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Publisher: Beadle and Adams (1872-1898) (New York (N.Y.): No. 98 William Street) -- United States
Category: Format : Small Booklet

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1874-1884
Approximate Number of Issues: 272
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1. Hawkeye Harry, The Young Trapper Ranger
2. Dead Shot; or, The White Vulture. A Romance of the Yellowstone
3. The Boy Miners; or, The Enchanted Island. A Tale of the Yellowstone Country
4. Blue Dick; or, The Yellow Chief's Vengeance. A Romance of the Rocky Mountains
5. Nat Wolfe; or, The Gold Hunters. A Romance of Pike's Peak and New York
6. The White Tracker; or, The Panther of the Plains
7. The Outlaw's Wife; or, The Valley Ranche. A Tale of California Life
8. The Tall Trapper; or, The Flower of the Blackfeet
9. Lightning Jo; or, The Terror of the Santa Fe Trail, A Tale of the Present Day
10. The Island Pirate. A Tale of the Mississippi
11. The Boy Ranger; or, The Heiress of the Golden Horn
12. Bess, the Trapper. A Tale of the Far South-West
13. The French Spy; or, The Fall of Montreal
14. Long Shot; or, The Dwarf Guide
15. The Gunmaker of the Border; or, The Hunted Maiden
16. Red Hand; or, The Channel Scourge. A Tale of Old England
17. Ben, the Trapper; or, The Mountain Demon. A Tale of the Black Hills
18. Wild Raven, the Scout; or, The Missing Guide
19. The Specter Chief; or, The Indian's Revenge
20. The B'ar Killer; or, The Long Trail
21. Wild Nat, the Trooper; or, The Cedar Swamp Brigade
22. Indian Jo, the Guide; or, The White Spirit of the Hills
23. Old Kent, the Ranger; or, The Fugitives of the Border
24. The One-Eyed Trapper; or, The Maid of the Cliff
25. Godbold, the Spy; or, The Faithful and Unfaithful of 1780
26. The Black Ship
27. Single Eye, the Scourge. A Story of King Philip's War
28. Indian Jim. A Tale of the Minnesota Massacre
29. The Scout. A Romance of Early New England
30. Eagle Eye; or, Ralph Warren and His Red Friend
31. The Mystic Canoe. A Romance of One Hundred Years Ago
32. The Golden Harpoon; or, Lost Among the Floes. A Story of the Whaling Grounds
33. The Scalp King; or, The Squaw Wife of the White Avenger
34. Old Lute, the Indian Fighter; or, The Den in the Hills
35. Rainbolt, the Ranger; or, The Aerial Demon of the Mountain
36. The Boy Pioneer
37. Carson, the Guide; or, The Perils of the Frontier
38. The Heart-Eater; or, The Prophet of the Hollow Hill
39. Wetzel, the Scout; or, The Captives of the Wilderness
40. The Huge Hunter; or, The Steam Man of the Prairies
41. Nat, the Trapper and Indian Fighter
42. Lynx-Cap; or, The Sioux Trail
43. The White Outlaw; or, The Branded Brigand
44. The Dog Trailer; or, Apache Jack's Desert Trail
45. The Elk-King; or, The Doom of the Twin Traitors
46. Adrian, the Pilot; or, The Island Wreckers
47. The Man-Hunter; or, The Counterfeiters of the Border
48. The Phantom Tracker; or, The Prisoner of the Hill Cave
49. Moccasin Bill; or, Cunning Serpent, the Ojibwah
50. The Wolf-Queen; or, The Giant Hermit of the Scioto
51. Doctor Bag, Detective; or, Trailer Tom's Tact
52. The Mad Chief; or, The Skull Hunter
53. The Black Wolf; or, The Hunter Guide
54. Arkansaw Jack; or, The Scourge of the Mines
55. Blackbeard; or, The Death of the Dacotahs
56. Joe Napyank; or, The River Rifles
57. Ham, the Hunter; or, The Outlaw's Crime
58. Cloudwood; or, The Daughter of the Wilderness
59. The Texas Hawks; or, The Strange Decoy
60. Merciless Mat; or, Red Thunderbolt's Secret
61. Mad Anthony's Scouts; or, The Rangers of Kentucky
62. The Luckless Trapper; or, The Haunted Hunter
63. The Florida Scout; or, The Princess of the Everglades
64. The Island Trapper; or, The Young White-Buffalo Hunters
65. Wolf-Cap; or, The Night-Hawks of the Fire-Lands. A Tale of the Forest Fort
66. Rattling Dick, the Mountain Outlaw
67. Sharp-Eye, the White Chief of the Sioux. A Romance of the Far West
68. Iron Hand, Chief of the Tory League; or, The Double Face
69. The Yellow Hunter; or, The Winding Trail of Death
70. The Phantom Rider; or, The Giant Chief's Fate. A Tale of the Old Dahcotah Country
71. Delaware Tom; or, The Traitor Guide
72. Silver Rifle, the Girl Trailer; or, The White Tigers of Lake Superior
73. The Skeleton Scout; or, The Border Block
74. Little Rifle; or, The Young Fur Hunters
75. The Wood Witch; or, The Squatter's Secret
76. Old Ruff, the Trapper; or, The Young Fur-Hunters
77. The Scarlet Shoulders; or, The Miner Rangers
78. The Border Riflemen; or, The Forest Fiend. A Romance of the Black-Hawk Uprising
79. Outlaw Jack; or, The Mountain Devil
80. Tiger-Tail, the Seminole; or, The Black Dwarf
81. Death-Dealer, the Shawnee Scourge; or, The Wizard of the Cliffs
82. Kenton, the Ranger; or, The Hunted Fawn
83. The Specter Horseman; or, Cimarron Jack's Last Hunt
84. The Three Trappers; or, The Apache Chief's Ruse
85. Kaleolah, the Witch Queen; or, The Old Trapper's Big Trail
86. The Hunter Hercules; or, The Champion Rider of the Plains
87. Phil Hunter, the Boy Scourge; or, The Shawnee Maid's Sacrifice. A Story of the Old Miami Country
88. The Indian Scout; or, Crazy Slack, the Whisky-Trader
89. The Girl Avenger; or, The Beautiful Terror of the Maumee
90. The Red Hermitess; or, The Caravan's Prizes
91. Star-Face, the Slayer; or, The Mystery of the Iron-Bound Box
92. The Antelope Boy; or, Smoholler, the Medicine-Man. A Tale of Indian Adventure and Mystery
93. The Phantom Hunter; or, Love after Death
94. Tom Pintle, the Pilot. A Tale of the Three Years' War
95. The Red Wizard; or, The Cave Captive
96. The Rival Trappers; or, Old Pegs, the Mountaineer
97. The Squaw Spy; or, The Rangers of the Lava-Beds
98. Dusty Dick; or, Old Toby Castor's Great Campaign. A Story of the Last Sioux Outbreak
99. Colonel Crockett, the Texan Trailer
100. Old Bear-Paw, the Trapper King; or, The Love of a Blackfoot Queen
101. Redlaw, Half-Breed; or, The Tangled Trail. A Tale of the Settlements
102. Wild Rube, the Young Trail-Hunter; or, The Scouts of Bradstreet. A Romance of the Onondaga
103. The Indian Hunters; or, The Maidens of Idaho
104. Scarred Eagle; or, Moorooine, the Sporting Fawn. A Story of Lake and Shore
105. Nick Doyle, the Gold-Hunter. A Tale of California
106. The Indian Spy; or, The Unknown Foe
107. Job Dean, the Trapper
108. The Wood King; or, Daniel Boone's Last Trail. A Romance of the Osage Country
109. The Scalpless Hunter; or, The Young Ranger's Mission. A Tale of the Miami
110. Nick, the Scout; or, The Death Man of the Navajoes
111. The Texas Tiger; or, The Border Vendetta
112. The Crossed Knives; or, The Island League. A Romance of the Great North Lake
113. Tiger-Heart, the Tracker; or, The Trapper of the Twin Cascades. A Romance of Indiana in 1811
114. The Masked Avenger; or, Death on the Trail. A Tale of the Southwest Frontier
115. The Pearl Pirates. A Tale of the Ceylon Pearl-Fisheries
116. Black Panther, the Half-Blood; or, The Slaves of the Silver Mines. A Tale of Old Arizona
117. Abdiel, the Avenger; or, The Madman of the Miami
118. Cato, the Creeper; or, The Demon of Dead Man's Forest
119. Double-Fisted Mat; or, The Mystic California Giant
120. The Mad Trail-Hunter; or, The Giant Scourge of the Kickapoos
121. Black Nick, the Hermit of the Hills; or, The Expiated Crime. A Story of Burgoyne's Surrender
122. Kit Bird, King of the Mountains; or, The Wild Man of the Hills
123. The Specter Riders; or, The Fort Mystery
124. Giant Pete, the Patriot; or, The Champion of the Swamps. A Romance of Old '76
125. The Girl Captain; or, The Reprisal of Blood
126. Yankee Eph; or, The Thwarted Plot. An Episode of the Partisans
127. Silverspur; or, The Mountain Heroine. A Tale of the Arapaho Country
128. Squatter Dick; or, The Swamp Fox's Oath. A Tale of Troubled Times
129. Wistah, the Child Spy; or, The Old Scout of the Wabash
130. Mink Coat; or, The Death Shot of the Miamis
131. Red Plume, the Renegade. A Tale of the Blackfeet Country
132. Clyde, the Trailer; or, The Brothers of Death
133. The Lost Cache. A Tale of Hid Treasure
134. The Cannibal Chief; or, The Mountain Guide
135. Karaibo; or, The Outlaw's Fate
136. Scarlet Moccasin; or, The Forest Fort's Queen
137. Kidnapped; or, The Free Rangers of the Coosaw
138. The Maid of the Mountain; or, The Brothers of the League. A Romance of the Sierras
139. The Scioto Scouts; or, The Shawnees Decoy
140. The Border Renegade; or, The Lily of the Silver Lake
141. The Mute Chief; or, The Witch of Cherry Valley
142. Boone, the Hunter; or, The Backwoods Belle. A Romance of Early Life in Virginia
143. Mountain Kate; or, Love in the Trapping Grounds. A Tale of the Powder River Country
144. The Red Scalper; or. The Maid of Oneida
145. The Lone Chief; or, The Trappers of the Saskatchewan. A Tale of the Long Trail
146. The Silver Bugle; or, The Indian Maiden of St. Croix
147. Chinga, the Cheyenne
148. The Tangled Trail; or, Signals of Danger
149. The Unseen Hand; or, The Four Scouts of the Waccamaw
150. The Lone Indian; or, The Renegade's Prisoner. A Tale of the Lake Trail
151. The Branded Brave; or, The Trail of Death
152. Billy Bowlegs, the Seminole Chief; or, The Captives of the Kissimmee. A Tale of the Florida Everglades
153. The Valley Scout. A Stirring Indian Tale
154. Red Jacket, the Huron; or, The Belle of the Border
155. The Jungle Scout. A Romance of India
156. The Cherokee Chief; or, The White Rose of the Saluda. A Romance of 1756
157. The Bandit Hermit; or, The Captive of the Cave
158. The Patriot Scouts; or, The Green-Mountain Boys
159. The Wood Rangers. A Tale of the Ohio
160. The Red Foe; or, The Hut in the Forest
161. The Beautiful Unknown; or, The Haunted House
162. Canebrake Mose, the Swamp Guide
163. Hank, the Guide; or, The Wrong Trail
164. The Border Scout; or, Joe Wier on the War-Path
165. Wild Nat, the Gulch Terror; or, The Border Huntress
166. The Maid of Wyoming; or, The Contest of the Clans
167. The Three Captives. A Tale of the Taos Valley
168. The Lost Hunters; or, The Mohave Captive
169. Border Law; or, The Land Claim
170. The White Apache; or, The Lifted Trail. A Tale of the Mid-Ranges
171. The Trader Spy; or, The Victim of the Fire Raft
172. The Forest Specter; or, The Young Hunter's Foe
173. The Border Foes; or, The Perils of a Night. A Romance of Early Kentucky
174. Border Vengeance; or, The Night-Hawk's Daughter
175. Border Bessie. A Romance of the Kanawha
176. The Sons of Liberty; or, The Maid of Tryon. A Story of the Mohawk Valley in Revolutionary Days
177. The Lost Bride. A Story of Life in the West
178. Keetsea, Queen of the Plains; or, The Enchanted Rock
179. The Tonkawa Spy, or, The Comanche Foray
180. The Prairie Scourge; or, The Jaguar Pet
181. Red Lightning; or, The Black League. A Tale of the Trading-Posts in 1760
182. Brave Heart; or, The Lost Heirs of Lanwick
183. Night-Hawk Kit; or, The Daughter of the Ranche. A Romance of the South-West
184. Mustang Sam; or, The Mad Rider of the Plains. A Romance of Apache Land
185. Hurricane Bill; or, Mustang Sam and his "Pard." A Romance of the "Evil Land."
186. The Red Outlaw; or, The Young Ranger's Bride
187. The Swamp Scout. A Romance of 1779
188. The Shawnees' Foe; or, The Hunter of the Juniata
189. Mohawk Nat. A Tale of the Great North Woods
190. Old Jupe; or, A Woman's Art
191. The Prairie Rifles; or, The Captives of New Mexico. A Romance of the Southwest
192. Old Kyle, the Trailer; or, The Renegade of the Delawares
193. Big Foot, the Guide; or, The Surveyors. A Tale of the Carolina Settlements
194. The Red Brotherhood; or, The Twelve Avengers
195. The Man in Green; or, The Siege of Bexar
196. Glass-Eye, the Great Shot of the West
197. The Prairie Trappers; or, The Child of the Brigade
198. Black John, the Road-Agent; or, The Prairie Sink. A Tale of Early Kansas Life
199. Keen Knife, Prince of the Prairies; or, The Traitor in the Camp. A Romance of the Woods, Prairies and Rivers
200. The Mad Skipper; or, A Cruise after the Maelstrom
201. The Young Spy; or, Nick Whiffles among the Modocs. A Romance of the North-west
202. The Indian Avenger
203. The Rival Lieutenants; or, The Twin Cruisers. A Tale of the Second War with Great Britain
204. The Swamp Rifles. A Tale of the Revolution
205. The Balloon Scouts; or, The White Indians of the Yellowstone. A Tale of the Great Parks
206. The Dacotah Scourge; or, The White Antelope of the Pawnees
207. The Twin Scouts. A Story of the Old French War
208. Buckskin Bill; or, The White Demon of the Woods
209. The Border Avengers; or, The White Prophetess of the Delawares
210. Tim Bumble's Charge; or, Mrs. Lattisons One Great Sorrow
211. The Shawnee Scout; or, The Death Trail
212. The Silent Slayer; or, The Maid of Montreal
213. The Prairie Queen; or, Tom Western, the Texan Ranger
214. The Backwoodsmen; or, On the Trail
215. The Prisoner of La Vintresse; or, The Fortunes of a Cuban Heiress
216. Peleg Smith; or, Adventures in the Tropics
217. The Witch of the Wallowish. A Legend of the Susquehanna
218. The Prairie Pirates; or, The Hunter's Revenge
219. The Hussar Captain; or, The Hermit of Hell-Gate
220. Beadle's Pocket Novels, no. 220 (The Red Spy. A Tale of the Mohawk in 1777 and 1 more item)
221. Dick Darling, the Pony Expressman. A Tale of the Old Salt Lake Trail
222. The Mustang-Hunters; or, The Beautiful Amazon of the Hidden Valley. A Tale of the Staked Plains
223. Guilty or Not Guilty? or, The Ordeal of Fire
224. The Outlaw Ranger; or, The Old Hunter's Last Trail
225. The Schuylkill Rangers; or, The Bride of Valley Forge. A Story of 1777
226. On the Deep; or, The Missionary's Daughter. A Story of the Pacific Ocean
227. Irona; or, Life on the Old South-West Border
228. The Mountaineer; or, Lost in the Depths. A Tale of an Unexplored Region
229. The Hunter's Escape. A Tale of the Northwest in 1862
230. The Golden Belt; or, The Carib's Pledge
231. The Swamp Riders; or, The Blacksmith of Camden
232. Jabez Hawk, the Yankee Spy. A Romance of Early Virginia
233. Massasoit's Daughter; or, The French Captives. A Romance of Aboriginal New-England
234. The Mad Hunter; or. The Downfall of the LeForests
235. The Reefer of '76; or, The Cruise of the Fire-fly
236. Antelope Abe, the Boy Guide; or, The Forest Bride. A Tale of the North-west
237. The Hunter's Vow
238. The Hunter's Pledge; or, The Death Doom
239. Rattlepate; or, The Missing Deed
240. The Prairie Bride; or, The Squatters Triumph
241. Old Grizzly, the Bear Tamer
242. The Dashing Dragoons; or, The Loyal Scouts
243. Will-o'-the-Wisp, the California Trooper
244. Dashing Dick; or, Trapper Tom's Castle
245. Old Crossfire; or, The Trailers of the Everglades
246. Ben Bramble, the Hunter King of the Kenawha. A Tale of Kentucky
247. The Brigand Captain; or, The Prairie Pathfinder
248. Old Strategy; or, Reckless Roll, the Boy Ranger
249. Gray Hair, the Chief; or, The Mohawk Riflemen
250. The Prairie Tigers; or, Eye for Eye and Tooth for Tooth
251. The Rival Hunters; or, The Forest Garrison
252. The Texan Scout; or, The Jarocho's Sister
253. Zebra Zack; or, The Wild Texan's Mission
254. The Masked Messenger; or, The Maid of Gresham Grange
255. The Brethren of the Coast; or, Morgan, the Sea Outlaw
256. The Boy Spy; or, The Young Avenger
257. Tahle, the Trailer; or, The Block-House
258. The Boy Chief; or, The Doomed Twenty
259. Tim, the Trailer; or, Caught in His Own Toils
260. Red-Ax, the Indian Giant; or, The River Stockade. A Tale of Border Life
261. Stella, the Spy. A Tale of the War of '76
262. The White Avenger; or, The Doomed Red-Skins
263. The Indian King; or, The Maidens of the Forest
264. The Lost Trail. A Legend of the Far West
265. Kirk, the Guide. A Story of the Oregon Trail
266. The Phantom Trail; or, The Prairie Rangers
267. The Apache Guide; or, The Rescue
268. The Mad Miner; or, The Trapper's Secret
269. Keen-Eye, the Ranger; or, The Hunter's Daughter
270. Blue Belt, the Guide; or, The Red Compact
271. On the Trail; or, Tim Bufton, the Trapper
272. The Specter Spy; or, The Wizard Canoe

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