The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Petersons' Square 12mo Series

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Publisher: T. B. Peterson & Brothers (Philadelphia (Pa.): 306 Chestnut St.) -- United States
Issues: 89 (Highest number seen advertised)
Dates: 1870's
Schedule: Not known
Price: 50¢ and 75¢
Size: Not known (though presumably 12mo)
Pages: Not known
Illustrations: Not known
Physical Description: Not known
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. Society Rapids. High Life in Washington, Saratoga and Bar Habor
2. Snatched from the Poor House. A Young Girl's Life History
3. The Major's Love; or, The Sequel to a Crime
4. Who Cares? A Woman's Story. Fervent, Passionate and Repentant
5. Helen's Babies
6. Mrs. Mayburn's Twins
7. Bertha's Baby. Equal to Helen's Babies
8. Annals of a Baby
9. Bessie's Six Lovers. A Charming Love Story
10. Father Tom and the Pope; or, A Night at the Vatican
11. Rondah; or, Thirty-Three Years in a Star
12. Not His Daughter. A Society Novel
13. A Bohemian Tragedy. A Novel of New York Life
14. Little Heartease. Equal to Rhoda Broughton's
15. Two Kisses. A Bright and Snappy Love Story
16. Her Second Love. A Thrilling. Life-like and Captivating Love Story
17. A Parisian Romance
18. Fanchon, the Cricket; or, La Petite Fadette
19. Two Ways to Matrimony; or, Is it Love? or False Pride
20. The Matchmaker
21. The Story of Elizabeth
22. The Amours of Philippe; or, Philippe's Love Affairs
23. Rancy Cottem's Courtship
24. A Woman's Mistake; or, Jacques de Trevannes. A Perfect Love Story
25. The Days of Madame Pompadour. A Romance of the Reign or Louis XV
26. The Little Countess
27. The American L'Assomoir. A Parody on Zola's "L'Assomoir"
28. Hyde Park Sketches. A Very Humorous and Entertaining Work
29. Miss Margery's Roses. A Charming Love Story
30. Madeleine. A Charming Love Story
31. Carmen
32. That Girl Of Mine
33. That Lover of Mine
34. Edmond Dantes. Sequel to "Count of Monte Cristo"
35. Monte Cristo's Daughter
36. The Wife of Monte Cristo
37. Camille; or, The Fate of Coquette
38. Married Above Her. A Society Romance
39. The Man from Texas. A Powerful Western Romance full of Adventures
40. Erring, Yet Noble. A Book of Women for Women
41. The Fair Enchantress; or How She Won Men's Hearts
42. Kenneth Cameron. A Novel of Southern Society and Plantation Life
43. Major Jones' Courtship
44. Major Jones' Georgia Scenes
45. Major Jones' Travels
46. Simon Suggs' Adventures
47. Louisiana Swamp Doctor
48. The Initials A. Z.
49. Indiana. A Love Story
50. Conseulo
51. Countess of Rudolstadt. Sequel to Conseulo
52. Harry Coverdale's Courtship and Marriage
53. Those Pretty St. George Girls
54. Vidocq, the French detective
55. The Black Venus
56. La Grande Florine
57. The Stranglers of Paris
58. Mark Maynard's Wife
59. The Master of L'Etrange
60. Dora's Device
61. Snob Papers. A Book of Roaring Fun
62. Karan Kringle's Courtship and Journal
63. Prairie Flower and Leni-Leoti
64. Monsieur, Madame and Baby
65. L'Evangeliste
66. The Duchesse Undine
67. The Hidden Record
68. A Russian Princess
69. A Woman's Perils; or, Driven from Home
70. A Fascinating Woman
71. La Fausin
72. Monsieur Le Ministre
73. Winning the Battle; or, One Girl in 10,000
74. A Child of Israel
75. The Exiles. The Russian Roberson Crusoe
76. My Hero. A Love Story
77. Paul Hart; or, The Love of his Life
78. Mildred's Cadet; or, Hearts and Bell-Pulls
79. Bellah. A Love Story
80. Sabine's Falsehood. A Love Story
81. Linda; or, The Young Pilot of the Belle Creole
82. The Woman in Black
83. Madame Bovary
84. The Count de Camors
85. How She Won Him! A Love Story
86. Angele's Fortune
87. St. Maur; or, An Earl's Wooing
88. The Prince of Breffny
89. The Earl of Mayfield

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