The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Beadle's Popular Library

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Publisher: Beadle and Adams (1872-1898) (New York (N.Y.): No. 98 William Street) -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (B&W)
Issues: 48 (plus two titles announced but never issued)
Dates: 1891-1892
Schedule: Weekly
Columns: 3
Price: 5¢ or $2.50 a year
Size: 11 3/4" x 8 1/2" inches
Pages: 16
Illustrations: Black and white pictorial cover
Notes / Commentary: "With only six exceptions, the stories in the new series are all new; and for some reason or other, perhaps to infuse new life into a slowly dying business, the authors also, for the most part, are camouflaged as new. The only previously used name among them, except those given as authors of No. 43 — a reprint — is Charles Morris. Perhaps the reason his name appeared is that he may also have written some of the stories in this series under a pseudonym as well. Of the remaining names, some have definitely been determined to be pseudonyms of regular Beadle authors; thus Edward L. Wheeler's reprinted stories appeared under the name Edward Lytton, William G. Patten masqueraded as William West Wilder, T. C. Harbaugh as Major S. S. Scott, Arthur C. Grissom as Albert Cecil Gaines, Prentiss Ingraham as T. W. King, and William H. Manning as Marcus H. Waring. Among the remainder, not a single one is known to be real, and it is more than probable that they are all pseudonyms of regular Beadle contributors. Here appeared for the first time the names of Robert Randolph Inman, Redmond Blake, Frank Fort, Edward Gaines Burnes, and T. J. Flanagan, but it is very unlikely that Beadle, at this late date, was taking on any new writers. Writing for Beadle, besides those mentioned above, there still remained the old crew, Badger, Jenks, Cowdrick, Albert Aiken, Eyster, Whitson, and Leon Lewis, and it is probable that among these and the authors previously mentioned are to be found the true names of the unknowns."--Johannsen, A. House of Beadle and Adams and its dime and nickel novels
Primary Data Source: Johannsen
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. Dandy Dick, Detective; or, The Still Hunt at Burnt Match
2. The Three Spotters; or, Running Down the Rogues
3. Cowboy Chris, the Man of Caliber; or, Hot Times in Hot Hole. A Romance of Ranch, Range and Road Rovers
4. Dandy Dick's Double; or, The Severed Head of Paradise Pocket
5. The Street Spotters' Weird Hunt; or, The Angel of the Docks. A Mystery of the Dead and Living Riddle
6. Mustang Merle, the Boy Rancher; or, Old Joe Bundy's Wipe-Out. The Romance of Lost Ranch
7. Flip Fred, The Pack-Peddler Prince; or, The Witch of the Black Swamp
8. Cowboy Chris to the Fore; or, Scourging the Scourge of the San Juan
9. The Three Spotters' Dead Mystery; or, Blond Bert of Brick Alley
10. Dandy Dick Decoyed; or, The Terrible Tussle of Satan's Delight
11. Rustling Rob, the Tramp's Protégé; or, The Master of the Cedars
12. Mustang Merle's Mine; or, Dolores Dick and Pard
13. The Three Spotters' Duel in the Dark; or, The Thugs and Trailers of Gotham
14. Cowboy Chris in Cinnabar; or, The Battle for the Blue Jeans
15. Lightning Leo, the Behind the Scenes Detective; or, The Square Sport's Secret Trust
16. Dandy Dick's Decoy; or, The Rousing Time at Rough-and-Tumble
17. Billy Bub, the Double Prize Detective; or, Old Arsenic's Secret
18. Mustang Merle's Merciless Foe; or, The Accursed Brand. A Romance of the Raided Ranch
19. The Three Spotters' Hot Heat; or, Running Down the Red-Handed Sport. The Story of the Leeman Murder Mystery
20. Cowboy Chris, the Desert Centaur; or, Hawking for the Human Hawk. A Story of the Arid Plains
21. Lightning Leo's Luck; or, The Rats of the River
22. Dandy Dick's Dead-Lock; or, The Last Round at Nip-'n-Tuck
23. Lion-Heart Lee, the Lakeside Detective; or, Saved by the Skin of his Teeth
24. Bullion Bret, the Giant Grip; or, The Ruction at Git-Thar
25. The Three Spotters' Convict Client; or, A Dead Man's Device. The Romance of Old John Marcy's Legacy
26. Mustang Merle's Mandate; or, Wiping out the War Saddles. A Romance of the Rio Tagus
27. Detective Frank's Full Flush; or, Dodger against Dodger
28. Dandy Dick's Defense; or, The Invisible Seven of Imperial City
29. The Detective Quartet; or, Suicide, Murder, or Accident? The Story of Henry Warenne
30. Cowboy Chris, the Vengeance Volunteer; or, The Death Hunt Pards. A Romance of Arizona
31. Poorhouse Pete, the Postal Clerk Detective; or, The Precious Patrimony
32. Prince Philip, the Camp Spy; or, The Thugs of Triple Butte. A Romance of the Arizona Thunderbolt Legion
33. Shorty Dan, the Sidewalk Prince; or, Gamin against the Field
34. Dandy Dick's Dragnet; or, Seining the Invisible Six
35. Lion-Heart Lee's Lottery; or, The Lakeside Detective's Life Lay
36. Mustang Merle's Fight for Life; or, Captain Silver Belt's Oath
37. The Three Spotters' Last Lay; or, The Neck and Neck Campaign
38. Cowboy Chris' Last Campaign; or, The Grand Round-Up at Robinson's Ranch
39. Roderick, the Rover; or, The Scourge of the Sea. A Romance of the Uncommissioned Privateer
40. Dandy Dick's Desperate Device; or, Prince Richard in Double Guise
41. The League of Seven; or, Sam Sharp's First Case
42. Mustang Merle's High Harvest; or, The Three Pards' Grand Wind-Up
43. Jubilee Joe, The Chain-Lightning Detective; or, The Lamb in the Wolf's Den
44. Wild Bill's Weird Foe; or, The Mystery of Moaning Gulch. A Tale of the Black Hills
45. Foxy Fred, the Keener; or, Bagging the Sand Bagger Trio
46. Dandy Dick's Disciple; or, Jingo Jack, the Boy Nemesis
47. Lightning Lew, the King of the Secret Service; or, Sam Sharp's Big Score. The Romance of a Double Life
48. Beadle's Popular Library, no. 48 (Wild Bill's Sable Pard; or, The Pirates of Peaceful Pocket and 1 more item)
49. Foxy Fred's Odd Pard; or, The Boy Detective's Successful Season
50. Eagle Ned, the Boy on Guard; or, The Camp Spiders of Ragged Robin. A Romance of the Black Mesa

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