or, The Black Bravos. A Romance of General Cook's Rocky Mountain Man-Hunters
598. Flute, the Singer Detective; or, "Git Thar" Owney in a New Role
599. Jim Dandy, the No-Name Sport; or, Happy Harry's Hurrah Pard. A Tale of the Hidden Lode Camp
600. Deadwood Dick, Jr., at Coney Island; or, The "Piping" of Polly Pilgrim
601. Happy Hans, the Dutch Vidocq; or, Red-Hot Times at Roundup
602. The Vagabond of the Mines. A Romance of Detective Work on the Frontier
603. Wide-Awake Bert, the Street-Steerer; or, The Member from 'Way-Back
604. Iron Fern, the Man of Fire; or, The Dove among the Vultures. A Romance of Rocket Gulch
605. William O'Broadway; or, The Boy Detective's Big Innings
606. Deadwood Dick's Leadville Lay; or, Bristol and Bucket's Boom
607. The Rover Detective; or, Keno Kit's Champions. A Romance of Rough Life on the Old Overland
608. The Pitcher Detective's Foil; or, Double-Curve Dan's Double Play
609. Bolly Darritt, the Veteran Detective; or, Little Lightning's Invincibles. A Romance of Yellow Dust City
610. Old Skinner, the Gold Shark; or, Tony Sharp on Guard
611. Bildad Barnacle, the Detective Hercules; or, The Tussle at Table Mountain
612. Deadwood Dick, Jr., in Detroit; or, Turning the Tables on Satan
613. Billy Blazes; or, The Skeleton's Strange Legacy. A Story of Mining-Life Thirty Years Ago
614. Whistling Jacob, the Detective's Aid; or, The Queer Combination
615. Fighting Harry, the Chief of Chained Cyclone; or, The Heathen Chinee's Mission
616. The Ocean Detective; or, The Last Cruise of the Black Bear. A Romance of the Alaskan Seas and Coast
617. Ralph, the Death-Shot Scout; or, The Raiders and Red Riders of the Rio. A Romance of the Clear Water Stockade
618. Deadwood Dick, Jr., in Cincinnati; or, The Clincher Campaign
619. The Boy Tramp-Detective; or, The Double-Grip Witness
620. Little Lightning's League; or, The Mystery of the Island
621. Truthful James, the "Pecooliar" Man; or, The Spoiler Despoiled. A Romance of Magic City
622. Texas Tom-Cat's Triad; or, The Queer Affair at Tombstone
623. Buck Bumblebee, the Harlem Hummer; or, The Old Captain's Moving Miracle
624. Deadwood Dick, Jr., in Nevada; or, The Preacher of Pokerville
625. Chincapin Dan, the Boy Trailer; or, The Hero of the Crater. A Romance of No Man's Border
626. The Champion Pards; or, The Lucifer of Silver Bar. A Romance of Ranch 29
627. Tom Bruce of Arkansas; or, The Wolf in the Fold
628. Broadway Billy's Dead Act; or, The League of the Sworn Seven
629. Violet Vane, the Velvet Sport; or, The Jubilee at Jacktown
630. Deadwood Dick, Jr., in No-Man's Land; or, Golconda, the Gladiator
631. Tom Cat's Terrible Task, or, The Cowboy Detective's Own Case. A Romance of Black Ivan's League
632. The Dead Detective's Double
633. Plucky Paul, the Boy Prospector; or, The Deadwood Desperado's Last Innings
634. Caché Carl, the Chico Giant; or, The True Hearts of Red-Eye Roost. A Romance of the Colorado Ranges
635. Oklahoma Hi, the Bluecoat Scout; or, The Boomer's Last Battle. A Tale of the Beautiful Land
636. Deadwood Dick, Jr., after the Queer; or, Sawdust Sam's Last Green Game
637. Dick Doan, the Dock Boy-Detective; or, Lynx Against Fox. The Key to the Kingdon Sensation
638. Tom Cat's Triumph; or, Black Ivan's Great Combine
639. Sunrise Saul, the Express-Train Ferret; or, The Lame-Horse Miner's Quest
640. Bareback Beth, the Centaur of the Circle; or, The Course Conspirators' Last Campaign. A Tale of the Turf
641. Dismal Dave's Dandy Pard; or, The Clew to Captain Claw. A Story of the Black Hills
642. Deadwood Dick, Jr. in Buffalo; or, 4-11-44. A Mystery
643. Happy Harry's Big Find; or, The Beautiful Jezebel's Last Stake. A Story of Montana
644. The Hercules Highwayman; or, The Mounted Miners of the Overland. A Story of a Man of Mystery
645. Kit, the Pavement Sharp; or, Rustling, the Prince of Rogues
646. Cowboy Gid, the Cattle-Range Detective; or, The Grand Corral at Cross-Notch. A Romance of the Yellowstone
647. Typewriter Tilly, the Merchant's Ward; or, Amateur Detective Against Professional. A Romance of the Circle of the Upper Ten
648. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Chase Across the Continent; or, A Race for a Ruthless Rogue
649. Gamin Bob, The Bowery Badger; or, Scooping a Slippery Set
650. Butterfly Billy, the Pony Rider Detective; or, Buffalo Bill's Boy Pard. A Story of Wild West Trails
651. Bound Boy Frank, the Young Amateur Detective; or, A Brother's Double Treachery
652. Don Barr, the Plains Freelance; or, The Scout Detective's Double Role
653. Billy Bantam, the Boy Beagle; or, Gathering the Guilty Gang
654. Deadwood Dick, Jr., among the Smugglers; or, Cleaning out the Gulf Gang. A Romance of the Lower Coast
655. Plucky Paul, The Boy Speculator; or, Going for Old Slink
656. Butterfly Billy's Man Hunt; or, Once More on the Trail
657. Warbling William, the Mountain Mountebank; or, The Singing Detective and his Boy Second
658. Sky-Rocket Rob, the Life-Saver; or, The Storm-Waif of Giant's Boot
659. Moonlight Morgan, the "Pizenest" Man of Ante Bar; or, Cibuta John's Champion Chase
660. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Insurance Case; or, Corralling a Cunning Trio
661. Old Kit Bandy's Deliverance; or, Banner Ben, the Wildfire of the Prairie
662. Butterfly Billy's Bonanza; or, The Specter Soldier of the Overland
663. Violet Vane's Victory; or, The Jaspar City Clean-Out
664. Cheeky Charley, the Special; or, The Life Racket at Rattlesnake Ridge. A Chronicle of California
665. Jolly Jeremiah, the Plains Detective; or, Warbling William's Home Run
666. Deadwood Dick, Jr., back in the Mines; or, The Mountain Amazons Double Game
667. Bob and Sam, the Daisy Detectives; or, The Gamin Spies' Big Stake
668. The Buccaneer Midshipman; or, The Sea Rover's Ruse. A Romance of Sea and Shore in 1812
669. Broadway Billy Abroad; or, The Bootblack Bravo in San Francisco
670. Norway Nels, the Big Boy Mountaineer; or, The Rival Ranchmen
671. Jersey Jed, the Boy Hustler; or, Shadowing the Shadower
672. Deadwood Dick, Jr., in Durango; or, "Gathered In."
673. Ralph Renwood, the Lightning Express Detective; or, Black Bart's Death Run. A Romance of the Rail
674. The Wizard Sailor; or, Red Ralph, the Rover. A Romance of Mystery Afloat and Ashore
675. Broadway Billy's Best; or, Beating San Francisco's Finest
676. Signal Sam, the Lookout Scout; or, The Tussel at the Big Bonanza. A Romance of the San Juan Silver Region
677. Chincapin Dan's Second Trail; or, The Baffled Black Hawk's Fate
678. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s Discovery; or, Found: A Fortune. A Romance of Nevada
679. The Sea Shadower; or, The Freebooter's Legacy. A Romance of Sea Service in 1812
680. Dauntless Dan, the Freelance; or, Old Kit Bandy in Arcadia
681. The Pitcher Detective's Toughest Tussle; or, Double-Curve Dan's Dead Ball
682. Wild Vulcan, the Lone Range-Rider; or, The Rustlers of the Bad Lands. A Romance of Northwest Nebraska
683. Saltpeter Sol, the New York Navigator; or, The Unseen Enemy. The Romance of a Blind Cruise
684. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Dazzle; or, The Nemesis of Nutmeg Bonanza
685. Happy Hugh, the Boy-Musician Detective; or, Breaking the Eureka Spider's Web
686. Orlando, the Ocean Free Flag; or, The Tarnished Name. A Romance of Execration, Expatriation, Expiation and Exalted Honor
687. Broadway Billy in Clover; or, The Ruction at Lake Tulare
688. Chincapin Dan's Home Stretch; or, The Conspirators of No Man's Land
689. Billy, the Gypsy Spy; or, Working out the Mystery of Two Lives. A Story of Signal Sam's Protégé
690. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Dollars; or, The Humming-Bird of Honeysuckle. The Romance of a Lost and Regained "Pocket"
691. Headlight Harry's Haul; or, The Railroad Pards' Big Day
692. The Rival Sharps; or, Redfern, the Secret Service Scout. A Romance of the Rough Southwest
693. Violet and Daisy, the Posy Pards; or, The Racket at Red Hot
694. Spicy Jim, the Only One of His Kind; or, Heading Off the Crooks
695. Deadwood Dick, Jr., at Danger Divide; or, Developing the Dead Secret
696. Broadway Billy in Texas; or, Rounding Up the Red River Rustlers
697. The Scarlet Sombrero; or, The Sharp from Texas. A Romance of Mining Life in New Mexico
698. Old Crazy, the Man Without a Head; or, Light-Heart Lute's Clean Sweep
699. Simple Sim, the Broncho Buster; or, Playing the Fool for Big Stakes. A Romance of the Río Grande Ranches
700. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Drop; or, The Sojourn at Satan's Spring
701. Photograph Fred, the Camera Sharp; or, The Fight to the Finish. A Tale of the Streets and Webs of New York
702. Blue Jacket Bill; or, The Red Hat Ranger's Red Hot Racket. A Romance of Southwest Trails, Tussles, and Thoroughbreds
703. Broadway Billy's Brand; or, The New York Delegates in Hard-Up Camp
704. Deadwood Dick, Jr., at Jack-Pot; or, Old Sockdolager's Surprise Party. A Tale of the Testimony of the Clouds
705. Violet Vane's Vow; or, The Crafty Detective's Craft. A Romance of the Damascus Mine Clean Up
706. Tom Thistle, the Road-House Detective; or, The Harlem Sport's Star-Faced Pacer
707. The Red Sombrero Rangers; or, Redfern's Last Trail. The Romance of the Boy Trailer
708. Light-Heart Lute's Legacy; or, The Lucky Lad's Winning Hand
709. The Curbstone Detective; or, Harry Hale's Big Beat
710. Deadwood Dick, Jr., in San Francisco; or, Kodak Kate, the Snap Shot
711. Broadway Billy at Santa-Fé; or, The Pard Detectives' Clever Deal. The Romance of a Blunder
712. The Mesmerist Sport; or, The Mystified Detective. A Strange Romance of the Mines
713. Carl, the Mad Cowboy; or, The Lariat Queen. A Story of a Woman Righting a Wrong
714. Old Misery, the Man from Missouri; or, The Mystery of the Mountain League. A Strange Story of Southwest Colorado
715. Wide-Awake Len, the Quaker City Ferret; or, Caging the Cormorants
716. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s Still Hunt; or, The Second Round in San Francisco. A Romance of a Baffling Mystery
717. Mosquito Jack, the Hustler Gamin; or Move-On Mike's Grand Catch
718. Light-Heart Lute's Last Trail; or, The Gold Crater's Secret
719. Pawnee Bill's Pledge; or, The Cowboy Kidnapper's Doom
720. Broadway Billy's Full Hand; or, The Gamin Detective's Double Snap at Santa Fé
721. Maverick Mose, the Arizona Detective; or, The Wizard of Urkos Pass. A Romance of Arizona
722. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Dominoes; or, The Rival Camps of the Northern Border
723. Silver Blade, the Shoshone; or, The Border Beagle's Secret Mission. A Romance of the Great Craze
724. Violet Vane's Vengeance; or, The Wipe-Out at White Water
725. Daring Dick, Pawnee Bill's Pard; or, The Red Cavalry Raid
726. Dennis Duff, the Brown Sport's Kid; or, The Covers and Blinds of Gotham
727. Headlight Harry's Siren; or, Mad Madge, the Outlaw Queen. A Railway Romance
728. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Disguise; or, Ivan, the Man of Iron. The Romance of the Curious Case at Coffin Camp
729. Silver Blade, the Half-Blood; or, The Border Beagle at Bay
730. Violet Vane's Verdict; or, The Crooked Game at Coffin City
731. Ruth Redmond, the Girl Shadower; or, The Rivals in Buckskin
732. Daisy Dell, the Pavement Detective; or, Trapping Big Game. A Tale of the Great City
733. Toltec Tom, the Mad Prospector; or, Unearthing the Cavern League. Romance of the Loco Island Mystery
734. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Double Deal; or, The All-Around Surprise. A Romance of the Rout at Red Rock Camp
735. Broadway Billy's Business; or, Waking Up Wind Canyon Camp
736. Larry, the Thoroughbred; or, Beaten on Every Side
737. Buck Taylor, the Comanche Captive; or, Buckskin Sam to the Rescue. A Romance of Lone Star Heroes
738. Broadway Billy's Curious Case; or, The Mysterious Disappearance at Manitou Springs. A Romance of Colorado
739. Silverblade, the Hostile; or, The Border Beagle's Ghost-Trail
740. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Deathwatch; or, The Moving Mystery at Mexican Mustang
741. Violet Vane, the Ventriloquist Vidocq; or, Sport against Sport. A Romance of Magic City
742. Billy Winks, the Bell-Boy Detective; or, Breaking the Meshes of the Golden Coil
743. Buck Taylor's Boys; or, The Red Riders of the Rio Grande. A Romance of Life among the Rangers and the Raiders of the South-west Border
744. Dick of the Docks, the Night-Watch; or, The Water Waif's Dead Past
745. Kansas Jim, the Cross-Cut Detective; or, The Raiders of the Range
746. Quiet Jack, the Secret Service Spy; or, Too Much for Red Leary. The Story of the City Park Tragedy
747. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Doublet; or, The Tandem Team of Teddy's Tailings
748. Silverblade, the Friendly; or, The Border Beagle's Boy Pard
749. Dashing Charlie, the Young Scalp-Taker; or, The Kentucky Tenderfoot's First Trail
750. Violet Vane, the Vanquished; or, The Life Struggle at Shanty City. A Romance of the Wild West
751. Gold-Dust Dan, the Trail Patrol; or, Wiping Out Old Nick's Nine. A Romance of Montana Camps and Trails
752. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Deathblow; or, The Little Circus at Last Chance
753. Broadway Billy in Denver; or, The On-the-Catch Combination
754. Billy Winks, the Boss Boy Shadower; or, The Villainy that Did Not Pay
755. Gold-Dust Dan's Oath; or, Reckless Roy's Regulators
756. Dashing Charlie's Destiny; or, The Renegades' Captive
757. Detective Frank's Sweep-Stake; or, A Very Remarkable Exposé
758. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Desperate Strait; or, The Demon Doctor of Dixon's Deposit. A Romance of the North Border Line
759. Headlight Harry's Heritage; or, The Railroad Pards in Fortune City
760. Dashing Charlie's Pawnee Pard; or, Red Hair, the Renegade. A Romance of Real Heroes of Borderland
761. Beadle's Half-Dime Library vol. XXX, no. 761 (Marmaduke, the Mustanger Detective; or, The Great Mix-Up at Crescent Butte. A Romance of the Wind River Range and 1 more item)
762. Broadway Billy's Bargain; or, The Three Detectives in Denver
763. Violet Vane's Vision; or, The Fiery Hand of Fate
764. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Lone Hand; or, Kodak Kate's Secret Seven
765. Flipper Flynn, the Street Patrol; or, Knocking Out the Kidnappers
766. Dashing Charlie, the Rescuer; or, The White Sioux Queen. A Story of the Hero-Plainsman's Strange Career
767. Mac and Jack, the Invincibles; or, The Diabolical Three. The Exposé of the Baffling Barret Mystery
768. Eagle Ned, the Boy on Guard; or, The Camp Spiders of Ragged Robin. A Romance of the Black Mesa
769. Broadway Billy, the Retriever Detective; or, How the City Buzzards were Brought In
770. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Defeat; or, The Tandem Team's Thorny Trail. A Romance of Red Roy and his Royal Rogues
771. Foxy Fred's Odd Pard; or, The Keener's Huge Hustle. A Romance of the Strange Otis Case
772. Dick Doom's Death-Grip; or, The Detective by Destiny. A Story of the Shadow Sharks of New Orleans
773. The Rustler of Rolling Stone; or, The Opposition Boom at Luck Ledge. A Romance of the Great Grizzly Bear Strike
774. Clear-Grit Cal, the Never-Say-Die Detective; or, The Strange Case of Captain Scud
775. Broadway Billy's Shadow Chase; or, Materializing the Spooks. The Romance of the Rundle Case
776. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Resurrection; or, Icicle Isaac from Frozen Flats. A Romance of Red Roy's Reckoning
777. Dick Doom's Destiny; or, The River Blacklegs' Terror, A Romance of the Realities of the Secret Service
778. Highland Harry, The Wizard Rifleman; or, Tough Times at Teton Basin
779. Iron Hand, the Charmed Detective; or, Saving the Senator's Daughter. The Romance of the "Ugly Gang"
780. Tonkaway Tom, the Red Shadower; or, Roundabout Ruth's Pilgrimage. A Tale of the Silver Lassoes
781. Cast-Off Cale, the Scapegoat Detective; or, Sailing under False Colors. The Story of the Hot Hustle at Swagger Alley
782. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Dark Days; or, The Tandem Team's Full Score. The Romance of a Rough Time
783. Broadway Billy's Beagles; or, The Detective Trio's Uncanny Quest. The Romance of the "Russian Case."
784. Dick Doom, the Death-Grip Detective; or, The Sharps and Sharks of New York
785. Lone Hand Joe, the Committee of One; or, The Spook Steed of the Stone Corral. A Romance of the Raided Ranches
786. Broadway Billy's Team; or, The Detective Combine's Big Pull. The Story of the "Genteel Crook."
787. Deadwood Dick, Jr., Defied; or, The Prince of Pistol Pocket
788. Dick Doom in Boston; or, A Man of Many Masks. A Romance of Ferrets and Felons
789. Sam Sheridan, the Secret Service Special; or, The Jamboree at Early Bird Bar
790. Broadway Billy's Brigade; or, The Case of the Dead Alive
791. Kit Bandy "Rattled;" or, The Infant Giant
792. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Double Device; or, The Tussle with Satan. The Story of the Ruction at See-Saw
793. Dick Doom in Chicago; or, The Ferret of the Golden Fetters. A Romance of a Mysterious Man-Hunt
794. Headlight Harry's Hunt; or, The Railroad Pards' Rough Run in Satan's Camp
795. Kit Bandy in Red Ruin, or, The Young Whirlwind of the Hills
796. Broadway Billy's Queer Bequest; or, Sifting the Santvoord Secret. The Romance of a Remarkable Reminder
797. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Desperate Venture; or, How Eli Got There. A Romance of King John's Death-Trap
798. Dick Doom in the Wild West; or, The Army Captain's Crime. The Romance of the Woman Shadower of the Fort
799. Kit Bandy's Big Rustle; or, Saddle Sam, the Old Detective's Adjutant
800. Broadway Billy Baffled; or, The Team's Toughest Tug. The Romance of the Steel Hand Fraud
801. Kent Kirby, the High Kicker from Killbuck; or, The Roster of Rogue River Ranch. The Romance of a Range Mystery
802. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Diamond Dick; or, The Cool Half-Dozen. The Romance of a Remarkable Raid
803. Dick Doom's Clean Sweep; or, Five Links in the Clue
804. Kit Bandy's Brigade; or, Dan the Mountain Guide, A Story of the Panhandle of Idaho
805. Broadway Billy's Signal Scoop; or, The Strangest Case on Record
806. Cowboy Steve, the Ranch Mascot; or, The Bond of Blood
807. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s Royal Flush; or, The Baffled Sport. The Story of the Startling Exposé at Bowlder Bend
808. Dick Doom's Death Clue; or The Great Detective's Celebrated Case. A New York City Sensation
809. Don Danton, the Gent from Denver; or, The Kickup at Kickapoo
810. Broadway Billy's Wipe-Out; or, The Gentleman Tramp. A Romance of the Strange Case at Roseford
811. Duke Derby, the Trump Card; or, Headlight Harry's Flyer. The Story of the White Phenix
812. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Head-Off, or, The Round-Up at Roundabout. The Romance of Rival Clans
813. Dick Doom's Diamond Deal; or, Billy, the Bell-Boy Detective
814. Ace High, the Frisco Detective; or, The Girl Sport's Double Game. A Story of the Sierras and the Golden Gate City
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816. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s Rival; or, Old Gideon's Wipe-Out
817. Wideawake, the Train-Boy Detective; or, The Boston Team's Big Strike
818. The Hustler Rogue Catcher; or, The Big Blowout at Pay Dirt
819. Dick Doom's Girl Mascot; or, The Shadowed Shadower. The Romance of a City Death-Hunt
820. Beadle's Half-Dime Library vol. XXXII, no. 820 (Nobby Nat, the Tenderfoot Detective; or, The Girl Rancher's Rough Rustle and 1 more item)
821. Broadway Billy's Bluff; or, The Mute Chinaman Among the Crooks
822. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Boom; or, Soapstone Sam, the Slippery Sport. The Romance of the Rebellion at Bristol City
823. Poker Jack, the Detective Sport; or, The Protégé of Pilgrims' Bar. A Romance of Silent Saul, the Young Mountain Patrol
824. Bowery Billy, the Bunco Bouncer; or, The Maine Log-Driver in New York
825. Mario, the Cowboy Coaster; or, Runaway Ralph's Rough Rustle. A Tale of Southern California
826. Broadway Billy Among Jersey Thugs; or, The Night Hawks of North River. A Romance of Convict 2002
827. Bantam Sport; or, The Mine-Boss Ferret. A Story of Mute Merle
828. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Scoop; or, The Big Haul at Hard Hole. A Story of the Reclaimed Placer
829. The Gentleman Crook in Chicago; or, Nick Norcross, the River Rat. Dick Doom's Shadow Hunt
830. The Grim Lodgers of Rag Alley; or, Citizen Rube of Number Seven. A Romance of Fourth Ward Life in New York
831. The Chicago Drummer's Deal; or, Detective Skid's Diamond Haul
832. The Doctor Detective in Texas; or, Jack Karbun and the Cowboys. A Romance of the Mystery of the Golden Coffin
833. Broadway Billy Rattled; or, The Italian's Doubles
834. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Proxy; or, Nobby Nancy, the Girl Sport
835. Dick Doom's Big Haul; or, The Rogue Round-Up in Chicago. A Romance of the World's Fair City
836. Sharper Stokes' Double Deal; or, Old Disaster, the Border Nomad
837. The Big Four of the Bowery; or, Detective Bob, the Rattler
838. Poker Pete's Double Dodge; or, The Mighty Close Call
839. Broadway Billy's Big Boom; or, Cornering Counterfeit Crooks
840. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Clutch; or, Crushing Captain Crusher
841. Prince Charlie, the Cat's Paw Sport; or, Messenger Max, Detective. A Story of Brooklyn
842. The Actor Detective in Chicago; or, Dick Doom's Flush Hand
843. Dan, the River Sport; or, Foiling the Frisco Sharps. A Story of the Mississippi
844. Broadway Billy's Big Bulge; or, Running in the Life Insurance Conspirators
845. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, High Horse; or, The Sport-Queens of Hard Knocks
846. Buck, the New York Sharper; or, The Gotham Cricket in Cover
847. Dick Doom's Ten Strike; or, The Top Floor Club's Exposé
848. Clip, the Battery Ferret; or, Jack Jeffers's Foul Play
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850. The Grand Street Arab; or, Caleb Cinders, the New York Castaway
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854. Uncle Sam's Detective in Chicago; or, The Country Postmaster among Bunco-Men. A Story of the Underground Counterfeiters' Den
855. The West Broadway Gamin; or, Toddles, the Tramp, in Clover. A Story of Good-for-Nothing Jerry, the Ex-Bootblack
856. The Bootblack Stowaway; or Broadway Billy's Blind. The Secret of the Banker's Buried Booty
857. Spotter Bob in New York; or, The Man from 'Way Back
858. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Death-Hole Hustle; or, The Doom of Satan's Seven
859. New York Nat, the Gamin Detective; or, The Girl Queen of the Boy Police League
860. The Boat-Club Mascot; or, Dan Decker's Double Deal
861. Billy Brine, the Swamp Fox; or, Shadowing the Smuggler Schooner
862. Broadway Billy in London; or, Scotland Yard's New York Special
863. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Bombshell; or, Captain Blue-Beard's Girl Cat's Paw. The Sensation of Silver City
864. The Union Square Baggage-Boy; or, Kris Chatterbox, the Pavement Guide
865. New York Nat's Masked Mascot; or, The Boy Police League's Tunnel Hunt
866. Spotter Bob's Bowery Racket; or, Euchering the Man from Mexico
867. Dead-Shot Ralph's Drop; or, The Cowboy Smuggler Smash-Up. A Romance of the Gold Ghouls of California
868. Broadway Billy Shadows London Slums; or, The Mysterious Whitechapel Tragedy
869. Ned Norman, the Gamin Broker; or, The Shake-Up of Grip and Gorley
870. Deadwood Dick, Jr., in Mexico; or, The Girl Prisoner of the Madhouse
871. New York Nat and the Grave Ghouls; or, The Unknown Ferret's Arizona Ally
872. Two Showmen Detectives in Colorado; or, Pete Parmelee, the Vagabond Tramp
873. Deck-Hawk Roy's Big Scoop; or, The Sea-Rover's Protégé
874. Broadway Billy's French Game; or, The Miner Millionaire Among the Sharpers in Paris
875. Detective Dave's Close Call; or, Farrel Fox, the Man of Many Faces
876. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Decoy Duck; or, The Cowboy Chief's Tenderfoot Tangle
877. New York Nat's Trump Card; or, The Dare Devil Detective's Draw. A Story of the Crooks and Crook Catchers of the Metropolis
878. The Street Arab's Blind; or, Scooping the Swindler Scamps. A Story of Unlucky Joe's New York Life
879. Blue-Light Bill, the Sapphire Sport; or, The Denver Detective's Lone Hand
880. Broadway Billy and the Bomb-Throwers; or, The Detective Queen of Paris
881. Turkey Billy, the Shine-'Em-Up Detective; or, The Gamin Guardian
882. Deadwood Dick, Jr., in Silver Pocket; or, The Gambler Queen's High Stake
883. New York Nat's Crook Chase; or, Downing the King of Diamonds
884. Farrel Fox and his Girl Ferret; or, The Bogus Banker's Dive-Sharks. A Story of Three New York Detectives
885. Dead-Shot Ralph's Ten-Strike; or, Marlo, the Gold Ghoul's Chief
886. The Five Points Lodging-House Janitor; or, Monk Merry's Italian Bouncers. A Story of the Prodigy of Paradise Park
887. Battery Bob, the Dock Detective; or, Rounding Up the Western Sharps
888. Monte Saul, the Sport; or, High Hustling at Dead Latch
889. New York Nat's Deadly Deal; or, The Unknown Ferret's Snap-Shot
890. Ace High, the Trump-Card Detective; or, Old Nat Hicks in New York. A Story of Messenger 999
891. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Dead Sure Game; or, Pistol Polly of Nuggetville
892. Bowery Ben in Chinatown; or, Sam Ling, the East Side Sport
893. Farrel Fox's Sweep-Stakes; or, The Boss Counterfeiter's Round-Up
894. Arizona Dick's Wipe-Out; or, Dare Devil Dave's Death-Trap
895. Fifth Avenue Fred, the Valet Detective; or, A Corner in Rogues
896. New York Nat in Gold Nugget Camp; or, The Wild All-Around Sport
897. Davy Doon's Big Bounce; or, Nickel Nell, the Boy Spotter's Mascot
898. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Double Drive; or, The Rival Mayors of Hardscrabble
899. Basement Bert, the Boy Cobbler Detective; or, On the War-Path for Crooked Scalps
900. Jumping Jack's Jubilee; or, The Circus Queen's Shadower. A Romance of the Sawdust Circle
901. Diamond Dave, the Gilt-Edge Shooter; or, Daddy Grimes' Deadly Grip
902. New York Nat in Colorado; or, Gentleman Jack's Resurrection. A Story of New York and Junction City
903. Billy Blue Blazes, the Dodger of the Docks; or, The Double Detective
904. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Trade-Mark; or, Deuce-Trey, the Five-Spot Sport
905. Dandy Nugget, the Boy Shadow; or, Captain Mascot, the Nabob King. A Story of the Black Beads Band at No-Luck Camp
906. Safety Sam, the Cycle Sport; or, High Hustling at Silver City
907. Reddy Rusher, the Bell-Boy Detective; or, Chowder Johnny's Snag-Strike
908. New York Nat's Double; or, The Unknown Three
909. Midshipman Dare, the Pirate-Catcher; or, The Sea Rovers of '98. A Tale of the Grand Old Frigate United States
910. Deadwood Dick, Jr., at Tip Top; or, Gold Guns, the Bullet-Proof Sport
911. Bowery Bob, the East-Side Detective; or, Spotting the Shady Sharpers
912. Train Boy Trist's Hot Hustle; or, Bouncing the Broadway Crook
913. Kit Keith, the Revenue Retriever; or, The Big Bag at Dark Run
914. New York Nat's Three of a Kind; or, Nick Norton's Close Call
915. Flip Flasher, Ferret, of East Broadway; or, The Fire-Bug's Booty
916. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Double-Decker; or, Center-Fire, the Self-Cocker
917. Flash Lightning, the Mountain Mascot; or, Jerry Jacob's Doom. A Romance of Pay Rock
918. The Trump Dock-Boy; or, Too Sharp for the Jersey Sharper
919. Crack-Shot Daisy's Drop; or, Bronco Billy's Big Brush. A Story of the Rustlers at Double O Ranch
920. New York Nat Trapped; or, The Texas Tenderfoot Crook-Chase
921. The Boy from Denver; or, Fighting the Toughs of Deadset
922. Sol Sharpe, the New York Night-Hawk; or, Piping the Hayden Case
923. Gold Dust Dan's Snap-Shot; or, The Deadwood Speculator's Blind
924. Big Boots Bob, the Fire-Laddie; or, The Dandy Detective's Double-Up
925. The Young Coybow Captain; or, Rounding-Up the Greasers
926. New York Nat and the Traitor Ferret; or, The Girl Mascot's Best Score
927. Kit Bandy's Brigade in Arizona; or, Black Vulcan's Redwood Terrors
928. Deadwood Dick, Jr., at Dollarville; or, The Irishman's Sweepstakes
929. Buffalo Bill's Crack-Shot Pard; or, The Tenderfoot in the Wild West
930. Rustler Ralph, the Boy Spotter; or, Jigger's Grand Bulge
931. The Sport in Velvet; or, Big Burk's Bluff
932. New York Nat's Drop; or, Ex-Ferret Sykes' Bold Game
933. The Two Midshipmen; or, The Young Corsair-Chaser's First Cruise. A Romance of the Old Frigate, United States, in the Barbary War
934. Deadwood Dick, Jr., at Flush Flats; or, The Girl Sport Pard
935. The Ex-Newsboy Detective's Apprentice; or, Bob Buckle's Big Inning
936. Buffalo Bill's Boy Mascot; or, Jack Jarvis' Hold-Up. A Story of the Tenderfoot in the Wild West
937. The Texan Firebrand; or, Brazo Billy's Snap-Shot
938. The Sport of Two Cities; or, Jingo Jim's Jamboree
939. Kit Bandy's "Star" Engagement; or, Desert Dan, the Saddle Prince of the Rio Hondo. A Romance of New Mexico
940. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Shake-Up; or, Tulip Tilly's Trump Hand
941. The Bowling Green Detective's Drop; or, Limerick Larry's Big Boom
942. Buffalo Bill's Tough Tussle; or, The Buckskin Boss Boy
943. Old Hayseed Among Bunco Men; or, Sol Sharpe, Detective. A Metropolitan Romance
944. Cowboy Charlie's Double; or, The Warbler from Whistlerville
945. Billy Bird's Bonanza; or, The Rook-Raven's Root-Out
946. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Double Drop; or, The Droll Showman's Blind
947. The Bowery Wrestler, the Pride of the Sixth Ward; or, The Butcher-Boy's Backer
948. Buffalo Bill's Snap-Shot; or, Wild Kid's Texan Tally
949. The Three Lieutenants; or, Gentleman George on Deck
950. The Steeple Climber's Close Call; or, The East Side Roughs of the Tower
951. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Right Bower; or, The Hottest Time on Record
952. The Circus Detective; or, Bareback Billy's Big Round-Up
953. Paddy's Trump Card; or, Silver Sallie, the Girl Sport. A Story of the Pocker Pocket Pards
954. The Dock-Boy Shadow; or, Sleek Sly's Short-Stop
955. Young Jove, The Dany Dead-Shot; or, Old Kit Bandy's Compromise
956. Brooklyn Bob's Bulge; or Dodger Dot's Diamond Snap. A Story of the Willy-Wally Wipe-Out
957. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Ten Strike; or, Foiling the Flock of Forty. A New Romance of Old Mexico
958. Buffalo Bill's Mazeppa-Chase; or, Dick Dearborn's Death Ride. The Mystery of the Black Mustang
959. The Mascot Middy; or, The Four Commanders
960. The Broadway Sport; or, Flyer Fred's Clear Case
961. The Tramp's Trump-Trick; or, The Young Monte Cristo
962. Flip-Flap Fred at Hardpan; or, The Stroller Showman's Shake-Up
963. The East-Side Spotter; or, Turning Down the Big Three. A Story of Wiping Out the Hole-in-the-Wall Wolves
964. Buffalo Bill's Decoy; or, The Arizona Crack-Shot
965. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Gold-Dust; or, Volcano Dan's Deserter
966. Fighting Jack Shubrick; or, The Dupe's Death-Trap
967. $1,000 Reward; or, The Rival Reporter's Sleek Scoop. A Story of Two Printer's Devil Detectives
968. Buffalo Bill's Rush-Ride; or, Sure-Shot, the High-Flyer. The Boy Pard of Diablo Dick
969. The Girl Sport-Shadower; or, Clark's Close Shave. A Story of the Vigilantes' Chief at Touch-and-Go
970. Ahoy Abe, the Dock Sharp; or, The Parson's Mysterious Mission. The Romance of a Shore Cruise for Sea Sharks
971. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Oath; or, The Clown of Paradise Park. A Romance of New Mexico
972. Fighting Jack's Middies; or, Dandy Dick's Dash, A Story of the Constitution's Cruise
973. Bantam Billy, the Corker-Ferret; or, Dan Duncan's Double Drop. A Story of Detective Life in the Bowery
974. Old Sant's Dark Deal; or, Miner Mat's Iron Grip
975. Buffalo Bill's Rifle-Shots; or, The Buckskin Bravo's Lone Trail
976. Plucky Dan, The Boy Spy-Detective; or, A Greenhorn On Guard. The Story of What a Foundling Found
977. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Death Doom; or, The Boss Bully of Cold Canyon
978. Plucky Pat, the Street-Boy Detective; or, The Chinaman's Circus
979. Jack, the Girl Shot; or, Sol Bunker, the Cowboy
980. Three Detective Pards; or, Nobby Nick's Big Game
981. Buffalo Bill's Fighting Five; or, The Black Lariat's Blot-Out. A Story of Colorado Desperadoes
982. The Girl Storm-Pilot; or, The Death-Bell of the Reefs. A Romance of Sea, Coast and Iniquitous Imposture
983. Banty Billy's Bonanza; or, The Bear-Tamer's Disguise
984. Scaler Sam, Detective, of Hook and Ladder 6; or, Scorching the Sheeny Fire-Bugs
985. Gideon's Band; or, Jolly Jack in Mexico
986. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Best Card; or, Diamond Dell, the Sport. A Story of the Mystery of Church City
987. Paul, the Wharf-Rat; or, The Detective's Blind. A Story of the Seagrief Racket
988. Buffalo Bill's Lasso-Throwers; or, Shadow Sam's Short-Stop. A Romance of the Southwest
989. Bicycle Bob's Hot Scorch; or, Shaking Up the Street-Steerers. A Story of the Schoharie County Hayseed in New York
990. Sheriff Huntway of Montana; or, Steele Sharp Number One. The Mystery of a Double
991. Two Dudes from Doomed Camp; or, The One Armed Boss of Shakedown City
992. Deadwood Dick, Jr., at Gold Dust; or, Sport Harry's Blind. A Story of the Hungary Gulch Ghost
993. The Cadet-Detective's Hot Hustle; or, The West Point Rogues
994. Billy Bowers' Street Scouts; or, Raiding the Rolling Rock. A Story of a Missing New York Boat-Clubman
995. Buffalo Bill's Drop; or, Dead Shot Ned, the Kansas Kid
996. Two Reporter Detectives in Colorado; or, Buckskin Bob's Snap-Shot. A Romance of Colorado
997. Scorcher Sam, the Detective on Wheels; or, The Sensation at Washington Heights
998. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Big Play; or, The Bluff Game at Gold Ledge City
999. Jack Lang, the Privateer Rover; or, The Man of Many Names. A Romance of the Frigate "United States'" First Cruise
1000. Buffalo Bill's Decoy Boys; or, The Death-Rivals of the Big Horn. A Story of the Great Scout's Strong Hand in Forcing a Triple Peace
1001. Banty, the Denver Bootblack; or, Doc Derringer, the Dark-Lantern Detective. The Romance of a Remarkable Conspiracy in the Colorado Capital
1002. Six-Foot Sol, the Sharp-Shooter; or, Johnny on the Spot. A Story of Grizzly Gulch
1003. German Joe, the Hayseed Sport; or, The Twin Racket at Placer Ranch
1004. Scorcher Sam's Sweep-Stakes; or, Bicycle Bess, the Boulevard Belle Detective
1005. Deadwood Dick, Jr., Branded; or, Red Rover at Powder Pocket
1006. Flipper Frank's Flush; or, Tracking the Dodger from New York to New Orleans
1007. Buffalo Bill's Sure-Shots; or, Buck Dawson's Big Draw
1008. The Denver Detective in New York; or, Kid Keene's $50,000 Snap
1009. The Girl-Cyclist's Winning Hand; or Scorcher Sam's Death-Hole Drop
1010. Kit Bandy's Big Six; or, The Rustlers of Jackson Basin
1011. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Dutch Pard; or, Rooting Out the Rascals of Skeleton Gorge
1012. The Cripple's Dead-Sure Clinch; or, Trapping the Old Fraud
1013. Buffalo Bill's Texan Team; or, The Dog Detective
1014. Middy Ned, the Runaway; or, Hairbreadth Escapes Afloat and Ashore. The Story of the Great Commodore's First Year at Sea
1015. The Reporter-Detective's Big Pull; or, The Wall Street Swell's Snag
1016. The Boy Bugler in Cuba; or, The Cowboy Clan on Deck
1017. Detective Matt's Man-Hunt; or, Downing the Desperate Dozen
1018. Deadwood Dick, Jr.'s, Big Four; or, Cinnabar Jim of Cinnamon Gap
1019. Burd Bayard's Close Call; or, In The Death Net
1020. Barney Blake, the Boy Privateer; or, The Cruise of the Queer Fish. A Tale of the Sea Scud and Ocean Trails of the War of 1812
1021. Doctor Paul, Detective; or, Under a Terrible Spell
1022. Dare Sloan's Close Call; or, Dean Dangerfield's Desperate Game
1023. The Cowboy Clan in Cuba; or, The Texan Black Flags to the Rescue. A Story of the Fateful Struggle
1024. Dandy Dick, Detective; or, The Still Hunt at Burnt Match
1025. The Flying Yankee; or, The Ocean Outcast
1026. The Three Spotters; or, Running Down the Rogues
1027. The Cowboy Rescuers in Cuba; or, The Patriot Pilot. A Story of Sublime Devotion and Sacrifice in the Great Struggle for Freedom
1028. The Young Skipper's Bonanza; or, Wrecked Among Spanish Sharkers, A Story of the South Pacific Treasure-Hunt
1029. The Phantom Spy; or, The Pilot of the Prairie
1030. The Rancher's Four Millions; or, The Robber Lawyer
1031. The Texan Hustlers in Cuba; or, The Cowboy Rough Riders on the Rampage
1032. Cowboy Chris, the Man of Caliber; or, Hot Times in Hot Hole. A Romance of Ranch, Range and Road Rovers
1033. You-Bet Bob's Circus; or, High Old Times at Hold-Up
1034. The Gold Witch's Shadower, or, The Lone Mascot of Deadman's Den
1035. Antelope Abe, the Boy Guide
1036. Dandy Dick's Double; or, The Severed Head of Paradise Pocket
1037. Dick Doom, the Artist Detective; or, Hugh Huntington's High-Handed Game. A Story of the Mystery of Surf Spray Hall
1038. Kansas King; or, The Red Right Hand
1039. Mustang Merle, the Boy Rancher; or, Old Joe Bundy's Wipe-Out. The Romance of Lost Ranch
1040. Buffalo Bill's Pony Patrol; or, The Mysterious Boy of the Overland
1041. Cowboy Chris to the Fore; or, Scourging the Scourge of the San Juan
1042. Little Grit, the Wild Rider; or, Bessie, the Stock Tender's Daughter. A Romance of Pony Express Days
1043. You Bet Bob from Cross Crick; or, The Calamity at Sawbuck City
1044. The New York Sharp; or, Shadow Swipes' Swoop
1045. Mustang Merle's Mine; or, Dolores Dick and Pard
1046. Gold Plume, the Boy Bandit; or, The Kid Glove Sport
1047. Flyer Fred, the Cyclist Ferret; or, Running Down the Rough and Ready Rascals
1048. The Street Spotters' Weird Hunt; or, The Angel of the Docks. A Mystery of the Dead and Living Riddle
1049. Queen Edna, of the Panthers; or, Cyclone Saul's Search
1050. The One-Armed Sport; or, Colorado Claude's Claim
1051. The Boy Hercules; or, The Prairie Tramps. A Dakota Romance
1052. Buffalo Bill in Disguise; or, The Boy Boomer at Danger Divide. A Story of Dark Days and Troublous Times in Southwest Colorado
1053. The Three Spotters' Dead Mystery; or, Blond Bert of Brick Alley
1054. Mustang Merle's Merciless Foe; or, The Accursed Brand. A Romance of the Raided Ranch
1055. Marlo, the Merciless; or, Red Raven's Redskin Ruse
1056. Cowboy Chris in Cinnabar; or, The Battle for the Blue Jeans
1057. Gold Rifle, the Sharpshooter; or, The Boy Detective of the Black Ranch
1058. Roderick, the Rover; or, The Scourge of the Sea. A Romance of the Uncommissioned Privateer
1059. Ned Wylde, the Boy Scout
1060. Marlo, the Renegade; or, The Scapegrace of the Coast. A Romance of the Cowboy Smugglers' Last Cruise
1061. Silver Star, the Boy Knight; or, Kit Bandy, Detective. A Prairie Romance
1062. The Left-Hand Athlete; or, The Rival School Sports
1063. Wild Bill's Weird Foe; or, The Mystery of Moaning Gulch. A Tale of the Black Hills
1064. Dandy Dick Decoyed; or, The Terrible Tussle of Satan's Delight
1065. Sure Shot Seth, The Boy Rifleman; or, The Young Patriots of the North
1066. Cowboy Chris, the Desert Centaur; or, Hawking for the Human Hawk. A Story of the Arid Plains
1067. You-Bet Bob's Jangle; or, Snap-Shot Sam's Surprise
1068. The Cruise of the Sea Wolf; or, The Boy Duelist
1069. On Land and Sea; or, The Perils of a Kidnapped Boy
1070. Nat Todd; or, The Fate of the Sioux Captive
1071. Dandy Dick's Decoy; or, The Rousing Time at Rough-and-Tumble
1072. Keen-Knife, Prince of the Prairies
1073. Wild Bill's Sable Pard; or, The Pirates of Peaceful Pocket
1074. Mustang Merle's Mandate; or, Wiping out the War Saddles. A Romance of the Rio Tagus
1075. Cowboy Chris, the Vengeance Volunteer; or, The Death Hunt Pards. A Romance of Arizona
1076. The League of Seven; or, Sam Sharp's First Case
1077. The Three Spotters' Hot Heat; or, Running Down the Red-Handed Sport. The Story of the Leeman Murder Mystery
1078. Lion-Heart Lee, the Lakeside Detective; or, Saved by the Skin of his Teeth
1079. Bullion Bret, the Giant Grip; or, The Ruction at Git-Thar
1080. The Shell-Hunter; or, The Ocean Love-Chase. A Romance of Land and Sea
1081. Dandy Dick's Desperate Device; or, Prince Richard in Double Guise
1082. Lion-Heart Lee's Lottery; or, The Lakeside Detective's Life Lay
1083. Mustang Merle's Matinee; or, The Three Pard's Grand Wind-Up
1084. The Three Spotters' Duel in the Dark; or, The Thugs and Trailers of Gotham
1085. Detective Frank's Full Flush; or, Dodger against Dodger
1086. Dandy Dick's Defense; or, The Invisible Seven of Imperial City
1087. Flip Fred, The Pack-Peddler Prince; or, The Witch of the Black Swamp
1088. The Three Spotters' Convict Client; or, A Dead Man's Device. The Romance of Old John Marcy's Legacy
1089. Mustang Merle's Fight for Life; or, Captain Silver Belt's Oath
1090. Jubilee Joe, The Chain-Lightning Detective; or, The Lamb in the Wolf's Den
1091. Lightning Leo, the Behind the Scenes Detective; or, The Square Sport's Secret Trust
1092. Dandy Dick's Disciple; or, Jingo Jack, the Boy Nemesis
1093. Billy Bub, the Double Prize Detective; or, Old Arsenic's Secret
1094. Cowboy Chris' Last Campaign; or, The Grand Round-Up at Robinson's Ranch
1095. The Three Spotters' Last Lay; or, The Neck and Neck Campaign
1096. Dandy Dick's Dragnet; or, Seining the Invisible Six
1097. Rustling Rob, the Tramp's Protégé; or, The Master of the Cedars
1098. The Detective Quartet; or, Suicide, Murder, or Accident? The Story of Henry Warenne
1099. Lightning Leo's Luck; or, The Rats of the River
1100. Dandy Dick's Dead-Lock; or, The Last Round at Nip-'n-Tuck
1101. Prince Philip, the Camp Spy; or, The Thugs of Triple Butte. A Romance of the Arizona Thunderbolt Legion
1102. Shorty Dan, the Sidewalk Prince; or, Gamin against the Field
1103. Lightning Lew, the King of the Secret Service; or, Sam Sharp's Big Score. The Romance of a Double Life
1104. Seth Jones; or, The Captives of the Frontier
1105. Poorhouse Pete, the Postal Clerk Detective; or, The Precious Patrimony
1106. Nevada Ned, the Revolver Ranger; or, The Young King of the Gold Mines. A Romance of a Border Boy's Life
1107. Foxy Fred, the Keener; or, Bagging the Sand Bagger Trio
1108. The Two Detectives; or, The Fortunes of a Bowery Girl
1109. The Sea-Cat; or, The Witch of Darien, A Story of the Spanish Main
1110. Beadle's Half-Dime Library vol. XLIV, no. 1110 (Roaring Ralph Rockwood, the Reckless Ranger and 1 more item)
1111. Lasso Jack, the Young Mustanger
1112. Dick Darling, the Pony Express Rider
1113. The Rollo, the Boy Ranger; or, The Heiress of the Golden Horn
1114. Shadowed; or, Bob Rockett's Fight for Life
1115. Tiger Tom, the Texan Terror. A Romance of the Southern Pampas
1116. Crimson Kate, the Girl Trailer; or, The Cowboy's Triumph
1117. Merle, the Middy; or, The Heir of an Ocean Freelance
1118. Minksin Mike, the Boy Sharpshooter; or, Columbia Jim on the War-Path
1119. A No. 1, the Dashing Toll-Taker; or, The Schoolmarm o' Sassafras
1120. 'Liza Jane, the Girl Miner; or, The Iron-Nerved Sport
1121. Yellowstone Jack; or, The Trappers of the Enchanted Ground
1122. The Wild-Horse Hunters
1123. The Frontier Angel. A Romance of Kentucky Rangers' Life
1124. Nick o' the Night; or, The Boy Spy of '76
1125. Little Buckskin, The Young Prairie Centaur; or, Old Kit Bandy, the Border Sleuth
1126. Arizona Joe, the Boy Pard of Texas Jack. A Story of the Strange Life of Captain Joe Bruce, a Young Scout, Indian Fighter, Miner and Ranger, and a Protege of J. B. Omohundro, the Famous Texas Jack
1127. Ralph Roy, the Boy Buccaneer; or, The Fugitive Yacht. A Romance of Sea and Shore
1128. The Sea Serpent; or, The Boy Robinson Crusoe
1129. The Indian Pilot; or, The Search for the Pirate Island
1130. Bicycle Ben, or, The Lion of Lightning Lode
1131. The Outlaw Middy; or, The Young Patriot Sea-Ranger. A Romance of the First American Navy
1132. Brothers in Buckskin; or, Tangled Trails in Texas. A Romance in the Lives of George and Will Powell, Known on the Plains as "Night Hawk" and "Bronco Bill."
1133. Nick Whiffles's Pet; or, In the Valley of Death
1134. The Red Brotherhood; or, The Twelve Avengers
1135. Dandy Jack; or, The Outlaw of the Oregon Trail
1136. Hurricane Bill; or, Mustang Sam and his "Pard." A Romance of the "Evil Land."
1137. Single Hand; or, A Life for a Life
1138. Buck Buckram; or, Bess, the Female Trapper. A Tale of the Far Southwest
1139. The Ocean Bloodhound; or, The Red Pirates of the Caribbees
1140. Oregon Sol; or, Nick Whiffles's Boy Spy
1141. The Boy Rifles; or, The Underground Camp. A Romance of the Red River of the North
1142. The White Buffalo. A Tale of Strange Adventure in the Northwest
1143. Patent-Leather Joe; or, Old Rattlesnake, the Charmer. A Rocky Mountain Romance
1144. Kit Harefoot, the Wood-Hawk; or, Old Powder-Face and his Demons
1145. Hercules, the Dumb Destroyer; or, Dick, the Boy Ranger. A Romance of the Niobrara
1146. Baby Sam, the Boy Giant of the Yellowstone; or, Spokane Joe's Trust
1147. Web-Foot Mose, the Tramp Detective; or, The Boy Bear-Slayer of the Sierras
1148. Buck Taylor, King of the Cowboys; or, The Raiders and the Rangers. A Story of the Wild and Thrilling Life of William L. Taylor
1149. The Mad Man-Hunter; or, Mystery of Golden Gulch
1150. Scar-Face Saul, the Silent Hunter; or, The Mystery of Fort Rane. A Story of the Border
1151. Bill Biddon, Trapper; or, Life in the North-west
1152. Ned Hazel, the Boy Trapper; or, The Phantom Princess
1153. The White Indian; or, The Scouts of the Yellowstone
1154. Old Zip's Cabin; or, A Greenhorn in the Woods
1155. Hawkeye Harry, The Young Trapper Ranger
1156. The Huge Hunter; or, The Steam Man of the Prairies
1157. Glass-Eye, the Great Shot of the West
1158. Sol Ginger, the Giant Trapper; or, The Flower of the Blackfeet
1159. Midnight Jack, the Road-Agent; or, Gopher Gid, the Boy Trapper of the Cheyenne. A Story of the Sioux Country
1160. The Sky Demon; or, Rainbolt, the Ranger
1161. Tamarac Tom, the Big Trapper Boy;or, The Old Walruses o' the Woods
1162. Old Tom Rattler, the Red River Epidemic; or, Laramie Joe's Forest Pards
1163. Dare-Devil Dan, the Young Prairie Ranger; or, Old Rosebud's Boy Brigade. A Romance of the Upper Cheyenne
1164. Black John, the Road-Agent; or, The Prairie Sink. A Tale of Early Kansas Life
1165. The Shadow Ship; or, The Rival Lieutenants. A Tale of the Second War with Great Britain
1166. The Boy Clown; or, The Queen of the Arena. A Romance of Real Life in a Traveling Circus
1167. The Hidden Lodge; or, The Little Hunter of the Adirondacks
1168. Delaware Dick, the Young Ranger Spy; or, Brother Against Brother

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