The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Hazel, Harry, 1814-1889

Pseudonym: Hardinge, Lieut.

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Items with "Hazel, Harry, 1814-1889" as Credited Author

Harry Hazel's Novels

2. The Smuggler King; or, The Corsair of the Antilles. A Tale of Daring Exploits
3. Three Golden Balls; or, A String of Pearls. A New York Sensation

Log Cabin Library

84. The Red Raven; or, The Mysterious Cruiser

New York Weekly

The Jew Banker; or, The Wolves of Warsaw
The West Point Cadet; or, The Young Officer's Bride. A Romance of Real Life

People's Pocket Edition of Novels

The Nun of St. Ursula; or, The Burning of the Covent : A Romance of Mount Benedict