The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Boys' Books of Romance and Adventure

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Publisher: Beadle -- United States of America
Category: Format : Larger Booklet
Notes / Commentary: "No authors are given for Nos. 4 to 15, Inclusive, but they were probably written by Edward S. Ellis, who "edited" them when they first appeared in TT&R."--Johannsen, A. House of Beadle and Adams and its dime and nickel novels

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1874
Approximate Number of Issues: 21
This listing is a work in progress.


1. Robinson Crusoe
2. Roving Ben; or, The Cruise of the Adelaide. A Boys' Tale of Adventure by Land and Sea
3. Prairie Chick; or, The Quaker Among the Red-Skins
4. The Border Boy; Simon Kenton's Indian Torture Ride; Murphy Saving the Fort; Mrs. Austin and the Bear
5. The Girl Soldier; Joe Logston's Fight with an Indian; General Morgan's Prayer; The Johnson Boys' Escape
6. Marion's Men; A Great Hunting Adventure; Elerson's Famous Race; Molly Pitcher at Monmouth
7. The Boy Sentinel; Tecumseh and the Prisoners; Horse-whipping a Tyrant; A Mother's Trial
8. The Boy Captive; Women Defending the Wagon; Moody, the Refugee; The Leap for Life
9. Tryon, the Tyrant; The Chieftain's Appeal; Mrs. Slocum at Moore's Creek; Brady's Leap
10. Kenton Saving Boone; The Minnesota Captive; Stephen Ball Hung by the Tories; Mrs. Palmer and Putnam
11. Mad Ann the Huntress; Jacob Wetzel Saved by His Dog; Arnold and Colonel Brown; Coacoochee's Talk
12. Peter Francisco, the Western Samson; The Indian Girl Saving Howard; Hughes Killing the Turkey; Hamilton Saving His Cloth
13. The Dog Avenger; Magnanimity of Rohn-yen-ness; Women Capturing the Hessian; Battle of Bloody Brook
14. The Beautiful Spy; Wingenund Refusing to Save Crawford; Owen Davis Carving out Court Business; Sergeant Champe and Captain Cameron
15. Adventures with Indians and Tories, including the Stories of The Last Blast of the Trumpeter; McClure's Adventures; Escape of Captain John Steele; Pioneer Life in the West
16. The Test Shot; or, The Marked Bullet. A Story of a Young Hunter's Skill
17. Silver Tongue, the Dacotah Queen; or, Pat among the Red-skins. A Romance of the Indian Country
18. The Wood-Demon. A Tale of the Susquehanna in Olden Days
19. The Yankee Scout; or, Haps and Mishaps of the Border
20. The Child Captive; or, The Outlaw Brothers. A Tale of Early Kentucky
21. The Kentucky Boys; or, The Willing Captive. A Tale of Ohio River Life

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