The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Garnet, Clew

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Items with "Garnet, Clew" as Credited Author

Buffalo Bill Stories

The Hunter Hunted

Good News

Charlie Joy's Cabin-Boy
The Girl Pilot
The Hunter Hunted
The Life Raft

New Tip Top Weekly

The Life Raft

New York Weekly

Charlie Joy's Cabin-Boy
Close Run: A Yarn of 1776
Fire and Water. A Thanksgiving Story
How She Lost Him
The Hunter Hunted. A Sketch of the North Woods
In a Hurricane
La Petite Irene. How I Came To Own Her
The Life Raft. A True Sketch of Ocean Danger
Little Tommy. A Thanksgiving Story
Only a Woman
Plum Pudding for Two: A Christmas Sea Story
Struck Down
Swapping Off. The Way We Took A Pirate
A Tramp's Breakfast: Pistols Without Coffee
The Wrecker's Daughter