The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Finlay, D. J.

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Items with "Finlay, D. J." as Credited Author

All Through An Accident (1 edition)
The Biter Bittten (1 edition)
The Hermit of Lake George (1 edition)
Jack's Dupe (1 edition)
The Lawyer's Dilemma (1 edition)
Lizzie's Revenge (1 edition)
A Long Cherished Revenge (1 edition)
The Lost Diamonds (1 edition)
A Pardonable Deception (1 edition)
The Poor Scholar (1 edition)
She Saw It In The Stars (1 edition)
The Three Kisses (1 edition)
Why He Became A School-Teacher (1 edition)
A Wife's Larceny (1 edition)