The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - The Chimney Corner Series (Lupton)

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Publishers: F. M. Lupton (New York (N.Y.): 106 and 108 Reade St.) -- United States
F. M. Lupton (New York (N.Y.): 23, 25, 27 City Hall Place) -- United States (starting January, 1894)
Category: Format : Reprint Library
Issues: 179 (Highest number seen)
Dates: (Jan. 7, 1893 to 1905) No early dated issues have been seen. A companion publication to The Armchair Library and is believed the dates correspond to those of the ACL.
Schedule: 1-57, Weekly; 58-72, Monthly; 73-165, Quarterly/and in groups
Price: 25¢ each, 4 for 35¢, 6 for 50¢, 10 for 70¢
Size: 8 x 6"
Pages: 100-200
Illustrations: Beginning around No. 100 a brown tinted illustration was featured on the cover. Earlier numbers were also issued this way when reprinted. Original early numbers contained no illustrations.
Publisher's Blurb: Each issue consists of a book of from one hundred to two hundred double-column octavo pages, with illustrated colored cover. (Colored cover consisted of brown tinted pictorial illustration).
Notes / Commentary:

Beginning with No. 98 or so, date, schedule of appearance second-class notice, and subscription price were omitted. The individual price and numbering continued to the end however. LeBlanc believed that the library ended with No. 165 some time in 1905; a listing for no. 166 in WorldCat suggests that it lasted at least one issue longer.

The original LeBlanc listing was missing Nos. 155, 158-164, and 166+; thanks to Curtis Paul for providing information about No. 155 and Cary Sternick for providing details on No. 158. Information on No. 166 comes from WorldCat. No. 179 is listed from a copy digitized by Villanova University.

Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, With Gaps


1. East Lynne
2. Jane Eyre
3. John Halifax, Gentleman
4. The Woman in White
5. Lady Audley's Secret
6. The Three Guardsmen
7. Tempest and Sunshine
8. Inez: A Tale of the Alamo
9. Lena Rivers
10. Retribution
11. The Chimney Corner Series, no. 11 (Meadow Brook and 1 more item)
12. Alone
13. The English orphans; or, A Home in the New World
14. The Gunmaker of Moscow
15. Fashion and Famine
16. Dora Thorne
17. Uncle Tom's Cabin
18. Hidden Away
19. The Queen of the Isle
20. Moss Side
21. Madolin's Lover
22. Bought With a Price
23. The Hidden Hand; or, Capitola the Mad-cap
24. Chimney Corner Series, no. 24 (The Birth-Mark and 2 more items)
25. Magdalen's vow
26. Phyllis
27. Married By Mistake
28. The Doom of Deville
29. The Hidden Path
30. The Heiress of Castle Cliffe
31. Her Ransom (Paid For)
32. The Rival Brothers
33. Claire (The Mistress of Court Regna)
34. The Gipsy Queen's Vow
35. The Dark secret
36. The Midnight Queen
37. Chimney Corner Series, no. 37 (Self-Made; or, Out of the Depths)
38. Chimney Corner Series, no. 38 (Self-Made; or, Out of the Depths)
39. Lord Elesmere's Wife
40. Molly Bawn
41. Daughters of Cain
42. Beulah
43. Elaine
44. The Hermit of the Cliffs
45. Britmarte, the Man-Hater. Vol. I.
46. Britmarte, the Man-Hater. Vol. II.
47. A Rose in Thorns
48. Airy fairy Lillian
49. Gipsy Gower
50. The American Countess
51. Lorrie; or, Hollow Gold
52. Cousin Maude; or, The milkman's heiress
53. Winning Her Way, vol. I
54. Winning Her Way, vol. II
55. The World Between Them
56. Millbank; or, Roger Irving's Ward
57. Doris
58. Her heart's desire (An Innocent Girl)
59. Evelyn's Folly
60. The Leighton Homestead
61. The Story of a Birth
62. Chimney Corner Series, no. 62 (Leslie's Loyalty and 1 more item)
63. The Hollow Eve Mystery. Vol. I.
64. The Hollow Eve Mystery. Vol. II.
65. Set in Diamonds
66. Edith Lyle's Secret
67. Rosamoyne
68. A Passion Flower (Madge)
69. Heron's Wife
70. Lady Damer's Secret
71. Ethelyn's mistake
72. Portia
73. The Baronet's bride
74. Sweet Cymbeline (Bellmaire)
75. Mildred; or, The Child of Adoption
76. The Romance of a Black Veil
77. Mrs. Geoffrey
78. Left Alone
79. Macaria
80. Dora Deane and Maggie Miller
81. Signa's Sweetheart (Lord Delamere's Bride)
82. Beauty's daughters
83. 'Twixt Smile and Tear
84. High Tides
85. Miss McDonald and Rosamond (Miss McDonald and 1 more item)
86. The Sin of a Lifetime; or, Vivien's Atonement
87. Faith and unfaith
88. A Willful maid (Philippa)
89. A Dark Deed
90. The Homestead on the Hillside, and The Rector of St. Mark's (The Rector of St. Mark's and 1 more item)
91. Dumaresq's Temptation
92. A Mental struggle
93. The Heiress of Egremont
94. The Malediction; or, The Widows of Widowville. Vol. I.
95. The Malediction; or, The Widows of Widowville. Vol. II.
96. Darkness and Daylight
97. Lady Norah; or, The Earl's Heir
98. Wedded, Yet No Wife
99. Chimney Corner Series, no. 99 (Her Mother's Sin and 1 more item)
100. The Dead Letter
101. Rutledge
102. Chimney Corner Series, no. 102 (The Rival Cousins and 1 more item)
103. The Bridal Eve
104. Marian Grey; or, The Heiress of Redstone Hall
105. Leola Dale's fortune
106. A Wonderful Woman
107. From Gloom to Sunlight; or, From Out the Gloom
108. A Dark Deed
109. The Matchmaker
110. Lady Roslyn's Pensioner
111. The Discarded Daughter
112. Chimney Corner Series, no. 112 (Aikenside and 2 more items)
113. The Heiress of Glen Gower
114. Grantford Grange; or, The Gipsy Mother
115. Dick's sweetheart
116. Reginald's Fortune
117. The Curse of Clifton
118. Wild Margaret
119. A Bitter Atonement
120. Who wins? or, The Secret of Monkswood Waste
121. Cecile's Marriage; or, The Heiress of Earnscliff
122. The False Heir
123. Chimney Corner Series, no. 123 (Rose Mather and 2 more items)
124. Phemie Rowland
125. The Gipsy's Prophecy
126. The Double Life
127. The Lady of Darracourt
128. Chimney Corner Series, no. 128 (Estella's Husband; or, Thrice lost, thrice won and 1 more item)
129. Marjorie's Fate
130. The Buried Legacy
131. Eudora; or, The False Princess
132. A Terrible Case
133. Lady Branksmere
134. The Sundered Hearts
135. Bad Hugh; or, The Diamond in the Rough
136. Lady evelyn; or, The Lord of Royal Rest
137. The Figure Eight; or, The Mystery of Meredith Place
138. The Lady of Kildare
139. Family Pride; or, Purified by Suffering
140. The Mystery of Dark Hollow
141. The Midnight Marriage
142. Tresillian Court
143. Jeanne; or, Barriers Between
144. A Thorn in Her Heart
145. The Unseen bridegroom
146. Shannondale
147. Lady Thornhurst's Daughter
148. Who Was the Heir?
149. The Widowed Bride; or, The Mystery of Glenhampton
150. Abner Gault; or, The Hand of Fate
151. Irene's Vow
152. Married in Haste
153. The House of Secrets
154. Edith's Abduction
155. The Chimney Corner Series, no. 155 (The Loves of Alonzo Fitz Clarence and Rosannah Ethelton and 6 more items)
156. Margery Daw
157. Faith Garney's Girlhood
158. Story of a Bad Boy
165. A Golden Heart
166. The Chimney Corner Series, no. 166 (Nemesis and 2 more items)
179. The Rugg Documents

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