The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Philips, Wilton F.

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Items with "Philips, Wilton F." as Credited Author

The Boy's Library

1. Jim Graham; or, The Boy Who Went Straight
2. Jim Graham's Arrival; or, First Days at Arlington
3. Jim Graham, Freshman; or, The Rule of '17
4. Jim Graham's Promotion; or, Captain of the Scrub
5. Jim Graham's Evidence; or, For the Sake of a Mother
6. Jim Graham in Fairview; or, The Trials of Quaker Jones
7. Jim Graham's Policy; or, True to His Colors
8. Jim Graham's Chance; or, The Sacrifice of Dunstan
9. Jim Graham's Hallowe'en; or, The Secret Order of "Much-Guff"
10. Jim Graham, Half Back; or, Playing the Cornell Freshmen