The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Brave and Bold

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Publisher: Street & Smith (New York) -- United States of America
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (Color Cover)

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1902-1911
Approximate Number of Issues: 429
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157. Turning the Tables; or, From Office Boy to Millionaire
217. Rifle and Rod; or, A Cruise Down the Lake
219. Afloat with a Circus; or, The Diamond Seekers of Natal
221. Boy Caribou-Hunters; or, Treasure-Trove of Hudson Bay
222. Westward Ho! or, The Cabin in the Clearing
244. Rivals of the Pines; or, The Hunt for the Great White Stag
252. The Rivals of Riverwood; or, Winning the Silver Pennant
255. Hank, the Hustler; or, A Brave Boy's Battle for Bread
277. Simple Simon; or, The Fellow They Took for a Fool
350. Mud River Boys; or, The Fight for Penlow's Mill
354. Never Give Up; or, Harry Holton's Resolve
358. The Copper Coterie; or, From Rocks to Riches
364. Pluck Beats Luck; or, Tom Talbot's Trials and Triumphs
366. The Roustabout Boys; or, A Trip to Maine
369. Under Full Steam; or, The Tugboat Route to Success
370. Paul Revere and the Boys of Liberty
372. Striking Out for Himself; or, The Mystery of Giant Forest
375. A Business Boy; or, Hal Hartley's Race for Fortune
381. The Boy Pathfinder; or, The Mystery of the Masked Rajah
385. Winning His Rights; or, The Fortunes of Vernon Craig
390. The Young Klondikers; or, Jud Kent's Golden Stake
392. The Boy Motor King; or, Winning by Pluck and Daring
394. Bowery Billy's Trick; or, Playing a Double Hand
395. A Game for Millions; or, The Luck of a Young Reporter
396. Winning by Speed; or, A Motor Boy's Splendid Exploits
398. Wrecked in the Air; or, The Boy Motor King's Bond
399. Bright and Early; or, The Boy who Got There
401. Bowery Billy's New Chum; or, Phil Erwin's Fighting Chance
403. The Lost Million; or, Boys of the Pony Express
405. Bowery Billy and the Jolly Comrade; or, Chasing the Sound Pirate
407. Bowery Billy and the Action Alibi; or, Following a Fine Spun Thread
410. Bowery Billy and the Panhandlers; or, Spotting the Fagin of Essex Street
410. Lucky Thirteen; or, The Telegraph Messenger's Mascot
411. Bowery Billy's Crooked Trail; or, The Hermit of Old Greenwich Village
412. Manton, Monte-Cristo; or, The Hidden Treasure of Montezuma
413. Bowery Billy and the Studio Mystery; or, The Last Van Dyck Portrait
414. Three Speeds to Victory; or, Motoring for the Borden Cup
415. Getting to the Top; or Zig-Zag, the Boy Conjurer
417. Motoring in the Depths; or, Raiding the Rebels in a Submarine
418. A Barrel of Money; or, The Boy Boomers of Cherokee Strip
419. Bowery Billy, the Trolley Sleuth; or, Spotting the Transfer Grafters
421. Through Flame to Flame; or, The Adventures of a Brave Fire Laddie
422. Bowery Billy to the Rescue; or, The Mystery of the Belle of Perth
424. Phil Farley, Rainbow Chaser; or, The Fortunes of a Black Sheep
425. Bowery Billy's Spanish Case; or, Exposing the Carlist Plotters
427. Crossed Wires; or, The Boy Electrician
428. Bowery Billy on the Rialto; or, The "Rupert of Hentzau" Riddle

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