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Series - Beadle's New Dime Novels

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Publisher: Beadle and Adams (1872-1898) (New York: No. 98 William Street) -- United States of America
Category: Format : Small Booklet

Approximate Dates of Issue: 1874-1875
Approximate Number of Issues: 310
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1. Old Grizzly, the Bear Tamer
2. The Dashing Dragoons; or, The Loyal Scouts
3. Will-o'-the-Wisp, the California Trooper
4. Dashing Dick; or, Trapper Tom's Castle
5. Old Crossfire; or, The Trailers of the Everglades
6. Ben Bramble, the hunter king of the Kenawha
7. The Brigand Captain; or, The Prairie Pathfinder
8. Old Strategy; or, Reckless Roll, the Boy Ranger
9. Gray Hair, the chief, or, The Mohawk riflemen
10. The Prairie Tigers; or, Eye for Eye and Tooth for Tooth
11. The rival hunters, or, The forest garrison
12. The Texan Scout; or, The Jarocho's Sister
13. Zebra Zack; or, The Wild Texan's Mission
14. The masked messenger, or, The maid of Gresham Grange
15. The Brethren of the Coast; or, Morgan, the Sea Outlaw
16. The Boy Spy; or, The Young Avenger
17. Tahle, the Trailer; or, The Block-House
18. The Boy Chief; or, The Doomed Twenty
19. Tim, the Trailer; or, Caught in His Own Toils
20. Red Ax, the Indian giant, or, The river stockade
21. Stella, the spy
22. The White Avenger; or, The Doomed Red-Skins
23. King Barnaby, or, The maidens of the forest
24. The Lost Trail. A Legend of the Far West
25. Kirk, the Guide; or, The Oregon Trail
26. The Phantom Trail; or, The Prairie Ranger
27. The Apache guide, or, The rescue
28. The Mad Miner; or, The Trapper's Secret
29. Keen-Eye, the Ranger; or, The Hunter's Daughter
30. Blue Belt, the Guide; or, The Red Compact
31. On the trail, or, Tim Bufton, the trapper
32. The Specter Spy; or, The Wizard Canoe
33. Old Bald-Head; or, Red Star, the Serpent of the Lake
34. Red-Knife, the chief, or, The arrow-maker of the Miamis
35. Old Sib Cone, the mountain trapper
36. The bear-hunter, or, Davy Crockett as a spy
37. Bashful Bill, the Spy; or, Double Hand, the Dark Destroyer
38. The white chief, or, The track of the avenger
39. Cortina, the Scourge; or, The Lost Diamond
40. The squaw spy, or, The rangers of the lava-beds
41. The scout of '76, or, The old Dutch blunderbuss
42. Spanish Jack, the mountain bandit, or, The pledge of life
43. The masked spy, or, The wild rider of the hills
44. Kirke, the renegade, or, The trapper's last trail
45. Dingle, the outlaw, or, The secret slayer
46. The Green Ranger, or, Dusky Darrell, trapper
47. Montbars, the Scourge; or, The Fair Rivals
48. Metamora, the forest king
49. Thornpath, the trailer, or, The perils of the prairie
50. Foul-Weather Jack, or, The Double wreck
51. The Black Rider, or, Life and love on the border
52. The Helpless Hand. A Tale of Backwoods Retribution
53. The lake rangers
54. Alone on the Plains; or, The Outlaws' Plot
55. The phantom horseman, or, The mad hunter of the Mohawk
56. Wenona, the giant chief, or, The forest flower
57. Silent Shot, the slayer, or, The secret chamber of the Hunter's Lodge
58. The Phantom Ship; or, The Island Cairn
59. The Red Rider, or, The white queen of the Apaches
60. The Grizzly Hunters; or, The Navahoe Captives. A Tale of the Lost City of the Sierras
61. The Mad Ranger, or, The hunters of the Wabash
62. The specter skipper, or, The sunken will
63. The Red Coyote, or, Lupah, the Flower of the Prairie
64. The hunchback, or, The cave castle
65. The black wizard
66. The mad horseman, or, The prairie tournament
67. The privateer's bride, or, The channel scud
68. The Jaguar Queen, or The outlaws of the Sierra Madre
69. Shadow Jack, or, The spotted cruiser
70. Eagle Plume, the white avenger
71. The ocean outlaw, or, The stolen sister
72. Red Slayer, the Life Hunter
73. The Phantom Foe; or, The Maid of Montmorenci
74. The blue anchor, or, The lost bride
75. The red-skin's pledge, or, The double plot
76. The Quadroon Spy; or, The Ranger's Bride
77. The Black Rover. A Tale of Land and Sea
78. Red Belt, the Tuscarora, or, The death trail
79. The Two Trails; or, Sam Grinter's Search
80. The ice-fiend, or, The hunted whalemen
81. The red prince, or, The last of the Aztecs
82. The First Trail; or, The Forest Foundling
83. Sheet-Anchor Tom, or, The sunken treasure
84. Old Avoirdupois, or, Steel Coat, the Apache terror
85. The white gladiator, or, Manola, the sun-child
86. The Blue Clipper, or, The smuggler spy
87. Red Dan, the ranger, or, The league of three
88. The fire-eater, or, The Texan's revenge
89. Blackhawk, the Bandit; or, The Indian Scout
90. The lost ship, or, The cruise for a shadow
91. Arrow, the avenger, or Judge Lynch on the border
92. White Serpent, the Shawnee Scourge; or, Indian Heart, the Renegade
93. The lost captain, or, The double cruise
94. The twin trailers, or, The gamecock of El Paso
95. The Death's-Head Rangers
96. Captain of captains, or, The broom of the seas
97. The Warrior Princess; or, The Pride of the Everglades
98. blue band, or, The mystery of the silver star, [T]he
99. The squaw chief, or, The earl's half-breed daughter
100. The flying scout
101. Sonora Ben, or, The mountain of gold
102. The Sea King, or, The two corvettes
103. Mountain Gid, the Free Ranger; or, The Bandit's Daughter
104. Death-Trailer, the Scourge of the Plain Crees
105. The crested serpent, or, The white tiger of the tropics
106. Arkansas Kit, or, The river sprite's choice
107. The corsair prince
108. Ethan Allen's Rifles; or, The Green-Mountain Boys
109. Little Thunderbolt, or, The rangers of the Carolinas
110. The Falcon Rover
111. Honest Hand, the Trapper Guide; or, The Death-Touch of the Blackfeet
112. The stone chief, or, The last of the giant Indians
113. The gold demon, or, Lamora, the maid of the canon
114. Eutawan, the slayer, or, The Plymouth scout
115. The masked guide, or, The road agents of the Plains
116. The conspirators, or, The island league
117. Swiftwing, the squaw, or, The phantom warrior
118. Caribou Zip, or, The forest brothers
119. The privateer, or, The Pride of the Nansemond
120. The black spy, or, The Yellowstone trail
121. The doomed hunter, or, The tragedy of Forest Valley
122. Barden, the ranger, or, The flower of the Uchees
123. The gray scalp, or, The Blackfoot brave
124. The peddler spy, or, Dutchmen and Yankees
125. The white canoe, or, The spirit of the lake
126. Eph Peters, or, The scout of the Mohawk Valley
127. The two hunters, or, The canyon camp
128. The Traitor Spy
129. The gray hunter, or, The white spirit of the Apaches
130. Little Moccasin, or, Along the Madawaska
131. The white hermit, or, The unknown foe
132. The island bride, or, Cast away
133. The forest princess, or, The Kickapoo captives
134. The trail hunters, or, Monowano, the Shawnee spy
135. The backwoods banditti, or, The hidden home
136. Ruby Roland, the girl spy, or, Simon Kenton's protege
137. Laughing Eyes
138. The Mohegan maiden, or, The stranger of the settlement
139. The Quaker scout, or, The fugitives of Wyoming
140. Sumter's scouts, or, The riders of the Catawba
141. The Five Champions; or, The Backwoods Belle
142. The two guards
143. Quindaro, or, The heroine of Fort Laramie
144. Rob Ruskin, the Prairie Rover; or, The Forest Maid
145. The rival rovers, or, The flying wake
146. Ned Starling, or, The marauder's island
147. Single Hand, the Comanche Attila, or, The chaparral rangers
148. Tippy, the Texan, or, The young champion
149. The young mustanger, or, The red terror of Texas
150. The Hunted Life; or, The Outcasts of the Border
151. The buffalo-trapper
152. Old Zip, or, The cabin in the air
153. Foghorn Phil, the king of the border, or, The secret foe
154. Mossfoot, the Brave; or, The Fat Scout of Oneida Lake
155. Snow Bird, or, The trapper's child
156. The dragoon's bride
157. Old Honesty, or, The guests of the Beehalt Tavern
158. Bald Eagle, or, The last of the Ramapaughs
159. The Black Princess; or, The Border Refugees
160. The white brave, or, The flower of the Lenape Lodge
161. The riflemen of the Miami
162. The moose-hunter, or, Life in the Maine woods
163. The brigantine, or, Admiral Lowe's last cruise
164. Putnam Pomfret's ward, or, A Vermonter's adventures in Mexico
165. Simple Phil, or, The Pineville Massacre
166. Jo Daviess' client, or, 'Courting' in Kentucky
167. Ruth Harland, or, The maid of Weathersfield
168. The gulch miners, or, The queen of the secret valley
169. Captain Molly, or, The fight at Trenton, Christmas, 1776
170. Wingenund, the Young Trail-Hunter; or, The Death of War Eagle
171. The partisan spy, or, The witch of the Santee Swamps
172. The peon prince, or, The Yankee knight-errant
173. The sea captain, or, A cruise for honor
174. Graybeard, the sorcerer, or, The recluse of Mont Royale
175. The border rivals, or, The mill-flume mystery
176. The unknown
177. The Sagamore of Saco
178. The king's man
179. Afloat and ashore, or, The wreck of the Albion
180. The wrong man
181. Rangers of the Mohawk
182. The double hero
183. Alice Wilde, the raftsman's daughter
184. Ruth Margerie
185. The privateer's cruise
186. The Indian queen
187. The wrecker's prize
188. The slave sculptor, or, The prophetess of the secret chambers : a tale of Mexico at the period of the conquest
189. The backwoods' bride
190. Chip, the cave child
191. Bill Biddon, trapper, or, Life in the north-west
192. Outward Bound; or, The Island Girl
193. East and west, or, The beauty of Willard's Mill
194. The Indian princess
195. The Forest Spy
196. Graylock, the Guide. A Romance of the Prairie
197. Off and On; or, The "Ranger's" First Cruise
198. Seth Jones; or, The Captives of the Frontier
199. The emerald necklace, or, Mrs. Butterby's boarder
200. Malaeska, the Indian Wife of the White Hunter
201. Burt Bunker, the trapper
202. The pale-face squaw, or, The last arrow
203. Winifred Winthrop, or, The Lady of Atherton Hall
204. The wrecker's daughter
205. Hearts forever, or, The Old Dominion battlegrounds
206. The frontier angel
207. Florida; or, The Iron Will. A Story of Today
208. The maid of Esopus, or, The trials and triumphs of the Revolution
209. Ahmo's plot, or, The governor's Indian child
210. The water waif, a tale of ancient New York
211. The hunter's cabin : an episode of the early settlements of southern Ohio
212. Hates and loves, or, The lesson of four lives
213. Oonomoo, the Huron
214. The white-faced pacer, or, Before and after the battle
215. Wetzel, the scout, or, The captives of the wilderness
216. The Quakeress spy
217. The vailed benefactress, or, The rocking stone mystery
218. Uncle Ezekiel and His Exploits on Two Continents
219. Westward Bound. A Story of Today
220. Wild Raven, the Ranger; or, The Missing Guide
221. Agnes Falkland
222. Nat Todd, or, The fate of the Sioux' captive
223. Myrtle, the child of the prairie
224. Lightning Jo, the Terror of the Santa Fe Trail
225. The blacksmith of Antwerp
226. Madge Wylde, the Young Man's Ward; or, Lights and Shadows of Orphan Life
227. The Creole sisters, or, The mystery of the Perrys
228. Star Eyes; or, The Susquehanna Rangers
229. Myra, the Child of Adoption
230. Hawkeye Harry, The Young Trapper Ranger
231. Dead shot, or, The White Vulture
232. The boy miners, or, The enchanted island
233. Blue Dick, or, The yellow chief's vengeance
234. Nat Wolfe, or, The gold hunters
235. The white tracker, or, The panther of the plains
236. The outlaw's wife, or, The Valley Ranche
237. The tall trapper, or, The flower of the Blackfeet
238. The island pirate
239. The boy ranger, or, The heiress of the Golden Horn
240. Bess, the trapper
241. The French Spy; or, The Fall of Montreal
242. Long Shot; or, The Dwarf Guide
243. The Gunmaker of the Border; or, The Hunted Maiden
244. Red Hand, or, The channel scourge
245. Ben, the trapper, or, The mountain demon
246. The specter chief, or, The Indian's revenge
247. The b'ar-killer, or, The long trail
248. Wild Nat, the Trooper; or, The Cedar Swamp Brigade
249. Indian Joe, the guide, or, The White Spirit of the hills
250. Old Kent, the Ranger; or, The Fugitives of the Border
251. The one-eyed trapper, or, The maid of the cliff
252. Godbold, the Spy; or, The Faithful and Unfaithful of 1780
253. The black ship
254. Single Eye, the Scourge. A Story of King Phillip's War
255. Indian Jim. A Tale of the Minnesota Massacre
256. The Scout. A Romance of Early New England
257. Eagle Eye; or, Ralph Warren and His Red Friend
258. The Mystic Canoe. A Romance of One Hundred Years Ago
259. The golden harpoon, or, Lost among the floes
260. The Scalp King; or, The Squaw Wife of the White Avenger
261. Old Lute, the Indian Fighter; or, The Den in the Hills
262. Rainbolt, the ranger, or, The aerial demon of the mountain
263. Old Bald-Head; or, Red Star, the Serpent of the Lake
264. The Boy Pioneer
265. Red-Knife, the chief, or, The arrow-maker of the Miamis
266. Carson, the Guide; or, The Perils of the Frontier
267. Old Sib Cone, the mountain trapper
268. The Heart-Eater; or, The Prophet of the Hollow Hill
269. The bear-hunter, or, Davy Crockett as a spy
270. The huge hunter, or, The steam man of the prairies
271. Bashful Bill, the Spy; or, Double Hand, the Dark Destroyer
272. Nat, the Trapper and Indian Fighter
273. The white chief, or, The track of the avenger
274. Lynx-Cap; or, The Sioux Trail
275. Cortina, the Scourge; or, The Lost Diamond
276. The White Outlaw; or, The Branded Brigand
277. The squaw spy, or, The rangers of the lava-beds
278. The dog trailer, or, Apache Jack's desert trail
279. The scout of '76, or, The old Dutch blunderbuss
280. The Elk-King; or, The Doom of the Twin Traitors
281. Spanish Jack, the mountain bandit, or, The pledge of life
282. Adrian, the Pilot; or, The Island Wreckers
283. The man-hunter, or, The counterfeiters of the border
284. Kirke, the renegade, or, The trapper's last trail
285. The masked spy, or, The wild rider of the hills
286. The phantom tracker, or, The prisoner of the hill cave
287. Dingle, the outlaw, or, The secret slayer
288. Moccasin Bill, or, Cunning serpent the Ojibwah
289. The Green Ranger, or, Dusky Darrell, trapper
290. The Wolf-Queen; or, The Giant Hermit of the Scioto
291. Montbars, the Scourge; or, The Fair Rivals
292. Tom Hawk, the Trailer; or, The Forest Tragedy. A Story of Early Border Life
293. Metamora, the forest king
294. The Mad Chief; or, The Skull Hunter
295. Thornpath, the Trailer; or, The Perils of the Prairie
296. The Black Wolf; or, The Hunter Guide
297. Foul-Weather Jack, or, The Double wreck
298. Arkansaw Jack, or, The scourge of the mines
299. The Black Rider, or, Life and love on the border
300. Blackbeard, or, The death of the Dacotahs
301. The Lake Rangers. A Tale of Ticonderoga
302. Joe Napyank; or, The River Rifles
303. The Helpless Hand. A Tale of Backwoods Retribution
304. Hunter Ham, or, The outlaw's crime
305. Alone on the Plains; or, The Outlaws' Plot
306. The Texas hawks, or, The strange decoy
307. Wenona, the giant chief, or, The forest flower
308. Merciless Matt, or, Red Thunderbolt's secret
309. The phantom horseman, or, The mad hunter of the Mohawk
310. Cloudwood, or, The daughter of the wilderness

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