The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Hope, Anthony, 1863-1933

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Items with "Hope, Anthony, 1863-1933" as Credited Author

American Series

348. The Dolly Dialogues
351. A Change of Air

Appletons' Town and Country Library

156. The God in the Car

Arrow Library

64. Frivolous Cupid
98. A Man of Mark
107. A Change of Air

Cassell's Sunshine Series of Choice Fiction

87. Father Stafford

The Century Series

Mr. Witt's Widow

The Chicago Ledger

The Prisoner of Zenda; or, King Yet Not King
Simon Dale

Daisy Library

7. The Dolly Dialogues
17. Sport Royal

The Elite Series

277. The Dolly Dialogues
283. A Change of Air
311. Frivolous Cupid

Favorite Series (Munro)

4. Sport Royal
59. A Man of Mark
72. The Dolly Dialogues
91. A Change of Air

Fortnightly Series

2. Mr. Witt's Widow

Hawthorne Library

74. The Dolly Dialogues
173. Frivolous Cupid
330. Sport Royal

Majestic Series

62. A Change of Air
91. The Dolly Dialogues
245. A Man of Mark
401. Sport Royal

Marguerite Series (Weeks)

48. The Dolly Dialogues
63. A Change of Air
67. Sport Royal
74. A Man of Mark

The People's Library (American News Company)

1. Phroso
4. The Prisoner of Zenda
12. The Heart of Princess Osra

Sunnyside Series

85. A Change of Air

Sunset Series

212. A Change of Air