The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - The Boys' Best Weekly

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Alternate Title: The Boy's Best Weekly
Publisher: Arthur Westbrook Publishing Co. (Cleveland (Ohio)) -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (Color Cover)
Issues: 58
Dates: January 16, 1909 through June 24, 1910. The early issues were undated and only 35 were issued during 1909.
Schedule: Weekly, but there was some slippage
Price: 5ยข
Size: Nos. 1 through 35: 4 3/8 x 6 7/8". Nos. 36 through 58, 8 x 11".
Pages: Nos. 1 through 35: 64. Nos. 36 through 58: 32.
Illustrations: Colored pictorial covers. Nos. 36 through 58, oval picture with a blue border.
Major Author(s): Horace Paine (Probably a pseudonym)
Contents: School and athletic adventures of Jack Standfast
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: In Progress, Complete Listing Available


1. Jack Standfast at School; or, The Arrival of a Champion
2. Jack Standfast's Rushes on Tackle; or, Winning the First Game of the Season
3. Jack Standfast's Great Kick; or, Saving the Game in the Last Minute
4. Jack Standfast on His Mettle; or, The Great Thanksgiving Day Game
5. Jack Standfast's Courage; or, The Fire at the Freshman's Social
6. Jack Standfast's Honor; or, Teaching His Enemy a Lesson
7. Jack Standfast to the Rescue; or, Saving a Life on a Frozen River
8. Jack Standfast and the Finger-Print; or, A College Career Almost Ruined
9. Jack Standfast's Speedy Skating; or, Freshman Victorious at Ice Hockey
10. Jack Standfast's Work at Forward; or, Beating Creston at Basket Ball
11. Jack Standfast's Friendship; or, One Brave Boy Against a Hundred
12. Jack Standfast Winning Honors; or, Chosen to Defend His School
13. Jack Standfast Winning His "G"; or, Making the Indoor Track Team
14. Jack Standfast and the Gamblers; or, Breaking up a Big Gang
15. Jack Standfast's Great High Jump; or, Beating Knox in Duel Meet
16. Jack Standfast Breaking Records; or, Hard Work Against Indian Athletes
17. Jack Standfast's Keen Batting; or, Changing Defeat to Victory
18. Jack Standfast's Sacrifice Hit; or, A Ruse at the Last Minute
19. Jack Standfast Trice a Rescuer; or, Vacation Fishing and Hunting
20. Jack Standfast's Great Pitching; or, Winning a Western Game
21. Jack Standfast's Discovery; or, Finding a Rich Copper Mine
22. Jack Standfast in a Prairie Fire; or, Brave Riding on the Range
23. Jack Standfast and the Crazy Miner; or, The Mystery of an Old Prospector
24. Jack Standfast's Brave Stand; or, Hunting Down a Stage Robber
25. Jack Standfast and the Cowboy Team; or, Playing Ball in the Mountains
26. Jack Standfast and the Greaser; or, Bringing a Rustler to Time
27. Jack Standfast's Homeward Journey; or, In the Heart of the Great Flood
28. Jack Standfast Back Home; or, Settling with a Old Skinflint
29. Jack Standfast Sophomore; or, His Return to Garland College
30. Jack Standfast's Old Enemy; or, New Scores to Be Settled
31. Jack Standfast's Longest Run; or, Opening the Football Season
32. Jack Standfast Making Good; or, Drop-Kicking Himself to Fame
33. Jack Standfast's Greatest Error; or, A Midnight Fire at Garland
34. Jack Standfast Trapped; or, Caught by the Whitecappers
35. Jack Standfast's Assistance; or, The New Boy at Garland
36. Jack Standfast's Sturdy Arm; or, The Lad Who Knew It All
37. Jack Standfast Set Back; or, The Ice Hockey Play of "Stormy Jones"
38. Jack Standfast's Method; or, Winning Over a Bitter Enemy
39. The Boy's Best Weekly, v. I, no. 39 (Jack Standfast's Ice Boat; or, The Struggle for the Pennant and 1 more item)
40. Jack Standfast's New Chum; or, The Boy From Canada
41. Jack Standfast's Pledge; or, The Fast Five From Garland
42. Jack Standfast's Trap Shooting; or, Butting up Against Trouble
43. The Boy's Best Weekly, v. I, no. 43 (Jack Standfast's Best Work; or, The Marvel of the Cinder Path and 1 more item)
44. Jack Standfast's Enemies; or, The Plot That Failed
45. Jack Standfast's Challenge; or, A Fight to the Finish
46. Jack Standfast's Hard Luck; or, Snatching Victory from Defeat
47. Jack Standfast's Wireless; or, A Message from the Sky
48. Jack Standfast's Test; or, Measuring up to the Standard
49. Jack Standfast's Fidelity; or, The Puzzle of a "Drop" Ball
50. Jack Standfast's First Game; or, The Best Way to Win
51. Jack Standfast's Infield Stars; or, Fair Play and No Favors
52. Jack Standfast's Mad Auto Ride; or, Pace-Maker to a Comet
53. Jack Standfast to the Rescue; or, The Great Game with Peckham
54. Jack Standfast's Clever Catch; or, Playing Center for the Cripples
55. Jack Standfast in the Box Again; or, Knox at the Mercy of the Wizard
56. Jack Standfast at His Best; or, Turning the Tables of Peckham
57. Jack Standfast's Comrades; or, Lending a Helping Hand
58. Jack Standfast's Baseball Signals; or, The Strike-Out Record of the League

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