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Series - Robin Hood Library (Aldine)

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Alternate Title: Aldine Robin Hood Library
Publisher: Aldine Publishing Co. (London (England)) -- Great Britain
Category: Format : Small Booklet
Issues: 88 (first series); 14 (second series); 88 (third series); 8 (fourth series)
Dates: October 19, 1901 to June 6, 1906 (first series); October 3, 1912 to 1914 (second series); March 1, 1924 to 1927 (third series); 1930 (fourth series)
Notes / Commentary: This listing is derived and expanded from Robert Kirkpatrick's From the Penny Dreadful to the Ha'penny Dreadfuller (New Castle, Delaware: Oak Knoll Press and The British Library, 2013).
Primary Data Source: Kirkpatrick
Data Entry Status: In Progress, No Listing Available


2. The tyrant of Nottingham
3. The fighting friar of Sherwood
4. Little John to the rescue
5. Will Scarlet the brave
6. The battle of the giants
7. For king and freedom
8. Brave hearts and Norman traitors
9. The captive of Blackmoor Castle
10. Robin Hood's call to arms
11. The great fight in Sherwood Forest
12. Dungeons of despair
13. The red fox of Tirlstone
14. From the jaws of destruction
15. For Richard and the right
16. In desperate plight
17. The demon of the forest
18. Sons of the brave
20. The branded arrow
30. The 'prentice bowmen of Nottingham
34. Night hawk of the woods
46. A felon stroke : how Robin Hood dealt with treachery : the further triumphs of Saxon right 'gainst Norman might
52. The price of treachery; or, Robin Hood the invincible
60. Faithful unto death

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