The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Ward, William

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Items with "Ward, William" as Credited Author

Adventure Series (Buckeye/Westbrook)

1. The Murderer of New Orleans. A Story of Hypnotism, Passion and Crime
2. The James Boys of Old Missouri, and Their Band of Border Bandits
3. The Black Box Murder
4. Harry Tracy, the Death Dealing Oregon Outlaw
5. The Passenger from Scotland Yard
6. The Younger Brothers, the Border Outlaws
7. The Dalton Gang, the Bandits of the Far West
8. Rube Burrow, the King of Train Robbers
9. Jesse James' Dash for Fortune; or, The Raid on the Kansas City Fair
10. Jesse James' Knight-Errant; or, The Rescue of the Queen of the Prairies
11. Jesse James' Midnight Raid; or, the Fight at Battle Mountain
12. Jesse James' Greatest Haul; or, The Daylight Robbery of the Russellville Bank
13. Jesse James' Revenge; or, The Hold-up of the Train at Independence
14. Jesse James' $100,000 Robbery; or, Teh Hold-up of the Chicago and Alton Train
15. Jesse James' Nemesis; or, The Pinkerton's Oath
16. Jesse James' Terrible Raid; or, The Extermination of the Mexican Bandits
17. Jesse James' Boast; or, Who Killed Daniel Askew
18. Jesse James' Desperate Game; or, The Robbery of the Ste. Genevieve Bank
19. Jesse James' Long Chance; or, The Robbery of the Northfield Bank
20. Jesse James' Battle for Freedom; or, The Fight at Monclava
21. Jesse James, Gentleman; or, The Hold-up of the Mammoth Cave Stage
22. Jesse James' Bluff; or, The Escape from the Chinese High-binders
23. Jesse James' Wild Night; or, The Wrecking of the Rock Island Train
24. Jesse James' Brutal Shot; or, The Murder in the Gallatin Bank
25. Jesse James' Daylight Foray; or, The Looting of the Bank at Croydon, Iowa
26. Jesse James' Threat; or, The Hold-up of the Train at Winston
27. Jesse James' Mid-Winter Lark; or, The Plundering of the Iron Mountain Train
28. Jesse James' Mistake; or, Foiled by Death
29. Jesse James' Race for Life; or, Trailed by the Vigilantes
30. Jesse James' Ruse; or, The Mystery of the Two Highwaymen
31. Jesse James' Bold Stroke; or, The Double Bank Robbery
32. Jesse James' Midnight Attack; or, The Bandits' Revenge on the Vigilantes
33. Jesse James' Daring Joke; or, The Kidnapping of a Bank President
34. Jesse James' Blackest Crime; or, The Destruction of the Overland Stage
35. Jesse James' Nerve; or, The Hold-up of the Missouri Pacific Train
36. Jesse James' Narrow Escape; or, Ensnared by a Woman Detective
37. Jesse James' Last Chance; or, Outwitting the Secret Service Posse
38. Jesse James' Surprise; or, The Looting of the Huntington Bank
39. Jesse James' Legacy; or, Winning Through Death
40. Jesse James' Silver Trail; or, The Plundering of the Mexican Muleteers
41. Jesse James' Ring of Death; or, The Fate of the Texas Rangers
42. Jesse James' Mysterious Foe; or, The Pursuit of the Man in Black
43. Jesse James' Fate; or, The End of the Crimson Trail

Old Sleuth Weekly

Jeff Clayton's strange quest; or, On the trail of a ghost