The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Joke and Fun Books

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Publisher: J. S. Ogilvie Publishing Company (New York (N.Y.): 57 Rose Street) -- United States
Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: In Progress, Complete Listing Available


1. Fun on Draught
2. Some Funny Things said by Clever People
3. Five Hundred Merry Laughs
4. The Funny World
5. Three Hundred Funny Stories
6. Twelve hundred new riddles
7. Witty sayings
8. Twenty Good Stories
9. The Comic cook book
10. The Model Letter Writer
11. Tons of fun
12. Jack Robinson's Yarns
13. Gipsy dream book and fortune teller
14. Funny experiences of Mr. and Mrs. Bowser
15. Two Thousand Prize Jokes
16. A Bad Boy's Diary. Part I
17. A Bad Boy's Diary. Part II
18. Blunders of a Bashful Man
19. Trials and troubles of the Bowser family
20. Ten Funny Stories
21. The Travels of a Tramp
22. The Widder Doodle's Courtship, and Other Stories
23. Amateur's Guide to Magic and Mystery and the Black Art. Fully Exposed
24. Our drummer's trip through the sunny south
25. How to Entertain a Social Party
26. Six tank tales
27. New Irish yarns
28. The Sinker Stories
29. New German Yarns
30. The Old Witch's Dream Book and Fortune Teller
31. Tales I've heard told
32. How to Woo and How to Win
33. Two Hundred After Dinner Stories
34. Race-Track stories
35. Base-ball stories
36. The Swindlers of America
37. Life in New York
38. Funny Fellow's Grab Bag; or, Mirth for the million
39. The king of Unadilla. Stories of court secrets concerning His Majesty
40. Miss Slimmens's Window
41. Miss Slimmens's Boarding House
42. The Art of Ventriloquism
43. Park bench stories
44. Corse Payton's joke book. Containing all the latest jokes, sayings, and happenings of this "merry mirth maker" during his stage career
45. Hi Holler's joke book
46. A thin man's joke book
47. A scarecrow's joke book
48. How about it? joke book
49. A bad boy's Adventures. Part 1
50. A bad boy's Adventures. Part 2
51. On a Fast Train Through Georgia
52. Slang fables from afar
53. A feast of fun
54. Howard Thurston's Card Tricks
55. Opie Read in Arkansas
56. The smiles I've caused. Part 1
57. The smiles I've caused. Part 2
58. The smiles I've caused. Part 3
59. Hand-shadows on the wall
60. Twelve Kentucky Colonel stories
61. Your hand is your fortune
62. Here's to ye; or, toasts for everybody
63. Weber and Fields' funny sayings
64. Weber & Fields' Stage Whispers

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