The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - The Charlotte M. Braeme Series

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Publisher: George Munro (New York (N.Y.): 17 to 27 Vandewater Street) -- United States
Category: Format : Reprint Library
Issues: 122
Dates: Sept. 1, 1884 to June 10, 1885 AND Jan. 1, 1894 to Oct. 12, 1894
Schedule: Tri-Weekly
Price: 25ยข
Size: Same as Seaside Library
Pages: 250 to 300
Illustrations: None
Notes / Commentary: There were apparently two printings of the series, one in 1884-85 and one in 1894. Three issues were examined, all at Brandeis University, No. 53 dated May 5, 1894; No. 75 dated Feb. 20, 1885 and No. 103 dated Aug. 29, 1894. Specific dates were determined by working back and forward from these dates and may be off by a day or two.
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, With Gaps


1. Her Mother's Sin; or, A Bright Wedding Day
2. Dora Thorne
3. A Broken Wedding Ring
4. A Queen Amongst Women
5. Madolin's Lover
6. Redeemed by Love; or, Love's Victory
7. Wife in Name Only; or, A Broken Heart
8. Wedded and Parted
9. Lord Lynne's Choice
10. Thorns and Orange Blossoms
11. The Romance of a Black Veil
12. Which Loved Him Best?
13. Repented at Leisure
14. Prince Charlie's Daughter; or, The Cost of Her Love
15. Sunshine and Roses; or, Diana's Discipline
16. The Wife's Secret; and, Fair but False (The Wife's Secret and 1 more item)
17. The Sin of a Lifetime; or, Vivien's Atonement
18. Love's Warfare
19. A Golden Heart
20. A Rose in Thorns
21. The Fatal Lilies, and A Bride from the Sea (The Fatal Lilies and 1 more item)
22. A Gilded Sin, and A Bridge of Love (A Gilded Sin and 1 more item)
23. Ingledew House, and More Bitter than Death (Ingledew House and 1 more item)
24. In Cupid's Net
25. A Dead Heart, and Lady Gwendoline's Dream (A Dead Heart and 1 more item)
26. A Golden Dawn, and Love for a Day (A Golden Dawn and 1 more item)
27. Two Kisses, and Like No Other Love (Two Kisses and 1 more item)
28. Beyond Pardon
29. A Woman's Love Story
30. A Willful Maid
31. A Bitter Atonement
32. My Sister Kate
33. A Woman's Temptation
34. Under a Shadow
35. The Earl's Atonement
36. Between Two Loves
37. A Struggle for a Ring
38. Lady Damer's Secret
39. Evelyn's Folly
40. Thrown on the World
41. Between Two Sins; or, Married in Haste
42. Put Asunder; or, Lady Castlemaine's Divorce
43. Her Martyrdom
44. A Fair Mystery; or, The Perils of Beauty
45. The Heiress of Hilldrop; or, The Romance of a Young Girl
46. For Another's Sin; or, A Struggle for Love
47. Set in Diamonds
48. The World Between Them
49. A Passion Flower (Madge)
50. A True Magdalen; or, One False Step
51. A Woman's Error
52. Marjorie
53. At War With Herself
54. 'Twixt Smile and Tear
55. Sweet Cymbeline (Bellmaire)
56. The False Vow; or, Hilda; or, Lady Hutton's Ward
57. The Belle of Lynn; or, The Miller's Daughter
58. Lady Diana's Pride
59. The Shadow of a Sin
60. Claribel's Love Story; or, Love's Hidden Depths
61. A Woman's War
62. Hilary's Folly; or, Her Marriage Vow
63. From Gloom to Sunlight; or, From Out the Gloom
64. A Haunted Life; or, Her Terrible Sin
65. The Mystery of Colde Fell; or, "Not Proven"
66. The Squire's Darling
67. A Dark Marriage Morn
68. Her Second Love
69. The Duke's Secret
70. On Her Wedding Morn, and The Mystery of the Holly Tree (On Her Wedding Morn and 1 more item)
71. The Shattered Idol, and Letty Leigh (The Shattered Idol and 1 more item)
72. The Earl's Error, and Arnold's Promise (The Earl's Error and 1 more item)
73. An Unnatural Bondage, and That Beautiful Lady (That Beautiful Lady and 1 more item)
74. His Wife's Judgment
75. A Thorn in Her Heart
76. Golden Gates
77. A Nameless Sin
78. A Mad Love
79. Irene's Vow
80. Signa's Sweetheart (Lord Delamere's Bride)
81. A Modern Cinderella
82. Lord Elesmere's Wife
83. Lured Away; or, The Story of a Wedding Ring, and The Heiress of Arne (Lured Away; or, The Story of a Wedding Ring and 1 more item)
84. Beauty's Marriage
85. A Fiery Ordeal
86. Dumaresq's Temptation
87. Jenny
88. The Star of Love
89. Lord Lisle's Daughter
90. Weaker Than a Woman
91. Love Works Wonders; or, Love's Victory; or, Redeemed By Love
92. Her Only Sin
93. A Fatal Wedding
94. A Bright Wedding Day
95. One Against Many; or, Lady Diana's Pride
96. One False Step
97. Two Fair Women; or, Which Loved Him Best?
98. Lady Latimer's Escape, and Other Stories (Lady Latimer's Escape)
99. A Woman's Vengeance
100. Society's Verdict
101. Guelda
102. A Struggle for the Right
103. Margery Daw
104. James Gordon's Wife
105. The Hidden Sin
106. Griselda
107. The Story of an Error
108. The Actor's Ward
109. A Fatal Dower
110. If Love Be Love
111. A Hidden Terror
112. For Life and Love
113. "So Near, Yet So Far!"
114. In Shallow Waters
115. A Coquette's Conquest
116. A Bitter Atonement
117. Dream Faces
118. At Any Cost
119. The White Witch
120. His Wedded Wife
121. Blossom and Fruit
122. Wedded Hands

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