The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Stewart, Dick

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Items with "Stewart, Dick" as Credited Author

Detective Library

3. Closing the Circle
5. Casting the Net
7. The Human Question Mark
9. The Strength of the Weak
11. In the Name of the Law
13. The Scalp Hunter
15. The Lure of Mammon
19. An Expert in Craft
22. Welding the Chain
24. When Clews Point Wrong
26. Without a Name
28. The Sign of the Crescent
32. A Race with Death
36. The Unbidden Guests
43. A Clique of Knaves
45. A Queen of Chance

Laurel Library

69. Without a Name

Magnet Library

491. Without a Name
503. Welding the Chain
539. Closing the Circle
542. The Sign of the Crescent
551. Casting the Net
563. The Scalp Hunter
575. When Clews Point Wrong
585. A Race with Death
597. An Expert in Craft
609. A Clique of Knaves
621. The Unbidden Guests
633. The Lure of Mammon
659. A Queen of Chance
670. The Strength of the Weak
690. The Human Question Mark
690. In the Name of the Law