The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Brittle, Gath

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Items with "Brittle, Gath" as Credited Author

New York Weekly

Be Prompt
The Best Lawyers
The Candid Friend
Closed for Repairs
Dreaming and Working
Dreaming of Home
Earned—Not Borrowed
How Pat Saved His Baoon
It Is Nothing To Me
The Last Word
A Lesson in Law
Little Things
The Loser's Gain
The Luxury of Woe
My Education Is Finished
My Valentine
The Old Miller's Advice
The Old Songs
Pertinent Parallels
The Pilgrim's Promise
The Prayer-Borne Gift
The Question Settled
The Reason Why
The Scolding Wife
The Self-Conceited Man
The Silly Man
Some Follies
Some Old Saws Reset
Some Shams
Timothy's Prescription
Too Late
The Unmarked Grave
The Village Gossip
Weatherwise and Otherwise