The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Ayres, Ruby M. (Ruby Mildred), 1883-1955

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Items with "Ayres, Ruby M. (Ruby Mildred), 1883-1955" as Credited Author

The Chicago Ledger

The Scar

Love Story Library

1. Is Love Worth While?
2. The Black Sheep
3. The Waif's Wedding
4. The Woman Hater
5. The Story of an Ugly Man
6. The Beggar Man
7. The Long Lane to Happiness
8. Dream Castles
9. The Highest Bidder (The Man She Married)
10. Love and a Lie
11. The Love of Robert Dennison
12. A Man and His Word
13. The Master Man
14. Nobody's Lover
15. For Love
16. The Remembered Kiss
17. The Littl'st Lover
18. Amid Scarlet Roses
19. The One Who Forgot
20. Sacrificial Love
21. The Imperfect Lover
22. By the Gate of Pity
23. The Scarred Heart
24. The Winds of the World
25. The Second Honeymoon
26. The Uphill Road
27. The Man Without a Heart (Changing Skies)
28. The Phantom Lover
30. As Pictured in Dreams
32. The Dancing Master
35. The Fortune Hunter
38. The Little Lady in Lodgings
41. The Year After
44. The Lover Who Lied
47. The Marriage Handicap
50. Paul in Possession

Neely's Vacation Library

1. The Romance of Cyrano de Bergerac