The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Crosby, Fanny, 1820-1915

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Sometimes credited as Fanny J. Crosby.

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Items with "Crosby, Fanny, 1820-1915" as Credited Author

Good News

The Dying Year
Happy Christmas to the Children

New York Weekly

The "New York Weekly's" Yearly Greeting
All Must Be Friends To-Day
A Call to Spring
Childhood's Dream
The Children's Christmas Letter
The Children's Merry Christmas
Christmas Day
A Christmas Story
Covered With Flowers To-Day
A Dead Friend
Decoration Day
Decoration-Day Poem
For the Children
For the Little Ones
The Graves of Long Ago
A Greeting to September
Heart Musings
Home After All
Home Thoughts in a Foreign Land
An Hour Ago
"I Don't Know"
The Light of the Glen
Little Sunbeams
The Lover's Return
Loving Words
Mamma's Lullaby
Memorial Day
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas: For the Little Folks
My Inner Life
My Pretty Annett
The New York Weekly's Happy New Year
The New York Weekly's New-Year Greeting
The New York Weekly's Yearly Greeting
New-Year Greeting
Our Baby
Our Decoration Day
Our Nation's Floral Day
The Poet's Dream
A Reminiscence. Clipped from the New York Weekly
A Reverie
Rural Thoughts
Santa's Letter Number Two
To A Child Kneeling
To A Sleeping Child
To A Star
The Tribute to the Memory of Robert J. Duff
A Tribute. To The Memory Of Our Dead Heroes
We Know Not
The White Sail
The Widow's Child
Will You Promise What I Ask You?