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Publisher: Beadle and Adams (1872-1898) (New York: No. 98 William Street) -- United States of America
Category: Format : Small Booklet

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1874-1884
Approximate Number of Issues: 272
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2. Dead Shot; or, The White Vulture. A Romance of the Yellowstone
3. The boy miners, or, The enchanted island
4. Blue Dick; or, The Yellow Chief's Vengeance. A Romance of the Rocky Mountains
5. Nat Wolfe; or, The Gold Hunters. A Romance of Pike's Peak and New York
6. The white tracker, or, The panther of the plains
7. The Outlaw's Wife; or, The Valley Ranche. A Tale of California Life
9. Lightning Jo, the Terror of the Santa Fe Trail
10. The Island Pirate. A Tale of the Mississippi
11. The boy ranger, or, The heiress of the Golden Horn
13. The French Spy; or, The Fall of Montreal
14. Long Shot; or, The Dwarf Guide
15. The Gunmaker of the Border; or, The Hunted Maiden
16. Red Hand; or, The Channel Scourge. A Tale of Old England
17. Ben, the trapper, or, The mountain demon
18. Wild Raven, the Scout; or, The Missing Guide
21. Wild Nat, the Trooper; or, The Cedar Swamp Brigade
23. Old Kent, the Ranger; or, The Fugitives of the Border
25. Godbold, the Spy; or, The Faithful and Unfaithful of 1780
26. The Black Ship
27. Single Eye, the Scourge. A Story of King Philip's War
28. Indian Jim. A Tale of the Minnesota Massacre
29. The Scout. A Romance of Early New England
30. Eagle Eye; or, Ralph Warren and His Red Friend
31. The Mystic Canoe. A Romance of One Hundred Years Ago
32. The Golden Harpoon; or, Lost among the Floes. A Story of the Whaling Grounds
34. Old Lute, the Indian Fighter; or, The Den in the Hills
36. The Boy Pioneer
37. Carson, the Guide; or, The Perils of the Frontier
38. The Heart-Eater; or, The Prophet of the Hollow Hill
39. Wetzel, the scout, or, The captives of the wilderness
41. Nat, the Trapper and Indian Fighter
42. Lynx-Cap; or, The Sioux Trail
43. The White Outlaw; or, The Branded Brigand
45. The Elk-King; or, The Doom of the Twin Traitors
46. Adrian, the Pilot; or, The Island Wreckers
47. The Man-Hunter; or, The Counterfeiters of the Border
48. The Phantom Tracker; or, The Prisoner of the Hill Cave
49. Moccasin Bill; or, Cunning Serpent, the Ojibwah
50. The Wolf-Queen; or, The Giant Hermit of the Scioto
51. Tom Hawk, the Trailer; or, The Forest Tragedy. A Story of Early Border Life
56. Joe Napyank; or, The River Rifles
57. Hunter Ham, or, The outlaw's crime
58. Cloudwood; or, The Daughter of the Wilderness
59. The Texas hawks, or, The strange decoy
60. Merciless Matt, or, Red Thunderbolt's secret
61. Mad Anthony's Scouts; or, The Rangers of Kentucky
62. The Luckless Trapper; or, The Haunted Hunter
63. The Florida Scout; or, The Princess of the Everglades
64. The Island Trapper; or, The Young White-Buffalo Hunters
65. Wolf-Cap; or, The Night-Hawks of the Fire-Lands. A Tale of the Forest Fort
66. Rattling Dick, the Mountain Outlaw
67. Sharp-Eye, the White Chief of the Sioux. A Romance of the Far West
68. Iron Hand, chief of the Tory League
69. The Yellow Hunter; or, The Winding Trail of Death
70. The Phantom Rider; or, The Giant Chief's Fate. A Tale of the Old Dahcotah Country
71. Delaware Tom, or, The traitor guide
72. Silver Rifle, the Girl Trailer; or, The White Tigers of Lake Superior
73. The Skeleton Scout; or, The Border Block
74. Little Rifle; or, The Young Fur Hunters
75. The Wood Witch; or, The Squatter's Secret
76. Old Ruff, the Trapper; or, The Young Fur-Hunters. A Sequel to "Little Rifle."
77. The scarlet shoulders, or, The miner rangers
78. The border riflemen, or, The forest fiend
79. Outlaw Jack, or, The mountain devil
80. Tiger-Tail, the Seminole; or, The Black Dwarf
81. Death-Dealer, the Shawnee Scourge; or, The Wizard of the Cliffs
82. Kenton, the Ranger; or, The Hunted Fawn
83. The Specter Horseman; or, Cimarron Jack's Last Hunt
84. The Three Trappers; or, The Apache Chief's Ruse
85. Kaleolah, the Witch Queen; or, The Old Trapper's Big Trail
86. The Hunter Hercules; or, The Champion Rider of the Plains
87. Phil Hunter, the Boy Scourge; or, The Shawnee Maid's Sacrifice. A Story of the Old Miami Country
88. The Indian Scout; or, Crazy Slack, the Whisky-Trader
89. The Girl Avenger; or, The Beautiful Terror of the Maumee
91. Star-Face, the Slayer; or, The Mystery of the Iron-Bound Box
92. The Antelope Boy; or, Smoholler, the Medicine-Man. A Tale of Indian Adventure and Mystery
93. The Phantom Hunter; or, Love after Death
94. Tom Pintle, the Pilot. A Tale of the Three Years' War
95. The red wizard, or, The cave captive
96. The Rival Trappers; or, Old Pegs, the Mountaineer
97. The squaw spy, or, The rangers of the lava-beds
98. Dusty Dick; or, Old Toby Castor's Great Campaign. A Story of the Last Sioux Outbreak
99. Colonel Crockett, the Texan Trailer
100. Old Bear-Paw, the Trapper King; or, The Love of a Blackfoot Queen
101. Redlaw, Half-Breed; or, The Tangled Trail. A Tale of the Settlements
103. The Indian Hunters; or, The Maidens of Idaho
104. Scarred Eagle, or, Moorooine, the sporting fawn
105. Nick Doyle, the Gold-Hunter. A Tale of California
106. The Indian Spy; or, The Unknown Foe
107. Job Dean, the Trapper
108. The wood king, or, Daniel Boone's last trail
109. The Scalpless Hunter; or, The Young Ranger's Mission. A Tale of the Miami
110. Nick, the Scout; or, The Death Man of the Navajoes
111. The Texas Tiger; or, The Border Vendetta
112. The crossed knives, or, The island league
113. Tiger-Heart, the tracker, or, The trapper of the Twin Cascades
114. The Masked Avenger; or, Death on the Trail. A Tale of the Southwest Frontier
115. The Pearl Pirates. A Tale of the Ceylon Pearl-Fisheries
116. Black Panther, the Half-Blood; or, The Slaves of the Silver Mines. A Tale of Old Arizona
117. Abdiel, the Avenger; or, The Madman of the Miami
118. Cato, the Creeper; or, The Demon of Dead Man's Forest
119. Two-Handed Mat; or, The Angel of the Mountains
120. The Mad Trail-Hunter; or, The Giant Scourge of the Kickapoos
121. Black Nick, the Hermit of the Hills; or, The Expiated Crime. A Story of Burgoyne's Surrender
122. Kit Bird, King of the Mountains; or, The Wild Man of the Hills
123. The Specter Riders; or, The Fort Mystery
124. Giant Pete, the Patriot; or, The Champion of the Swamps. A Romance of Old '76
125. The Girl Captain; or, The Reprisal of Blood
126. Yankee Eph; or, The Thwarted Plot. An Episode of the Partisans
127. Silverspur; or, The Mountain Heroine. A Tale of the Arapaho Country
128. Squatter Dick; or, The Swamp Fox's Oath. A Tale of Troubled Times
129. Wistah, the Child Spy; or, The Old Scout of the Wabash
130. Mink Coat; or, The Death Shot of the Miamis
131. Red Plume, the Renegade. A Tale of the Blackfeet Country
132. Clyde, the Trailer; or, The Brothers of Death
133. The Lost Cache. A Tale of Hid Treasure
134. The Cannibal Chief; or, The Mountain Guide
135. Karaibo; or, The Outlaw's Fate
136. Scarlet Moccasin, or, The forest fort's queen
137. Kidnapped; or, The Free Rangers of the Coosaw
138. The Maid of the Mountain; or, The Brothers of the League. A Romance of the Sierras
139. The Scioto Scouts; or, The Shawnees Decoy
140. The border renegade, or, The lily of the Silver Lake
141. The Mute Chief; or, The Witch of Cherry Valley
142. Boone, the Hunter; or, The Backwoods Belle
143. Mountain Kate; or, Love in the Trapping Grounds. A Tale of the Powder River Country
144. The Red Scalper; or. The Maid of Oneida
145. The Lone Chief; or, The Trappers of the Saskatchewan. A Tale of the Long Trail
146. The Silver Bugle; or, The Indian Maiden of St. Croix
148. The tangled trail, or, Signals of danger
149. The Unseen Hand; or, The Four Scouts of the Waccamaw
150. The Lone Indian; or, The Renegade's Prisoner. A Tale of the Lake Trail
151. The Branded Brave; or, The Trail of Death
152. Billy Bowlegs, the Seminole Chief; or, The Captives of the Kissimmee
153. The valley scout
155. The jungle scout
156. The Cherokee Chief; or, The White Rose of the Saluda. A Romance of 1756
157. The Bandit Hermit; or, The Captive of the Cave
159. The Wood Rangers. A Tale of the Ohio
160. The Red Foe; or, The Hut in the Forest
161. The Beautiful Unknown; or, The Haunted House
162. Canebrake Mose, the Swamp Guide
163. Hank, the Guide; or, The Wrong Trail
164. The Border Scout; or, Joe Wier on the War-Path
165. Wild Nat, the Gulch Terror; or, The Border Huntress
166. The Maid of Wyoming; or, The Contest of the Clans
167. The Three Captives. A Tale of the Taos Valley
169. Border Law; or, The Land Claim
170. The White Apache; or, The Lifted Trail. A Tale of the Mid-Ranges
171. The Trader Spy; or, The Victim of the Fire Raft
172. The Forest Specter; or, The Young Hunter's Foe
173. The Border Foes; or, The Perils of a Night. A Romance of Early Kentucky
174. Border Vengeance; or, The Night-Hawk's Daughter
175. Border Bessie. A Romance of the Kanawha
176. The Sons of Liberty; or, The Maid of Tyron. A Story of the Mohawk Valley in Revolutionary Days
177. The Lost Bride. A Story of Life in the West
178. Keetsea, Queen of the Plains; or, The Enchanted Rock
179. The Tonkawa spy, or, The Comanche foray
180. The Prairie Scourge; or, The Jaguar Pet
181. Red Lightning; or, The Black League. A Tale of the Trading-Posts in 1760
182. Brave Heart; or, The Lost Heirs of Lanwick
183. Night-hawk Kit, or, The daughter of the ranche
184. Mustang Sam, or, The mad rider of the plains
185. Hurricane Bill, or, Mustang Sam and his "pard"
186. The Red Outlaw; or, The Young Ranger's Bride
187. The Swamp Scout. A Romance of 1779
188. The Shawnees' Foe; or, The Hunter of the Juniata
189. Mohawk Nat. A Tale of the Great North Woods
190. Old Jupe; or, A Woman's Art
191. The Prairie Rifles; or, The Captives of New Mexico. A Romance of the Southwest
192. Old Kyle, the Trailer; or, The Renegade of the Delawares
193. Big Foot, the Guide; or, The Surveyors. A Tale of the Carolina Settlements
194. The Red Brotherhood; or, The Twelve Avengers
195. The Man in Green; or, The Siege of Bexar
196. Glass-Eye, the great shot of the West
197. The Prairie Trappers; or, The Child of the Brigade
198. Black John, the road-agent, or, The prairie sink
199. Keen-Knife, prince of the prairies, or, The traitor in the camp
200. The Mad Skipper; or, A Cruise after the Maelstrom
202. The Indian Avenger
203. The rival lieutenants, or, The twin cruisers
204. The Swamp Rifles. A Tale of the Revolution
205. The balloon scouts, or, The white Indians of the Yellowstone
206. The Dacotah Scourge; or, The White Antelope of the Pawnees
207. The Twin Scouts. A Story of the Old French War
208. Buckskin Bill; or, The White Demon of the Woods
209. The Border Avengers; or, The White Prophetess of the Delawares
210. Tim Bumble's Charge; or, Mrs. Lattisons One Great Sorrow
211. The Shawnee Scout; or, The Death Trail
212. The Silent Slayer; or, The Maid of Montreal
213. The prairie queen, or, Tom Western, the Texan ranger
214. The backwoodsmen, or, On the trail
215. The Prisoner of La Vintresse; or, The Fortunes of a Cuban Heiress
216. Peleg Smith; or, Adventures in the Tropics
217. The witch of the Wallowish : a legend of the Susquehanna
218. The Prairie Pirates; or, The Hunter's Revenge
219. The Hussar captain, or, The hermit of Hell-Gate
220. Beadle's pocket novels no. 220 (The red spy and 1 more item)
221. Dick Darling, the Pony Expressman
222. The Mustang-Hunters; or, The Beautiful Amazon of the Hidden Valley. A Tale of the Staked Plains
223. Guilty or Not Guilty? or, The Ordeal of Fire
224. The Outlaw Ranger; or, The Old Hunter's Last Trail
225. The Schuylkill Rangers; or, The Bride of Valley Forge. A Story of 1777
226. On the Deep; or, The Missionary's Daughter. A Story of the Pacific Ocean
227. Irona, or, Life on the Old South-West border
228. The Mountaineer; or, Lost in the Depths. A Tale of an Unexplored Region
229. The Hunter's Escape. A Tale of the Northwest in 1862
230. The Golden Belt; or, The Carib's Pledge
231. The Swamp Riders; or, The Blacksmith of Camden
232. Jabez Hawk, the Yankee Spy. A Romance of Early Virginia
233. Massasoit's Daughter; or, The French Captives. A Romance of Aboriginal New-England
234. The Mad Hunter; or. The Downfall of the LeForests
235. The Reefer of '76; or, The Cruise of the Fire-fly
237. The Hunter's Vow
238. The Hunter's Pledge; or, The Death Doom
239. Rattlepate; or, The Missing Deed
240. The Prairie Bride; or, The Squatters Triumph
241. Old Grizzly, the Bear Tamer
242. The Dashing Dragoons; or, The Loyal Scouts
243. Will-o'-the-Wisp, the California Trooper
244. Dashing Dick; or, Trapper Tom's Castle
245. Old Crossfire; or, The Trailers of the Everglades
246. Ben Bramble, the Hunter King of the Kenawha. A Tale of Kentucky
247. The Brigand Captain; or, The Prairie Pathfinder
248. Old Strategy; or, Reckless Roll, the Boy Ranger
249. Gray Hair, the chief, or, The Mohawk riflemen
251. The Rival Hunters; or, The Forest Garrison
252. The Texan Scout; or, The Jarocho's Sister
253. Zebra Zack; or, The Wild Texan's Mission
254. The Masked Messenger; or, The Maid of Gresham Grange
255. The Brethren of the Coast; or, Morgan, the Sea Outlaw
256. The Boy Spy; or, The Young Avenger
257. Tahle, the Trailer; or, The Block-House
258. The Boy Chief; or, The Doomed Twenty. A Sequel to "The Boy Spy."
259. Tim, the Trailer; or, Caught in His Own Toils
261. Stella, the Spy. A Tale of the War of '76
262. The White Avenger; or, The Doomed Red-Skins
263. The Indian King; or, The Maidens of the Forest
264. The Lost Trail. A Legend of the Far West
265. Kirk, the Guide. A Story of the Oregon Trail
266. The phantom trail, or, The prairie rangers
267. The Apache guide, or, The rescue
268. The Mad Miner; or, The Trapper's Secret
270. Blue Belt, the Guide; or, The Red Compact
271. On the Trail; or, Tim Bufton, the Trapper
272. The Specter Spy; or, The Wizard Canoe

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