The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Brave and Bold

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Alternate Title: Brave and Bold Weekly
Publishers: Street & Smith (New York (N.Y.): 238 William St.) -- United States
Street & Smith (New York (N.Y.): 79-89 Seventh Avenue) -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (Color Cover)
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: In Progress, Complete Listing Available

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1902-1911
Approximate Number of Issues: 429.


1. One Boy in a Thousand; or, Yankee to the Backbone
2. Among the Malays; or, The mystery of the haunted island
3. The Diamond Tattoo; or, Dick Hardy's Fight for a Fortune
5. The Spotted Six; or, The Mystery of Calvert Hathaway
6. The winged demon; or, The gold king of the Yukon
7. Stolen - A Schoolhouse; or, Sport and Strife at Still River
8. The Sea Wanderer; or, The Cruise of the Submarine Boat
9. The Dark Secret; or, Sam Short, the Boy Stowaway
10. King of the Air; or, Lost in the Sargasso Sea
11. The young silver hunters; or, The lost city of the Andes
12. A Remarkable Voyage; or, The Fortunes of Wandering Jack
13. The Knowlhurst Mystery; or, The Strange Adventures of Leslie Norton
14. The Diamond Legacy; or, The Queen of an Unknown Race
15. Bert Breeziway; or, The Boy Who Joined a Circus
16. Dick Hazel, Explorer; or, Lost in the African Jungle
17. The Electric Traveler; or, Underground to the Pole
18. Moonshiners of the Ozarks; or, The Boy Who Worked for Uncle Sam
19. Under sealed orders; or, Lost in the wilds of Yucatan
20. The mysterious box; or, The hidden valley of Pirate Island
21. Among the Utes; or, The Marvelous Adventures of Two Young Hunters
22. The Isle of Wonders; or, The Mysteries of the Echoing Cave
23. The Lost Lode; or, The Boy Partners of Diamond Bar
24. The Bicycle Boys of Blueville; or, Joe Masterson's Unknown Enemies
25. Submarine Mart, the boy diver; or, The cruise of the Fire Fly
26. Jockey Sam; or, Riding for Fortune
27. Frank Warren, Alchemist; or, The Diamond Makers
28. The Jail Breaker of Shirley; or, The Boy Who Dared and Won
29. Robert Brendan, Bellboy; or, Under the Hypnotic Spell
30. The Mysterious Millionaire; or, The Queerest Job on Record
31. Saved by his Luck; or, What Followed the Yacht Race
32. The Chance of his Life; or, The Messenger Boy Who Got There
33. Upright and Honest; or, Harry Hale's Struggle to Success
35. The Life of the School; or, Out for Fun and Fortune
37. The puzzle of Panther's Run; or, Leon Gale's triumph
38. A girl Crusoe; or, The wonders of the Isle of Gnomes
39. The Cash Boy; or, From Prison to Fortune
40. The Electric Eye; or, Helped by the X-Ray
41. The Boy and the Deacon; or, Enemies for Life
42. Louis Stanhope, Hero; or, The Boy Who Disappeared
43. Mat, The Fugitive; or, The Witch Doctor's Prophecy
44. The boy broker; or, Fighting the financiers
45. Adrift in New York; or, Dodger and Florence Braving the World
46. A lad of steel; or, Running down the Tiger
47. Which is Which; or, Winning a Name by Proxy
48. A Dashing Fire Laddie; or, The Heroism of Dick Macy
49. The boy wonder; or, Dick Gray's marvelous pump
50. Labor's young champion; or, The great mill strike
51. Into Unknown Lands; or, The Secret of the Enchanted Diamond
52. Two Brave Chums; or, The Outlaws of Blackwater Gap
53. The Crimson Cross; or, The Mystery of his Birth
54. Dean Dunham; or, The Waterford Mystery
55. Among Russian Nihilists; or, The Great Assassination Plot
56. The Boat Club; or, The Bunkers of Rippleton
57. Ned Newton; or, The Fortunes of a New York Bootblack
58. The Erie Train Boy
59. Paul, the Peddler; or, The Fortunes of a Young Street Merchant
60. The Five Hundred Dollar Check; or, Jacob Marlowe's Secret
61. Backed by an unknown; or, Dick Darrell's hustle for a living
62. All Aboard; or, Life on the Lake
63. Phil, the Fiddler; or, The Story of a Young Street Musician
64. Dick Halladay's Pranks; or, Fun at Strykerville Academy
65. Slow and Sure; or, From the Sidewalk to the Shop
66. Little By Little; or, The Cruise of the "Flyaway"
67. Beyond the Frozen Seas; or, The Land of the Pigmies
68. The Young Acrobat; or, The Great North American Circus
69. Saved from the Gallows; or, The Rescue of Charlie Armitage
70. Checked by a Cadet; or, Conquered by Chance
71. Nuggets and Nerve; or, The Two Boy Miners
72. Mile a Minute Tom; or, The Young Engineer of Pine Valley
73. Seared with Iron; or, The Band of Skeleton Bar
74. The deuce and the king of diamonds; or, Two Southern boys in South Africa
75. Now or never; or, The adventures of Bobby Bright
76. Blue-blooded Ben
79. The Trevalyn Bank puzzle; or, The face in the locket
80. The athlete of Rossville; or, The isle of serpents
81. Try Again; or, The Trials and Triumphs of Harry West
82. The mysteries of Asia; or, Among the Komdafs
83. The frozen head; or, Puzzling the police
84. Dick Danforth's death charm; or, Lost in the South Seas
85. Burt Allan's trial; or, Why the safe was robbed
86. Prisoners of War; or, Jack Dashaway's Rise from the Ranks
87. A charmed life; or, The boy with the snake skin belt
88. Only an Irish Boy; or, Andy Burke's Fortune
89. The key to the cipher; or, The boy actor's struggle
90. Through thick and thin; or, Foes to the last
91. In Russia's power; or, How two boys outwitted the czar
92. Jonah Mudd, the mascot of Hoodooville; or, Which was which?
94. The Young Outlaw; or, Adrift in the Streets
96. The fortunes of a foundling; or, Dick, the outcast
98. Mystic Island; or, The tale of a hidden treasure
99. Captain Startle; or, The terror of the black range
100. Julius, the Street Boy; or, A Waif's Rise from Poverty
101. Shanghaied; or, A wanderer against his will
102. Luke Jepson's treachery; or, The dwarfs of the Pacific
103. Tangled trails; or, The mystery of the Manville fortune
104. James Langley & Co.; or, The boy miners of Salt River
105. Ben Barclay's Courage; or, The Fortunes of a Store Boy
106. Fred Desmond's mission; or, The cruise of the "Explorer"
107. Tom Pinkney's Fortunes; or, Around the World with Nellie Bly
108. Detective Clinket's investigations; or, The mystery of the severed hand
109. In the Depths of the Dark Continent; or, the Vengeance of Van Vincent
110. Barr, the detective; or, The peril of Lucy Graves
111. A bandit of Costa Rica; or, The story of a stranded circus
112. Dacey Dearborn's difficulties; or, The struggle of the rival detectives
113. Ben Folsom's courage; or, How pluck won out
114. Daring Dick Goodloe's apprenticeship; or, The fortunes of a young newspaper reporter
115. Bowery Bill, the Wharf Rat; or, The Young Street Arab's Vow
116. A fight for a sweetheart; or, The romance of young Dave Mansard
117. Colonel Mysteria; or, The tracking of a criminal to his grave
118. Electric Bob's Sea Cat; or, The daring invasion of Death Valley
119. The Great Water Mystery; or, The Adventures of Paul Hassard
120. The electric man in the enchanted valley; or, The wonderful adventures of two boy inventors
121. Captain Cyclone, bandit; or, Pursued by an electric man
122. Lester Orton's legacy; or, The story of the treasure belt
123. The luck of a four-leaf clover; or, The reunited twins
124. Dandy Rex; or, An American boy's adventures in Spain
125. The mad hermit of the swamps; or, Ned Hawley's quest
126. Fred Morden's rich reward; or, The rescue of a millionaire
127. In the Wonderful Land of Hez; or, The Mystery of the Fountain of Youth
128. Stonia Stedman's triumph; or, A young mechanic's trials
129. The gypsy's legacy; or, Sam Culver's mysterious gift
130. The rival nines of Bayport; or, Jack Seabrooke's wonderful curves
131. The Sword Hunters; or, The Land of the Elephant Riders
132. Nimble Nick, the circus prince; or, The fortunes of a bareback rider
133. Simple Sim, the broncho buster; or, Playing for big stakes
134. Dick Darrel's vow; or, The scourge of Pine-Tree Bend : a romance of the mines of Nevada
135. The rival reporters; or, Two boys' sleek scoop
136. Nick o' the Night; or, The Boy Spy of '76
137. The tiger tamer; or, The league of the jungle
138. Jack Kenneth at Oxford; or, An American boy's triumph
139. The young fire laddie; or, A dandy detective's double-up
140. Dick Oakley's adventures; or, The secret of a great exhibit
142. Lance and lasso; or, The children of the Chaco : a tale of the South American Pampas
143. New England Nick; or, The Fortunes of a Foundling
145. Marmaduke, the mustanger; or, The mysteries of Crescent Butte
146. The Young desert rovers; or, Brothers of the plumed lance
147. At Trigger Bar; or, Kit Keene, the young mountain detective
149. Jigger and Ralph; or, The strange adventures of two chums
150. Milo, the animal king; or, The round the world wanderer
151. Over many seas; or, The wild beast tamer's chase
152. Messenger Max, Detective; or, The Night Hawks of a Great City
153. Limerick Larry; or, The luck of a Bowling Green street Arab
154. Happy Hans; or, The adventures of a Dutch tracker
155. Colorado, the half-breed; or, A chase across the continent
157. Two chums; or, The young cargo contractors of Lake Erie
159. That boy, Checkers; or, Chased half-way around the world
160. Bound Boy Frank; or, The young amateur detective
162. Battery Bill; or, The young dock sleuth of Gotham
165. Lost Captain; or, Skipper Jabez Coffin's Cruise to the Open Polar Sea
166. Never Say Die; or, The Clear-Grit Detective's Trail
168. The African trail; or, Adventures in the dark continent
171. Double Bar Ranch; or, The man from Kansas
172. Under many suns; or, Gordon Keith's longest chase
177. At the Double X Ranch; or, A mix-up with the cowboys
178. The lone range rider; or, Among the rustlers of the bad lands
179. Warbling William; or, The singing detective of Rocket Range
181. The lost chief; or, Gordon Keith's adventures among the Redskins
182. Southpaw Steve; or, The Medford boys and their rivals
184. On sampan and junk; or, Gordon Keith adrift in China
186. Cowboy Steve, or, The bond of blood
189. Cool Colorado; or, A cowboy's fight for fortune
190. Captain Mystery; or, The Brave Girl of Boulder Bar
192. The Ranch Raiders; or, The Secret of the Golden Dagger
194. The border nomad; or, Sharp Stoke's double deal
197. Ranch Rob; or, The boy sleuth of Kansas
199. Bob, the Shadow; or, Solving a Double Mystery
200. Young giants of the gridiron; or, Fighting for the football pennant
201. Dick Ellis, the young nighthawk reporter; or, The biggest news beat on record
202. Pete, the breaker boy; or, The young coal mine ferret
203. Young Maverick, the Boy from Nowhere; or, The Young Oil King of Texas
205. Footlight Phil; or, From callboy to star
206. The Sky Smuggler; or, Gordon Keith's Great Balloon Chase
207. Bart Benner's mine; or, The boy who got there
208. The young ranchman; or, Bart Benner going it alone
209. Bart Benner's cowboy days; or, The young hunter of the Big Horn
210. Gordon Keith in Java; or, The search for the lost wild beast taker
215. The crimson clue; or, Dick Dangerfield's mission
217. Rifle and Rod; or, A Cruise Down the Lake
218. Pards; or, Comrades for life
219. Afloat with a Circus; or, The Diamond Seekers of Natal
220. Wide awake; or, Boys of the bicycle brigade
221. The Boy Caribou-Hunters; or, Treasure-Trove of Hudson Bay
222. Westward Ho! or, The Cabin in the Clearing
223. Mark Grayham; or, The boy wanderers of the desert
225. O. K.; or, Dauntless Dolph, the boy who won
226. Marooned in the ice; or, Gordon Keith's Arctic chase
227. The young filibuster; or, Nat Gray's adventures in Cuba
228. Jack Leonard, catcher; or, The pride of the nine
230. The Mark of a Thumb; or, The Mystery of the Crimson "Q"
232. In the land of the slave hunters; or, Gordon Keith in darkest Africa
233. The boy in black; or, Strange adventures in the land of mystery
234. A wonder worker; or, The search for the splendid city
236. To Unknown Lands; or, Gordon Keith in Patagonia
238. The rival nines; or, The championship of the Fairview athletes
240. Among the witch doctors; or, Gordon Keith in Zulu Land
242. Lion-hearted jack; or, Perils of forest and jungle
243. In Montana's wilds; or, The pluck and luck of two chums
244. Rivals of the Pines; or, The Hunt for the Great White Stag
245. Roving Dick, the chauffeur; or, Around the world in an auto
247. The sky pilots; or, Chasing a shadow
250. Lionel's pluck; or, A young miner's fight for a million
251. The red wafer; or, Gordon Keith at bay
252. The Rivals of Riverwood; or, Winning the Silver Pennant
253. Jolly Jack Jolly; or, The adventures of a New York boy
254. A jay from Maine; or, The fortunes of Reuben Green
255. Hank, the Hustler; or, A Brave Boy's Battle for Bread
259. Lucky-Stone Dick; or, The eighth wonder of the world
260. Git up and git; or, From flame to fame
261. Up to Date; or, Push and Pluck Rewarded
262. Brave and Bold Weekly, no. 262 (Gordon Keith's Double; or, The Chase of the Coiners and 2 more items)
263. The golden harpoon; or, The cruise of the Clifton cadets
264. Barred out; or, A race across the continent
265. Bob Porter's schooldays; or, Life at Lakeview Academy
266. Gordon Keith, Whaler; or, A Chase Through the Frozen North
268. Partners three; or, A cartload of coin
269. Dick Derby's double; or, The two boy kings
270. Gordon Keith, lumber jack; or, Wild life in the great Northwest
271. Money to spend; or, The boy who had a million
272. Always on duty; or, The life of a New York fireman
274. Far below the equator; or, Gordon Keith in the land of revolution
275. Pranks and perils; or, The black sheep of the Burrages
276. Lost in the ice; or, Two boys' adventures in the polar world
277. Simple Simon; or, The Fellow They Took for a Fool
278. Among the Arab slave raiders
279. The phantom boy; or, Young railroaders of Tower Ten
280. The round-the-world boys; or, The search for the great pink pearl
281. Bob the hoodoo; or, The luck a gold horseshoe brought
283. In the woods; or, The adventures of four young campers
285. The prince of grit; or, A sample American boy
286. The road to Fez; or, Gordon Keith's work in Morocco
289. Life-line Larry; or, The young Long Island coast guard
291. The golden pirate; or, A second Samson
293. A slave for a year; or, The voyage in search of fortune
294. The gilded boy; or, Pawn ticket no. 212
295. Bicycle and gun; or, The search for the seven diamonds
297. On the wing; or, The chase for the golden butterfly
298. The thumb-print clue; or, Gordon Keith's remarkable case
299. Bootblack Bob; or, The waifs of the gutter
300. A mascot of Hoodooville; or, The fortunes of Jonah Mudd
301. Slam, Bang & Co.; or, The young Aladdins of fortune
302. Frank Bolton's chase; or, A long hunt in the dark
303. In unknown worlds; or, Searching for the missing link
304. Held for ransom; or, The young ranch owner
305. Wilde & Woolley; or, The pards from Plug Ugly Bar
306. The Young Horseman; or, From the Adirondacks to the Andes
308. The double-faced mystery; or, Adventures of a rolling stone
309. A young West Pointer; or, The cadet life of Ben Burgess
311. Double-quick Dan; or, From messenger boy to millionaire
312. Louis Stanhope's success; or, From fireman to detective
313. Down-east Dave; or, Through thick and thin
314. The young marooner; or, An American Robinson Crusoe
315. Runaway and rover; or, The boy from nowhere
316. The house of fear; or, Gordon Keith's greatest case
317. Bert Chipley on deck; or, Adventures in the Orient
318. Compound interest; or, Bob Grant's road upward
319. On his mettle; or, The Marbleville mystery
321. Madcap Max, the boy adventurer; or, Lost in the land of the Mahdi
322. Always to the front; or, For fun and fortune
323. Caught in a Trap; or, The Great Desmond Case
324. For big money; or, Beating his way to the Pacific
325. Muscles of steel; or, The boy wonder
326. Gordon Keith in Zululand; or, How Checkers held the fort
327. The boys' revolt; or, Right against might
328. The mystic isle; or, In peril of his life
329. A million a minute; or, A brace of meteors
330. Gordon Keith under African skies; or, Four comrades in the danger zone
332. In the path of duty; or, The fortunes of officer Dan Deering
334. A battle with fate; or, The baseball mascot
336. Archie Atwood, champion; or, An all-around athlete's career
337. Dick Stanhope afloat; or, The eventful cruise of the Elsinore
338. Working his way upward; or, From footlights to riches
339. The fourteenth boy; or, How Vin Lovell won out
343. The boy chief; or, Comrades of camp and trail
344. Smart Alec; or, Bound to get there
345. Climbing up; or, The meanest boy alive
346. Comrades three; or, With Gordon Keith in the South Seas
349. Fighting the cowards; or, Among the Georgia moonshiners
350. The Mud River Boys; or, The Fight for Penlow's Mill
351. Grit and wit; or, Two of a kind
352. Right on top; or, Yankee to the backbone
353. A clue from nowhere; or, On a phantom trail
354. Never Give Up; or, Harry Holton's Resolve
355. Comrades under Castro; or, The young engineers in Venezuela
356. The silent city; or, Strange adventures in an unknown country
357. Gypsy Joe; or, The nomad's triumph
358. The Copper Coterie; or, From Rocks to Riches
359. Diplomat Dave; or, A young reporter on the firing line
360. Yankee grit; or, With Stanley in "darkest Africa"
361. The tiger's claws; or, Out with the mad mullah
362. Brave and Bold Weekly, no. 362 (A Taxicab Tangle; or, The Mission of the Motor Boys and 2 more items)
363. Brave and Bold Weekly, no. 363 (A Hoodoo Machine; or, The Motor Boys' Runabout No. 1313 and 2 more items)
364. Pluck Beats Luck; or, Tom Talbot's Trials and Triumphs
365. Two young adventurers; or, The czar of Toddsland
366. The Roustabout Boys; or, A Trip to Maine
367. Aboard the Lively Bee; or, An American boy's adventures in war
368. Sparkling plunder; or, Gordon Keith bagging jailbirds
369. Under Full Steam; or, The Tugboat Route to Success
370. The Boys of Liberty; or, Adventures of Paul Revere
372. Striking Out for Himself; or, The Mystery of Giant Forest
373. The airship destroyer; or, Gordon Keith's greatest mystery
374. Bert Fairfax's pluck; or, The trials and triumphs of school-boy life
375. A Business Boy; or, Hal Hartley's Race for Fortune
376. The young guardsman; or, With Washington in the Ohio Valley
378. A young clerk's pluck; or, Fighting against long odds
379. The trail over seas; or, Gordon Keith's brilliant play
380. The young ambassador; or, Washington's first triumph
381. The Boy Pathfinder; or, The Mystery of the Masked Rajah
382. The young patriot; or, The plucky guardsman at Fort William
383. Witches of the flame; or, The mystery of Burning Valley
384. The outcast prince; or, The power of the Spaniard
385. A dash into mystery; or, Gordon Keith's amazing nerve
386. Winning His Rights; or, The Fortunes of Vernon Craig
389. Fighting Hal; or, From Fort Necessity to Quebec
390. The Young Klondikers; or, Jud Kent's Golden Stake
392. The Boy Motor King; or, Winning by Pluck and Daring
394. Turning a double trick; or, The courage of a Bowery boy
395. A Game for Millions; or, The Luck of a Young Reporter
396. Winning by Speed; or, A Motor Boy's Splendid Exploits
397. Brave and Bold Weekly, no. 397 (The Green Mountain Boys; or, Ethan Allen's Heroism and 1 more item)
398. Wrecked in the Air; or, The Boy Motor King's Bond
399. The Boy Who Got There; or, A Thousand Dollar Start
400. The Little Corporal's Double; or, Changing the Map of Europe
401. A game boy's chance; or, Making good against big odds
403. A dash for a million; or, How a fortune was found
404. Swindlers rounded up; or, The adventures of a South African trooper
405. Chasing the Sound Pirate; or, Bowery Billy and the "Jolly Comrade"
407. A finespun plot; or, Bowery Billy and the alibi
408. In the colonial navy; or, The adventures of dashing Paul Jones
409. A golden find; or, Paving the road to fortune
410. Lucky Tom, Messenger; or, When the Number Thirteen Was Lucky
411. The mysterious hermit; or, Bowery Billy in Greenwich Village
412. From Bootblack to Grandee; or, Charles Manton and Montezuma's Treasure
413. The stolen portrait mystery; or, Bowery Billy in Bohemia
414. Three Speeds to Victory; or, Motoring for the Borden Cup
415. Getting to the Top; or Zig-Zag, the Boy Conjurer
416. The panhandlers of Essex Street; or, Bowery Billy on the warpath
417. Motoring in the Depths; or, Raiding the Rebels in a Submarine
418. Treasure by the barrel; or, The Cherokee boom
419. The trolley transfer grafters; or, Bowery Billy's counterfeit chase
420. The Sons of the Rising Sun; or, The submarine and the Japanese spies
421. Fire, fame, and fortune; or, Making a name for himself
422. The mystery of the haunted ship; or, Bowery Billy in a diving suit
423. The spark of friendship; or, The cowboy and the aeroplane
424. The black sheep's legacy; or, The rainbow chaser on the trail
425. Foiling the Spanish plotters; or, Bowery Billy in an international broil
426. On high gear; or, Uncle Tom's Cabin and the red flier
427. The young electrician; or, The crossed wires at the miracle factory
428. The theatrical mystery; or, Bowery Billy and the matinee idol
429. A battle for the right; or, How fate threw the dice

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