The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - The Boys of New York Pocket Library

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Publisher: Frank Tousey (New York (N.Y.): 34 and 36 North Moore St.) -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (B&W)
Issues: 224
Dates: Nov. 6, 1880 to Jan. 31, 1885
Schedule: Weekly
Price: 5ยข
Size: 9 3/4 x 7"
Pages: 32
Illustrations: Black and white pictorial cover
Publisher's Blurb: None
Notes / Commentary: Publisher Frank Tousey had a relatively small staff of writers who wrote under a myriad of pseudonyms usually assigned by the publisher. The listings in this series ascribe uncredited authors based on articles that have appeared in Dime Novel Round-Up from 1930 to date.
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. The Pearl Diver
2. He Didn't Get Left. Something Very Novel
3. The Wolf Men of Minnesota
4. Black Hills Bill; or, The Gold of Canyon Gulch
5. The Lost Finger
6. The Thugs of Paris
7. Peeping Peter. A Tale of the American Revolution
8. The Shark Hunters
9. Tim Finnigan, the Young Irish Detective
10. Fox-Cap, the Friend of Daniel Boone
11. American Robinson Crusoe; or, The Wreck of the "Hurricane"
12. Tim Woodruff, the Young Chairmaker
13. Jolly Jack, the Rover; or, The Last Voyage of the "Phantom Ship"
14. Hook and Ladder No. 6; or, The Best Firemen in Town
15. Lost in the Pacific
16. Ned Newton; or, The Young Engineer of the "Swan"
17. The Young Life Saving Crew
18. Cruise of the "Silverwing". A Story of the Sea
19. Yankee Jack
20. On Board the School Ship "Norfolk"
21. Old Invincible
22. Roy, the Western Union Telegraph Messenger
23. Wine and Cards. A Temperance Story
24. Our Social Club
25. Mail Train Matt, The King of the Engineers
26. Big Beck, the Prince of the Trappers
27. Skeleton Saul
28. Liontine, the Pirate's Daughter
29. Swift Foot; or, The Adopted Chief
30. Billy Bunce, the Boy Actor
31. McDonald, the Man Tracker
32. A Dead Witness
33. Mocassin Mose
34. The Ourang-Outang Hunters, or, Adventures in the Dark Continent
35. Simple Silas, the Idiot Detective
36. Yarns around the Camp Fire
37. Sentenced for Life
38. The Inner Circle. A True Story of the Nihilists.
39. The Secret Glen, or, The Mysterious War Chief
40. Graybeard, the Terror of the Seas
41. Comic Adventures of Mike Mulligan
42. Corney of the Cliff, or, The Bold Irish Smuggler
43. The Fire Rider
44. Abandoned at Sea
45. The Masked Safe-Blowers of Chicago
46. Night Express Ned; or, Running the Night Express
47. Pete Walsh, the Western Detective
48. Brave Captain Kelly; or, The Darling Irish Privateer
49. The Caffre King; or, The New York Youths in Africa
50. Daring Zach, the Dwarf Scout of Palo Alto
51. Nan and Nat; or, The Child Riders. A True Tale of the Arena
52. Dan Hayes, the Detective
53. Figure Four; or, Simple Silas' Last Trail
54. The Gipsy's Curse; or, The Revenge of a Lifetime
55. Virginia Dick; or, A Southern Boy in the Mexican War
56. Ogres of the Ocean; or, The Voyage of the "Seashell"
57. War Eagle; or, The Hero of a Hundred Fights
58. A Secret Foe
59. Monte, the Mystery of Culpepper Valley
60. The Ghost of the Saw Mill
61. Young Phenix; or, Avenged from the Grave
62. Dick Desmond; or, The Mutiny of the "Golden Gate"
63. The Wreckers of the Walkill
64. The Comic Detective
65. Little Corinne, the Pride of the Ring
66. The Cuban Avenger; or, The Young Privateer
67. Vogiene, the Unknown Wonder of the Border
68. Crookstaff, the Ranger; or, The Outlaws of the Hills
69. The Pearl of the Pacific; or, Fighting the Savages
70. Big Carlos, the Giant Pirate
71. Tracked for Years
72. Little Dot; or, The Dandy Scout of the Plains
73. The House of Mystery
74. Hank Monk, The Stage Driver of the Pacific Slope
75. Among the Thugs; or, Two Yankee Boys in India
76. Life and Death of Jesse James
77. The Black Bravos
78. Ebony Eph, the Colored Detective
79. The Boss of the School; or, Around the World for Fun
80. The Magic Rifle; or, Fighting for the Lone Star
81. Frank James, the Avenger
82. The Renegade's Doom
83. The Secrets of the Diamond Island
84. The League of Fate
85. Simple Silas Among the Moonshiners
86. The Thugs of New Orleans
87. Lives of the Ford Boys
88. Danger Signal Dave, the Dashing Boy Engineer of the West
89. The Fiends of Paris; or, The Conspirator's Secret
90. The Island Captive; or, Donald Kane's Victory
91. The Black Band of New York
92. Lost Under Ground; or, A Week in the Dark
93. The Crimson Cowl; or, The Bandit of San Basilio
94. Foxy and Brother, the Invincible Detectives
95. Tracked By a Fiend
96. No. 202; or, In League with the Secret Service
97. Iceberg Jack, the Hero of the Arctic
98. Detective Sleuth's Son
99. The Secret Den; or, The Mississippi Pirates
100. Dick Darnley, the Switch Boy
101. The Cavern of Death; or, The Maiden Avenger
102. Jeppo, the Hunchback; or, The King of Torturers
103. In the Clouds with a Maniac; or, The Jockey's Peril
104. A Country Boy Detective
105. Frank James' Surrender
106. Bareback Tom, the Circus Wonder
107. The Missing Hunter
108. Sleuth-Hound Tom, the Veteran Detective
109. Alderman Maloney
110. Detective Dark
111. Pacific Dick, the Pirate's Dread. A Stirring Tale of the Indian Isles
112. The Maniac Scout
113. Dashwell, the Detective; or, The Mysteries of Seven Days
114. Ruined by Wine. A Temperance Story
115. The King of Three Oceans
116. Lightning Joe
117. The Firebugs of Chicago
118. Lost in the Sewers; or, Adventures Beneath a Great City
119. The Vault of Mystery
120. Keen Kit; or, The Border Detective among the Mormons
121. The Dead Avenger; or, Denounced from the Grave
122. The Black Detective. A Thrilling Story of the Secret Service
123. Shorthand Dick; or, The Young Reporter in Omaha
124. The Steps of Doom. A Tale of the Land of the Incas
125. The Mystic "7"; or, The Terror of the Bandits
126. The King of the Clouds
127. Hawk, the Weasel, the Baltimore Detectives
128. Rocky Mountain Joe
129. One Thousand Miles on Skates. A Story of Exciting Adventure
130. The Haunted Island; or, The Pirate's Victim
131. Young Hercules, the King of Detectives
132. Little Crow; or, The Tomahawk and Scalping-Knife in Minnesota
133. The Death Spell; or, The Black Voodoo's Vengeance. A Tale of the Dark Mysteries of Obeah
134. The Diamond Bullet
135. The Deaf and Dumb Detective
136. The Tattooed Hand. A Strange Story of Sea and Land
137. Midnight Dick, the King of Highwaymen
138. Mankato Mark, the Indian Nemesis; or, The White Avenger of the Nor-West
139. Hank Hamilton, the Blue Grass Detective; or, the Horse Thieves of Kentucky.
140. Lost in New York; or, A Country Boy's Adventures
141. Young Franklin; or, Buried under the Snow
142. The Black Hand; or, The Mystery of a Ring
143. The Swan; or, Life on the Mississippi. A Tale of India
144. The Black Cross; or, The Mysteries of the Jungle
145. The Silent Hunter; or, The Old Scout's Secret
146. Dragon Dick; or, In Pursuit of a Mountain Bandit
147. The Masked Brotherhood
148. Dick, the Pilot; or, The River Pirate's Plot. A Tale of the Mississippi
149. The Dwarf Bell-Ringer; or, The Mystery of the Church Tower
150. Out with General Crook; or, The Twin Scouts of the Sierra Madres
151. The Rival Knights; or, The Forest Champion
152. Suspected; or, The Horse-Thieves' Last Raid
153. Luke Bland; or, Piping a Dreadful Crime
154. The Mysterious Sport; or, The Girl Miner's Oath
155. The Lieutenant's Revenge; or, The Field of Blood
156. The Boy Miners; or, The Secret Mine of Hangtown
157. Muriel, the Girl Road Agent; or, The Revolver Queen of the Mountail Trail
158. The House on the Hill
159. Bold Ben Bryan, the Yankee Sailor Boy
160. Emerald Pat; or, The Orange and the Green
161. Harpoon Harry; or, The Castaways of the Antarctic
162. The Scouts' League
163. Little Luke, the Driver-Boy of the Mines; or, The Young Hero of the Diamond Shaft. A Story of Life and Adventure Down in a Coal Mine.
164. The Black Diamond. A Story of Cuba's Struggle
165. The Haunted School House
166. Simple Silas and the Night-Riders
167. Two Comical Crusoes; and a Very Black Friday
168. The Knight of the Black Horse. A Story of the Days of Chivalry
169. The Boy Captives of the Zulus; or, Held for Ransom. A Tale of Adventure in Africa
170. The Mad Midshipman; or, The Pirate's Last Cruise
171. The Slave Trader
172. The Ocean Mystery; or, The Fate of the "Fortune"
173. Jack Bruce, the Star of the Circus
174. The Young Brigand Chief
175. The Young Cliff Climber. A Tale of the Andes
176. The Hand of Fate; or, The Hawks of New York
177. The Jaguar Hunters; or, Wild Adventures in Brazil. The Story of Two Plucky Lads in a Southern Wilderness
178. The Red Pirate; or, The Island of Death
179. The Invisible Scout
180. The Haunted Cave; or, The Land of Wonders
181. The Life Savers; or, The Wreck of the "Ringdove"
182. The Hidden Cave. A Legend of the Ohio
183. The Pearl of the Border; or, The Girl Avenger
184. Old Bob Gray; or, The Lone Trapper of the Rockies. A Story of Wild Adventure
185. The Mysterious Five; or, The Terror of the Bandits
186. The Wonder Skiff
187. Mark Manley, the Young Engineer. A Story of Stirring Adventures on the Rail
188. The Ocean Scout; or, Captain Low's Last Cruise
189. Matt Mizzen, the Boy Rover
190. General Grant's Boy Spy; or, The Hero of Five Forks
191. Cape Horn Chris, the Whaler's Son
192. Old Sixty; or, The Last Run of the Special
193. The Ghouls of Gotham; or, The Man in the Black Cloak
194. Kit Carson's Raid
195. The Young Balloonist; or, A Boy's Adventures in the Clouds
196. From Wine to Ruin; or, Jack Jordan's Peril. A Temperance Story
197. The Broken Vow; or, The Lion-Tamer's Oath
198. Galloping O'Hagan; or, The Bold Free Rider. A Thrilling Story of Ireland
199. Two New York Boys Around the World; or, Winning a Wager
200. Matt, the Avenger; or, Fighting the Mexican Bandits
201. Phantom, the Prairie Trapper
202. Born to Be a Middy; or, On and Off a Man-o'-War
203. Comanche Bill; or, The Texan's Revenge
204. Continental Dick, the Dread of the Tories
205. "Stand Together"; or, The Young Firemen of Clinton
206. King of the Ice; or, Astray in the Arctic
207. The Locked League; or, The Mystery of the Key and Serpent
208. Just in Time; or, The Plot That Failed
209. Ranch 5. A Story of the 49ers
210. From East to West in a Balloon
211. Hunting the Wolf-Killers; or, Perils in the Northwest
212. Brave Bradshaw, the Express Messenger; or, Through by Night with a Million
213. The Mystery of the Forest; or, A Scout with Many Lives
214. The Circus Runaway; or, The Boy Trainer and His Elephant on Their Travels
215. The Haunted Cabin; or, The Secrets of the Swamp
216. The Boy Jockey; or, Fame and Fortune on the Race Course
217. The Wizard of the Deep; or, The Wonderful Ocean Cave
218. The Flying Scud. A Romance of the Ever-Faithful Isle
219. The Gold Mask; or, The Mystery of the Mines
220. The Spy of Toronto. A Story of 1812.
221. Cyclone, the Horse Runner; or, The Young Lassoer of the Plains
222. The Circus Wonder
223. The Young Drover; or, The Secret Order of the Northwest
224. Young Wide Awake, Pride of the Engineers; or, Life on the Railroad

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