The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Beadle's Dime Handbooks

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Publishers: Beadle and Adams (1872-1898) (New York: No. 98 William Street) -- United States of America
Beadle and Company (New York: 118 William St.) -- United States of America
Beadle and Company (New York: 141 William St.) -- United States of America
Beadle and Company (New York: 98 William St.) -- United States of America
Irwin P. Beadle & Co. (1862-1864) (New York: 137 William St.) -- United States of America
Category: Format : Small Booklet
Issues: 25
Dates: 1859-1880
Price: 10ยข
Notes / Commentary:

"Differing from Beadle's later publications in not being in numbered series, the books were generally grouped in the advertisements as "Family Hand-Books," "Young People's Hand-Books," and "Hand-Books of Games and Pastimes." But the individual books were not always placed in the same group..."--Johannsen, A. House of Beadle and Adams and its dime and nickel novels, volume 1, page 373.

The numbers given here are based on the order of appearance. These numbers were not given by the publishers.

This listing is a work in progress.


2. The dime recipe book
3. Beadle's dime book of etiquette
5. Beadle's dime book of dreams
7. Beadle's dime book of cricket and football
8. Beadle's dime ball-room companion and guide to dancing
9. Beadle's guide to dress-making and millinery
10. Beadle's dime chess instructor
12. Beadle's dime book of verses
13. The housewife's manual, or, How to keep house and order a home; how to dye, cleanse, and renovate; how to cut, fit, and make garments; how to cultivate plants and flowers; how to care for birds and household pets; etc., etc., etc
14. Beadle's dime handbook of croquet
15. Beadle's dime hand-book of yachting and rowing
16. Beadle's dime hand-book of riding and driving
17. Beadle's dime guide to skating and curling
18. Beadle's dime hand-book of pedestrianism
21. The dime lover's casket
22. The dime book of games
23. The dime book of beauty
24. Handbook of winter sports
25. Handbook of summer athletic sports

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