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Be Honest and True: Golden Days Puzzle Poems

This episode explores a very personal ‘Villa Nova’ connection to reader-submitted puzzle poems from Golden Days for Boys and Girls (c. 1880-1907). It features interviews with Rebecca Oviedo (Distinctive Collections Archivist) and Demian Katz (Director of Library Technology at Villanova) as well as readings from Golden Days story papers, hosted by Dr. Meg Piorko (Distinctive Collections Librarian).

Released on February 6, 2023.

Download: MP3 (35.32 MB, Duration: 38:52)


The Spare Change Library thanks the following:
Podcast Guests and Readers: Rebecca Oviedo, Mike Sgier, Michael Foight, and Demian Katz
Music: "Pine Apple Rag” by Scott Joplin
Host/Executive Producer: Meg Piorko

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