The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Kavanagh, Jane, Mrs.

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Items with "Kavanagh, Jane, Mrs." as Credited Author

Good News

Debtor and Creditor
Johnny's Prayer. A Christmas Story
A Ten-Dollar Gold Piece

New York Weekly

'Tis A Beautiful World We Live In
Black Joe. A Story of the Draft Riot
An Every-Day Story
He Doeth All Things Well
I Wonder When
Jennie Malcolm's Prayer
Johnny's Prayer. A Christmas Story
Judge Not
A Lesson From The Robin
The Lost Will. A Doctor's Story
The Maniac's Treasure. A Thanksgiving Story
Only A Waif And A Stray
The Poet's Treasure
A Reply. To Ella Wilcox's "What Does It Matter," In No. 44
A Ten-Dollar Gold Piece. A Story for Boys