The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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Items with "G., G. B." as Credited Author

New York Weekly

Album Verses
Ancient Ornaments
Battle-Wounded Presidents
A Beautiful Incident
A Bird that Builds a Play-House
A Boy's Prayer
Color Poisoning
Costly Writing Sand
The Crown Palace at Agra
Curiosities of Nature
Curious Episode in Insect Life
A Distinguished Family
Diversities of Life
Dr. Tanner Outdone
An Eccentric Clergyman
An Elegant Medal
An Enormous Condor
Facts Worth Knowing
A Famous Family
The First Breech-Loader
A Fish with Hands
Highest Peak on the Continent
The Inventor of Paper Kites
New and Queer Fishes
Peculiarities of the Gipsies
Prophecy Cut On a Rock
A Queer Story
A Remarkable Dog
Remarkable Plants
The Smallest Tea Set in the World
"Special Providence"
Strange Feats of Spiders
A Tough Yarn
Training the Memory
True Pearls
A Venerable Doll
When Independence Bell Was Rung
Wonders of the Waters
The Young Artist