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Series - Excelsior Library

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Alternate Titles: Excelsior Library of Popular Books
Excelsior Library of Popular Handbooks
Publisher: Excelsior Publishing House (New York (N.Y.): 26 City Hall Place) -- United States
Issues: 77 (Highest number seen)
Dates: 1891-1904
Schedule: Quarterly (early printings); Semi-monthly (later printings)
Price: $1.00 per year (early printings); $6.00 per year (later printings)
Notes / Commentary:

This series began life as simply "Excelsior Library." At some point its name was expanded, variously, to "Excelsior Library of Popular Books" and "Excelsior Library of Popular Handbooks." At least some titles seem to have been kept in print for a long period of time, because issues have been observed with identical cover dates but different series title variations, frequencies and prices.

This series was not listed by LeBlanc. It is listed here based on digitized copies of 28, 30, 41, 44, 49 and 77 found at HathiTrust, the Library of Congress and Villanova University. Information on Nos. 1 and 12 was added from WorldCat.

Primary Data Source: Online Sources
Data Entry Status: In Progress, No Listing Available


1. Popular recitations, humorous readings and laughable stories
12. Nine complete debates ... Especially adapted to literary and debating societies
28. Tricks with cards : containing explanations of the general principles of sleight-of hand applicable to card-tricks : of card-tricks with ordinary cards, and not requiring sleight-of-hand; of tricks involving sleight-of-hand, or the use of specially-prepared cards; and of card-tricks requiring special apparatus
30. The manly art of self-defence
41. How to raise poultry for pleasure and profit
44. Money, silver, and finance
49. Klondike and all about it
77. Stuart's fancy drinks and how to mix them

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