The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Cameron, H. Lovett, Mrs.

Pseudonym: Cameron, Emily Lovett

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Items with "Cameron, H. Lovett, Mrs." as Credited Author

All Star Series

78. The Wicked World

American Series

72. A Life's Mistake
142. A Lost Wife
170. The Wicked World
327. A Tragic Blunder

Arrow Library

215. A Lost Wife
255. Pure Gold

The Broadway Series

5. A Hard Lesson
8. A Loyal Lover

Cassell's Sunshine Series of Choice Fiction

138. The Fate of Fenella

The Century Series

A Woman's No
6. A Man's Undoing
27. Two Cousins and a Castle

Crown Series

52. A Life's Mistake
55. A Lost Wife

Electric Series

410. Neck or Nothing

The Elite Series

97. The Wicked World

Favorite Library

54. A Lost Wife

Granite Series

88. A Lost Wife

Hart Series

114. A Tragic Blunder
121. A Life's Mistake

Hawthorne Library

68. A Dead Past

The Ivy Series

316. A Devout Lover
317. A Lost Wife
318. Her Father's Daughter
319. A North Country Maid
320. In a Grass Country

The Keystone Library

108. Pure Gold

Library of Select Novels

484. Juliet's Guardian
610. Deceivers Ever

Lovell's Household Library

148. A Dead Past

Majestic Series

85. A Devout Lover
146. The Cost of a Lie
218. A Life's Mistake
231. A Lost Wife
296. Neck or Nothing
305. A North Country Maid

Manhattan Library of New Copyright Fiction

3. A Midsummer Madness
5. An Ill Wind

Marguerite Series (Weeks)

122. In a Grass Country
123. Worth Winning
124. A Life's Mistake
125. A Devout Lover

Souvenir Series

29. The Wicked World