The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Sergel's International Library

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Publisher: Sergel & Co. (Chicago (Ill.): 79 Dearborn Street) -- United States
Category: Format : Reprint Library
Issues: 18 (Highest number seen advertised)
Dates: 1890-1892
Price: 50ยข (or $1.00 for cloth)
Publisher's Blurb: "Under this general name Sergel & Co. will publish a series of popular novels by the best foreign and American authors. An effort will be made to issue the books in a style commensurate with their literary excellence. A royalty will be paid to the foreign authors, and nearly all of the books will be illustrated."
Notes / Commentary: This series was not listed in LeBlanc; he only documented its successor, Sergel's International Library, New Series. The first two titles listed here come from an advertisement on the front of The Publishers' Weeklyfor July 12, 1890. Nos. 4 and 6 were added from WorldCat listings. No. 16 comes from The International Bookseller for Sept. 3, 1892. No. 17 comes from The Publishers' Weekly for Sept. 3, 1892. No. 18 comes from The Publishers' Weekly for Dec. 10, 1892.
Primary Data Source: Online Sources
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1. The Kreutzer Sonata
2. Peter's Soul
4. Toil
6. Diane: a chronicle of the reign of Charles IX
16. Congressman Swanson
17. A Maiden of Mars
18. West and East: An Algerian Romance

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