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Publishers: A. E. Ostendorff (New York (N.Y.)) -- United States
Lou. H. Ostendorff, Jr. -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (B&W)
Issues: 27
Dates: February 15, 1893 to August 16, 1893
Schedule: Weekly and quarterly
Price: 5ยข
Size: 8 1/2 x 11 3/4"
Pages: 16
Notes / Commentary: No. 27 lists "A. E. Ostendorff" as publisher; earlier issues are published by "Lou. H. Ostendorff, Jr." though it is not known when the publisher attribution changed. An article in the January, 1894 issue of The American Newsman uses the spelling Lew H. Ostendorff, Jr. There is a note at the top of No. 27 saying "KEEP YOUR EYE OPEN FOR NO. 28."
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: In Progress, Partial Listing Available


1. Bob Brooks, Chief of Detectives; or, The Secret of a Bamboo Rod
2. Bob Brooks and the Battery Park Tragedy; or A Shrewd Hunt
3. Caught in Chicago; or, Bob Brooks Among the World's Fair Crooks
4. The Halsted Street Crime; or, Bob Brooks' Deep Game
5. In Pittsburgh; or, Bob Brooks and the Dynamite Plot
6. Bob Brooks in Buffalo; or, The Capture of Two All-Around Crooks
7. Bob Brooks in Boston; or, The Mystery of the Signet Ring
8. Buncoers Buncoed; or, Bob Brooks on Broadway
9. Mysterious Disappearance; or, Bob Brooks on a Blind Trail
10. Three Pretty Shoplifters; or, Bob Brooks in Philadelphia
11. Boston's Big Blaze; or, Chief Brooks' Important Capture
12. On the Chicago; or, Bob Brooks Tracking a Defaulter
13. A Daring Escape; or, Bob Brooks at Sing Sing
14. Attacked on the Bridge; or, The Chief's Bravery
15. Brooks on The "New York"; or, The Chief's Double Play
16. A Bold Hold Up; or, The Robbery of the Night Express
17. New York's Little Jack Sheppard; or Mum, the Boy Detective's Clever Capture
18. Escaped from the Tombs; or, Tracking a Jail Bird
19. Chasing the Starr Gang; or, Bank and Train Robbers
20. $2,000 Reward; or, Bob Brooks and the Mail Pouch Robbers
21. Jack Sheppard
22. Billy, the Kid, King of Highwaymen
23. The $100,000 Robbery; or, Jim Cummings' Great Exploit
24. A Game of Chance; or, Bob Brooks Among the Counterfeiters
25. $17,000 Haul by Jesse and Frank James
26. Abducted by a Gambler; or, Bob Brooks at the World's Fair
27. Train Wreckers Betrayed; or, Bob Brooks in Kansas

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