The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Three Chums

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Publisher: Frank Tousey (New York (N.Y.): 24 Union Square) -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (Color Cover)
Issues: 60
Dates: Nov. 10, 1899 to Dec. 28, 1900
Schedule: Weekly
Price: 5ยข
Size: 11 x 8"
Pages: 32
Motto: A Weekly Story of the Adventures of Two Boys and a Girl
Illustrations: Colored pictorial cover
Publisher's Blurb: "'THREE CHUMS' is fast working its way to the top, and we expect it to soon eclipse all publications of the same line. Its stories are written by the well-known author Harry Moore, which is a sufficient guarantee that each number will be full of original and interesting incidents."
Major Author(s): Harry Moore (S. A. D. Cox)
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. Three Chums at School; or, All for One and One for All.
2. Three Chums' Return; or, Back at School
3. Three Chums at Football; or, Hot Times on the Gridiron
4. Three Chums Defeated; or, Ben Bright's Unlucky Accident
5. Three Chums Aroused; or, Squaring Accounts with Seabright
6. Three Chums' Triumph; or, Winning the Championship
7. Three Chums Accused; or, The Burning of Raymond Academy
8. Three Chums at Work; or, Getting Ready for the Road
9. "Three Chums'" Success; or, The First Production of the Play
10. Three Chums' Welcome; or, Playing in Ben's Own Town
11. Three Chums' Foe; or, The Reappearance of McMaster
12. Three Chums' Rival; or Almost the Same Play
13. Three Chums' Danger; or, Playing to the Moonshiners
14. Three Chums' Despair; or, Lost in the Mammoth Cave
15. Three Chums' Great Race; or, Bound to Be on Time
16. Three Chums in Luck; or, Making Money Fast
17. Three Chums' Lark; or, Playing in the Backwoods
18. Three Chums' Risk; or, Playing for Texas Cowboys
19. Three Chums' Scare; or, Dorothy's Wonderful Dream
20. Three Chums in Denver; or, Pleasing the Westerners
21. Three Chums' Courage; or, Playing in the Mines
22. Three Chums' Terrible Trip; or, Expoloring Death Valley
23. Three Chums Robbed; or, Tracking the Stolen Grip
24. Three Chums' Nerve; or, Playing at the Golden Gate
25. Three Chums Captured; or, Dorothy Held for Ransom
26. Three Chums' Great Find; or, The Secret of the Cliff Dwellers
27. Three Chums Home Again; or, The Return to School
28. Three Chums' Hard Fight; or, The Draw with Seabright
29. Three Chums' Resolve; or, Bound to Have Some Sport
30. Three Chums' Reputation; or, Making Themselves Known
31. Three Chums' "Fun"; or, Beating a "Swell Head" Nine
32. Three Chums' Great Game; or, A League Team "Shut Out"
33. Three Chums' Venture; or, Entering the League
34. Three Chums' Great Task; or, The Tail-End Team
35. Three Chums Succeeding; or, Upward Round by Round
36. Three Chums' Fine Work; or, Worring About the Leaders
37. Three Chums Still Winning; or, Forging to the Front
38. Three Chums' Great "Form"; or, Almost at the Top
39. Three Chums' Endurance; or, A Neck-and-Neck Race
40. Three Chums' Double Win; or, The Last Game and Championship
41. Three Chums at College; or, A Lively Set of Freshmen
42. Three Chums' Good Start; or, Freshmen Versus Sophomore
43. Three Chums & Co.; or, All Hands Take a Hand
44. Three Chums Lionized; or, Almost the Whole Thing
45. Three Chums' Colors; or, Columbia 5. Yale 0
46. Three Chums' Progress; or, Getting on in Work and Play
47. Three Chums Worried; or, The Disappearance of Little Punn
48. Three Chums' Tug of War; or, Class Against Class
49. Three Chums' Holiday; or, The Reunion in New York
50. Three Chums' Five; or, The Crack Basket Ball Team
51. Three Chums on the Road Again; or, Touring in a Palace Car
52. Three Chums with Buffalo Bill's "Wild West"; or, "One Good Turn Deserves Another"
53. Three Chums Exploring; or, 1000 Miles up the Amazon
54. Three Chums in Egypt; or, The Secret of the Pyramid
55. Three Chums in Africa; or, Through the Jungles of Death
56. Three Chums in China; or, Giving the "Boxers" One Better
57. Three Chums' Great Scheme; or, Twice Around the World
58. Three Chums' Steam Yacht; or, All Aboard for Cuba
59. Three Chums in Italy; or, Doing as the Romans Do
60. Three Chums in Greece; or, Taking Part in the Olympic Games

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