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Publisher: Arthur Westbrook Publishing Co. (Cleveland (Ohio)) -- United States
Category: Format : Paperback ("Thickbook")
Issues: 27
Dates: Undated. Believed to be in the mid 1920's.
Schedule: Not known. Believed published in batches.
Price: 20ยข, 6 for $1.00
Size: 7 x 5"
Pages: 150 to 250
Illustrations: Colored pictorial cover
Contents: Reprint of a number of cloth bound boy's series books.
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. The Frontier Boys in the South Seas
2. The Ocean Wireless Boys on the Pacific
3. The Dreadnought Boys' World Cruise
4. The Ocean Wireless Boys on the Atlantic
5. The Ocean Wireless Boys on the Iceberg Patrol
6. The Dreadnought Boys on a Submarine
7. The Dreadnought Boys Aboard a Destroyer
8. The Dreadnought Boys on Battle Practice
9. The Dreadnought Boys in Home Waters
10. The Ocean Wireless Boys and the Naval Code
11. The Ocean Wireless Boys on War Swept Seas
12. The Motor Rangers' Cloud Cruiser
13. The Bungalow Boys
14. The Bungalow Boys Marooned in the Tropics
15. The Bungalow Boys on the Great Lakes
16. The Boy Scouts and the Prize Pennant
17. The Boy Scouts for City Improvement
18. The Boy Scouts in the Great Flood
19. The Boy Scouts with the Red Cross
20. The Boy Scouts as County Fair Guides
21. The Boy Scouts as Forest Fire Fighters
22. The Bungalow Boys in the Great Northwest
23. The Bungalow Boys Along the Yukon
24. The Bungalow Boys North of 53
25. The Dreadnought Boys on Aero Service
26. The Ocean Wireless Boys and the Lost Liner
27. The Frontier Boys in the Grand Canyon

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