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Alternate Title: New Twenty-Five Cent Novels
Publisher: Beadle and Adams (1872-1898) (New York (N.Y.): No. 98 William Street) -- United States
Category: Format : Reprint Library
Primary Data Source: Johannsen Bibliography

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1875-1879
Approximate Number of Issues: 29
This listing is a work in progress.


1. The Dark Secret; or, The Mystery of Fontelle Hall
2. The Maddest Marriage Ever Was
3. A Woman's Heart; or, Who Was He?
4. An Awful Mystery; or, Sybil Campbell, the Queen of the Isle
5. The Pride of the Dowries; or, The Mystery of the Wishing Well
6. Victoria; or, The Heiress of Castle Cliffe
7. The Dead Letter
8. Strangely Wed; or, Where Was Arthur Clare?
9. Romance of the Green Seal
10. Erminie; or, The Gipsy Queen's Vow
11. Love in a Maze; or, The Debutante's Disenchantment
12. The Twin Sisters; or, The Wronged Wife's Hate
13. Forced Vows; or, A Revengeful Woman's Fate
14. Vials of Wrath; or, The Grave Between Them
15. Annie Temple; or, The Bankrupt's Heiress
16. A Dangerous Woman; or, The Broken Troth
17. The Broker's Ward; or, Blanche Ratcliff's Trials. A Romance of a Lost Diamond
18. Black Eyes and Blue
19. The Wronged Wife; or, The Heart of Hate
20. True as Steel; or, The Faithful Sister
21. Brave Barbara; or, First Love or No Love, A Story of a Wayward Heart
22. The Wronged Daughter; or, The Wife's Intrigue
23. The Hunted Bride; or, Wedded, But Not Won
24. Winning Ways; or, Kitty Atherton's Double Troth
25. The Secret Vow; or, The Power of Woman's Hate
26. The Adopted Daughter; or, The Half-Brother's Snare
27. A Fiery Heart; or, A Woman's Love and a Woman's Hate
28. The Beautiful Jewess; or, The Young Sailor's Triumph
29. The Artist's Bride; or, Noll Darker s Protege. A City Life Romance

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