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Series - The Religion of Science Library

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Category: Format : Reprint Library
Issues: 61 (Highest number seen advertised)
Dates: July, 1893-1900's
Schedule: Bi-monthly
Price: 15¢, 25¢, 35¢ or 50¢, depending on length
Pages: 50-400
Contents: Reprints of scientific and philosophical texts and novels.
Notes / Commentary: This series was not listed by LeBlanc (since it contains non-fiction and was beyond his usual scope). Thanks to Cary Sternick for pointing it out. The first 19 titles can be found in an advertisement in the back of a copy of No. 19 digitized by HathiTrust. A more complete list, with increased prices, can be found in the 1908 catalog, The Work of the Open Court Publishing Co., starting on page 178.
Primary Data Source: Online Sources
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1. The religion of science
2. Three introductory lectures on the science of thought
3. Three lectures on the science of language
4. The diseases of personality
5. The psychology of attention
7. The nature of the state
9. Fundamental problems
10. The diseases of the will
11. On the origin of language and the Logos theory
14. The gospel of Buddha
15. Primer of philosophy
19. On germinal selection as a source of definite variation

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