The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Publisher List


A-No.1 Pub. Co.
A. A. Kelly & Co.
A. C. Meyer & Co.
A. D. Porter
A. E. Ostendorff
A. J. Williamson
A. L. Burt
A. Winch
Adams, Victor & Co.
Advance Publishing Co.
Al Miller
Albert Sibley & Co.
Aldine Book Publishing Co.
Aldine Publishing Co.
Alex T. Loyd & Co.
Alexander Belford & Co.
Amalgamated Press
American Humane Education Society
American Library Co.
American News Company
American Novel Publishing Co.
American Publishers Corporation
American Publishing Co.
American Standard Library Co.
Anonymous ("Published for the Trade")
Arena Publishing Company
Arkell Publishing Company
Army and Navy Pub.
Arthur Hall
Arthur Westbrook Publishing Co.
Atlantic News Company
Augustus Comstock
Authors' Publishing Company
Avon Book Company

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Bailey & Co.
Beadle & Brother
Beadle and Adams (1856-1860)
Beadle and Adams (1872-1898)
Beadle and Company
Beadle and Vanduzee
Beadle, Erastus Flavel, 1821-1894
Belford, Clarke, & Co.
Belford, Middlebrook & Company
Benedict Book Store
Benedict Publishing Co.
Benj. R. Tucker
Bible Institute Colportage Association (Chicago, Ill.)
Bright Days Publishing Co.
Brown & Patterson
Buckeye Publishing Co.
Butler Bros.
Butler Brothers
Butterick Publishing Co.

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C. I. Hood Co.
Camp-Fire Library Co.
Cassell & Co.
Cassell & Co. Ltd.
Cassell Publishing Co.
Cauldwell & Whitney
Cauldwell, Southworth, & Whitney
Champion Pub. Co.
Chaney & Williams
Chapman & Co.
Charles Brown
Charles Clucas & Co.
Charles D. Sibley & Son
Charles F. Richards
Charles H. Kerr & Co.
Charles H. Sergel Company
Charles L. Webster and Company
Charles P. Davis
Charles Sibley
Charles Stevens
The Church Press
Clemens Publishing Company
Clinton T. DeWitt
Cobb, Baldwin & Co.
Coin Publishing Company
Collin & Small
Columbia Pub.
Columbian Publishing Co.
Continental Publishing Co.
Cosmopolitan Co., Ltd.
Cramer, Aikens & Cramer
Crawford & Co., Publishers
Crowell & Kirkpatrick

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D. Appleton & Co.
D. Lothrop & Co.
David C. Cook Publishing Co.
David McKay
Davis & Elverson
The Day
Dick & Fitzgerald
Dike Book Co.
Dodd, Meade & Company
Donnelly, Lloyd & Co.
Donohue, Henneberry & Co.

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E. A. Weeks & Company
E. C. Allen
E. C. Hancock
Eagle Pub. Co.
Eastern Book Printing Co.
Ediciones Marco
Educational Publishing Company
Edward Brandus & Co.
Elliot, Thomes & Talbot
Elmer Shaw
Everyday Life
Excelsior Publishing House

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F. A. Owen Publishing Company
F. B. Warner
F. Gleason
F. Granada y Cia
F. J. Schulte & Co.
F. M. Buckles & Company
F. M. Lupton
F. Tennyson Neely
Factory Publishing Co.
Farm and Fireside Co.
Favorite Publishing Co.
Federal Book Company
Fergus Printing Company
Five Cent Novel Company
Ford's National Library
Fran Lewis
Frank A. Munsey
Frank F. Lovell & Co.
Frank J. Earll
Frank Leslie
Frank Starr & Co.
Frank T. Fries
Frank Tousey
Franklin News Co.
Fraser Lockwood
Frederick A. Brady
French & Wheat
Funk & Wagnalls

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G. P. Putnam
G. P. Putnam's Sons
G. W. Carleton
G. W. Dillingham Co. Publishing
Garden City Publishing Co.
Gaslight Pub.
General Intelligence and Publishing Co.
George E. Blakelee
George H. Gilman
George Marsh Company
George Munro
George Munro's Sons
George Newnes, Limited
George Routledge and Sons
George W. Childs
George W. Studley
Gilbert Patten Corporation
Gleason / Ballou
Globe Publishing Co.
Goode & Adams
Grosset & Dunlap

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H.B. Claflin Co.
Harper & Brothers
Harry E. Wolff
Henneberry Company
Henry A. Dickerman & Son
Henry C. and William C. Demorest
Henry Holt & Co.
Henry L. Williams
Herbert S. Stone & Co.
Herbert V. Dike
Hilton & Co.
Hilton & Syme
Hobart Publishing Co.
Holiday Pub. Co.
Holland Publishing Company
Home Book Co.
Home Publishing Co.
Homewood Publishing Company
Houghton Mifflin
Hovendon Company
Howard, Ainslee & Co.
Howell Publishing Co.
Hub Publishing Co.
Humboldt Publishing Co.
Hunter, Rose & Co.
Hurst & Company

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I. & M. Ottenheimer
I. H. & C. W. Brown Pub. Co.
I. K. Funk & Co. Publishers
Illustrating Publishing Co.
International Book and Publishing Co.
International Book Company
International News Company
Irwin & Co.
Irwin P. Beadle & Co. (1859-1860)
Irwin P. Beadle & Co. (1862-1864)
Irwin P. Beadle (Firm)

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J. B. Lippincott
J. H. & A. L. Brigham
J. H. Brigham
J. H. Brigham & Fernald
J. H. Plummer
J. Latham & Co.
J. Regan & Co.
J. S. Ogilvie Publishing Company
J. W. Mange
J. White
Jacobsen Publishing Company, Inc.
Jacobsen-Hodgkinson Corporation
James H. Brigham
James Jackson
James R. Osgood & Co.
James Redpath
Jesse Haney & Co.
John A. Taylor
John A. Taylor & Co.
John B. Alden Publishing
John Knox & Company
John Lovell & Son
John W. Lovell
John W. Lovell Co.
John W. Morrison
John Wanamaker
Johnson & Mabee
Jones & Co.
Jordan Marsh & Co.
Juan Lewis
Judge Pub. Co.

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Kathadin Publishing Co.
Kelly & Lewis
Kerner & Getts Publications

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L. Schick
La Nouvelle Populaire
Labor News and Publishing Company
Laird & Lee
Ledger Co.
Lee & Shepard
Log Cabin Press
Lotus Publishing Company
Lou. H. Ostendorff, Jr.
Lovell Pub. Co.
Lovell, Coryell
Lovell, Coryell & Company
Lovell, Gestefeld & Company

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M. A. Donohue & Co.
M. J. Blakelee
M. M. Ballou
M.J. Ivers & Co.
MacLellen-N-Y Company
Macmillan & Co.
Magazine Publishing Co.
Massachusetts Publishing Co.
Mast, Crowell & Kirkpatrick
Mathews and Stevens
Mathews, Gould & Co.
Matthew White
Max Stein & Co.
McFadden Publications, Inc.
Merriam Co.
Mershon Company Press
Methodist Book Concern
Minerva Publishing Co.
Moody Press
Morrill, Higgins & Co.
Munro's Publishing House
Mutual Benefit News Co.
Mutual Book Co.
Myers, Oakley & Co.

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N. L. Munro
National Publishing Co.
National Temperance Society and Publication House
National Tribune
New Amsterdam Book Co.
New Varieties
New York Popular Publishing Co.
New York Sunday Advertiser
Nickel Library Co.
Nile Publishing Company
Norman L. Munro
Norman L. Munro & Company
Novelist Publishing Co.
NY Popular Pub. Co.

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Optimus Printing Co.
Orange Judd Co.
Ornum & Co.
Orville Brewer Publishing Co.
Otto Ruediger Publishing and Premium House

PBack to Top ↑

P. O. Vickery
Parlor Car Publishing Co.
Penn Publishing Company
Pennsylvania Publishing Company
Perry Mason & Co.
Peter Eckler
Peter Fenelon Collier
Peters & Co.
Peterson Publishing Co.
Pictorial Printing
Pollard & Moss
Pollard Publishing Co.
Potter & Potter
Price-McGill Company
Prudential Book Co.

RBack to Top ↑

R. F. Fenno & Co.
R. L. Spencer Co.
Rand McNally
Regan Publishing Co.
Richard K. Fox
Richmond & Co.
Robert Bonner's Sons
Robert Jackson
Robert M. DeWitt
Ross Pub. Co.
Royal Publishing Co.

SBack to Top ↑

Saalfield & Fitch
Saturday Library Co.
Schulte Publishing Company
Seaside Publishing Co.
Sergel & Co.
Sharps Publishing Company
Shurmer Sibthorp Pub.
Sinclair Tousey
Springfield Publishing Co.
Star Library Company
The Stein Co.
Strawbridge & Clothier
Street & Smith
Superior Printing Co.
Surprise Library
Syndicate Trading Co.

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T. B. Peterson & Brothers
T. Fisher Unwin (Firm)
T. R. Dawley
Tait, Sons & Company
Thomas C. Smith, Jr.
Thomes & Talbot
Tourist's Delight Pub. Co.
Tousey & Small
Town Topics Publishing Co.
True & Co.
Two Tales Pub. Co.

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U. S. Book Co.
Union Library Co.
United States Book Co.
University Publishing Co.

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Van Rees Press
Varieties Pub. Co.
Verlag des Volksbildungsvereins

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W. B. Conkey Co.
W. D. Boyce Co.
W. D. Rowland
W. E. Hilton
W. H. Crockett & Co.
W. J. Benners, Jr. Publisher
W. S. Trigg
Waters, Eberts & Co.
Waverly Co.
Waverly Publishing Co.
Weekly Messenger
Weeks Publishing Co.
Welles Publishing Company
West & Johnston
Westbury Publishing Co., Inc.
William D. Bancker
William H. Davis
William Jennings Demorest
Wilton F. Philips
Winchell & Small
Winner Library Company
Woman's World Publishing Co.
Woodside Publisher (L. I. Plume)
Worthington Company

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Young Sports Publishing Co.