The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Beadle's Pocket Library

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Alternate Title: Beadle's Half-Dime Pocket Library
Publisher: Beadle and Adams (1872-1898) (New York (N.Y.): No. 98 William Street) -- United States
Category: Format : Nickel Weekly (B&W)
Issues: 494
Dates: Jan. 16, 1884 to Jun. 28, 1893
Schedule: Weekly
Columns: 2
Price: 5¢ or $2.50/year
Size: 8 1/4" x 5 3/4"
Pages: 32
Illustrations: Single illustration on the first page.
Contents: Reprints of stories from Beadle's Half-Dime Library, Beadle's Dime Novels, Boy's Library, Frank Starr's American Novels, and the Beadle story papers.
Notes / Commentary:

The first thirteen issues were titled Beadle's Half-Dime Pocket Library, which then became Beadle's Pocket Library for the remaining issues.

At least some of the issues abridged the text of the stories being reprinted; for example, this series' appearance of Will Somers, the Boy Detective has been confirmed to have some text trimmed when compared to earlier publications of the same story.

Two more issues were announced after no. 494 but were never issued.

"Why this series was issued when reissues of the Half-Dime Library would have answered as well, is a mystery. The new form, necessitating resetting the type and engraving a smaller sized cut, was only an extra expense."--Johannsen, A. House of Beadle and Adams and its dime and nickel novels.

Primary Data Source: Johannsen
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. Deadwood Dick, the Prince of the Road; or, The Black Rider of the Black Hills
2. Kansas King; or, The Red Right Hand
3. The Flying Yankee; or, The Ocean Outcast
4. The Double Daggers; or, Deadwood Dick's Defiance. A Tale of the Regulators and Road-Agents of the Black Hills
5. The Two Detectives; or, The Fortunes of a Bowery Girl
6. The Prairie Pilot; or, The Phantom Spy
7. The Buffalo Demon; or, The Border Vultures. A Tale of the Southwest
8. Antelope Abe, the Boy Guide
9. Ned Wylde, the Boy Scout
10. Buffalo Ben, the Prince of the Pistol; or, Deadwood Dick in Disguise
11. Ralph Roy, the Boy Buccaneer; or, The Fugitive Yacht. A Romance of Sea and Shore
12. Nick o' the Night; or, The Boy Spy of '76
13. Yellowstone Jack; or, The Trappers of the Enchanted Ground
14. Wild Ivan, the Boy Claude Duval
15. Diamond Dirk; or, The Mystery of the Yellowstone
16. Keen-Knife, Prince of the Prairies
17. Oregon Sol; or, Nick Whiffles's Boy Spy
18. Death-Face, the Detective; or, Life and Love in New York
19. Lasso Jack, the Young Mustanger
20. Roaring Ralph Rockwood, the Reckless Ranger
21. The Boy Clown; or, The Queen of the Arena
22. The Phantom Miner; or, Deadwood Dick's Bonanza. A Tale of the Great Silver-Land of Idaho
23. The Sea-Cat; or, The Witch of Darien, A Story of the Spanish Main
24. The Dumb Spy
25. Rattling Rube; or, The Night Hawks of Kentucky
26. Old Avalanche, the Great Annihilator; or, Wild Edna, the Girl Brigand
27. Glass-Eye, the Great Shot of the West
28. The Boy Captain; or, The Pirate's Daughter
29. Dick Darling, the Pony Express Rider
30. Bob Woolf, the Border Ruffian; or, The Girl Dead-Shot
31. Nightingale Nat; or, The Forest Captains
32. Black John, the Road-Agent; or, The Prairie Sink. A Tale of Early Kansas Life
33. Omaha Oll, the Masked Terror; or, Deadwood Dick In Danger
34. Burt Bunker, the Trapper. A Tale of the North-west Hunting-Grounds
35. The Boy Rifles; or, The Underground Camp. A Romance of the Red River of the North
36. The White Buffalo. A Tale of Strange Adventure in the Northwest
37. Jim Bludsoe, Jr., the Boy Phenix; or, Through to Death. A Story of City and Far Western Life
38. Ned Hazel, the Boy Trapper; or, The Phantom Princess
39. Deadly-Eye, The Unknown Scout; or, The Branded Brotherhood
40. Nick Whiffles's Pet; or, In the Valley of Death
41. Deadwood Dick's Eagles; or, The Pards of Flood Bar
42. The Border King; or, The Secret Foe
43. Old Hickory; or, Pandy Ellis's scalp
44. The White Indian; or, The Scouts of the Yellowstone
45. Buckhorn Bill; or, The Red Rifle Team. A Tale of the Dakota Moonshiners
46. The Shadow Ship; or, The Rival Lieutenants. A Tale of the Second War with Great Britain
47. The Red Brotherhood; or, The Twelve Avengers
48. Dandy Jack; or, The Outlaw of the Oregon Trail
49. Hurricane Bill; or, Mustang Sam and his "Pard." A Romance of the "Evil Land."
50. Single Hand; or, A Life for a Life
51. Patent-Leather Joe; or, Old Rattlesnake, the Charmer. A Rocky Mountain Romance
52. The Border Robin Hood; or, The Prairie Rover
53. Gold Rifle, the Sharpshooter; or, The Boy Detective of the Black Ranch
54. Old Zip's Cabin; or, A Greenhorn in the Woods
55. Delaware Dick, the Young Ranger Spy; or, Brother Against Brother
56. Mad Tom Western, the Texan Ranger; or, The Queen of the Prairie
57. Deadwood Dick on Deck; or, Calamity Jane, the Heroine of Whoop-Up. A Story of Dakota
58. Hawkeye Harry, The Young Trapper Ranger
59. The Boy Duelist; or, The Cruise of the Sea Wolf
60. Abe Colt, the Crow-Killer; or, The Great Fighting Man of the West
61. Corduroy Charlie, the Boy Bravo; or, Deadwood Dick's Last Act
62. Will Somers, the Boy Detective
63. Sol Ginger, the Giant Trapper; or, The Flower of the Blackfeet
64. Rosebud Rob; or, Nugget Ned, the Knight of the Gulch
65. Lightning Jo, the Terror of the Prairie. A Tale of the Present Day
66. Kit Harefoot, the Wood-Hawk; or, Old Powder-Face and his Demons
67. The Rollo, the Boy Ranger; or, The Heiress of the Golden Horn
68. Idyl, the Girl Miner; or, Rosebud Rob on Hand
69. Detective Dick; or, The Hero in Rags
70. Sure Shot Seth, The Boy Rifleman; or, The Young Patriots of the North
71. Sharp Sam; or, The Adventures of a Friendless Boy, A Story of the Great City
72. The Lion of the Sea; or, The Vailed Lady of San Tropez. A Weird, Wild Tale of the Olden Times, when the Algerine Pirates Swept the Southern Sea and Boldly Defied all the Nations of the Earth
73. Photograph Phil, the Boy Sleuth; or, Rosebud Rob's Reappearance
74. Picayune Pete; or, Nicodemus, the Dog Detective
75. Island Jim; or, The Pet of the Family. A Strange Story of a Haunted Boy and a Phantom Father
76. Watch-Eye, the Shadow; or, Arabs and Angels in a Great City
77. Dick Dead-Eye, the Boy Smuggler; or, The Cruise of the Vixen
78. Deadwood Dick's Device; or, The Sign of the Double Cross. A Wild, Strange Tale of the Leadville Mines--of Men of Steel--of Toughs and Tigers--of Road-Agents, Regulators, Avengers, Adventurers--and of the Thrilling Life in the New Eldorado
79. The Black Mustanger; or, The Wild-Horse Hunters
80. Old Frosty, the Guide; or, Niokana, the White Queen of the Blackfeet. A Tale of the Far Northwest
81. The Old Frosty, the Guide; or, Niokana, the White Queen of the Blackfeet. A Tale of the Far Northwest
82. Seth Jones; or, The Captives of the Frontier
83. Canada Chet, the Counterfeiter Chief; or, Old Anaconda in Sitting Bull's Camp. A Tale of Two Boys' Adventures
84. The Dumb Page; or, The Doge's Daughter
85. The Boy Miners; or, The Enchanted Island. A Tale of the Yellowstone Country
86. Jack Harkaway in New York, or, The Adventures of the Travelers' Club
87. The Hussar Captain; or, The Hermit of Hell-Gate
88. Deadwood Dick in Leadville; or, A Strange Strode for Liberty. A Wild, Exciting Story of the Leadville Region — of Regulators and Adjusters: of Road-Agents and Bandits — of the Latest Events in the Strange Career of Deadwood Dick, the Prince of the Road
89. Bill Biddon, Trapper; or, Life in the Northwest
90. Tippy, the Texan; or, The Young Champion. A Story of the Siege of Monterey
91. Mustang Sam, the King of the Plains. A Romance of Apache Life
92. The Ocean Bloodhound; or, The Red Pirates of the Caribbees
93. Phil Hardy, The Boss Boy; or, The Mystery of the Strongbow
94. Deadwood Dick as Detective. A Story of the Great Carbonate Region
95. Buck Buckram; or, Bess, the Female Trapper. A Tale of the Far Southwest
96. Gilt-Edge Dick, the Sport-Detective; or, The Road-Agent's Daughter
97. The Black Steed of the Prairies. A Thrilling Story of Texan Adventure
98. The Sea Serpent; or, The Boy Robinson Crusoe
99. Bonanza Bill, the Man Tracker; or, The Secret Twelve
100. Nat Todd; or, The Fate of the Sioux Captive
101. Daring Davy, the Young Bear Killer; or, The Trail of the Border Wolf
102. Yellow Chief; or, The Half-Blood's Vengeance. A Romance of the Rocky Mountains
103. Chip, the Girl Sport; or, The Golden Idol of Mt. Rosa. A Tale of Northern Arizona
104. The Black Schooner; or, Jib Junk, the Old Tar
105. Handsome Harry, the Bootblack Detective
106. Night-Hawk Kit; or, The Daughter of the Ranch
107. Jack Hoyle's Lead; or, The Road to Fortune
108. Rocky Mountain Kit; or, The White Mustanger
109. The Branded Hand; or, The Man of Mystery
110. The Dread Rider; or, The Texan Duelist
111. Boss Bob, the King of Bootblacks; or, The Pawnbroker's Plot. A Story of Philadelphia
112. The Helpless Hand. A Tale of Backwoods Retribution
113. Scar-Face Saul, the Silent Hunter; or, The Mystery of Fort Rane. A Story of the Border
114. Piney Paul, the Mountain Boy; or, The Little Arrow of the Adirondacks
115. Deadwood Dick's Double; or, The Ghost of Gorgon's Gulch. A Tale of Wild-Cat City
116. Jabez Coffin, Shipper; or, Lost in the Polar Regions
117. Fancy Frank, of Colorado; or, The Trapper's Trust, A Frontier Story of To-Day
118. Will Wildfire, the Thoroughbred; or, The Winning Hand
119. Blond Bill; or, Deadwood Dick's Home Base. A Romance of the "Silent Tongues."
120. Gopher Gid, the Boy Trapper; or, Midnight Jack, the Road-Agent
121. Harry Armstrong, the Captain of the Club; or, The Young Athletes. A Romance of Truth and Treachery
122. The Hunted Hunter; or, The Strange Horseman of the Prairie. A Romance of the Southwest Border
123. Solid Sam, the Boy Road-Agent; or, The Branded Brows. A Tale of Wild Wyoming
124. Judge Lynch, Jr.; or, The Boy Vigilante
125. The Land Pirates; or, The League of Devil's Island. A Tale of the Mississippi
126. Blue-Blazes; or, The Break o' Day Boys of Rocky Bar
127. Tony Fox, the Ferret; or, Boss Bob's Boss Job
128. Will Wildfire's Racer; or, Winning Against Odds
129. Eagle Kit, the Boy Demon; or, The Outlaws of the Gold Hills
130. Gold Trigger, the Sport; or, The Girl Avengers
131. A Game of Gold; or, Deadwood Dick's Big Strike
132. Dainty Lance, the Boy Sport; or, The Bank-Breakers' Decoy Duck
133. Wild-Fire, the Boss of the Road; or, The Wolves of Satan's Gap. A Romance of the Silver Regions
134. Mike Merry, the Harbor Police Boy; or, The Night-Hawks of the Quaker City
135. Deadwood Dick of Deadwood; or, The Picked Party
136. Old Rube, the Hunter; or, The Crow Captive. A Tale of the Great Plains
137. Dandy Rock, the Man from Texas. A Wild Romance of the Land of Gold
138. Bob Rockett, the Boy Dodger; or, Mysteries of New York
139. The Black Giant; or, Dainty Lance in Jeopardy
140. Captain Arizona, the King Pin of Road-Agents; or, Patent-Leather Joe's Big Game. A Romance of Wild Mountain Life
141. New York Nell, the Boy-Girl Detective; or, Old Blakesly's Money
142. Little Texas, The Young Mustanger, A Tale of the Texan Prairies
143. Deadly Dash; or, Fighting Fire with Fire
144. Little Grit, the Wild Rider; or, Bessie, the Stock Tender's Daughter. A Romance of Pony Express Days
145. The Tiger of Taos; or, Wild Kate, Dandy Rock's Angel
146. The Cattle King; or, Cortina's Right Bower
147. Nobby Nick of Nevada; or, The Scamps of the Sierras
148. Thunderbolt Tom; or, The Wolf-Herder of the Rockies
149. Bob Rockett, the Bank Runner; or, The Road to Ruin. A Tale of Life in New York
150. The Mad Miner; or, Dandy Rock's Doom. A Thrilling Story of the War for the Valley of Gold
151. The Sea Trailer; or, A Vow Well Kept. A Sea and Shore Yarn of Love and Revenge
152. Dandy Darke; or, The Tigers of High Pine. A Story of a Camp of Refuge
153. Wild Frank, the Buckskin Bravo; or, Lady Lily's Love
154. The Boy Trailers; or, Dainty Lance on the War-Path
155. Gold Plume, the Boy Bandit; or, The Kid Glove Sport
156. Will Wildfire in the Woods; or, Camp Life in the Alleghanies
157. Ned Temple, the Border Boy; or, The Mad Hunter of Powder River. A Romance of Montana
158. Deadwood Dick's Doom; or, Calamity Jane's Last Adventure. A Tale of Death Notch
159. Patent-Leather Joe's Defeat; or, Captain Mask, the Lady Road-Agent
160. Buffalo Billy, the Boy Bullwhacker; or, The Doomed Thirteen. A Strange Story of the Silver Trail
161. Bob Rockett, the Cracksman; or, Driven to the Wall
162. Little Hurricane, the Boy Captain; or, The Oath of the Young Avengers
163. Deadwood Dick's Dream; or, The Rivals of the Road. A Mining Tale of "Tombstone."
164. Tornado Tom; or, Injun Jack from Red Core. A Story of the Unexplored Wilds of Idaho
165. Buffalo Bill's Bet; or, The Gambler Guide. A Romance of Western Trails
166. Will Wildfire Wins and Loses; or, "A Trump Card."
167. Dandy Rock's Pledge; or, Hunted to Death
168. Deadwood Dick's Ward; or, The Black Hills Jezebel
169. The Boy Champion; or, Dutch Herman of the Muskingum
170. Bob Rockett's Fight for Life; or, Shadowed in New York
171. Frank Morton, the Boy Hercules; or, The Prairie Tramps. A Dakota Romance
172. The Yankee Ranger; or, Dusky Dorrell, the Yellowstone Trapper
173. Dick Dingle, Scout; or, The Frontier Angel. A Romance of Kentucky Rangers' Life
174. Dandy Rock's Scheme; or, The Golden Hand
175. The Arab Detective; or, Snoozer, the Boy Sharp
176. Will Wildfire's Pluck; or, The Hidden Hand
177. The Boy Commander; or, The Maid of Perth. A Romance of New York and its Waters in the War of 1812
178. The Maniac Hunter; or, The Mysteries of Night Island
179. Dainty Lance; or, The Mystic Marksman
180. The Boy Gold Hunter; or, Navajo Nick's Scout. A Tale of Arizona
181. The Scapegrace Son; or, Two Brothers' Lives in New York
182. The Dark-Skinned Scout; or, The Freebooters of the Mississippi
183. Jabez Dart, Detective; or, The Hermit Trapper
184. Featherweight, the Boy Spy; or, Dutch Herman in the Mountains
185. Bison Bill, the Overland Prince
186. Dainty Lance and His Pard
187. The Trapped Tiger King; or, Dark Paul's Plot
188. The Ventriloquist Detective. A Romance of Rogues
189. Old Rocky's Boys; or, Benito, the Young Mustang-Breaker. A Romance of Adventure in the "Lone Star State."
190. Sim Simpkins, Scout; or, The Faithful Mountain Mastiff
191. Dandy Rock's Rival; or, The Mysterious Wolf Rider
192. Hickory Harry; or, Roaring Ralph, the Ventriloquist
193. Detective Josh Grim; or, The Young Gladiator's Game
194. Prospect Pete, the Boy Miner
195. The Tenderfoot Trailer; or, Plucky Phil, of the Mountain
196. The Dandy Detective; or, The Abducted Boy Mystery
197. Roy, the Young Cattle King; or, The Texan Sport Unmasked. A Romance of the Wild West
198. Ebony Dan's Mask; or, The Rival Leagues of the Mines
199. Dictionary Nat, Detective; or, Bill Bravo, the Bear Tamer
200. The Twin Horsemen; or, The Brothers of the Plumed Lance. A Tale of the Great Syrian Desert
201. Dandy Darke's Pards; or, The Hawks of High Pine
202. Tom, the Texan Tiger; or, Old Luke's Luck
203. Sam, the Office Boy; or, The Tables Turned
204. The Young Cowboy; or, The Girl Trailer's Triumph
205. The Frontier Detective; or, Sierra Sam's Scheme
206. White Lightning; or, The Boy Ally
207. Kentuck Talbot's Band; or, The Red Lasso
208. Trapper Tom's Castle Mystery; or, Dashing Dick's Disguise
209. The Messenger-Boy Detective; or, The Tables Turned
210. The Hunchback of the Mines; or, Reckless Ralph, the Road-Agent. A Tale of the California Placers
211. Little Giant and His Band; or, Despard, the Duelist
212. The Jimtown Sport; or, Gypsy Jack in Colorado. A Story of Durango
213. The Pirate's Prize; or, The Mysterious Yankee Schooner. A Tale of the Malay Seas
214. Dandy Dave of Shasta; or, The 'Frisco Flash o' Lightning
215. The Denver Detective; or, Daring Dan, the Ranger
216. The Cowboy Captain; or, Ranger Ralph's Ruin. A Romance of Wild Life in Texas
217. Bald Head of the Rockies; or, The Ang'l of the Range. A Tale of Sardine-Box City, Arizona
218. The Miner Sport; or, Sugar-Coated Sam's Claim. A Deadwood Dick Episode
219. Buck the Detective; or, Paul, the Boy Pard. A Romantic Story of the Lurid Life of Colorado
220. Crack-Shot Frank; or, Bill Bounce, the Mountain Bravado
221. Merle, the Middy; or, A Waif of the Waves
222. Rosebud Ben's Boys; or, The Young Prairie Rangers
223. Gold Conrad's Watch-Dogs; or, The Two Pards of Vulture Bar
224. Frisky Fergus, the New York Boy
225. Dick Drew, the Miner's Son; or, Apollo Bill, the Road-Agent. A Story of the Mines
226. Dick Dashaway; or, A Dakota Boy in Chicago
227. Merle, the Boy Cruiser; or, Brandt, the Buccaneer. A Stirring Tale of the Sea
228. The Preacher Detective; or, The Boy Ventriloquist
229. Old Hickory's Grit. A Tale of Early Kentucky
230. Three Boy Sports; or, The Sword Hunters
231. Sierra Sam, the Detective. A Tale of Fairy Flats
232. Merle Monte's Treasure; or, Buccaneer Brandt's Threat
233. Rocky Rover Kit; or, Davy Crockett's Crooked Trail
234. Baldy, the Miner Chief; or, Two Mustangers' Adventures in California
235. Jack Stump's Cruise; or, The Montpelier's Mutineers. A Story of the Whaling Grounds
236. Sierra Sam's Double; or, The Three Female Detectives
237. Newsboy Ned, Detective; or, Two Philadelphia Gamins
238. Merle Monte's Sea-Scraper; or, Little Belt's Droll Disguise. A Tale of Land and Blue Water
239. Ben's Big Boom; or, The Boss Miner's League
240. Minksin Mike, the Boy Sharpshooter; or, Columbia Jim on the War-Path
241. Sierra Sam's Sentence; or, Little Luck at Rough Ranch
242. The Denver Detective; or, Dainty Dot at Gold Gulch
243. Dutch Jan's Dilemma; or, The Mysterious Mountain Monster
244. Merle Monte's Disguise; or, The Capture of Brandt, the Buccaneer
245. Baldy's Boy Partner; or, Young Brainerd's Steam Man
246. Detective Keen's Apprentice; or, James Jumper, the New York Gamin
247. The Girl Sport; or, Jumbo Joe's Disguise
248. Giant George's Pard; or, Arizona Jack, the Tenderfoot
249. Ranch Rob's Wild Ride; or, Old Winch, the Rifle King
250. Merle Monte's Pardon; or, The Pirate Chief's Doom
251. The Deaf Detective; or, Weasel, the Boy Tramp
252. Denver Doll's Device; or, The Detective Queen
253. The Boy Tenderfoot; or, Roaring Ben Bandy of Colorado
254. Black Hills Ben; or, Dutch Jan on the War-Path
255. Jolly Jim, Detective; or, The Young Protege's Victory
256. Merle Monte's Last Cruise; or, The Sea Robber at Bay. A Romance of the South and Southern Waters Half a Century Ago
257. The Boy Chief of Rocky Pass; or, The Young California Pards
258. Denver Doll as Detective; or, Little Bill's Bold Task
259. Little Foxeye, the Colorado Spy
260. Skit, the Cabin Boy; or, The Pirates of the Mississippi
261. Blade, the Sport; or, The Giant of Clear Grit Camp
262. Billy, the Boy Rover; or, Terror Tom of Texas
263. Buster Bob's Buoy; or, Lige, the Light-House Keeper
264. Denver Doll's Partner; or, Big Buckskin, the Sport
265. Billy, the Baggage Boy; or, The Young Railroad Detective
266. Guy's Boy Chum; or, The Forest Waif's Mask
267. Giant George's Revenge; or, The Boys of "Slip-Up Mine."
268. Dead Shot Dandy; or, The Rio Grande Marauders
269. The Quartzville Boss; or, Daring David Darke
270. Denver Doll's Mine; or, Little Bill's Big Loss
271. Ebony Jim's Terror; or, Ranger Rainbolt's Ruse
272. Kit, the Girl Detective; or, Dandy Dash in California
273. The Girl Rider; or, Nimble Ned's Surprise
274. Dead-Shot Dandy's Double; or, Benito, the Boy Pard
275. Fred, the Ocean Waif; or, The Old Sailor's Protégé
276. Deadwood Dick Trapped; or, Roxey Ralph's Ruse
277. The Idiot Boy Avenger; or, Captain Wild-Cat's Band
278. Arizona Alf, the Miner; or, Little Snap Shot's Luck
279. Colorado Jack, the Tiger; or, The Ghost of the Trailer
280. Dead Shot Dandy's Last Deal; or, Keno Kit's New Role
281. Ned, the Boy Pilot; or, The Pirate Lieutenant's Doom
282. Buck Hawk, Detective; or, The Messenger Boy's Fortune
283. Roving Sport Kit; or, The Ghost of Chuckaluck Camp
284. The Showman's Best Card; or, The Mad Animal-Tamer
285. Old Rocky's Pard; or, Little Ben's Chase
286. Dick, the Dakota Sport; or, A Western Lad in the Quaker City
287. Ned, the Boy Skipper; or, The Sea Sorceress's Cruise
288. Deadwood Dick's Disguise; or, Wild Walt, the Sport
289. Colorado Nick, the Lassoist; or, Old Si's Protégé
290. Rube, the Tenderfoot; or, The Boys of Torpedo Gulch
291. Peacock Pete, the Leadville Sport; or, Hawk, the Boss Miner
292. Joe Morey, the Night-Hawk; or, The Black Rider
293. Dwarf Jake, the Detective; or, Kit Kenyon's Man-Hunt
294. Dumb Dick's Pard; or, 'Liza Jane, the Girl Miner
295. White Wing, the Ferret Flyer; or, Old Dirk, the Oyster Pirate
296. Govinda, the Tiger-Tamer; or, The American Horseman Abroad
297. Arizona Giant George; or, The Boyees of Sardine-Box City
298. Daisy Doll's Dash; or, The Ten Colorado Pards
299. The Balloon Detectives; or, Jack Slasher's Young Pard
300. Deadwood Dick's Mission; or, Cavie, the Kidnapped Boy
301. Dandy Duke, the Cowboy; or, Bob's Lightning Horse
302. Big Benson's Bet; or, Rita's Last Lasso Throw
303. The Hotel Boy Detective; or, The Grand Central Robbery
304. Bald Head's Pards; or, Creeping Cat's Cunning. A Romance of the Rio Llano
305. Dusky Dick's Duel; or, The Demon's Trail
306. Spotter Fritz; or, The Store-Detective's Decoy
307. Nick, the Boy Sport; or, Three Plucky Pards
308. Double-Fisted Mat; or, The Mystic California Giant
309. Old Graybeard's Boy; or, The Girl's Ruse
310. Captain Kit, the Will-o'-the-Wisp; or, The Mystery of Montana Point. A Story of Long Island Sound and Shore in the War of 1812
311. Frio Fred in Texas; or, Old Rocky to the Front. A Tale of the Lone Star State
312. The Detective Road-Agent; or, The Miners of Sassafras City
313. Honest Jack's Protégé; or, The Dwarf's Scheme. A Story of a Wonderful Cave
314. Clip, the Boy Sheriff; or, The Two Crooks of Montana
315. Tom, the Arizona Sport; or, Howling Hank from Hard Luck
316. The Street Arab Detective; or, Dirk Dorgan's Double-Dealing
317. Buckskin Ben, of Texas; or, Single-Eye's Plucky Pards
318. Colorado Charlie's Detective Dash; or, The Cattle Kings
319. Frisky Frank in Idaho; or, Old Skinflint, the Shadow
320. Cool Sam's Girl Pard; or, Captain Dick and His Texans
321. Billy, the Kid from Texas; or, Silver-Mark's Clew
322. Fred Flyer, the Detective; or, Abe Blizzard on Deck
323. Dead-Shot Ike; or, Hez Helper, the Yankee Pard
324. Kit, the Denver Sport; or, The Bonanza Miner King
325. Dusky Darrell, the Camp Detective; or, The Dandy's Daring Dash
326. Roy, the Boy Cruiser; or, The Water Wolf Wreckers
327. Ned, the Roving Miner; or Arizona Jack's Match
328. Rocky Ben's Band; or, Big Pete's Big Haul
329. Dave, the Colorado Wrestler; or, Beppo, the Italian Bravo
330. The Denver Sport's Racket; or, Kit's Big Boom
331. The Coast Detective; or, The Smuggler Shadower
332. Dakota Dan in Canyon City; or, Colorado Kate's Check
333. Bootblack Ben, the Detective; or, Pooler Jim and His Pal
334. Frisco Tom on Deck; or, The Golden Gate Smugglers
335. Ben Bandy, the Boss Pard; or, The Plucky Parson
336. Fred, the Sport, in Brimstone Bar Camp; or, The Boston Wrestler's Confederate
337. Daisy Dave, the Colorado Galoot; or, The Boss of Dead Line City
338. The Gold Bar Detective; or, Iron Ike, the Solid Man
339. Rardo, the Boy Gypsy; or, Reckless Rolf's Revolt
340. Billy Bubble's Big Score; or, Tim, the Tramp
341. Colorado Steve's Dash; or, Old Buncomb's Sure Shot
342. Snap-Shot Sam; or, Ned Norris's Nettle
343. Mike, the Bowery Detective; or, Peleg Prancer of Vermont
344. The Drummer Sport; or, Captain Dasher's Droll Dilemma
345. Jaques, the Hardpan Detective; or, Captain Frisco, the Road-Agent
346. Joe, the Chicago Arab; or, A Boy of the Times
347. Middy Herbert's Prize; or, The Girl Captain's Revenge
348. Sharp-Shooter Frank; or, The Young Texan Pards
349. Buck, the Miner; or, Alf, the Colorado Guide
350. Ned, the Slab City Sport; or, The Detective's Big Scoop
351. Rocky Mountain Joe; or, Deacon Simplicity on the War-Path
352. New York Tim; or, The Boys of the Boulevard
353. The Girl Pilot; or, Ben, the Reef-Runner
354. Joe, the Boy Stage-Driver; or, Nick Hicken's Cunning
355. Texas Frank's Crony; or, The Girl Mustang Rider
356. Idaho Ned, Detective; or, The Miners of Tarpot City
357. Guy, the Boy Miner; or, Rocky Mountain Bill
358. Jersey Joe, the Old Tar; or, The Wrecker's Protégé
359. Dandy Dick's Dash; or, The Boy Cattle-King
360. Jim's Big Bonanza; or, Jake Dodd, and His Gang
361. Oregon Phil, the Sport; or, The Marshal of Two Bits
362. Kit, the Bootblack Detective; or, From Philadelphia to the Rockies
363. The Ocean Racer; or, Trusty Tom, the Tar
364. Fritz's Old Score; or, Sib Cone's Right Bower
365. Crack Shot Harry; or, The Masked Rider
366. Gold Dust Rock, the Whirlwind of the Mines; or, Velvet Hand, the Sport
367. Fred's Bold Game; or, The Cave Treasure
368. Jim, the Sport, in Wake-Up; or, Foghorn Fan to the Front
369. Captain Blake's Jonah; or, Harry, the Cabin Boy
370. Denver Kit's Double; or, The Giant Miner of the Gulch
371. Blue Blazes Dick; or, Danger Doll of Dynamite
372. The Sea Cat's Prize; or, The Flag of the Red Hands
373. Larry O'Lynn's Dash; or, Kyle, the Renegade
374. Jim the Sport's Big Boom; or, The Bonanza King's Rival
375. Bowery Bob, Detective; or, Blanca, the Tambourine Girl
376. Buckskin Dick's Clean Sweep; or, Jonathan Jenk's Still Hunt
377. The Deadwood Sports; or, Diamond Dick's Deliverance
378. Bronco Billy, the Saddle Prince. Thrilling Scenes in the Life of William Powell, the Young Border Hero
379. Dick, the Stowaway; or, A Yankee Boy's Strange Cruise
380. Young Dick Talbot; or, A Boy's Rough and Tumble Fight from New York to California
381. Dandy Bill's Doom; or, Deerhunter, the Boy Scout of the North Woods
382. Wide-Awake George, the Boy Pioneer; or, Life in a Log Cabin: Incidents and Adventures in the Backwoods
383. Wild Bill, the Pistol Prince, from Early Boyhood to His Tragic Death. Deeds of Daring, Adventures, and Thrilling Incidents in the Life of J. B. Hickok, known to the World as Wild Bill
384. Brimstone Bill's Booty; or, Mariposa Marsh at Dead Man's Gulch
385. The Boy Tramps; or, The Roughs of Demon Hollow
386. Little Dan Rocks; or, The Mountain Kid's Mission
387. The Boy Detectives; or, Broker Blondin's Big Reward
388. The Pony-Express Rider; or, Buffalo Bill's Frontier Feats: Deeds of Daring, Scenes of Thrilling Peril, and Romantic Incidents in the Early Life of W. F. Cody, the Monarch of Bordermen
389. New York Bill, the Dodger; or, Two Boys Who were "Bounced."
390. The Ticket-of-Leave's Trick; or, Spring Steel, King of the Bush
391. Charley Skylark, the Sport. A Story of Schoolday Scrapes and College Capers
392. Texas Jack, the Mustang King. Thrilling Adventures in the Life of J. B. Omohundro, "Texas Jack," the Noted Scout, Indian Fighter, Guide, Ranchero, Mustang Breaker and Hunter of the "Lone Star State."
393. Peter, the Dandy Greenhorn, and His Comical Adventures in the Country
394. Tom Temple's Big Stride; or, Little Buck, the Boy Guide
395. Honest Harry; or, The Country Boy Adrift in the City
396. 'Longshore Lije; or, How a Rough Boy Won his Way. A Story of Adventure on Land and Lake
397. Tip Tressell, the Flatboat Boy; or, Billy Kehoe's Revenge
398. Captain Jack in Rocky Roost; or, The Border Boy (John B. Crawford), known to Fame as "Captain Jack, the Poet-Scout of the Black Hills," "The Flying Courier," and "Wild Rider," with Incidents in His Earlier Career as a Boy Soldier
399. Harry Somers, the Sailor-Boy Magician; or, The Old Bo'sen's Strange Land Cruise
400. Black Horse Bill, the Bandit Wrecker; or, Two Brave Boys to the Rescue
401. Lame Tim, the Mule Boy of the Mines; or, Life among the Black Diamonds
402. Flatboat Fred on the Mississippi; or, The Voyage of the "Experiment."
403. Jumping Jake, the Colorado Circus Boy; or, The Wicked Man of Slashaway Bar
404. Texas Charlie's Wild Ride; or, The Boy Ranger. A Narrative of Thrilling Incidents in the Life of Captain Charles Bigelow, of the Lone Star State, whose Career as a Young Guide, Indian-Fighter, and Ranger has been Full of Romantic Adventure and Deadly Peril
405. Wide-Awake Ned; or, The Boy Wizard
406. Giant Pete and His Pards; or, Trapper Tom, the Wood Imp
407. Old Ruffs Protégé; or, Little Rifle's Secret
408. Stowaway Dick Abroad; or, The Desert Rover
409. Doctor Carver, the Champion Shot; or, The "Evil Spirit" of the Plains. The Romantic and Adventurous Career of Doctor William Frank Carver, whose Life as a Plainsman, Horseman, Rifle King, Pistol Prince, and Hunter, has Won for him a Name Known the Country Over
410. Captain Fly-by-Night, the Colorado King-Pin; or, The Cowboys on the War-Path
411. New York Jack's Mettle; or, Old Traps and His Chums. A Tale of a Lost Balloon
412. Sam Spence, the Broadhorn Boy and How He Floated into a Fortune. A Story of New Orleans in War Times
413. Revolver Billy in Texas; or, The Lone Star State Rangers
414. Dasher Dick's Dead-Lock; or, Plucky Joe, the Boy Avenger's Last Ride. An Exciting Adventure in the Life of a Noted Outlaw
415. Pony, the Cowboy Chief; or, The Young Marshal's Raid. A Tale of Western Kansas
416. Panther Dick's Death Leap; or, Hurricane Kit and His Pard
417. Fighting Fred of Frisco; or, The Castaways of Grizzly Camp
418. Buckskin Sam's Wild Ride; or, Plaza and Plain. Adventures of Major Sam S. Hall, the Noted Texan Ranger, Scout, Guide, Ranchero and Indian-Fighter of the South-west Border
419. Frisco Guy's Big Bonanza; or, The Boy Prospector
420. Pat Mulroony's Pard; or, Hezekiah Smith, the Backwoodsman
421. Tim, the Boy Acrobat; or, Life in the Circus Ring
422. Red Spur Ralph, the Texan; or, The Young Mustangers. A Tale of Adventure on the Far Texan Border
423. Dashing Bob, the Pony Express Rider; or, From a Cabin Boy to a Rocky Mountain Courier. A True History of the Life of Robert H. Haslam (Pony Bob), who Made Himself Famous as a Pony Express Rider and "Flying Courier" in the Rocky Mountains, a Quarter of a Century Ago
424. Tom Stone, the Old Sea Dog; or, The Young Land-Lubber. A Thrilling Story of Prince Porter's First Cruise
425. Darky Jumble's Wild Ride; or, Tom Tabor, the Boy Fugitive. A Romance of Colorado Hills
426. Wolf-Cap; or, The Night-Hawks of the Fire-Lands
427. Queen Bessie, the Border Girl. A Romance of the Kanawha
428. The Adventurous Life of Nebraska Charlie (Chas. E. Burgess), the "Boy Medicine Man" of the Pawnees
429. Bill Beeler's Bonanza; or, Alone on the Plains
430. Long Shot; or, The Dwarf Guide
431. Lillie, the Reckless Rider; or, The Wild Hunter's Secret
432. Cool Clark's Rash Race; or, The Young Nihilist
433. Old Grizzly in the Rockies; or Bruin Adams, the Boy Ranger
434. Joe, the Rover Sport; or, The Fortune Hunter
435. An Irish Sport Abroad; or, Pat Mulloney's Adventures
436. Oregon Josh, the Wizard Rifle; or, The Young Trapper Champion
437. Detective Jake's Clew; or, The Boy Vigilantes
438. Fancy Frank's Drop; or, White Beaver, the Indian Medicine Chief. The Romantic and Adventurous Life of Dr. Frank Powell, known on the Border as "Fancy Frank," "Iron Face," etc., etc., etc.
439. Silverspur; or, The Mountain Heroine. A Tale of the Arapaho Country
440. Mink Coat, the Death Shot; or, The Spring of the Tiger
441. Wistah, the Child Spy; or, The Old Scout of the Wabash
442. Dirk, the Sea Dandy; or, Hunter-Pard Ben
443. The Masked Avenger; or, Death on the Trail. A Tale of the Southwest Frontier
444. Cool Clark's Dead-Set; or, From Moscow to Siberia. A Yankee Boy to the Rescue
445. Old Pegs, the Mountaineer; or, The Trapper Rivals
446. Black Panther, the Half-Blood; or, The Slaves of the Silver Mines. A Tale of Old Arizona
447. The Antelope Boy; or, Smoholler, the Medicine-Man. A Tale of Indian Adventure and Mystery
448. Wild Raven, the Scout; or, Blanche, the Overland Maiden
449. The Boy Pilot; or, The Island Wreckers
450. Kidnapped Dick; or, The Fate of the Firefly. A Tale of 1781
451. The White Tigers; or, Silver Rifle, the Girl Tracker of Lake Superior
452. The Giant Hunter; or, The Mad Scourge of the Kickapoos. A Romance of the Frontier
453. The Half-Breed Rival; or, The Tangled Trail. A Tale of the Settlements
454. Old Jupe's Clew; or, The Darky Detective
455. A Hot Trail; or, Clark Cloverly among the Tartars
456. Nick Doyle, the Gold Hunter. A Tale of Miners' Life in California
457. Frank Bell, the Boy Spy; or, The Mystery of Crystal Lake
458. The Champion Texan Rider; or, Red Buffalo and the Hunter Hercules. A Tale of the Comanches
459. Dusky Dick's Doom; or, Tobe Castor, the Old Scout. A Story of the Sioux Outbreak
460. Fighting Frank in Texas; or, Bill Robbins, Hunter
461. The Buckskin Rider; or, The White Scourge
462. Darky Scip's Dilemma; or, Nat, the Trapper
463. Gold Dust Pete; or, Lank Lute, the Old Colorado Hunter
464. The Boy Chief; or, The Doomed Twenty
465. The Texan Sport; or, The Boy Mustang-Hunter
466. The Twin Buckskins; or, Sam's Long Trail
467. Marsh Mose and His Dog; or, The Swamp Guide
468. Jack Scott in Texas; or, The White Wolf
469. Donald's Death Shot; or, The Marked Miner
470. The Ranger Detective; or, The Scalpless Hunter. A Tale of the Miami
471. Roving Rifle, Custer's Little Scout; or, From the Plains to West Point
472. The Boy Cruisers; or, Joe and Jap's Big Find. A Story of the Yapura Wilderness
473. Left-Handed Pete, the Double-Knife; or, The Princess of the Everglades. A Florida Romance
474. Gypsy Mag, the Mountain Witch; or, The Mysterious Mute
475. The Mad Skipper; or, The Cruise of the Monongahela
476. Sandy Bill of Texas; or, The White Apache's Doom
477. The Squatter's Surprise; or, Frontier Life at Squire Boker's
478. The Yankee Peddler; or, Jabez Hawk, the Spy
479. Nick, the Detective; or, The Border Vagabond's Doom
480. The Village Sport; or, The Young Mechanic's Muster
481. Mustang Rider Roy; or, The Brigands of Texas
482. New York Ned in California; or, The Brothers of the League
483. The Wild Huntress; or, Old Grizzly, the Bear-Tamer
484. Silver City Tom; or, Blue Belt's Barter
485. Old Nancy's Ward; or, The Rustic Rifle Rangers
486. The Dwarf Decoy; or, The White Steed Rider. A Tale of the Old Dahcotah Country
487. Jack's Snare; or, The Kent Boys' Plot
488. Harry Winkle's Long Chase; or, The Haunted Hunter
489. Old Crossfire's Crisis; or, Frank Nesbit, the Young Trailer
490. Goosehead's Best Shot; or, The Old Ranger's Long Trail. A Romance of the Missouri Settlements
491. The Boy Surveyor; or, Rugy, the Daring Rider
492. Yankee Josh, the Rover; or, Two Adventurers in the Tropics
493. Frisco Frank's Rival
494. Doctor Bag, Detective; or, Trailer Tom's Tact

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