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Series - Bowery Boy Library

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Alternate Title: Bowery Boy Weekly
Publisher: Street & Smith (New York (N.Y.): 195 West Fifteenth St.) (Winner Library Co. imprint) -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (Color Cover)
Issues: 100
Dates: Oct. 21, 1905 to Sept. 14, 1907
Schedule: Weekly
Price: 5ยข
Size: 11 x 8"
Pages: 32
Illustrations: Colored pictorial cover
Publisher's Blurb:

"American lads have always eagerly read stories of life among the street Arabs of our great cities. There appears to be some peculiar charm connected with these scenes among the lowly, even to boys who have never visited New York. To them the Bowery stands for all that is adventurous and mysterious, while its jostling crowds are the various actors in an exciting drama of real life. Believing that an up-to-date weekly would be gladly welcomed, if devoted exclusively to stories founded upon the exciting adventures experienced by wide-awake street boys, we have launched the Bowery Boy Library. It speaks for itself."
(From No. 1)

"BOWERY BOY WEEKLY, A Magazine for American Boys. Issued Every Wednesday. Handsome Colored Covers. The hero of the leading story each week is Bowery Billy whose pluck and wit are by-words among the people who dwell on the lower 'East Side' of New York. Billy is only a waif, but he proves himself true as steel to his friends and makes things mighty uncomfortable for his enemies. Do not fail to buy the BOWERY BOY WEEKLY."
(From No. 100)


"Special Notice. This will be the last issue of the BOWERY BOY WEEKLY, and we would recommend that our readers who enjoy a cleverly told detective story purchase the current issue of the 'Nick Carter Weekly' No. 559, entitled 'A Beautiful Anarchist; or, Nick Carter's Bravest Act', now for sale on the news-stands."

Major Author(s): Street & Smith staff writers. There is no Street & Smith ledger extant on this series, therefore there is no way that true authors can be determined.
Notes / Commentary:

It is believed that the "Broadway Billy" stories published by Beadle were the source of ideas for this series. It is possible that some of the Broadway Billy stories may have been reprinted as Bowery Billy stories though none has been proven. A check of both series would be necessary but has not been made.

After number 90, the series underwent a minor name change. The word "Library" changed to "Weekly" without change in numerical sequence.

Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. Bowery Billy, the Street Vagabond; or, A Boy Hero in Rags
2. Bowery Billy's Chinese Puzzle; or, Holding up the Pig Tails
3. Bowery Billy, the Dock Rat; or, A Bootblack among the River Pirates
4. Bowery Billy on Deck; or, The Trail of the Gotham Firebugs
5. Bowery Billy's Bootblack Pard; or, Righting a Great Wrong
6. Bowery Billy's Bargain Day; or, Following a Strange Clue
7. Bowery Billy's Business Racket; or, The Boy Beagle in a New Deal
8. Bowery Billy's Best Job; or, The Street Gamin Detective in Clover
9. Bowery Billy's Mark-Down; or, A Corner in City Crooks
10. Bowery Billy's Twin; or, The Boy Ferret among the Dagoes
11. Bowery Billy in Luck; or, Move-Along Mac, the Mercer Street Moke
12. Bowery Billy's Runabout Race; or, The Brigands of Brooklyn Bridge
13. Bowery Billy's Blazed Trail; or, The Man Hunters of Manhattan
14. Bowery Billy's Side Line; or, A whirl of Fortune's Wheel
15. Bowery Billy, the Bootblack Reporter; or, Tracking the Trackers
16. Bowery Billy's Bluff; or, Tad Wrinkles, the Wire Trapper
17. Bowery Billy's Benefit; or, The Grandee of Grand Street
18. Bowery Billy's Best; or, A Chip of the Old Block
19. Bowery Billy's Blind; or, Thistle, the Tompkins Street Trimmer
20. Bowery Billy's Set-Back; or, Thistle Tom's Treachery
21. Bowery Billy's Dingy Dory; or, The Mystery of Mr. Myrick
22. Bowery Billy's Bad Penny; or, The Double Deal at Desbrosses Street
23. Bowery Billy's Blunder; or, Making up for Lost Time
24. Bowery Billy, the Subway Sleuth; or, The Boy Shadow under the Streets
25. Bowery Billy's Police Patrol; or, The Disappearance of Danny
26. Bowery Billy's Badge; or, The Police Spy's Promotion
27. Bowery Billy's Bunco Block; or, Riddles, the Bank Runner
28. Bowery Billy's Betrayal; or, Guessing at the Game
29. Bowery Billy's Surprise; or, Marco, the Street Musician
30. Bowery Billy's Break-Away; or, The Crooks' Carnival
31. Bowery Billy's Street Spy; or, Plimp, the Pavement Pacer
32. Bowery Billy, the Bootblack Bravo; or, The Nevada Sport in New York
33. Bowery Billy's Bond; or, The Hobo from Hoboken
34. Bowery Billy on Broadway; or, Sandy, the Sidewalk Sifter
35. Bowery Billy's "Billy"; or, A treasure Search in the City Streets
36. Bowery Billy's "Scoop"; or, The Reporter Detective to the Rescue
37. Bowery Billy's Queer Cruise; or, The Kidnapped Millionaire
38. Bowery Billy's Give-and-Take; or, Trapped by Wireless
39. Bowery Billy's Hippodrome Chase; or, The Leap for Life
40. Bowery Billy at Coney Island; or, The Bunco King
41. Bowery Billy's Fair Play; or, Sandy to the Resuce
42. Bowery Billy's Friends; or, Marston's False Move
43. Bowery Billy's Electric Launch; or, The North River Mystery
44. Bowery Billy's Life Secret; or, Finding a Father
45. Bowery Billy's Shadow; or, A Leap in the Dark
46. Bowery Billy's Shake-up; or, The Boy Anarchist
47. Bowery Billy's Temptation; or, In the Toils
48. Bowery Billy in Trouble; or, A Friend in Need
49. Bowery Billy's Side Trip; or, The Secret of Maida
50. Bowery Billy's Jubilee; or, The Street Boy Detective's Day Off
51. Bowery Billy Entrapped; or, Maida to the Rescue
52. Bowery Billy in Disguise; or, Sneakers, the Boy Sleuth
53. Bowery Billy in Clover; or, Working a City Mine
54. Bowery Billy's Vacation; or, The Bootblack Detective's Double Play
55. Bowery Billy's Bag of Gold; or, Helping the Man from Butte
56. Bowery Billy's Boomerang; or, Queer Work on Riverside Drive
57. Bowery Billy, the Bell-boy Spy; or, The Missing Money
58. Bowery Billy's Bad Luck; or, One of Fortune's Freaks
59. Bowery Billy's Secret; or, A Waif of the Streets
60. Bowery Billy's Hero; or, Fancy Frank at Bay
61. Bowery Billy's New Deal; or, A Run for His Money
62. Bowery Billy's Bravery; or, Chicot, the Chatham Square "Cherub"
63. Bowery Billy's Auto; or, Artie, the Avenue "Agent"
64. Bowery Billy's Trick; or, Playing a Double Hand
65. Bowery Billy's New Chum; or, Phil Erwin's Fighting Chance
66. Bowery Billy and the Bench-Warmers; or, The Search for Basil Lyndhust
67. Bowery Billy's Tenderloin Chase; or, Mr. Nobody of Nowhere
68. Bowery Billy and the Panhandlers; or, Spotting the Fagin of Essex Street
69. Bowery Billy's Strange Case; or, The Belle of Little Germany
70. Bowery Billy's Clean Sweep; or, Bob, the Besom at Bay
71. Bowery Billy's Crooked Trail; or, The Hermit of Old Greenwich Village
72. Bowery Billy and the Jolly Comrade; or, Chasing the Sound Pirate
73. Bowery Billy's Chums; or, Rounding up a Bedloe Gang
74. Bowery Billy's Black Hand Warning; or, The Great Bayard Street Mystery
75. Bowery Billy on Dangerous Ground; or, The Detective's Double
76. Bowery Billy's April Fool; or, Bursting a Financial Bubble
77. Bowery Billy for the Defense; or, The Firebug of Findley
78. Bowery Billy, the Trolley Sleuth; or, Spotting the Transfer Grafters
79. Bowery Billy, Nighthawk; or, The Slip-up of Sharpie
80. Bowery Billy and the Missing May Queen; or, Bianca, the Belle of Little Italy
81. Bowery Billy and the Action Alibi; or, Following a Fine Spun Thread
82. Bowery Billy and the Studio Mystery; or, The Lost Van Dyck Portrait
83. Bowery Billy's Mission; or, Sharpie Makes a Home Run
84. Bowery Billy's Decoration; or, A Mystery of the French Quarter
85. Bowery Billy's great Dive; or, Sharpie Foils the Plot against Edith
86. Bowery Billy on a Lark; or, The Eventful Cruise of the "Jolly Comrade"
87. Bowery Billy on the East Side Roofs; or, Trailing the Flying Man
88. Bowery Billy's 100 to 1 Shot; or, The Goddess of Liberty Puzzle
89. Bowery Billy's Celebration; or, Sharpie and the "Peter" Kid
90. Bowery Billy and Shifty Sam; or, Sharpie's Chase of the Sewer Rat
91. Bowery Billy's Go with the "Plute"; or, The Fortunes of Folly Farleigh
92. Bowery Billy's Midsummer Frolic; or, The "Jolly Comrade" Comes to Grief
93. Bowery Billy to the Rescue; or, The Mystery of the Belle of Perth
94. Bowery Billy's Spanish Case; or, Exposing the Carlist Plotters
95. Bowery Billy on the Rialto; or, The "Rupert of Hentzau" Riddle
96. Bowery Billy and the Reds; or, The Peril of Ellis Pryde
97. Bowery Billy's Blow at "The System"; or, Dan Reilly up against It
98. Bowery Billy on an Outside Job; or, The Problem of the Round Black Patch
99. Bowery Boy library, no. 99 (Bowery Billy's Coney Island Jaunt; or, Trapping the Wizard of the Rollers and 1 more item)
100. Bowery Boy library, no. 100 (Bowery Billy's Narrow Squeak; or, The Mystery of the Treadington Mansion and 1 more item)

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