The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Jackson's Novels

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Publisher: James Jackson (London (England): 2 Red Lion Court, Fleet Street) -- Great Britain
Issues: 9 (7 numbered titles plus 2 unnumbered "new series" issues, reflected below as "volume 2" titles)
Dates: 1882
Price: 1d
Contents: British reprints from various sources, including some American dime novels
Physical Description: Series has a uniform cover: number (or the words "new series") at top left, price ("ONE PENNY") at top right; title below; crude "Indian head" drawing surrounded by forest motif filling central portion of cover; series name, publisher name and address at bottom.
Notes / Commentary: This series was not listed by LeBlanc, being outside of his American scope. Data here is derived from Phil Stephenson-Payne's Galactic Central Magazine Index and confirmed/expanded by full-text copies found in the Internet Archive.
Primary Data Source: Online Sources
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. Midnight Jack; or, The Road-Agent
2. Free Trappers' Pass; or, The Gold-Seeker's Daughter
3. Tom Terror, the Outlaw
4. The mountain cat
5. Scouting Dave: The Trail Hunter
6. Pathaway; or, Nick Whiffles on the Trail
7. The Silent Rifleman. A Tale of the Texan Prairies
v. 2. The bottle-imp : a tale from the German
v. 2. The misanthrope corrected

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