The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Rugby Edition

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Alternate Title: Lovell's Rugby Edition of Books for Boys and Girls
Publisher: John W. Lovell Co. (New York (N.Y.): 150 Worth St., Cor. Mission Place) -- United States
Category: Format : Hardcover
Issues: 133 (Highest number seen advertised)
Dates: 1890
Schedule: Not known
Price: 75¢
Size: 7½ x 5"
Pages: 200 to 300
Illustrations: 4 Black and white full page illustrations on plain paper
Physical Description: Cloth bound
Notes / Commentary:

The series was not physically numbered, though some advertisements included a numbered, roughly alphabetical listing. Because advertisements issued at different times contained more or fewer titles, this numbering is not consistent; thus, the titles are not numbered here.

The LeBlanc listing was missing several titles. The following were added from the 1891 edition of the Illustrated Holiday Catalogue from A. C. McClurg & Company, Chicago: Fairy Tales from Brentano, From Powder Monkey to Admiral, Hendrick the Hunter, James Braithwaite, Life at Sea, My Tour in Europe, Peter Trawl, Shore and Ocean, Stanley Graham, The Cruise of the Snow Bird and Wild Adventures Around the Pole. Two titles in LeBlanc's original listing are not found in this catalogue and may indicate typographical errors -- for example, Young Folks' Book of Books. They are retained here for completeness, until more evidence can be found.

Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


Abbott's Stories for Children
Adventures Among the Indians
Adventures of Famous Sailors
Adventures of Famous Travelers
The Adventures of Rob Roy
Adventures, Forest and Frontier
Afloat in the Forest
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Audubon the Naturalist
Aunt Diana
Barbara's Triumph; or, The Fortunes of a Young Artist
Boy Conqueror
Boy Crusoes; or, The Young Islanders
The Boy Hunters; or, Adventures in Search of a White Buffalo
The Boy Slaves
The Boy Tar
Boys in the Forecastle: A Fascinating Tale of Real Life at Sea
Boys of the Bible
Boys' and Girls' Story Book
The Bush Boys
Cast Up By the Sea
Children's Stories
The Cliff Climbers
The Cruise of the Snow Bird
Deep Down
Desert Home
Dick Cheveley
Dick Rodney
Eastern Fairy Legends, Current in Southern India
Edgeworth's Classic Tales
Edgeworth's Moral Tales
Edgeworth's Parents' Assistant
Edgeworth's Popular Tales
Eight Years' Wandering in Ceylon
Eric Dane; or, The Football of Fortune
Erling the Bold
Esther: A Story for Girls
Fairy Tales from Brentano
Famous Boys
Famous Men
The Fire Brigade
The Flag of Distress
A Flat Iron for a Farthing
The Forest Exiles
Fort Pillow to the End
Fort Sumter to Roanoke Island
Frank Wildman's Adventures on Land and Water
From Powder Monkey to Admiral
Gascoyne, the Sandal-Wood Trader: A Tale of the Pacific
German Fairy Tales
Gilbert the Trapper
The Giraffe Hunters
The Golden Magnet; or, The Treasure Cave of the Incas
Gracie Goodwin. A Story for Girls
Grandfather's Chair
Grey Hawk
Harlie's Letters
Hauff's Fairy Tales
Hendrick the Hunter
In Southern Seas; or, Jack Esbon's Eventful Voyage
In the Wilds of New Mexico
Jack Wheeler. A story of the Wild West.
Jackanapes and Other Tales
James Braithwaite
The Land of Mystery
Life at Sea
Life of Daniel Boone
Luke Bennett's Hide Out. A Story of the War
Magician's Show-box and Other Stories
Mark Seaworth
Merle's Crusade
The Midshipman
The Mountain Cave; or, The Mystery of the Sierra Nevada
Murfreesboro to Fort Pillow
My Tour of Europe
The Mystery of a Diamond
Nature's Young Nobleman
Number 91
Ocean Waifs
Odd People
Old Merry's Travels on the Continent
On the Trail of Geronimo
Oriental Fairy Tales
Our Young Soldiers. Articles on Military Matters
Paul Blake. Adventures of a Boy in the Island of Corsica, etc.
Perils of the Jungle. A Tale of Adventure in the Dark Continent
Peter Trawl
Peter, the Whaler
Pirate Island. A Story of the Southern Pacific
The Plant Hunters
Popular Natural History
Ran Away to Sea
The Red Eric; or, The Whaler's Last Cruise
Rifle and Hound in Ceylon
Roanoke Island to Murfreesboro
Robin Hood and His Merry Forresters
Round the World
Salt Water
Sandford and Merton
School Life; or, Three Years at Wolverton
Shore and Ocean
The Smuggler's Cave; or, Who Shall Be the Heir?
Spanish Fairy Tales
Stanley Graham
Stories about Animals
Stories from American History
Through the Looking Glass
The Tiger Prince
Tom Tracy; or, The Trials of a New York Newsboy
Twice-Told Tales
A Voyage to the Gold Coast; or, Jack Bond's Quest
The War Tiger
The White Elephant
The White Mustang
Wild Adventures Around the Pole
Wild Sports in the Far West
The Wolf Boy of China
Wonders of the Great Deep
The Young Acrobat; or, The Great North American Circus
The Young Adventurer
Young Folks' Book of Books
Young Folks' Books of Birds
Young Folks' Historical Tales
Young Folks' History of France
Young Folks' History of Germany
Young Folks' History of Greece
Young Folks' History of Rome
Young Folks' Natural History
Young Folks' Popular Tales
Young Folks' Scottish Tales
Young Folks' Tales of Adventure
The Young Foresters, and Other Tales
The Young Voyagers
The Young Yagers

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