The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Stafford, John K.

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Items with "Stafford, John K." as Credited Author

Detective Library

1. Forging the Links
6. In the Clutch of the Law
8. A Skein Well Tangled
10. In After Years
14. With Bullet and Steel
16. The Triple Cross
18. On a Blind Trail
20. A Divided Trail
30. Into His Own Trap
34. When Threads Get Tangled
38. When Trails Cross
40. The Crime of Bohemia
42. Trailed to the End
44. Piece by Piece
47. The Nameless Dread
51. Morgan, the Dauntless

Magnet Library

487. With Bullet and Steel
499. The Triple Cross
535. Piece by Piece
547. Forging the Links
559. A Divided Trail
571. Into His Own Trap
582. On a Blind Trail
594. In the Clutch of the Law
606. When Threads Get Tangled
618. The Crime of Bohemia
630. Trailed to the End
639. When Trails Cross
656. A Skein Well Tangled
668. The Nameless Dread
678. Morgan, the Dauntless
688. In After Years